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10 Largest Android Tablets that are 11 inches or bigger

10 Largest Android Tablets that are 11 inches or bigger

When choosing the best big tablet for android you’ll want to know what you plan to use it for to determine the proper choice. If you’re using it for business or entertainment, then there are different specs to keep in mind.

Popular brands to consider are Samsung, Lenovo, and third party alternatives when choosing a good tablet for android thats over 10 or 12 inches.

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Though, the largest Android tablets have displays of up to 24 inches which we will cover further in this post.

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In this post, you’ll see massive sized tablets

Photo of a 20+ inch tablet

You’ll also need to consider budget as an option because the bigger the Android screen size, the more costly the price tag becomes. In this post I cover the best large tablets (android) and also go over the alternatives, advantages and disadvantages.

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At a Glance – Largest android tablets

At a glance, here are our top 3 picks for the biggest android tablets:

  1. Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+: Best Large Android Tablet over 12 inches)
  2. Fire HD 10: Largest Tablet out of the Amazon Fire tablet models
  3. VANKYO MatrixPad: Big screen android tablet with stylus & keyboard
  4. Lenovo Tab M10: Largest Android Tablet from Lenovo (Over 10 inches)

If you need something even bigger; you can consider a 24 inch tablet. There are two options for android:

  1. Viewsonic
  2. WisePooch

If its for work you may want want to choose a more fast and secure option by going with a name brand like Samsung. If not, you can choose a budget tablet like the FireHD which ranges up to 10 inches large.

10 Best Large Android tablets over 10 inches in size

Below you’ll find we compare the best android tablets with a big display. I also cover the possible alternatives as well as the benefits and disadvantages of each. Some of these large android tablets reach 24 inches in size.

1. Samsung Galaxy Tab S8+: Best Large Android Tablet over 12 inches

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+_ Best Large Android Tablet over 12 inches)

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S8+ has not only inherited its predecessors’ prowess but surpassed them to become the best large Android tablet over 12 inches. Sporting a super large 12.4-inch OLED display with a stunning 1752 x 2800 resolution gives it an edge above other Android tablets. With the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor, you get impressive performance speeds for any task.

…it has 12.4 inches of screen. (this is a large size for a tablet)

Paul Michael, founder of mediapeanut

Storage wise, the Tab S8+ offers 128GB or 256GB choices, making it a powerhouse for storing your favorite apps, games, and videos.

During my tests, I found that the camera system sets a new high with a 13MP primary, 6MP ultra-wide, and a 12MP selfie camera, giving you the best tablet photography experience.

See the renders of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 FE Design + Video, this could be the upgrade your looking for when its released if the S8 doesn’t suit you.

The tablet’s slim design and included S Pen make it more user-friendly, while the 10,090mAh battery ensures a durable usage time. However, the lack of a headphone jack and widescreen ratio could be limiting for some users.

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Running on Android 13 with One UI 5, this tablet is set to receive Android 12L update, promising a brighter future for Android tablets. The price starts at $899.99, and with Samsung’s promise of updates for several years, the Tab S8+ is indeed a worthwhile investment in the tablet market.

With heavy use, the tablet can last through two days of gaming and multi-window apps

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Accessories: An S Pen, bundled with the tablet, is perfect for drawing, note taking, annotating documents, and navigation. On this aspect, the Tab S8+ beats the iPad Pro, which still requires a separate purchase for its Apple Pencil. The magnetic connector for the S Pen is reportedly not as powerful as the iPad Pro’s, though, so it might be easy to lose the Pen.

2. Fire HD 10: Largest Tablet out of the Amazon Fire tablet models

Fire HD 10_ Largest Tablet out of the Amazon Fire tablet models

The FireOS actually runs on a modified version of Android called the FireOS. So keep this in mind before choosing the tablet as the user interface is unique to a android.

Display: It’s a budget tablet with a 10.1-inch full HD display and incredibly affordable. The tablet also comes in 4 different colors. 

This is an Amazon tablet so it has its own Amazon app store, which has a smaller library than Google Play or App Store.

One thing I really like is that its possible to Jailbreak the Amazon Fire HD Tablet which allows you to get extra features by rooting it.

