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What can you do with the Amazon Fire Tablet? (Fire HD) | 2023

What can you do with the Amazon Fire Tablet? (Fire HD) | 2023

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So, what can you do with an Amazon Fire Tablet?  Those who are considering the Fire HD tablet are wondering the benefits, the uses, what’s unique about the tablet. We’ll discuss this as well as how it compares to a ‘regular’ tablet such as the models from Samsung or Apple.

Many who are new to the tablet are wondering if the Fire HD 8 & 10 are “regular” or not in regards to its capability as a tablet:

Amazon has managed to create one of the most value for money tablets on the market, the Fire HD 8 & Fire HD 10; both which have the capabilities standard tablets have.

Most are aware that the Fire HD can’t approach the speed of other name brand tablets like the iPad Pro or Microsoft’s latest Surface… but do this these performance differences make the Amazon fire HD not worth it?

There’s also the Kindle Scribe which is a more recent device (and lets you write on the screen)

In this post I’ll discuss exactly what you can do with the fire hd. I’ll also cover why the Amazon Fire Tablet models are considered “standard” tablets. Lastly, I’ll cover what exactly its missing in fire hd tablets (in addition to how it compares to other popular tablets.)

Is the Amazon fire HD a regular tablet?

Is the Amazon fire HD a regular tablet_

Amazon’s latest Fire HD tablet is one of the most reliable budget devices on the market.

In a few words, the Amazon tablets can pretty much handle every non-demanding app and simple tasks like browsing and video streaming. On the flip side, the Fire HD isn’t one of the most powerful tablets. 

Amazon did not include the google play store app natively in the Fire Hd, it instead has invented its own App Store: the ‘Amazon App Store’.

Even though the Fire HD’s operating system ‘FireOS’ is based off Android, there are differences that make this unique to regular tablets. This includes a ‘slight dip’ in speed when compared to the more expensive iPad or Samsung galaxy.

For more on this: Amazon Fire HD vs Samsung Tablet models (A8, A7, & S8) | Compared

That means you will have a hard time coping with demanding tasks like photo editing or extreme multitasking – which was my personal experience when using the tablet. Others say it can handle these tasks, but I found a standard iPad to be ideal for photo editing or drawing. See: 7 Best iPad Air Stylus for Drawing and Note Taking (Top Pens) | 2021

Let’s dive deeper into the pros and cons of Amazon’s latest tablet series. 

What is an Amazon Fire HD Tablet Good for?

What is an Amazon Fire HD Tablet Good for

Fire HD tablets are probably amongst the most popular budget devices for 2020 and 2021 for good reasons; they have a lot of benefits.

Amazon has designed the Fire HD tablets for primary, daily usage. Likewise, as a budget tablet, the Fire HD is not ideal for demanding tasks like video editing or photoshop.

However, if you are not a demanding user, this is an excellent tablet for basic tasks suhc as youtube, netflix, and web browinsg. According to many reviews, Fire HD is a perfect solution for families.

The addition of a version for kids (with a padded case and 2-years full warranty) for an extra $50 is a brilliant move from Amazon.

In a few words, the Fire HD series has a solid performance for their price category. Likewise, there are specific tasks that the latest Fire HD 8 and 10 can handle pretty quickly, without any lags. Let’s have a look at those daily activities:

  • Browsing and Streaming: While reviewing the latest Fire, we didn’t face any problem while browsing and watching videos or movies.
  • Reading e-books and e-magazines: Fire HD tablets have great screens for the price. Especially the 10-inches model has the perfect size for reading. 
  • Multitask: While using a Fire HD tablet, we didn’t have any problem opening up to five browsing tabs. 
  • Intermediate gaming: With a respective hardware build, Fire HD tablets will allow you to play most games like Candy Crush. In fact, the only games those tablets won’t run fluently are the latest demanding titles such as Asphalt 9. 

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For all those reasons, Fire HD are the best tablets you can purchase for less than $200. Still, how did Amazon create such a great tablet at such a competitive price? Well, with such a great price, the brand had to compromise a few specs. Let’s dive deeper into why the Fire HD tablets are so cheap.

