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Fire Tablet Hacks: How to Jailbreak the Amazon Fire HD Tablet (8 & 10)

Fire Tablet Hacks: How to Jailbreak the Amazon Fire HD Tablet (8 & 10)

In this blog post, we will answer the question of how to jailbreak the Amazon Fire HD tablet. If you just purchased a Fire HD 8 or 10, you may be disappointed to find that your new tablet does not have the Google Play Store and other Android features.

If that’s the case, you have nothing to worry about! There is a way to root or jailbreak the latest Fire HDs.

For less than $100, you can get a reliable Amazon tablet with all the features that Android tablets offer. Since the Amazon tablets are very affordable and have great specs, a jailbreak is a smart thing to do.

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We have researched and picked out the best way to root an Amazon tablet. Fortunately, to jailbreak a Fire HD, you only need to use a third-party tool called Amazon Fire Toolbox.

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Here you can learn all about this awesome way to jailbreak the new Amazon Fire HD tablets and how to do it.

What can you do with a jailbroken & rooted Fire HD 8 & 10?

What can you do with a jailbroken rooted Fire HD 8 10

Although the latest Fire HDs (8 and 10) are both powerful and affordable, they lack some Android features. For this reason, many people prefer to jailbreak or root their Amazon tablets.

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When you jailbreak your Fire HD tablet, you can do many things that you could not do otherwise. There are some benefits to jailbreaking an Amazon Fire tablet:

Install Google play store

Install Google play store

For starters, with a jailbroken Fire HD, you can install the Google Play Store and use Google services. Google services are a range of online and offline applications and services provided by Google. 

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Some of the most popular Google services include, Google Search, Gmail Google Drive, Google maps, Google Calendar, Google Docs, Google Photos.

By rooting your Fire HD you can access to these… which is something you might think Fire Tablets should include out of the box due to their popularity.

Remove Pre-installed Amazon Apps

Remove Pre installed Amazon Apps

Apart from that, you get ultimate control over the pre-installed Amazon apps. Many users complain that Fire HDs have some unnecessary apps installed that they can not delete. By rooting your device, you can get rid of this problem.

Pre-installed Amazon apps are applications that are pre-installed on specific Amazon devices.

These apps may include the Amazon Shopping app, which allows users to browse and purchase items from Amazon’s online store, as well as the Amazon Music app, which allows users to stream and download music.

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Other pre-installed Amazon apps may include the Amazon Prime Video app, the Amazon Kindle app and many more.

Sideload Apps

Sideload Apps

Also, with a rooted Fire HD, you can sideload apps, back up your data to a PC, and manipulate automatic Amazon updates. Typically, this is in the form of an APK file; so if you used android in the past you may be aware of how this works. If not, let me explain:

The type of apps you can sideload vary on the Fire HD. Sideloading is often used to install apps that are not available in the official app store or marketplace, or to install apps from unofficial sources. 

You may also be able to get certain drawing apps you couldn’t get before, this could allow you to have a better use of a stylus for the Amazon Fire HD Tablets..

It is important to be cautious when sideloading apps, as they may not have undergone the same level of testing and review as apps from official sources, and may pose a security risk.

Change default launcher app

Change default launcher app

Finally, with a jailbroken tablet, you can change the default launcher app and make your Fire HD look like any other Android tablet. Those who havedecided they I want to change the look of their Amazon Fire tablet navigation may be interested in this. 

I had always found the default home screen a little dull, and I wanted something that was a bit more customizable. That’s when I discovered Nova Launcher (and a few others are available as well).

Overall, I was thrilled with the results. My Amazon Fire tablet now looked like a stock Android device, and it was much more personal and unique. Best of all, I had achieved this by simply changing the default launcher to my device (thanks to rooting the amazon fire tablet).

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It becomes clear that Fire HD owners jailbreak their devices for good reasons. If you think jailbreaking your device is difficult, then you can be at ease because we’ll uncover how to make this easy.

 Let us take a look at the simple steps you need to follow to root & jailbreak your Fire HD 8 and 10.

How to Jailbreak & Root the Fire HD 8 & 10

How to Jailbreak Root the Fire HD 8 10

Rooting Amazon Fire Tablet HDs is much easier than it used to be. To be precise, all you need to do is download and install an app called Fire Toolbox. This will allow you to modify the appearance as well as the features of your Amazon tablet in a matter of minutes. 