  • It does not come pre-installed with YouTube or Chrome or other Google proprietary apps but there is a way to install Google Play Store. For non-techies, however, this may be a bit difficult.

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 For this price point, there will be a few compromises but there are upsides as well. 

Storage: The Fire HD 10 comes with 32GB or 64GB storage only. This may seem small for those who want to download a lot of apps or save many huge files like high-res photos, music, podcasts, ebooks. Thankfully, it comes with a microSD slot so you can expand storage up to 512GB.

Battery life is being reported by users to range from 11 to 13 hours of average use on a full charge. A heavy test streaming HD video over WiFi at full brightness saw the battery going for a little over 8 hours.

Accessories: Those who like to take pictures with their devices will find Fire HD 10 a bit of a disappointment as it only has 2MP for both rear- and front-facing cameras.

But the sound from quad speakers found on the sides of the tablet are not bad at all for the price. And, this works seamlessly with Alexa, even when the screen is off. 

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Can this replace the poremium quality Samsung galaxy or the iPad Air? Not in regards to pure specs, but the Fire HD Plus options is a good alternative for those who need a bit more speed and a medium to large display.

3. VANKYO MatrixPad: Big screen android tablet with stylus & keyboard

VANKYO MatrixPad_ Big screen android tablet with stylus & keyboard

If you are willing to go with a lesser known brand, you will probably get more for your buck with the VANKYO MatrixPad S21. 

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Display: This tablet comes with a 10-inch screen, a stylus, and a keyboard! Plus, it has 4GB RAM, an octa-core chipset, and 64GB storage, expandable up to 256GB with an SD card. It is hard to find many tablets at this price point with all these features. With most premium tablets, the pen and keyboard are purchased separately.

There is more. It comes with facial recognition technology! This kind of technology is new. And camera buffs, this tablet sports an amazing 13MP rear-facing camera and a 5MP front-facing camera! Convert itinto a laptop by working with the keyboard and built-in trackpad. Make it a drawing tablet with the stylus. Import PDF files, write down notes, sign or annotate documents easily. The tablet also uses a USB-C charging port, the standard on newer devices.

The MatrixPad S21 has a 6,000mAh battery that can last up to 8 hours on a full charge. You can watch play games, watch movies, check social media, attend Zoom meetings, compose email, do homework, or work online for hours before needing to charge. At night, enable the Eye Comfort mode which lessens the blue light and makes work easier on the eyes.

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The MatrixPad S21 is indeed a serious contender among Android tablets.

4. Lenovo Tab M10: Largest Android Tablet from Lenovo (Over 10 inches)

Lenovo Tab M10_ Largest Android Tablet from Lenovo (Over 10 inches)

At 10.3 inches, the Lenovo Tab M10 Plus is the largest tablet from Lenovo so far in the market. Expect to pay a little more than the VANKYO MatrixPad P31 above but you are getting a tablet from one of the leading brand names in tablets and laptops. 

The Tab M10 Plus may be considered a family media tablet. When your kids use them, activate Kid’s Mode, which comes with dedicated content suitable for their ages. Plus, it comes with parental control and specialized eye protection from blue light.

The Lenovo Tab M10 Plus feels premium with a full-metal design that shows off its sleek body and matte back surface. 4GB RAM means more memory and that also means you can have many apps open and running in the background without any hiccups. The display is full HD although it may not be as sharp as more premium phones/tablets. Facial recognition works well in good lighting conditions but can be problematic in low light.

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Camera: Opinions are split on the cameras — the 8MP rear-facing camera and the 5MP front-facing camera. In general, users say the cameras take decent quality photos; however there are those who say the photos and videos are not as sharp as 8MP images are expected to be.

The 5,000mAh battery, with moderate use, could give a day’s worth of work but some users said battery life did not last as long as some other tablets. If you are an avid Netflix viewer, this may not be the tablet for you. You cannot watch Netflix in HD but only up to 480p. 

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5. Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e: Best Budget Samsung Large Tablet (Android)

Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e_ Best Budget Samsung Large Tablet (Android)

If you are willing to settle for an older tablet, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e can go up against the entry-level iPad. It has a lower-end processor compared to newer Samsung tablets and only 4GB memory compared to 6GB in newer models. On the flip side, it sports a vivid AMOLED display on a 10.5-inch screen, quad speakers, and a fairly huge battery. The 64GB storage can be expanded up to 512GB with a fast microSD card.