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Why is the Amazon Fire HD tablet so cheap & inexpensive?

Why is the Amazon Fire HD tablet so cheap & inexpensive_

As mentioned above, the latest Fire HD tablet is a reliable budget device. However, like any other budget tablet, there are specific tasks that the Amazon Fires simply can’t cope with. 

Amazon has included a solid hardware kit that can handle pretty much any basic browsing or streaming task like Netflix. On the flip side, due to their basic inexpensive quad-core CPU, the Fires are not ideal for demanding apps and games. 

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Likewise, another spec that is reasonable for the price is the cameras. The Fired HD series includes two 2MP cameras (front and back), a pretty basic resolution. Moreover, the ad-supported version of Fires is one of the main reasons they have an incredibly competitive price.

Finally, even though Amazon has included a reliable battery, the tablet has a decent, not extraordinary, autonomy. It becomes evident that the Fire HD tablets are great devices, but reasonably, they do have some cons. 

Let’s explore those pros and cons and compare them to other options you have in this price range. 

How is the Amazon Fire HD tablet limited compared to other tablets?

How is the Amazon Fire HD tablet limited compared to other tablets_

Although comparing the Fire HD tablet with flagships like the iPad Pro or Samsung’s S7 is unfair, let’s have a look at the specs it lacks compared to those expensive devices: 

  • You can’t run demanding apps and high-end games.
  • Fire HD includes ads. Amazon has taken away their no ad versions.
  • Its battery capacity is not inadequate, but it drains faster than more expensive tablets.
  • Fire OS: Even though Amazon’s OS has improved in the past few years, it offers a limited app selection (to overcome this problem and read below on installing Google Play). 
  • Mediocre cameras and speakers. Even though you can attend meetings with Zoom etc., you will not have the best camera.

Amazon fire HD: Ad supported vs no Ads (special offers vs no special offers)

Amazon fire HD_ Ad supported vs no Ads (special offers vs no special offers)

Amazon’s policy on this matter is pretty straightforward. They offer their tablets at a highly affordable price, and they fill your home screen and lock screen with ads. 

As mentioned above, Amazon has recently removed their ad-free version of Fire HD, but it may be back in the future. However, we have found some solutions when it comes to removing those ads.

For those of you who are not distracted by Amazon ads, this is a great deal. On the flip side, let’s have a look at how annoying the ads can be.

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How bad are the ads on the Amazon Fire HD Tablet?

How bad are the ads on the Amazon Fire HD Tablet_

Since the first time we opened the Fire HD tablet, we noticed Amazon-related ads. Most of them appear on the home screen of your device as Amazon has pre-installed many default apps. Apart from that, we noticed that the lock screen of the Fire HD was also filled with Amazon ads. 

In our opinion, this is not a catastrophic situation. However, ads are both annoying and slow down the device. For this reason, we have researched and found the two ways in which you can remove them.

How to stop and remove Ads on Amazon fire HD tablet 10 & 8 

How to stop and remove Ads on Amazon fire HD tablet 10 & 8

When it comes to removing the Amazon ads, the brand itself offers you a way to do it. All you have to do is: 

  1. Log in to your Amazon account.
  2. Go to accounts and lists and click on account.
  3. Go to your devices and choose to manage devices. 
  4. Find your registered Fire HD tablet. 
  5. In Special Offers, select Remove offers. 
  6. Click on End Offers and pay the $15 fee. 
  7. Your tablet is now ad-free, and you’re good to go!

On the other hand, if you don’t want to pay a fee to Amazon, we have also found a reliable free way to remove the enormous lock screen ads. 

How to get rid of ads from Amazon Fire HD tablet for free

This is the most effective way we could find when it comes to removing ads from your Fire HD tablet for free. Although the steps are pretty straightforward, you have to make sure you follow them carefully.