The tool was developed by Datastream33 and it turns out to be the most effective way to root a Fire HD. First of all, we must note that Fire Toolbox is a Windows PC software. So, in order to jailbreak your Amazon Fire HD, you need to install this app on a Windows laptop or desktop first. The download and installation process is pretty simple:

  1. Review the Fire Toolbox details
  2. Download the latest version of the tool in either .exe or .zip format
  3. Install the Fire Toolbox on your Windows PC

Once you have successfully installed the Fire Toolbox on your computer, you are just one step away from connecting your tablet to your computer. First, you need to enable USB debugging on your Fire HD 8 or 10. To do this, you need to do the following:

  1. Open your Kindle Fire and open the device’s Settings
  2. Scroll down until you find the option “Device Options
  3. From the menu find the serial number and press it repidently until you access the developer menu
  4. Tap the new menu that says “Developer Options
  5. Find the “USB Debugging” option and enable it 
  6. You are good to go! You can now plug your Fire HD tablet to your PC via a USB cable

Now that you have your tablet connected to your Windows PC, you can launch the Fire Toolbox software. A message will automatically appear on your Fire HD screen. Once you click “OK”, you will be able to edit your tablet’s features using the Fire Toolbox app.

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What Does Rooting Do?

What Does Rooting Do

Rooting is the Android version of the iPhone’s jailbreaking. Rooting an Android device gives you root access to the device’s system files, removing restrictions placed on the root directory and allowing apps with enhanced privilege requirements to operate correctly.

Almost all Android devices are unrooted, as tampering with system files is an easy way to break things.

Can you still root the Fire HD 8 & 10?

Can you still root the Fire HD 8 10

Although previous Fire HD models were easily jailbroken, that’s not the case with the brand new Amazon tablets. Fortunately, there is a way to root a Fire HD 8 or 10, using an innovative tool called Fire Toolbox.

Whether you want to install Android apps on your Fire HD or get rid of unwanted Amazon apps, Fire Toolbox can help you do it. Of course, this is not an actual jailbreak of your Fire HD. During our testing, Fire Toolbox proved to be a very powerful app that helped us to completely manipulate the features of our Fire HD tablet.

That said, if you just want to add Play Store to your Amazon tablet, Fire Toolbox is more than helpful. You can also use this app to enable or disable Amazon apps, adjust screen density, and more.

What is the Amazon Fire Toolbox?

What is the Amazon Fire Toolbox

Amazon Fire Toolbox is an unofficial app for Windows PCs. With this tool, you can easily jailbreak an Amazon Fire HD tablet. The best part is that this is probably the most beginner-friendly jailbreaking app we have ever tested.

Therefore, you will have no trouble installing and using Fire Toolbox even if you have no rooting experience whatsoever. Without further ado, let’s have a look at all the jailbreaking options Fire Toolbox offers.

How to use the Amazon fire Toolbox

How to use the Amazon fire Toolbox

Using the Amazon Fire Toolbox is very simple. If you have already installed the app on your Windows PC and enabled USB debugging on your Fire HD tablet, you are just one step away from rooting your device.

Use a USB cable to connect your tablet to your Windows device and launch Fire Toolbox. The app’s main menu offers numerous features you can add to your Fire HD tablet. Let’s have a closer look at each of them:

  1. ADB shell: This option can help you install ADB, which stands for Android Debug Bridge
  2. Manage Google Services: From here, you can easily install the Google Play store and Google services into your Fire HD tablet
  3. Custom Launcher: This will allow you to replace the default Amazon launcher with another Android launcher like Nova Launcher
  4. Hybrid Apps: From this section you can install APK apps straight from your PC
  5. Custom Sounds: Amazon Fire Toolbox will help you install custom sounds. This is useful for those who use bluetooth headphones on their Kindle and Fire Tablets.
  6. Keyboard and Input: From here, you can change the pre-installed keyboard and input features
  7. Density Modifier: This will allow you to change the screen density options of your Fire HD. For example, you can use this to make the icons look larger or smaller
  8. Lock Screen Management: This is a very useful feature for those who want to change the lock screen wallpaper or disable the lock screen ads
  9. Google Assistant: From here you can easily replace Amazon Alexa with Google Assistant
  10. Manage Amazon Apps: In this section you can fully-manipulate (enable or disable) pre-installed Amazon apps

Can you install Android on Fire tablet

Can you install Android on Fire tablet

Unfortunately, a Fire tablet limits its users to the Amazon Appstore. Although the Fire OS is a version of Android developed by Amazon, many believe it is not as powerful as other versions of Android. For example, Fire HD tablets cannot access the Play Store or install any Android app that is not in the Amazon Appstore.

That’s why many users wonder if you can install Android on a Fire tablet. Even if you can not, you can easily jailbreak a Fire HD tablet by using a free tool called Amazon Fire Toolbox.