Weight & Size: The Galaxy Tab S5e is very thin and only weighs under a pound at 0.88 pounds. This makes it perfect for carrying around and slipping into most bags. The trade-off?

The slim form factor comes at the expense of losing the headphone jack. The tablet comes with an adapter that plugs the wired headphones into the USB-C port; it’s that or go with wireless headphones. Not ideal.

The AMOLED screen gives out very vibrant colors and deep blacks and is clear even in broad daylight. The speakers are great; the volume at maximum is extremely loud and has very deep bass.

The 7,040mAh battery is excellent, as many users attest to. This spells better productivity as you need to recharge only every few days on average use.

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A great reason to get the Galaxy Tab S5e is Samsung’s DeX mode. It turns your tablet into a multitasking tool with floating windows that run different apps. Suddenly your tablet feels almost like a PC.

6. MEBERRY; Best Cheap Big Screen Android Tablet

MEBERRY; Best Cheap Big Screen Android Tablet

This may be a little-known brand but the 10-inch Meberry M7 runs on Android 10, has 4GB memory, 64GB storage (expandable) and has a Google Mobile Services (GMS) certification. You can stream apps like Disney, Netflix and Prime Video.

Other apps available on the Google Play Store can also be downloaded although you will have a more limited selection. The surprise was that even at this low price point, the Meberry M7 comes bundled with a bluetooth keyboard, mouse, tablet cover AND stylus (not a digital pen) for easier, smudge-free typing!

Parents on a budget can afford to buy more than one Meberry M7 without breaking the bank for their kids who do online learning. No more arguing over tablet time. The tablet runs on WiFi 2.4 Ghz band (good for surfing the internet and most social media activity); however, it does not support 5Ghz networks so streaming 1080p videos may not be seamless.

Processor: If you expected, at most, a quad-core processor, you are in for a surprise. The Meberry M7 has an octa-core processor that makes apps run faster and smoother. Users have also said that the screen was bright and the audio, even at half volume, was quite loud.

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The cameras (8MP at the back, 5MP in front) were decent but some users experienced a bit of fogginess. The battery life, on a full charge, could last for days on average use.

Overall, for the price, you have a tablet with a big screen that works for most of what regular users need.

7. Luna Max: Good Big Tablet that runs Android (14 inches)

Luna Max_ Good Big Tablet that runs Android (14 inches)

Easily mistaken for a laptop, when connected to the detachable keyboard, the Venturer Luna Max is probably the largest Android tablet in its category. 

App compatibility: YouTube, Netflix, Facebook and so many other apps downloadable from the Google Play Store will look good on such a huge screen.

Screen size: The full HD 14-inch display offers you wide viewing angles. Working with spreadsheets will be a cinch as you can see more rows and columns in one go.

Benefits: Zoom meetings will be so much better as larger screens mean you can see more participants in a single view. Slide presentations will be even clearer when enlarged compared to trying to view these on a much smaller tablet or phone.

Ports and acessories: The Luna Max has one HDMI port, two USB ports, a DC IN jack, a headphone jack, and a microSD slot (to upgrade storage to as much as 128GB). This is so much more than what you would get in an average tablet as your utilize the card slot.

You can actually set up a home office by adding another monitor or plugging into an external drive. It helps that the detachable keyboard already comes with your purchase. You can be off and working with the Luna Max fresh out of the box.

Fun fact: The Laptops with large displays like a 14 inch can run Duet display, or an alternative (Duet Display Alternatives (Free and Paid) Reviewed). This is done to extend the monitor of a laptop or tablet.

There are a few compromises though. The Luna Max only comes with a 2MP front-facing camera. No rear-facing camera! If you already have a smartphone, this should not be an issue. The front camera is more practical as a webcam. But at 2MP, expect images to be lower resolution quality. 

The other downside? The manufacturers say that the battery is only good for 4 hours on a full charge. So, if you’re watching movies you may want a tablet with a longer battery life than 4 hours since many tablets battery capacity depletes over a long time period.

This can also be a disadvantage for people who work straight through the day. Guess you will need to have some powerbanks on hand when you are mobile.

