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Meet the Team

If you’ve read our about us page, you know that we only work with the best to create the information on our blog. The management team at Mediapeanut is made up of experienced industry experts who bring their knowledge and skills to the table.

Not only do they help to shape our strong company culture, but they also work hard to ensure that our team can scale, grow, and succeed.

About the team

Paul Michael is the author of the articles on this blog. All our team members help with tech related research and business operations that fuel our research and articles.

Meet our leadership team:

Photo of Paul Michael, the founder & author of

Paul Michael


Paul Michael is a media and technology expert whose research reveals how technology and media are being used in the world today. He has expertise on computers, the internet, Streaming, Roku, electronics, education, as well as tech & media companies. He also enjoys graphic design & digital art.

Photo of MediaPeanut-CEO-Victoria-Mendoza

Victoria Mendoza

Chief Peanut

Victoria Mendoza directs the overall strategy and management at MediaPeanut. Helping create a blog that is focused on breaking down intricate technology concepts for everyday users. She takes pleasure in a wide range of challenging activities in her leisure.

Photo of Maria Flores COO of MediaPeanut1

Maria Flores

Chief Operations Peanut

Maria Flores is responsible for overseeing the company’s everyday functions at MediaPeanut. She focusing on operations strategies, communicating policies to writers and researchers, partnerships, and managing general initiatives for our tech team. She enjoys volleyball and HBO Max in her spare time!

We are expanding our team and we also have a separate email for media inquiries. If you’d like to join the team contact us here.