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This app will not completely turn your Amazon tablet into an Android device. However, with this software, you can install Google’s Play Store, Google services, and much more. Therefore, Fire Toolbox is considered the best way to turn a Fire HD 8 or 10 into an Android tablet.

How do I turn my Fire Tablet into an Android tablet

How do I turn my Fire Tablet into an Android tablet

If you want to quickly turn your Fire tablet into an Android tablet, you have nothing to worry about. In fact, all you have to do is download and install the latest version of Fire Toolbox.

This software will allow you to gain ultimate control over: pre-installed Amazon apps, the tablets lock screen, the screen’s density options and more. But where Fire Toolbox actually shines is in transforming a Fire HD into a Google Android device. This is especially useful when you have a large display on your tablet, because you can use all the android apps (like games) more properly.

To be precise, this software will help you install Google Play Store and Google services into your Fire HD. Especially when it comes to rooting the 2020 Fire HD 8 and 10, Fire Toolbox is the only reliable jailbreaking app.

How do I convert my Kindle Fire to Android

How do I convert my Kindle Fire to Android

Converting an Amazon Kindle Fire to Android is only possible if you decide to root your device. All you need to have is a Kindle Fire Tablet and a Windows PC. The process is very similar to jailbreaking a Fire HD tablet:

  1. From your Kindle Fire, open your “Settings
  2. Go to “Device Options”. From the menu, click the Serial Number repeatedly until the Developer Options appear
  3. Enable Debugging and ADB
  4. Go to “Security & Privacy” and also enable “Apps from Unknown Sources
  5. On your Windows computer, download the latest version of the Amazon Fire Utility
  6. Connect your Kindle to your desktop via a USB cable
  7. From the Fire Utility folder, open the Windows Batch (.bat) file
  8. Choose which action you want to perform
  9. Disconnect your Kindle Fire from the Windows PC and restart it
  10. You are all set!

It is important to know that rooting is no longer supported on tablets that run Fire OS or later. If you own such a device, you should try to jailbreak it by using the Fire Toolbox app instead.

How do I install Google Play on My Fire Tablet HD 10

Although Amazon doesn’t give you a way to install Google Play on a Fire HD 10 tablet, Fire Toolbox is here to give the solution. We tested this app and quickly understood why it became so popular.

If you want to install Google Play on your FIre HD 10 tablet, all you have to do is:

  1. Download and install the latest version of the Fire Toolbox software on a Windows computer
  2. From your Amazon Fire HD 10, enable USB Debugging. Connect your tablet with your PC through a USB cable
  3. Run the Fire Toolbox app
  4. From the main menu, click on the “Google Services (Manage)” option
  5. From the new menu you can easily: add a new Google account or manage your already install account

You are all set. Google Play is successfully installed into your Fire HD 10 tablet and you can start downloading any Android app you need.

Can you Jailbreak an Amazon Kindle Paperwhite?

Because Amazon has put some effort in to limiting a lot of mods on their devices (like the Fire HD and the Kindle Paperwhite, jailbreaking a Kindle is more challenging than jailbreaking many other devices such as Android phones.

To jailbreak a Kindle Paperwhite, which is an e-ink eReader that runs Linux, you’ll need to modify the tablet and add a few features – which can get very complex.

It includes charging the Paperwhite OS version, installing the files necessary for jailbreak (which come from a third party), and performing a number of tasks. This means using a firmware version created by a third party developer; which could be untrustworthy, but is ultimately up to you.

The process takes around 2 hours for someone who is not tech savvy and there are many potential errors, however some decide to remove the kindle ads and special offers; which many may consider unnecessary considering you can get a kindle without ads supported for roughly $20.

See our post on how to jailbreak an Amazon kindle Paperwhite. You can also see our post on the Fire HD vs Kindle Paperwhite for a comparison of the two devices for reading – you may not want to jailbreak the Paperwhite and only the Fire Tablet based on the potential features that become unlocked.

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In conclusion, Fire Toolbox is one of the best ways to transform your Amazon Fire HD tablet into a fully functional Android tablet. It allows you to customize the look and feel of your Fire HD and also gives you access to some of its most useful features.

Keep in mind you can also jailbreak other devices, such as your Roku. The process may be different, but it does allow you to use apps like KODI.

The best part? This tool works for both the Fire HD 8 and 10. So, whichever Fire Tablet you’re using, you can utilize this ‘jailbroken’ feature outlined in this post to transform your tablet into what closely mimics a full-fledged Android device.

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