8. Hoozo Android Tablet: Best Cheap Large Tablet for digital Whiteboards (Android)

Hoozo Android Tablet_ Best Cheap Large Tablet for digital Whiteboards (Android)

A no-frills, highly affordable option, the 10.1-inch Hoozo Android tablet is an ideal large, cheap tablet for kids doing online learning, students on a limited budget, people doing online conference meetings, or presentations where larger screens are needed, and so much more.

Like the Meberry M7, the Hoozo Android Tablet is GMS-certified so you are assured that it can legally run apps from the Google Play Store (pre-installed) without a hitch. The Hoozo only has 16GB of storage, insufficient for storage of apps that constantly grow in size, but this can be expanded with a 128GB microSD card.

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This big android device has only 1GB RAM. This is quite low, considering that most tablets now run on 3-4GB RAM. Games with heavy graphics will have difficulty running on this tablet. Streaming is possible but may not always be smooth. Social media apps, productivity apps, and other apps that do not require too much memory will work fine. 

The Hoozo tablet has a 6000mAh battery. Ideally, this should give enough juice for a good day’s work. Some experts, however, disappointingly point to a short battery life. If you are considering this tablet, be aware of this as a possible issue. For a cheap device, this android has a big screen and is also very fast.

9. Samsung Galaxy Tab A7:  Best mid-tier Android Tablet with a big screen for sheet music

Samsung Galaxy Tab A7_ Best mid-tier Android Tablet with a big screen for sheet music

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 is considered a new generation tablet in Samsung’s A Series.

Display: As an entertainment device, it ticks most of the boxes. The 10.4-inch 1080p screen is vibrant and colorful. The 3GB RAM plus an eight-core processor allow you to stream videos or movies without buffering issues. Having quad speakers with Dolby Atmos sound makes you feel you are always at the center of whatever music, movie or show you are playing. 

The Galaxy Tab A7’s battery is amazing; different users have stated that it lasts as long as 12 hours on a single charge. That’s enough for marathon Netflix watching! The Galaxy Tab A7 also has a microSD slot for expanding the built-in 64GB SSD storage to as much as 1TB with a microSD card.

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In spite of all those features, the Galaxy Tab A7 remains a mid-tier tablet. It does not have an OLED display like Samsung premium tablets do. The battery life is great but because it uses USB 2.0 speeds, charging the Tab A7 can seem like forever. The cameras, 8MP for the rear and 5MP for the front, are decent but will fall short for many who want clearer and sharper images.

10. Simbans TangoTab; Best 2-in-1, huge screen Android Tablet (with keyboard)

Simbans TangoTab Best 2 in 1 huge screen Android Tablet with keyboard

Bundled with a detachable keyboard, the Simbans TangoTab can work as a laptop or a tablet. Even better, this Android tablet is very affordable. That said, expect compromises.

Storage: Memory and storage are at par with other mid range tablets. The Simbans TangoTab has 3GB memory and 64GB storage, upgradable to 128GB with a microSD card. While the colors are vibrant, according to some users, the screen’s resolution is not HD. For around the same price, there are tablets on this list that offer HD display. The 5MP rear camera and 2MP front camera are usable but the quality is so-so.

Connectivity: There is one good thing about the TangoTab over similar choices in its price range. It has ports, ports, ports! Most tablets would have a microSD slot and a charging slot. The TangoTab charges through a DC charging port (unlike USB/USB-C for most) but that can be a good thing since it leaves the USB port to be used as an On-the-Go (OTG) port for other devices It also has a mini HDMI port for external display like a TV as well as a full-size USB-A slot and a headphone jack.

The Simbans TangoTab will be sufficient for YouTube and Netflix and low CPU activities like email correspondence and social media apps but it will not make due for serious gaming, image editing and CPU-hungry apps.

How to choose a large android tablet (Buyers guide)

10 Best big Android tablets

When choosing a large tablet that uses the android operating system you’ll need to know features and technical specs that are recommended. There are also various uses of a large android tablet which will determine the required minimum specs you need.

Some musicians use a big screen for sheet music, while work professionals want a tablet that runs android for video conferencing, meetings and general reading.

Display size

The display size of 12 inches our larger is considered to be a big screen android tablet by most. Some larger touchscreen devices have a bigger screen this means it can use more resources and battery. This also means the battery must be bigger and this is just one reason why the price of a large tablet is more than a smaller one.

