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Work with MediaPeanut: Tech, Electronics, and Streaming help

Work with MediaPeanut: Tech, Electronics, and Streaming help

Are you a tech brand, a streaming service, or an electronics manufacturer looking to engage with tech-savvy audiences who are passionate about the latest gadgets, cutting the cord, and optimizing their digital streaming experiences? MediaPeanut is here to provide answers to the tech dilemmas and questions consumers frequently encounter — which device to choose, how to get the most out of their services, and what tips can make their digital life seamless and enjoyable.

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Our goal is to deliver products, solutions, as well as practical guidance and in-depth reviews that our readers can rely on to navigate through the evolving world of technology, streaming, and electronics.

This commitment to quality and utility is why our audience consistently turns to us for advice on their next tech purchase or service subscription.

Who am I?

I’m Paul Michael, a tech and electronics/streaming professional. I’m an industry expert based in New York City. I have over a decade of experience in the tech industry, I blend technical know-how with consumer insights.

I founded MediaPeanut in 2019 to help consumers overcome the challenges they face with modern electronics and media consumption.

In 2019, MediaPeanut earned recognition for “Top Electronics Blog” from a plethora of online communities.

Beyond MediaPeanut, I am an active contributor to leading tech publications and plan to participate in various tech symposiums. I am also affiliated with a number of associations.

About our Audience

The typical reader of MediaPeanut is a Millennial or Generation X, individual with a keen interest in technology. Our audiences are majority male, residing in the United States. They are enthusiastic about latest trends in electronics, cord-cutting solutions, and digital streaming.

With an exclusive focus on tech and media, we ensure that our content resonates with visitors who are actively seeking guidance and information to enhance their electronic and digital experiences.

About our Readers:

Top Tech Interests of Readers include: Electronics, Streaming devices, Streaming Platforms, smart phones, and even note-taking devices for graphic design.

Top Metro Areas of Readers are: San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles, Seattle, and Austin.
Top States of Readers are: California, New York, Texas, Washington, and Massachusetts.

Reader Demographics:

  • 50% have a college degree or higher
  • 65% are without children, showing that our content speaks to a wide range of tech enthusiasts
  • 75% are frequent shoppers for the latest gadgets and electronics
  • 68% are active subscribers to multiple streaming services

Recent statistics

As of July 2023:

  • 300,000+ unique monthly visitors
  • 400,000+ monthly page views
  • 3:20 Average time spent on page

For more information about our reach and influence, please request our media kit.

MediaPeanut also commands a significant presence on social media platforms, engaging with a vibrant community of tech enthusiasts.

Our YouTube channel features in-depth reviews and tutorials, which, combined with tailored content on Pinterest and Twitter, expand our reach and influence. Additionally, our podcast offers insightful discussions on the latest in tech, streaming, and electronics, and more.

Why work with MediaPeanut

When you partner with MediaPeanut, you’re not just tapping into our audience reach and influence, you’re also benefitting from my expertise and background in the tech industry.

What makes MediaPeanut stand out?

Trusted Authority: MediaPeanut is a respected source for tech enthusiasts — I provide straightforward reviews, must-know tips, and unbiased opinions. Our readers know that I immerse myself deeply in the tech landscape, ensuring that the insights they receive are current and valuable.
SEO Expertise: I consistently deliver content that ranks high on search engines, providing visibility and drawing in targeted traffic that’s interested in your products or services, which may increase conversion rates.
Engaged Readers: Our content is not just consumed; it’s acted upon. MediaPeanut’s audience is tech-forward and eager to adopt recommendations that enhance their digital lifestyle.
Campaign Success Stories:

  • Generated over 5,000 leads for a device and Influenced an increase of 35% in sales for Electronic accessory brand following our review.
  • Drove over 50,000 clicks to a partner subscription service over a 6-month campaign.

How can we work together?

Let’s craft a collaboration that aligns with your marketing goals. Are you aiming to elevate brand awareness, boost product adoptions, or foster customer engagement?

Our tailored proposals could include a mix of the following:

  • In-depth product reviews — I’ll put your tech to the test and deliver comprehensive analysis and recommendations to our readers.
  • Social media amplification — Engage with our audience directly on platforms like Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, and Pinterest.
  • Sponsored content — Partner for thematic articles, how-tos, and guides that incorporate your brand seamlessly into our trusted content.
  • Affiliate Partnerships — Utilize our influence to drive sales through affiliate links.

Ad placements and sponsored newsletter features — Gain visibility with banner ads on our website and inclusion in our regularly distributed newsletters.

To discuss how MediaPeanut can meet your objectives and for pricing details, please reach out to us directly.

MediaPeanut: Trusted by Leading Brands

Trusted Partners

At MediaPeanut, we take pride in fostering strong partnerships with some of the industry’s leading brands. Our expertise in offering problem-solving content, guidance on cutting the cord, and insights into the streaming universe has been recognized by a variety of respected companies.

Brands That Trust MediaPeanut

Software Solutions:

  • CleanMyMac: Renowned for optimizing and cleaning Mac systems, CleanMyMac collaborates with us to bring the best performance tips and tricks to our audience.

Streaming Devices:

  • As technology advances, we work closely with top streaming device manufacturers to provide comprehensive reviews, comparisons, and step-by-step setup guides.

Streaming Services:

  • Sling TV: A leader in live TV streaming, Sling TV values our platform for spreading word on the latest deals, features, and tips for a seamless viewing experience.

What Our Readers Say

“When I had issues with my Smart TV and Roku, MediaPeanut was there with the solution. Can’t thank you enough!” – Emma

“Paul, your advice on streaming services saved me a bundle! Thanks to MediaPeanut, my entertainment setup is now unreal” – Jake

“The cord-cutting guide was a game-changer. Very detailed and straightforward. Thanks, MediaPeanut!” – Alex

“Your breakdown on the different streaming services made my choice much clearer. Subscribing to Sling TV was the best decision!” – Sam

Partner Testimonials

“Working with Paul and the team at MediaPeanut has been exceptional. They truly understand the electronic landscape and have the ability to convey complex technical info to their audience in a digestible way. Here’s to more successful campaigns!”

“Paul’s expertise in streaming technology made a significant impact on our product launch. MediaPeanut’s reviews and tutorials have been invaluable.”

“MediaPeanut has been a staunch supporter of Sling TV. Their in-depth understanding of our service offerings and their ability to communicate this to their audience is unmatched.”

About MediaPeanut

Founded by Paul and his team of tech experts, MediaPeanut provides solutions dedicated to demystifying the world of electronics, cutting the cord, and streaming entertainment. Whether it’s choosing the best streaming device, picking a service provider, or troubleshooting tech issues, MediaPeanut is there to provide step-by-step guidance and easy-to-understand solutions.

Our readers and partners alike trust us to deliver the latest and most effective content to enhance their digital lifestyle. At MediaPeanut, we’re not just about the tech—we’re about empowering you to make informed decisions for an unparalleled entertainment experience.

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