  1. Open a browser from a desktop or laptop device. 
  2. Type on the address bar:
  3. Download the Amazon Fire Toolbox.
  4. Unzip the file (Right-click and press extract here).
  5. Open the folder and go to the Amazon Fire Toolbox app.
  6. From your tablet, go to settings and then device options. Find your device’s serial number and tap it a few times until you become a developer. 
  7. In developer’s options: Press and hold Enable ADB.
  8. Once you do that, connect your tablet with the desktop or laptop you downloaded the tool on.
  9. Once you connect it, the Amazon Fire Toolbox will automatically identify your tablet.
  10. Find and choose Remove Lock Screen Ads. Click on Execute.
  11. Voila! Your device is now ad-free. 

What apps can the Amazon Fire Tablet Run?

What apps can the Amazon Fire Tablet Run_

Even though Amazon has improved its Fire Operation System, the Amazon app store doesn’t include as many apps as Android’s Google Play. If you need a reliable browser and popular apps and games like Netflix or Candy Crush, then the Amazon app store has everything you need. 

Can the Amazon Fire HD Tablet get Google Play Apps? 

Can the Amazon Fire HD Tablet get Google Play Apps_

On the flip side, for those who need to use Google apps or play the latest Android games, you might hit a wall with Amazon’s store. Thankfully, there is a simple, easy way to install the Play Store on the Fire HD tablet. 

How to get Google play on Amazon fire tablet (Fire HD)

Installing the Google Play app on your Fire HD is reasonably easy. Let’s dive deeper into the steps:

  • Go to Settings, then locate Security.
  • Next, enable ‘Apps from unknown resources’. 
  • There are four APK files you’ll have to download. Go to google and download the latest version of the following apps: Google Account manager APK, Google Services Framework APK, Google Play Services APK, Google Play Store APK.
  • Install the APKs you downloaded one by one.
  • Once you download all of them, the Google Play Store app will appear on your home screen. You can now download any Android application.
  • Congrats! You’ve downloaded the google play app on Fire HD and can use gmail, drive, docs, meet and more.

Can Fire HD Tablet run Zoom and video Conferencing?

Can Fire HD Tablet run Zoom and video Conferencing_

As mentioned earlier in this article, Fire HD doesn’t have the best cameras on the market. However, this doesn’t mean that the tablet won’t easily cope with meeting apps like Zoom or Skype. In fact, installing and using Zoom is pretty easy, and the Fire HD runs the app fluidly. Keep in mind that Fire HD doesn’t have the best speakers either. For this reason, many people use AirPods or headset for Zoom video calls on Fire HD. 

Can Fire HD Tablet run Youtube?

Can Fire HD Tablet run Youtube_

In a few words, Fire HD has no problem running Youtube. You have two different ways to open and watch videos on Youtube through Fire HD tablets. Firstly, you can open your browser and launch the Youtube webpage as you would do from your desktop or laptop. 

Apart from that, you can also install the official Youtube app by following the steps below: 

  1. Follow our guide on downloading Google Play Store on your Fire HD (see the previous section).
  2. Once you have the Play Store installed, open the app and type: Youtube.
  3. Download the app and let Fire install it.
  4. You’re good to go!

What is the Newest Amazon Fire Tablet?

What is the Newest Amazon Fire Tablet_

The latest versions of Fire devices are the 2019 Fire HD 8 & 10 tablets. Amazon introduced the series back in 2012. Since then, Amazon has developed the following models:

Amazon Fire HD tablet modelGenerationYear
Fire 7” (2012) and Fire 8.9”1st Gen2012
Fire 7” 2nd Generation 1st Gen2012
Fire 6” & 7”3rd and 4th Gen2013
Fire 6” & 7”3rd and 4th Gen2014
Fire 7’’, Fire HD 8’’ & 10,1’’5th Gen2015
Fire HD 8” – Built-in Alexa6th Gen2016
Fire HD 8”, Fire HD kids Edition, and Fire HD 10”8th Gen2019

Known issues with the Amazon Fire tablet and how to fix them

Known issues with the Amazon Fire tablet and how to fix them

Like many tablets, there are a few known, minor issues with the Fire HD tablet from Amazon. In this section I’m going to cover how to fix them and other alternatives as well as simple work arounds. A lot of these relate to the battery capacity, battery charging, and the speed at which the battery charges.