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The larger display size has the advantage of being able to use a higher resolution apps and save screen space by reducing the application layout which gives you more room to use the tablets navigation.

This is great for those who want a tablet that can be used as either an e-book, a games console or even both depending on the apps you want. 

How large do Android tablets get

Big Android tablets range anywhere from 7 inches to 24 inches. Most will want to aim for a 12, 14, 16, or 20 inch tablet, but you can also get a 24 inch tablet (these are more rare and have a higher price tag). As far as memory cards go for the android, choosing the biggest sd card is likely ideal for most as they are more affordable as technology advances.

Processor speed & Ram

The processor speed decides how fast your tablet will be able to perform basic tasks like browsing the web, juggling multiple applications and micro-managing your device’s settings. 

If you want a tablet that is not only a size that is comfortable to use and easy to read, then you’ll also want it to be fast; meaning 2gb of ram and 2ghz of processing speed is a good minimum benchmark to shoot for. 

Most Android tablets can achieve these speeds at a lower price point because android is considered ‘open source’ – big tablets that run windows or iOS typically cost more than the android version.

Battery life

A good battery is important because a big screen uses a lot of resources and power. A good guideline is to use 1.5 to 2 hours of screen-on-time for a large tablet; with 2gb of ram, 2Ghz processor and a higher resolution display. 

You should also look at how much the gadget weighs and compare this with the battery life and the price point. This is something many overlook when choosing a tablet with a big screen.

Storage space on android tablets: You can use 16 GB of storage to be the minimum size for android tablets due to its open source nature. If you’re storing movies, and saving videos or downloads then a larger size is highly recommend. Keep in mind you can always use a Sd card or micro SD on your tablet if it has the slots for it.


The quality of sound is another factor that people often overlook, but it’s still something you’ll want to consider when buying a big screen android tablet because those who require a larger display likely want to consume content such as video or YouTube.

If you plan on watching a lot of movies, playing music, or using the tablet as a media device then it’s worth thinking about paying for an audio profile that will be enjoyable to listen to. Premium tablets such as the Samsung Galaxy, Note+ and even the budget picks such as the Vankyo tablets have a sound system that works well.


As with any tablet, extraUSB ports and micro sd expandable storage is certainly an aspect to look for. These ports can allow you to use the tablet as a second monitor, connect accesories and charge the device.

When choosing a large android don’t forget about security and user interface, as this is commonly overlooked. Some tablets do not have parental controls, while other tablets do. 

In most cases, the blutooth will connect to an external keyboard on a large android tablet as well as other acessories liek a mouse or headphones

How to use the a big android tablet as a second monitor

If you’re android tablet has a usb-c, bluetooth or wifi; then you can use a second monitor app such as duet display to connect both devices. Typically, both devices need to be connected to the same network. You can also use apps such as space desk, splash top, and Air Display 2. 

These apps turn your large android tablet into an extended display monitor. You’ll likely want a kickstand and a case if you’re using this as an extended monitor often.

You can use the android tablet as a second screen for your computer if it is connected to the same network or wired-otherwise there aren’t many other options. I’ve used the Duet Display app from the Play Store to extend my laptop to my android tablets screen.

How we tested and rated our picks

We rated android tablets of large size that are 11 inches or bigger with a display with 720p or 1080p resolution or higher as a good tablet choice in this guide. We also considered ram, processing speed, battery, and ports. If the ram was over 2gb and the processor was over 2ghz, then we rated that as a plus.

We gave a big screen android tablet the highest rating if it met all the criterion listed above and had an IPS screen. We also gave it a unique rating depending on the price, budget or premium.

Those with a longer battery life certainly scored higher as well as a dolby audio system. In most cases the Samsung models have these specs and also a good name brand which rates it higher on our list.

Types of Android tablets

There are differnet types of android tablets in the form of size and brand name. In this section I’ll discuss the comparison of the name brand tablets as well as their pros, cons, and alternatives.

Name brand tablets that use android

Dragon touch, Lenovo, Samsung, and HP are android tablet name brands that often have large displays as an option to buy. The Samsung works well for developing on the Android as it has the speed and intuitive navigation that many third party alternative tablets do not.

