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About us

About us

Our Mission

Our mission at Mediapeanut is to explore in-depth information on streaming, electronics, home theater, computer & internet, and even graphic design topics by revealing our research today’s newest technologies and communities.

We survey our audience, gather research from real users, and display our expertise on a number of tech related topics.

What is MediaPeanut?

MediaPeanut provides solutions for general tech, electronics, home theater, streaming, and information that online communities are exploring, learning and revealing using today’s technologies. Paul Michael researches topics with real data, hands on experience. Visit the blog here.

With MediaPeanut, you can learn everything from learning about streaming, tech, electronics, and troubleshooting issues you may have with Roku, MacBook, iPad, iPhone, and home theater.

Other areas we have industry expertise in:

  • Streaming & Home theater
  • Graphic design related devices
  • Electronics
    • Tablets
    • iPhone
    • Laptop
  • Computer & internet
  • Mobile phone tips

We also cover information on movies & TV as well as how and why and how millennials are use streaming devices, electronics, and more.

Note: MediaPeanut is a registered trademark of GOLD PEBBLE MEDIA LLC.

Our Story

Paul Michael is the creator of and has worked as a tech professional for over 10 years. Started in New York City,

His career has helped him created information on streaming, tablets, laptops, digital art, and technology in general that led him to create the MediaPeanut blog.

Paul Michael came up with the website/company name “Mediapeanut” to represent an expert level, yet fun way of describing and explaining tech related information on the topics we cover on our site.

About the team

Paul Michael is the author of the articles on this blog. All our team members help with tech related research and business operations that fuel our research and articles.

Photo of Paul Michael, the founder & author of

Paul Michael


Paul Michael is a media and technology expert whose research reveals how technology and media are being used in the world today. He has expertise on computers, the internet, Streaming, Roku, electronics, education, as well as tech & media companies. He also enjoys graphic design & digital art.

Photo of MediaPeanut-CEO-Victoria-Mendoza

Victoria Mendoza

Chief Peanut

Victoria Mendoza leads the strategic vision at MediaPeanut, a blog committed to simplifying complex technology concepts for consumers. Passionate about all forms of competition, she enjoys engaging in various competitive activities during her free time.

Photo of Maria Flores COO of MediaPeanut1

Maria Flores

Chief Operations Peanut

Maria Flores is responsible for overseeing the company’s everyday functions at MediaPeanut. She focusing on operations strategies, communicating policies to writers and researchers, and managing general initiatives for our tech team. She enjoys volleyball and HBO Max in her spare time!

We are expanding our team and we also have a separate email for media inquiries.

Phone, Address & Email


Address: 48 N Henry st #3, Brooklyn, New York 11222


Phone: +1 201-283-0844

Please use the contact form here for a faster reply.

Our process for reviews

Our review process involves researching the products in a specific category and selecting the ones we believe are the best options for our customers. We review streaming devices, tablets, laptops, computer products in addition to drawing tablets and other tech related products.

We test these hands on and also review customer feedback and comments from other websites and social media platforms to get a well-rounded understanding of each product. We also hire a professional to test out the products we advise. We have a high standard when it comes to this.

How are ratings determined?

We use several criteria to rate the products, including value, ease of use, durability, compatibility with other products, and the quality of the device, application or software. We aim to provide a unique and valuable perspective on each product for our customers.

How we perform our research for informational articles

Our tech team researches, collects data, analyzes and reports on streaming, electronics, computer and graphic design topics in extreme detail.

Our process for researching the blog posts and articles on our website goes as follows:

  • Defining the research question: The first step in researching a topic is to define the research question or questions that the study aims to answer. This helps to focus the research and guide the selection of relevant sources.
  • Conducting a review: A review involves searching for and reviewing existing research on the topic. This helps to identify gaps in the existing research and provide context for the current study.
  • Developing a research design: The research design outlines the methods and procedures that will be used to collect and analyze data in order to answer the research questions.
  • Collecting data: Data can be collected through various methods, such as surveys, experiments, observations, or interviews. The choice of method depends on the research questions and the type of data needed to answer them.
  • Analyzing data: Once the data has been collected, it must be analyzed in order to draw conclusions and answer the research questions. This may involve using statistical techniques or other methods of analysis.
  • Reporting results: The final step in the research process is to report the results of the study in a clear and concise manner. This typically involves writing a manuscript and submitting it to an industry expert or the founder (Paul Michael) for review and publication.