Why is the Amazon Fire HD so slow?

Why is the Amazon Fire HD so slow_

Due to its low-end quad-core CPU, Fire HD isn’t one of the most powerful devices on the market. Thus, this is a tablet for basic, daily usage. If you need a powerful device for multitasking and demanding apps and games, Fire HD simply isn’t good enough for you. 

More powerful devices such as the iPad Air or the iPad Pro, allow you to work on more complex images and animations. These devices also provide a lot of speed with which you can work on your art with less lag.

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However, the fire HD tablet is not as powerful as other tablets that are on the market. While it can handle most creative projects you need it to do, due to its lack of RAM and processing speed, you may want to check the requirements of the apps you plan to use if they are CPU-intensive.

Why does the Amazon Fire HD battery drain so fast?

Why does the Amazon Fire HD battery drain so fast_

Although the Fire HD doesn’t have the best battery on the market, it still shouldn’t drain quickly. If you deal with battery problems, try to utilize one of the following methods:

  • Lower the brightness
  • Close the background running apps (Go to Settings → Apps and Games → Manage all applications → Force Stop)
  • Remove the Amazon Ads (see our step-by-step guide in this article).
  • Reduce your screen timeout.
  • Lower the volume while watching videos or movies.
  • Enable battery saver
  • Disconnect from the Wifi when you’re not browsing.

How to fix an Amazon Fire Tablet when it won’t charge 

How to fix an Amazon Fire Tablet when it won’t charge

If your Fire HD tablet doesn’t charge, you can try this method before sending it for replacement or service: 

  • Disconnect your device from the charger.
  • Press and hold the power button for 40 seconds or until your device restarts.
  • Reconnect to the charger. 

This method will solve the problem if it’s a software issue. However, it won’t make a difference for hardware failures.

How to fix the Amazon Fire Tablet turning on by itself

How to fix the Amazon Fire Tablet turning on by itself

Some users have mentioned that there are times when Amazon Fire HD tablets turn on by themselves. This is an uncommon software issue. In this case, all you have to can do before sending it for service is: 

  • Check your battery level and give it some time to cool down if overheated.
  • Try to reboot your device by holding the power button for 40 seconds.
  • See if the problem is solved. 

How to fix the Amazon Fire Tablet using too much data

How to fix the Amazon Fire Tablet using too much data

This problem is called On deck. What that actually means is that your Fire HD automatically downloads data like TV shows and movies. Turning this annoying problem off is pretty easy:

  • Try to activate the airplane more: In most cases, this will solve the problem immediately. If not:
  • Go to settings → Apps and Notifications.
  • Press Amazon Apps Settings and open the prime video settings.
  • Tap stream and download.
  • There, all you have to do is turn off the ‘On Deck’ option.

Accessories and other uses

The Amazon fire tablet can be used with many unique cases that provide a kick stand and hand strap. Other accessories include a keyboard and screen protector. Much like other amazon devices; the amazon fire hd tablet can also use alexa (the virtual assistant voice technology).

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There are many accessories that can be used and there aren’t many exceptions as one would expect for a budget tablet at the price point of the fire HD. You can get a new case to stay safe when you drop it (9 Best Cases for Fire HD 8 & 8+ with Stand, Keyboard, Cover, you can also get a bluetooth keyboard for better typing, and there are tons of cases with different designs that you could choose from.

Using the Fire tablet

Time to start having some fun with your new fire tablet. Before you go diving into the different settings, we recommend that you charge it to full power while sitting on the charger. You can check for battery level by pressing down on the battery icon in the top right corner of your screen and scrolling down to power options.

Setting up and Restarting the Amazon Fire Tablet

It is a new year and time to start having some fun with your new fire tablet. Before you go diving into the different settings, we recommend that you charge it to full power while sitting on the charger. You can check for battery level by pressing down on the battery icon in the top right corner of your screen and scrolling down to power options

When setting put he new fire the tablet, you’ll want to ensure you connect your amazon account and any other apps you know you require. you’ll likely want to connect to wi-fi and add any other bluetooth devices. You may also want to add a credit card to purchase any content that you’ll wish to purchase. 

