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Amazon Fire HD vs Samsung Tablet models (A7, A8,S8 & S9 Ultra) | Compared

Amazon Fire HD vs Samsung Tablet models (A7, A8,S8 & S9 Ultra) | Compared

When we tested the many difference versions of the Fire HD and Samsung models, I found the experience with the Samsung tablets (8 inch & 10 inch versions) is similar to the fire hd, but had an improvement in overall speed and performance.

The main difference (other than the slightly higher performance, and more google apps) is that the tablet camera worked quite well on the newer models from Samsung, especially when compared to the Fire HD tablets from Amazon.

However, the Fire hd tablets have greatly improved their cameras from the previously released models and is something to keep in mind; particularly on the fire hd 10 and the plus versions.

One thing I really like is that its possible to Jailbreak the Amazon Fire HD Tablet which allows you to get extra features by rooting it.

In this post I’m going to cover the differences between the when choosing between the amazon fire hd vs Samsung tablet. I’m also going to explain which his better depending on your situation, how we tested these devices, and possible alternatives.

What’s the difference between Amazon Fire HD (8 & 10) Tablet vs Samsung models? (Galaxy tab A7, A8, S7, S8 & S9 Ultra)

Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra vs Amazon Fire HD 10

The Fire HD 8 & 10 plus are a great budget picks, but it didn’t feel as premium in my hands as the Samsung Tab A7, A8, S7, S8 & S9 Ultra. For the price difference, it can certainly be worth it for those on a budget who just need a simple, straight forward tablet.

Amazon created the Fire HD tablet series mainly for basic, everyday use like streaming videos, checking emails, reading ebooks, social media, etc. Samsung is well known in the technology world as one of the best companies creating electronic devices like tablets and mobile phones, and most Tabs offer great specs at an affordable price.

All the Fire HD tablets and Galaxy tabs (A7 and A8) belong to the same budget category as it concerns the technical specs. Yet they have some differences which we will explore to help you choose and purchase the best one for you and your needs. 

Amazon Fire HD series includes three models: Fire HD 8, 8 plus, and 10. 

Let’s check the differences between them. In general, Fire HD 8 and 8 plus are very similar. Those two models have the same storage (32 or 64 GB) quad-core processor, and they both have similar weight and dimensions. The HD 8 and HD 10 have 2GB RAM, while the 8 Plus model is slightly faster because it has 3GB RAM. 

On the flip side, the Fire HD 10 (Amazon) has a bigger display, better resolution, a powerful octa-core CPU, and slightly larger dimensions and weight. The Fire HD 8 has the lowest price ($89,99), and the HD 10 is the most expensive one ($149,99), but it is still extremely affordable. In fact, the HD 10 is not as expensive as the A8 ($199,99), which is the cheapest one from the Galaxy tabs.

Samsung tabs, in general, are stronger, faster, and made for multifunctional use. The best tab from the current series (which is also the Samsung flagship) is the Galaxy S9 Ultra.

The S9 Ultra is Samsung’s latest leap in the tablet game, setting new benchmarks for performance and versatility. This tablet is not just an upgrade; it’s a revolution, leaving even its predecessor in the dust when it comes to capabilities.

Packing a cutting-edge chipset with up to 16GB of RAM, the S9 Ultra offers unprecedented speeds and multitasking abilities. With a breathtaking OLED display featuring a 3200 x 2000 resolution for crystal-clear visuals. Couple that with its long-lasting battery that can go up to 16 hours and 5G capabilities, this tablet is in a league of its own, justifying its premium price tag.

