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9 Best Cases for Fire HD 8 & 8+ with Stand, Keyboard, Cover | 2022

9 Best Cases for Fire HD 8 & 8+ with Stand, Keyboard, Cover | 2022

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If you’re looking for an additional way to protect your fire Hd tablet, then you’ll want to take a look at the best cases for the fire HD 8 & 10. In most cases the 8 plus, 10, and 10 plus cases will have the same port locations and design so which you choose will depend on the size.

I’ll be discussing the rugged cases, slim cases, and overall top fire hd cases that also have additional features built-in. These include a stand, keyboard, folio style, handles and grips, and kid proof case features.

In this post, I cover the top amazon fire tablet cases, their advantages and disadvantages, as well as kids cases and alternatives for each.

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1. Amazon Cover: Best fire hd 8 case – slim (8 & 8 plus)

Amazon Cover_ Best fire hd 8 case - slim (8 & 8 plus)

Fire HD 8 and 8+ are two of the most popular Amazon tablets. And, of course, the brand didn’t miss the chance to create a fantastic cover to protect them. This case comes in many different colors and designs and has all the necessary features required for a protective, stylish case.

One feature that makes this one of the best cases for fire hd 8 is because it has an auto wake function that puts the tablet to sleep or awakens it based on the opening of the tablet case covering. It’s also magnetic to keep it closed.

This Amazon case has a magnetic connection and will fully cover your tablet. So, you will protect your tablet, and, at the same time, you will have access to buttons, ports, and the camera. Plus, the high-quality fabric won’t hurt the screen and will keep it clear.

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This cover is lightweight and slim, perfect for carrying your tablet around with you. Additionally, it includes a built-in stand for keeping your tablet still. Lastly, this case supports wireless charging for Fire HD 8+, so you don’t need to take it off for charging the tablet. 

To sum up, this Amazon cover is very premium, and with the Amazon quality, it is undoubtedly a top pick for your tablet’s protection. 

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Runner up: Moko Case: Top fire hd 8 case with screen protector and wireless charging

MoKo is a well-known brand when it comes to reliable cases for the fire hd tablets. MoKo especially created this case for all Kindle Fire HD 8 and 8+, 10th generation, 2020 release. This case is rugged and dual-layer protective. 

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It might seem a little bulky, but your tablet will be fully protected. Moreover, you have access to all the buttons when necessary. The stand, the built-in screen protector, and the high-quality material make this cover top-class. 

Summing up, this MoKo case is a great choice and includes many outstanding characteristics. Plus, you can forget about scratches and broken screens. 

2. JETech: Best slim, budget fire hd 8 case with stand (folding cover)

JETech the Best slim, budget fire hd 8 case with stand (folding cover)

The JETech cases are very popular and premium. This cover fits only with Fire HD 8, 6th/ 7th/ 8th generation. There are many colors you can choose from. This cover is made of synthetic exterior and smooth interior, perfect for your tablet.

With this case, you can stand your tablet still in two positions, one for viewing and one for writing. Plus, it fully covers your tablet and magnetic connection that supports automatic wake/sleep function.   

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This JETech case is super slim, keeping your tablet portable and at the same time protected. You can use the buttons, ports, and camera without any struggle. 

In a few words, this cover has everything you need. All the features it includes are ideal for everyday use, and its design is absolutely distinctive.

3. Moko Keyboard case: Best keyboard case for Amazon fire Hd 8

Moko Keyboard case_ Best keyboard case for Amazon fire Hd 8

As mentioned before, MoKo is a top-class firm in making cases for tablets. So, this case is one of the most premium you can find for all Kindle Fire HD 8 and 8+ 10th generation. It has many different patterns to suit every occasion. 

This case doesn’t only fully protect your tablet, but also it includes a removable keyboard. It’s incredible how easily you can transform your tablet into a laptop and work. Even with the keyboard on, you have access to all the buttons without any struggle.

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This MoKo case is light and slim, making your tablet perfect for traveling and business meetings. Plus, with the magnetic closure up, your tablet wakes/sleeps in no time, saving battery.

Overall, this MoKo case has anything you want, from style to convenience. All the features it includes will make your life a lot easier.  

