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About us

About us

Our mission is to reveal modern day life hacks by exploring today’s newest technologies and communities

What is MediaPeanut?

MediaPeanut exposes tech style life hacks that online communities are exploring, learning and revealing using today’s technologies. To see more in depth on this please visit here.

Learn everything from setting up Tech projects, to learning about streaming services and troubleshooting issues you may have with Roku, MacBook, and iPad, home theater (in general), and Plex.

Other areas we have industry expertise in:

  • Graphic design,
  • Digital Art,
  • Laptop,
  • iPhone
  • and mobile phone tips.

We also cover information on, movies & TV as well as how and why millennials are evolutionist to use services such as Adobe creative cloud, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, online courses and much more.

Paul Michael is the creator of and has worked as a tech professional for over 10 years. His career has helped him created information on streaming, tablets, laptops, Digital Art, and Technology in general that allowed him to create the MediaPeanut blog found here. MediaPeanut also has a MediaPeanut Youtube channel that we update with daily videos on tech topics.

Our Youtube Handle is @Mediapeanut.

Anybody with a specific questions for us can contact us through one of our social media channels or through our contact page which can be found here. We can also be contacted via phone or video call by request. You can find our company Linkedin here as well as our Twitter.

Our Terms and conditions and privacy policy can also be found on the footer of any of our pages.

So what’re you waiting for… crack open that shell and explore your inner peanut glory!

About the author of MediaPeanut

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Paul Michael


Paul Michael is a media and technology expert whose research reveals how technology and media are being used in conjunction with life hacks, computers, the internet, Digital Art, education, streaming as well as tech & media companies


Victoria Mendoza

Chief Peanut

Victoria Mendoza is the CEO of MediaPeanut, a blog that’s dedicated to help consumers understand complex technology concepts in the easiest way possible. Hobbies include any and all competitive activities.

Maria Flores COO of MediaPeanut1

Maria Flores

Chief Operations Peanut

Maria Flores is responsible for overseeing the company’s everyday functions at MediaPeanut. She focusing on operations strategies, communicating policies to writers and researchers, and managing general initiatives for our tech team. She enjoys volleyball and HBO Max in her spare time!

Address & Email

MediaPeanut, 48 N Henry st, Brooklyn, New York 11222


If you’d like to contact us, please use the contact form here & not the email above for a solid reply!