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Feature/SpecificationSamsung Galaxy TabletsAmazon Fire Tablets
ManufacturerSamsung, Inc.
WeightS9 Ultra: 732g
S8: 1.1 lbs
A8: 1.12 lbs
A7: 1.05 lbs
Fire HD 10: 1.03 lbs
Fire HD 8: 0.74 lbs
Fire 7: 0.62 lbs
Screen SizeS9 Ultra: 14.6″
S8: 11″
A8: 10.5″
A7: 10.4″
Fire HD 10: 10.1″
Fire HD 8: 8″
Fire 7: 7″
ResolutionS9 Ultra: 1848×2960
S8: 2560×1600
A8: 1920×1200
A7: 2000×1200
Fire HD 10: 1920×1200
Fire HD 8: 1280×800
Fire 7: 1024×600
Operating SystemAndroid 13 (S9 Ultra)
Android 12 (S8)
Android 11 (A8, A7)
Fire OS 7 (Fire HD 10, Fire HD 8)
Fire OS 6 (Fire 7)
ProcessorS9 Ultra: Snapdragon 8 Gen 2
S8: Snapdragon 8 Gen 1,
A8: Snapdragon 622
A7: Snapdragon 622
Fire HD 10: MediaTek MT8183 Helio P60T
Fire HD 8: MediaTek
Fire 7: MediaTek
RAMS9 Ultra: 12GB/16GB
S8: 8GB
A8: 3GB/4GB
A7: 3GB
Fire HD 10: 3GB
Fire HD 8: 2GB
Fire 7: 1GB/2GB
Internal StorageS9 Ultra: 256GB/512GB/1TB
S8: 128GB/256GB
A8: 32GB/64GB/128GB
A7: 32GB/64GB
Fire HD 10: 32GB/64GB
Fire HD 8: 32GB/64GB
Fire 7: 16GB/32GB
Battery LifeS9 Ultra: 16 hrs
S8: 13 hrs
A8: 13 hrs
A7: 13 hrs
Fire HD 10: 12 hrs
Fire HD 8: 13 hrs
Fire 7: 10 hrs
Special FeaturesS Pen, DeX, IP68 (S9 Ultra)
Facial Recognition (S9 Ultra)
Alexa integration

On the flip side, the Samsung A series is much more affordable. To be more precise, The Samsung tab A8 has similar characteristics with the Fire HD (non-plus) models with 2GB RAM and a basic quad-core processor. Even though It is the most affordable Samsung tablet (under $200), it’s still more expensive than the Fire HD. 

Galaxy tab A7 is better than A8 in almost all aspects. It can only be compared to the Fire HD 10. They share many technical aspects. They have the same internal storage (32) and a similar octa-core processor. Although the Fire HD 10 is cheaper, the A7 has a better display, 3GB RAM, and fast charging. 

Finally, the Galaxy S6 Light is similar to the A7. However, the S6 is even stronger and faster, with 4GB RAM, 64GB storage, and a bigger battery. This is the main reason why A7 costs the amount it does

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Now that we have examined all the differences between the Samsung Tabs and the Amazon Fire models, let’s compare two of them with similar characteristics: The Fire HD 8 plus and the Tab A8.

Amazon Fire HD 8 plus vs Samsung Tab A8: Which is better? 

Amazon Fire HD 8 plus vs Samsung Tab A8_ Which is better_

Are the Samsung tablets better than the Amazon fire hd & hd plus models? Although Amazon Fire 8 Plus and Samsung A8 share common features, the 8 plus has some stronger specs. Both devices are specially designed for browsing and streaming but have the power to support intermediate multitasking. 

Performance-wise, both Amazon and Samsung have included a quad-core CPU and 2GB of RAM. Nevertheless, during our review, the Fire HD 8 Plus was faster and stronger than the A8. When it comes to storage, both devices have 32GB of expandable internal memory. 

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Apart from their pretty basic hardware kit, both tablets have an 8-inch display with 1280 x 800 pixels. Even though Samsung has included a slightly better battery, both tablets have a pretty decent autonomy. Finally, Samsung is a very well-known brand for its great cameras. Likewise, the A8 has enormously better cameras than the Fire HD 8. 

In a few words, both the Fire HD 8 plus and the Tab A8 are excellent choices for everyday tasks like streaming, light gaming, etc. However, the HD 8 is better for those who want a faster budget laptop. On the flip side, the Tab A8 is a great budget choice with the good built quality and great cameras. 

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That being said, let’s compare their characteristics individually:


Both Amazon and Samsung have included a quad-core chipset that operates at 2.0 GHz. However, Fire HD 8 seems to run a little bit faster than the Tab A8, and we didn’t face any delays and lags while browsing. On the flip side, both CPUs are not perfect for extreme multitasking. For this reason, if you want a tablet for demanding tasks, you should go for a faster CPU, as the one Samsung included in the tab A7.  