4. Ledniceker: Best kids case for amazon fire tablet with a handle (HD 8)

Ledniceker_ Best kids case for amazon fire tablet with a handle (HD 8)

If you are looking for the best case for your kids’ tablet, then this case could be your answer. It is available for Fire HD 8 and 8+, 10th generation. It comes in many beautiful colors for your kid to choose its favorite. This tablet also has a very modern and trendy look and design.

As it’s designed mainly for children, this case is super durable, and it can withstand wear and tear The back and the side expand above the surface of your tablets, so the screen remains untouched, making it one of the best fire hd kids cases available.

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This case has a multipurpose handle for taking your tablet with you. Additionally, it includes foldable stands, like two feet, to keep your tablet in one position. Moreover, you don’t need to worry about buttons as it’s all easily accessible. 

To sum up, you can select this case for you or your child as it has all the necessary features. You can be confident that the tablet won’t have even a scratch with this top kids cases for the fire hd 8 & 10 amazon tablets.

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5. Fintie: Best fire hd (8 & 8 plus) case with handle grip

Fintie the Best fire hd (8 & 8 plus) case with handle grip

If you have bought the new Fire HD 10 or 10 plus, then this case can be considered for protecting it. This Fintie cover is very durable and premium and has many unique features in addition to having an aesthetically pleasing appeal and design.

The polycarbonate back and the hybrid soft inner will protect your tablet from any drop or fall. The most impressive characteristic about this case is the handle grip. You can use it for carrying your tablet around or for keeping it still. It rotates 360° giving you three viewing angles.

Additionally, it has a built-in screen protector that prevents scratches but doesn’t sacrifice sensitivity. Plus, you have access to all the buttons and ports without any problem.

You’ll be able to use Alexa on your amazon fire tablet (a stand helps for this) since you’ll want to be hands free. If Alexa is not working, see: How to Fix Alexa Not Working on Fire HD 8 & 10 (Amazon Fire Tablet) | 2021

In a few words, this case is one of the best you can find for your Fire HD 10 and 10+. All the features it includes will make your life easier.

6. Boskin: Coolest slim fire hd 8 case with triangle stand

Boskin_ Coolest slim fire hd 8 case with triangle stand

Boskin has created numerous great cases for tablets. This cover is one of the best you can find for Fire HD 8 and 8+, 10th generation. The eco-friendly materials that Boskin used for this case make it really unique.

The hard frame and the soft inner can ensure that your tablet will be protective in any circumstance. Plus, the airbag feature around the corners is perfect security from drops and falls. 

Moreover, this case has a stand ideal for watching movies or reading the news. All buttons and ports are free for use. Lastly, this case has 2mm camera protection so that it will be safe even after a fall. 

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Summing up, the Boskin case has anything you are looking for. It’s ideal for everyone, from kids to those who need it for work. 

7. Epic Gadget: best cover for fire hd 8 & 8 plus that folds with a stand

Epic Gadget_ best cover for fire hd 8 & 8 plus that folds with a stand

Finding a case that will protect your tablet and, at the same time, will make it stand out isn’t always easy. However, with this Epicgadget case and its unique designs, you won’t have problems with that.

It is available for Fire HD 8 and HD 8+, 10th generation. It fully covers your tablet, and the magnetic connection supports wake/sleep function. Plus, it includes a tri-fold stand for two different angles, one for viewing and one for writing. If you’re looking for something specifically for writing, see the 8 Best Digital Writing Pads of 2021 (Electronic Notebooks)

The hardback is made of premium synthetic leather, while the inner is created by scratch-free microfiber. So, you can forget about cracks and breaks. Additionally, you have access to all the buttons and cameras in no time. 

Overall, this case will transform your tablet into a piece of art. And like this isn’t enough, with this cover, you take a stylus ideal for working and writing.

8. Poetic Slimline: Most slim, stylish case for Amazon Fire HD

Poetic Slimline_ Most slim, stylish case for Amazon Fire HD

Many people are looking for a minimal and stylish case for their tablets. That’s why Poetic created this case. It comes in many beautiful colors to suit your taste. It is compatible with Fire HD 8, 7th, and 8th generation. 