Which brand has the biggest tablet

Two of the biggest tablets that are available today are the view sonic and wisepooch. These are 24 inches in size and run android. A step down from this would be hte 20 inch size tablets, which is still very large for most people. If you’re using a digital whiteboard, presenting or using sheetmusic with an isntrument then these are good choices.

The disadvantage is that these are not as portable and more expensive than smaller size tablets.

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Using an big screen android tablet as a GPS

If you’ve ever used a car’s GPS, then you’d know that it takes up a good chunk of screen real estate. There are various apps in the Play Store that can offer the same function. In the past, they were either made for smaller screens or not all-in-one solutions (necessary for larger tablets). 

Now that technology has advanced you can use a large android tablet as a GPS by simply downloading an app. Here is how you can use a big tablet as a Gps for your car:

You will need to download the app and set it up on your android tablet, you can follow these instructions: 

  1. Download and install the app 
  2. Open and tap on your tablet 
  3. Select “Save location” 
  4. Enter your destination 
  5. Tap “Save” or ‘get directions’

This navigation will take up most of your screen space depending on the app; on one side of your device. 

What you can use a big tablet (android) forYou can use a big tablet with android as a GPs, a desktop, a security camera or as a wireless hotspot. Compared to a phone the larger size allows you to share the screen with a larger audience and see the small words easier on certain apps. This is particularly useful for security purposes as well as GPS or navigation usage.Below is a list of other uses you can use a big screen tablet with Android  for:

  • E-readers
  • Presentations
  • Meetings and work
  • Emails
  • Chats
  • video viewing
  • Image editing in photoshop
  • video editing on an android table with a big screen
  • portable gaming
  • Video calling using Android

Alternative big screen tablets to android

These tablets are typically not as open source as the android tablet, but they do have some great features such as better security (to be able to download unique apps) that make them a good alternative to an android tablet for those who need a larger display.

The different types of operating system as an alternative to android are similar to the tablets previously listed in this article. Here are some alternative operating systems that compete with android:


iOS is one of the most popular operating systems because it’s owned by Apple and has a large customer base. The Apple software is easy to use and can be modified for custom apps – but it is slightly more difficult to build new apps for many, (unlike android) which means the hardware on many apple tablets are expensive. 

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Windows has good brand name, its easy to use, good quality, great internal hardware for games and media. It’s also highly compatible


FireOS was designed as a mobile operating system that is actually based on the android operating system. These are used in various amazon devices and some tablets and is a good alternative to android. Unfortunately these models don’t appear to be as large as some of the android options availabe; but this may change often as technology is always advancing.


What is the largest android tablet available to buy?

Largest Tablet anyone has ever seen ever in the world

The largest tablet available is 24 inches. These are android tablets and have alternatives for those who find this too large such as a 20 inch model, 16 model and 12 inch model. Examples of these 24 inch tablets are viewsonic and wisepooch brands.

Are there any 20 inch android tablets?

A step down from 24 inch inch tablets, the 20 inch options work just as well and are slightly cheaper than the bigger tablets. There are also a wider variety available and are mo common than the 24 inch models.

Do Samsung Galaxy tablets have GPS

Yes, but you’ll have to be sure to check the samsung galaxy product page or support pages before purchasing to confirm this since there are many different models. See more on this here.

What is considered a big size for a tablet?

12 inches or bigger is considered a big size for a tablet. Very big tablets are 20 inches and 24 inches and many find these to be too big. So it’s best to test these first to ensure it meets your size critieria.


The largest android tablets have the benefit of being used for streaming movies, work presentations, whiteboard apps, reading web articles and writing on google docs. They’re also great for the visually impaired or if you just want to use it as a GPS device. Some even use it for security camera purposes.

A lot of big screen android tablets have different sizes they come in.The ideal size of an android tablet is 16 inches, but they go up to 24 inches in size.  You always want to consider the size of the tablet you are buying. Keep in mind that you can grab expandable storage in the form of a micro SD on your tablet if it has the slots for it.

In addition to the display size, always consider the battery life and audio when choosing a larger android tablet.


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No, you were just saying the bigest tablet on the market is 24 inch. That completly wrong as you can have 50 inch and more. And still cheaper than small Samsung.

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