As mentioned above, both tablets have an 8’’ screen with a 1200 x 800 resolution. Even though this resolution isn’t something special, both displays have adequate, vibrant colors and good viewing angles for the price. If we had to choose one, Samsung A8’s screen feels more natural, especially when watching videos. 

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Battery life

Amazon has included a great battery and claims that it lasts up to 12 hours of continuous usage. On the other side, A8 has one of the best and most reliable batteries on the market that provides an autonomy of 13 hours. Even though this difference might seem small, many users argue that HD’s battery drains faster than 12 hours (an average of 8-10 hours). For this reason, Samsung A8 wins this round. 


When it comes to connectivity essentials, both brands did an excellent job. Thus, Fire HD 8 plus and Tab A8 include Bluetooth, WiFi, and a USB-C port. However, Amazon’s tablet has the latest Bluetooth version (5.0). Therefore, Fire HD 8 plus is somewhat better when it comes to connectivity. 


As mentioned above, both the HD 8 Plus and the Tab A8 have 2GB of RAM. Even though this amount is decent for non-demanding tasks, apps, and games, you will probably need more for anything more challenging. Thus, those two devices are perfect for those who need a reliable tablet for simple tasks like reading an ebook or watching a movie. (Here’s why RAM is important)

Operating system

This is a massive difference between the two tablets. Amazon has developed its own Fire OS, and the HD 8 Plus utilizes it. On the other side, Tab A8 runs on Android. Although the Fire OS is reliable, extremely fast, and based on Android, the lack of certain apps is noticeable. For this reason, Tab A8 wins this round. However, the good news is that there’s a way to install Google Play Store on Fire OS (our previous guide link here)

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Amazon Fire HD 8 plus vs Samsung Galaxy Tab A7: Differences compared 

Amazon Fire HD 8 plus vs Samsung Galaxy Tab A7_ Differences compared

As mentioned above, the Fire HD 8 plus is an excellent tablet for simple usage. However, if you want a way faster and powerful budget tablet, Tab A7 is simply the best way to go. Still, what characteristics does the A7 have that distinguish it from the other budget choices?   

Well, for starters, A7 has a much more advanced hardware kit. To be more precise, Samsung has included an octa-core CPU and 3GB of RAM. What that means is that A7 is actually more than two times faster than HD 8 Plus.

Even though this isn’t the best kit on the market and can’t be compared to flagships like Samsung’s S7, iPad Pro, and other premium tablets of this caliber.

Apart from A7’s superiority in performance, this tablet also has a bigger and better display than Fire HD 8 Plus. The 10.4 inches TFT display (2000 x 1200 pixels) is simply amazing for the A7 price. However, don’t forget that the Amazon Fire tablets are specially designed for reading. For this reason, the HD 8 Plus display actually beats Samsung A7 when it comes to this feature.

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As with Fire HD 8 plus, A7 has Bluetooth 5.0, WiFi support, and a USB Type-C port. Finally, the A7 has a better battery than the Fire HD 8 Plus and supports fast charging. To sum up, if you want a more powerful tablet for demanding games like Asphalt 9 and multitasking, the A7 is the perfect budget alternative for you.

How does the Amazon Fire HD 10 compare to the Samsung galaxy A8?

How does the Amazon Fire HD 10 compare to the Samsung galaxy A8_

As two of the most popular budget tablets on the market, Fire HD 10 and Tab A8 are both reliable and include all the essential specs you need. However, the two devices have specific differences that we will analyze to help you choose the best one for you.

When it comes to performance, the Fire HD 10 is simply faster than the Tab A8. Mainly due to its octa-core CPU, the HD 10 performs better in multitasking and can cope with more demanding apps and tasks. Likewise, HD 10 has a bigger but also brighter and more vivid display than the A8. On the flip side, Samsung has included better cameras and a slightly bigger battery as well.

As it concerns connectivity, both devices support Bluetooth, WiFi, and a USB-C port for external devices. Finally, even though Fire OS performs really well, the lack of certain Google apps makes the Samsung Tab A8 (Android tablet) a better choice when it comes to OS. 

In a few words, both the HD 10 and the Tab A8 are great budget tablets. The 10’’ Amazon tablet is a smart solution for those who want a reliable and fast device at a great price. On the flip side, A8 is the best way to go if you want a cheap tablet with great cameras and a long-lasting battery.