The excellent woven fabric exterior and the microfiber inner will protect your tablet from falls. Plus, your screen will be safe from dust and scratches. This case couldn’t lack a tri-fold stand for the needed viewing angles. 

This Poetic case is slim and lightweight and doesn’t make your tablet seem bulky. Moreover, all the ports and buttons are free for use as well as the camera. It also includes the auto wake/sleep function every time you open or close the case.

In a few words, this case is very premium, and you will find it very efficient. You will finally stop worrying about falls and drops.

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9. Rioskin: Top Amazon fire HD 8 tablet case with a hand strap

Rioskin_ Top Amazon fire HD 8 tablet case with a hand strap

ROISKIN is a world-class firm in creating cases for phones and tablets. This case is unique as, besides all the necessary characteristics, it also includes a hand strap. So, if you have a Fire HD 8 or 8+, 10th generation, this case is for you.

The hand strap on the hardback is perfect for taking your tablet around with you or using it while you lie down. Plus, it also works as a stand. So, you can keep your tablet still and watch movies or read the news.   

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The soft interior and the hardback cover combined with the 2mm raised edge for screen protection make this case outstanding. Last but not least, you have easy access to all the buttons, ports, and cameras. 

To sum up, this ROISKIN is a great solution, as a case that has all the necessary features, an amazing hand strap that makes it stand out. 

What is an Amazon fire hd 8 case?

A Amazon fire tablet case is a protective cover that snaps onto the back of your tablet to protect it from scratches, bumps and other accidents. A lot of them come with a screen protector to provide further protection against dust and scratches. It also may come with a stand as well as a built in digital pen holder depending on the tablet.

Top Fire HD Cases will have a handle or a handgrip as well as wireless charging. These features are not always available on a fire tablet case and those that have these features typically cost more. Good cases for the fire tablet models should be able to let the tablet charge either wirelessly or USB-c.

What is the best amazon fire tablet case for the 8 & 8 plus?

A good amazon fire tablet case will fit the tablet precisely; the ports and buttons will be appropriately exposed and there will be openings for the camera. A solid case made from protective materials that also has a stand built in is an ideal choice for most.

Top tablet cases for the amazon fire tablets should be able to protect your tablet from most damage. But, you don’t want to buy an overly bulky cover unless you’re playing a sport or working (for example, construction or an environment that surrounds a lot of physical activity.

It should be thin enough that its not too heavy and have the ability to stand on its own. You also need it to add extra protection with cushion or rubberized shock absorbing layer; which most tablets for the fire HD will likely have.

What is the best kids case for fire hd 8 (Child proof)

Ones that are super protective made out of rugged layers as kids will drop, break and throw the tablet around, accidental or not. This includes shock protection. You’ll need it to be durable, have accurate openings in the case for buttons, ports and camera. Fun colors is also ideal for a kids fire hd 8 or hd 10 case. The case must be lightweight and also recommended to have a kickstand.

A kid proof case will have bumpers and will be lightweight and provide a comfortable grip. Great kids cases will also have wireless charging capabilities for easy use. These cases work similarly to that of a laptop or iPad case in that they provide openings for various ports: see our post, Ipad vs Laptop; Pros and Cons

How to choose a case for your Amazon fire tablet (8 & 8 plus)

When it comes to choosing the proper car efor your Amazon fire Tablet, Material, colors, screen protection, shock proof, durability, if theres a kickstand and how lightweight the case in matters. 

You’ll want to consider the following before grabbing a tablet case for the fire HD and any case in general for a tablet

Material: This material is most important. Pick a material. It should be strong and also protective. There are so many types of materials to choose from that it’s worth making a research before making your purchase such as plastic, silicone, ‘Eva Foam’ and more.

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Colors: Colors are fun. They allow you to be creative with how you can design your tablet case. It doesn’t have to be just one color either. You can choose a solid color or patterns, designs, stitching, textures and more.

Screen cover: Some are made entirely of hard plastic, so the screen will be unaffected if dropped with the plastic casing on the device and others come with a clear screen cover that is pliable and tough. This flexibility allows protection in corners as well as flat surfaces when dropped from high heights.