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To restart the fire hd (soft reset), you’ll hold the power button for 3-5 seconds, at this point you’ll get a notification to confirm the restart. To turn it back on, press the power button again for 3-5 seconds. 

To perform a hard reset (or a factory reset). You can locate device options under the settings tab and confirm the factory reset; which will clear all of your memory of the device. You may want to connect to a charger beforehand since its not ideal to run out of battery during a reset.

How are Amazon Tablets are different than iPads, Lenovo M models, Samsung and other tablets?

The biggest difference is in the size, speed and price. That is not to say that the fire hd is slow, isn’t feature filled with apps, but the smaller screen models, dip in performance, as well as less expensive harder on the fire hd 8 allows for a lower price point which many are satisfied with because they are simply streaming or using the tablet for the web.

Compared to the Lenovo, Samsung or iPad, the Fire Hd actually has a kids tablet model as well where you can set parental controls to limit access and monitor usage.

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The size and price point make it a kid friendly tablet for home with the parental controls. You can set to block certain websites or entire websites when you want to keep your kids safe, but they can still check out their favorite shows on Netflix or Amazon Prime without having to compromise with quality of service and making them wait.

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Amazon Fire HD vs Kindle Fire: are they different?

The Fire hd appears to be the evolved model of the kind fire tablets and have different functions, features, and processors. Many are left wondering if the kindle fire is different or if its just an older model of the fire hd.

It is easy to get a device upgrade, but the requirement of your tablet performance and apps will determine whether you want the older model or not. The kindle fire is without a doubt a popular tablet in history- studies have even been done on the kindle fire in the area of forensics (source).


How to add website to home screen on the Fire HD Tablet

You can not add a website shortcut to the Home Screen of the Fire HD tablet. However, you can use the Silk Browser to bookmark your desired website just as easily.

Here’s how you can add a website to the home screen using the Silk Browser on Fire HD Tablet:

  1. Launch the Silk browser
  2. Visit your desired website or page
  3. Select the URL bar and tap the flag icon.
  4. Use this to bookmark the current page and shortcut the website to your homescreen of the silk browser favorites.

What is the difference between a Fire tablet and a regular tablet?

There is no significant difference between a fire tablet and a regular tablet. However, the Amazon fire tablet has its own operating system which is based off of android.

It also has some differences in performance compared to high-end pricey tablets; which is expected for a less expensive tablet.

You can do all the same basic functions on a Fire Tablet as you can on other tablets such as watch YouTube, visit social apps and take photos and video.

However the tablets have a different operating system so the app selection varies on the fire hd compared to other brands such as the samsung galaxy, Vankyomatrix pad, Apple iPad, or Microsoft surface go models.

How can I get FaceTime on a Kindle Fire

You can not use FaceTime on the Amazon fire tablets. This includes the kindle fire and the fire Hd 8 and fire HD 10 models (as well as the plus models). However, you can install other video call tools like Skype, zoom, and many more as an alternative.

Can you do a WhatsApp call with an Amazon Fire 10 HD tablet

Whatsapp isn’t in the amazon fire App Store on the fire hd initially. You can add it by installing the google play store. While you can use your Amazon fire to message and use the other functions of WhatsApp on fire hd. isn’t in the 

Bottom line

There’s a lot you can do with the Amazon fire HD tablet that is unique to other tablets simply because of the pricepoint and the fireOS; which is an operating system based off Android that makes for a new User experience most are delighted to learn. 

From time to time the amazon fire screen freezes and may require a factor reset for those who don’t want to deal with the frustration of fixing small errors. Overall, you can most of what you can on other tablets in the same price range, and even those above it.

A few cons when using the amazon fire tablet are the battery charging and ads option when purchasing. However, amazon has improved these features in their improved models with faster charging, wireless charging, and an option to have no ads on the lock screen for an extra fee.

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