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Should you get a cheap tablet from Amazon or a more functional Samsung Tablet? 

Should you get a cheap tablet from Amazon or a more functional Samsung Tablet_

As with most choices, choosing between a cheap Amazon Fire tablet or a Samsung Tab has everything to do with your personal needs. Let’s firstly examine all the reasons why you should go for an Amazon tablet:

  • Fire HD tablets are incredibly cheap and, thus, value for money.
  • Amazon has developed devices for reading, browsing, and light multitasking. Thus, if you need a tablet for simple tasks, this series is the best way to go.
  • Fire OS works fluidly. Thus, the Fire HD tablets feel faster and more responsive, even though they have pretty basic hardware kits.

On the flip side, Samsung’s Tabs are amongst the most popular tablets ever. Let’s explore all the perks they have compared to Amazon’s Fire HDs.

  • Samsung includes excellent cameras that can’t even be compared to Amazon’s. Thus, if you need a tablet for remote meetings in Zoom, the latest Samsung tabs are simply the best budget solutions.
  • Both Tab A7 and A8 have more vibrant displays and better sound.
  • Android has a simple interface and a vast collection of games and apps for you to choose from.
  • Samsung’s designs (especially the A7) are more elegant, and the built quality is top-tier for the price.
  • A7 and A8 have better battery life.

If you want an android tablet that is very powerful, then the samsung galaxy a8 is a good choice. If you’re looking to save a few bucks and dont mind having ads on the lockscreen, then the fire hd amazon tablet performs quite well.

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App compatibility differences

Amazon fire Hd doesn’t natively run google play, however some experts have found a way to get them to launch. that being said, the fire hd tablet misses out on many of the google apps. If you are able to get it the apps, I’ve found they don’t run as smooth as they do on a Samsung tablet. However, Amazon fire hd’s YouTube app did perform well.

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Samsung does a great job with their apps. They could take up more internal storage space than the Amazon fire hd, but that shouldn’t be an issue in either tablet. Samsung has added some nice features to their apps, like the ability to transfer your files from your gallery to your tablet by taking a picture of the file name (this works with any media file, like documents and pictures).

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How to choose between Amazon fire hd models and samsung tablet models

When choosing between a fire Hd and a samsung tablet, you’ll need to consider the pros and cons.

The fire hd is light, thin, and fits in your pocket. The hd has a very good display at with a resolution 1900 x 1200 felt right. The wifi reception on this tablet is perfect and easy to connect just like the samsung. The Fire OS makes it easy to pop out the sd card and store your pictures, documents, videos etc easily. As well as allowing you to set up some basic apps that are useful such as weather forecast, news, stocks, and more.

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The Samsung Tab A7 and A8 on the other hand is slightly more powerful, felt less sluggish and if you get an older version it can be a similar price point as the fire Hd depending on where you get the tablet. It also has more google apps, but this can also mean a lot of bloatware.

Keep in mind, the Android is an open platform which means that developers can create software for the device without the same restrictions as other operating systems. This is not the same as the fire OS.

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How we tested

We tested the devices using the same method we used for our article on the Samsung tablets, because they are so close in performance. We essentially did a dry run, and then ran our tests to see how each device performed against its counterpart.

Not all of the tests were conducted on a full battery life, but we did test out each devices maximum battery usage at any given time to make an accurate comparison. We also tested the display and rated those with higher resolution higher. Price, audio, battery life and durability also were considered

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Alternative options

Outside of the Samsung tablet and fire hd models, you can also consider the standard iPad, iPad Air, or Pro. The basic iPad runs on iOS and has a significantly different user experience, bu achieves the same result in the end. The reason the basic iPad is of considerations is because of the similar price point, power, and capabilities.

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In this post, we went over the differences between the Amazon fire Hd 8, 8 plus, 10, and 10 plus vs the Samsung tablet models (A8, A7, S7).

The ideal choice can be made by deciding which specs, as well as price vs value. In most cases, many who want a simple, less powerful tablet will go with the fire Hd because it can accomplish much of what the Samsung A7, A8 can. However, they are not as powerful as the S7 and similar samsung models.

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In addition to choosing between na budget pick and a Samsung tablet designed with better specs, much of your decision will be based on whether you’d like to use the Android operating system or the FireOS.

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