Shock Proof: shock protection on a tablet case means that it won’t break when dropped. It’s very important to have shock protection on a kids fire hd 8 or fire hd 10 case if kids will be dropping the tablet at all.

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Kickstand: This is an optional feature. It allows the user to set the tablet up on a stand, allowing for hands free viewing of videos or playing games. It is nice for watching movies where they can be set up on a stand instead of being laid down in bed or other positions.

Make sure you don’t overlook the weight of the tablet case and that the case doesn’t cover the speaker of the amazon fire tablet.

What are the different types of cases for fire hd 8 & 8 plus?

  • Foldable cases: These cases fold or have multiple layers that fold and have dual support as a tablet stand or handle.
  • Folio style: A Fire HD folio case is a cover that provides protection for the back and front of your tablet or phone. It is attached with a magnetic flap, which you can prop up in different angles. This makes it ideal for reading books, watching movies or simply using as a stand to watch videos.
  • Keyboard cases: Keyboard cases will have an included keyboard in addiition to the fire hd case.
  • Cases with a stand: Most good cases or coverings will include a built-in stand that can also be used a kickstand or a handle grip. You’ll be able to lay your fire hd in portrait or landscape mode and benefits include being able to watch videos on YouTube or read a book without straining your hand or arm.
  • Standard Case + stand: This is a standard tablet stand that comes with some cases. Also known as a kickstand, but typically doesn’t have multi-benefits such as a keyboard or folding cover and screen protector.
  • Ring stand Case: Ring stands often work for those looking to hold their tablet with one hand. It can rotate 360 degrees and is adjustable, slim, and lightweight.
  • Triangle stand: Triangle stands allow you to fold the tablet and simply have a different shape compared to a ring stand. Many folio’s for the fire tablet include this type of stand.

Fire HD 8 vs the 8 plus cases: what’s the difference?

There is no difference between the two. Unless your fire tablet has different ports and features in different locations on the device, such as the speaker, then typically the same case can be used on the same size tablet. Be sure to check where the ports are and what the differences are before purchasing one.


Do I need a case for my Fire tablet

In most cases, you’ll want a case. Cases allow you to not only protect the screen but also have built-in kickstands, keyboards, and some even fold and allow you to hold additional items such as wallet items or other thin materials. Tablet cases also come in handy when you are watching movies, surfing the web, reading, writing or playing games because they will have a stand built-in. this is beneficial because rather than adding a bulky tablet stand attachment or external stand you can have a case with a stand.

What should I look for in a tablet case

When looking for a tablet case you’ll want to include a slim or bulky protective layering based on your specific uses. Those who may be at higher risk of getting a tablet wet may want a more protective case than those who don’t. If you plan on using the tablet for movies, videos, or emails, then cases that include kickstand, foldable case with a triangle or ring stand may be an ideal choice.

Do you need a screen protector for Kindle Fire HD 8

When it comes to the kindle fire HD 8 and 10 models a screen protector is ideal because it works just like a smartphone screen protector. A Tablet screen can break easily when dropped or accidentally tossed around. Also, you may not be one to break your tablet, but someone else around you who is careless may cause damage unintentionally. These are all reasons to consider a screen protector and case for the kindle fire.


When it comes to the top cases for the Amazon fire tablets an additional screen protector is ideal for added protection. A Tablet screen can break easily when dropped or accidentally tossed around. Also, you may not be one to break your tablet, but someone else around you who is careless may cause damage unintentionally. These are all reasons to consider a screen protector and case for the kindle fire.

Having a slim or rugged case and screen protector for your fire tablet (or Kindle fire HD) is worthwhile because it helps protect your tablet from scratches, bumps, cracks or falls. It also gives you peace of mind knowing that the device won’t fall apart or break when exposed to water or extreme temperatures.
it’s also beneficial to have a stand, handle, or foldable case to make it easier to carry or hold your tablet in your hands.

If you are looking for additional protection, then you may want to consider adding a case and screen protector to your tablet. Tablet cases are available in many styles and prices, so it’s easy to find one that works for you. Once you have your case, you can add a additional features such as a kickstand, ring stand, keyboard cases. You can also grab an additional screen protector for extra protection.