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Welcome to MediaPeanut Solutions

Welcome to MediaPeanut Solutions

Navigate your entertainment journey with MediaPeanut Solutions. Say goodbye to the cumbersome tech, electronics, and streaming world. Start saving now and customize your viewing experience to fit your unique preferences.

Ready to Cut the Cord or Find the right Gadget? Get Started Today.

Find Your Perfect Electronic Companion:

Electronics can be complex, but your choice doesn’t have to be. MediaPeanut GadgetGuidance is your ally in the electronic maze, leading you to informed decisions and satisfaction with every gadget pick.

We have two products:

  1. MediaPeanut CordCutter Solutions
  2. MediaPeanut GadgetGuidance

MediaPeanut CordCutter Solutions

Bid Cable Farewell and Stream Smarter

Embrace a future where you hold all the power in your entertainment choices. With MediaPeanut, colossal cost savings and tailored content selection are just the beginning.


“Docked our Roku at the shores of streaming paradise!” – Amanda L.

MediaPeanut GadgetGuidance

Embrace Clarity in the World of Electronics

Clear through the fog of electronics and discover the joy of selecting the perfect gadgets. Our experts illuminate the path with personalized guidance, ensuring a stress-free decision-making process.


“My new Tablet is a dream, and the decision was so easy!” – Jordan T.

Not Sure Where to Start?

No problem! We understand that every tech journey is different. Book a one-on-one consultation with a MediaPeanut expert to discuss your individual needs and find out how we can guide you to your destination.

Stay Informed and In Command

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Stay informed

Let’s embark on this tech adventure together with MediaPeanut Solutions, your dependable navigator in the fast-moving world of electronics and streaming media.

Ready to Cut the Cord or Find the right Gadget? Get Started Today.