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7 Best Tablets with SD Card slot (Expandable storage)

7 Best Tablets with SD Card slot (Expandable storage)

The best Tablets with an SD Card slot have multiple sd card slots already built-in and are able to store up to 1TB.

This SD slot for memory expansion can be used to store music, photos and other data. We see that today, the number of microSD slots and full size SD Card slots vary amongst the premium tablets.

In this post, not only will we be reviewing the best tablets with micro SD card slot, but we’ll also show you how you can add a sd card slot If your tablet doesn’t have one.

Does the tablet you want not have an SD Card slot? If so, there are solutions to this: 

  • If you want to use a SD card on a tablet that doesn’t have a SD Card slot, then you can use a SmartQ portable card reader and simply add one. It requires a usb 3.0.
  • If you’re tablet uses usb-c connection and doesn’t have a micro SD card slot, then you can add one with the Ugreen USB C to SD card slot reader

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At a glance – Top picks

Here are our top picks for the top micro SD card capable tablets:

  1. Microsoft surface Pro LTE – Most balanced Tablet with an SD Card Reader
  2. Samsung Galaxy Tab A7: Best Android tablet with microSD card slot
  3. Fire HD 10 Tablet: Best budget Tablet with MicroSD card slot
  4. Samsung Galaxy Tab S7: Top 12 inch Tablet for video & photos with an SD Card slot
  5. Fusion 5: Best cheap 10 inch Windows Tablet with SD card Reader & USB for File Transferring
  6. Microsoft Surface Go 2: Best overall windows tablet
  7. Lenovo M10: Best Lenovo Tablet with Micro SD card Reader for File Transferring

Best Tablets with SD card slot (Android & Windows)

Best Tablets with SD card slot (Android & Windows)

Tablets are now more like phones, and we see a lot of tablets with a micro SD card slot rather than a full size SD slot since technology is advancing. 

1. Microsoft surface Pro LTE – Most balanced Tablet with an SD Card Reader

Microsoft surface Pro LTE Most balanced Tablet with an SD Card Reader

The Microsoft Surface Pro LTE is a windows based Tablet that does allow for expandable storage. This powerful business machine also works for play and boasts an LTE connection for additional security and convenience.

One small drawback is that it is not a standard tablet, but a 2-in-1 device, meaning the cost may not fit most budgets and the weight of the device is heavier than some of the others on our list.

It also excels as a hybrid, rather than providing the specialized features a standard tablet gives it’s users.

The Surface Pro LTE supports 3 different SD card slots:

  1. MicroSDXC
  2. MicroSD
  3. MicroSDHC

It also has an USB port for all your connectivity needs – Plus, with a 7th generation Intel processor and UHD 620 GPU, the Surface Pro LTE is more than capable of handling the demands of complicated workflows. Even artists and creative professionals find the Surface Pro useful.

  • For those seeking a slightly more budget-friendly option within the Microsoft ecosystem, the Surface Go 2 is a solid choice.
  • What was most impressive when I tested this was that the 12.3-inch pixelSense touch screen display provided the brightness levels I was looking for.
  • While it may not have the same processing power as the Surface Pro LTE, it still offers a capable dual-core processor and high-quality display.

Plus, with a battery life of 11+ hours (on a single charge) and dual stereo speakers, you can stay productive on the go without being tethered to your device – a goal we all strive for.

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I noticed out of the box it lasted a bit less than the advertised battery life; which is important when your handling media or files from an SD card. However, with both rear and front-facing cameras, you can easily include remote colleagues or clients in your meetings and get everything you need done.

2. Samsung Galaxy Tab A7: Best Android tablet with microSD card slot

Samsung Galaxy Tab A7_ Best Android tablet with microSD card slot

Samsung is one of the most premium brands globally and has become famous for its world-class phones and tablets.

Not only does it have a crisp display, but the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 is a reliable, fast, and stylish tablet, perfect for both professional work and leisure time. 

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 has a powerful processing speed, and the built-in 32GB storage makes it ideal for running apps, watching videos, and browsing music and photos. However, if the 32GB of storage seems little, this tablet has an SD card slot and can take up to 1TB microSD.

So, by adding a microSD, you can download numerous games and apps and save your photos, videos, and songs, without the need to delete something. The fast processor helps with gaming and multi-tasking. Because of the advanced CPU, you will also find yourself transferring files from one device to another in no time.    

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The A7 has a USB-C port that supports fast-charging. You can also connect the tablet with any device (like an external hard drive) and transfer anything you want from the same port. Plus, the Galaxy Tab A7 has a unique feature, which allows you to connect it with family devices and quickly share content through WiFi.   

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To sum up, the (up to) 1TB microSD expansion is vast, and for this reason, A7 is perfect for professionals with an enormous amount of files. Thus, the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 is a fantastic tablet and an ideal solution for those who need a reliable tablet that includes an SD card slot. 

3. Fire HD 10 Tablet: Best budget Tablet with MicroSD card slot 

Fire HD 10 Tablet_ Best budget Tablet with MicroSD card slot

The Fire HD 10 tablet is a budget choice created by Amazon. This is a fantastic choice for those who don’t want to spend a lot of money on a tablet. Although it is an affordable choice, the latest Fire doesn’t lack in any aspect.

Even though the 2.0 GHz octa-core processor and the 2GB of RAM aren’t perfect for quick multi-tasking, in combination with the 32GB storage, this tablet is ideal for everyday tasks like browsing. Apart from that, the Fire HD 10 includes an SD card slot which allows you to add a microSD up to 512GB. 

Likewise, the expansion via a Micro SD card will help you download many games and apps and save all the files you need. Apps like Netflix, zoom, prime videos are only some of the apps you can run on the Fire. In fact, you will be able to run them for many hours due to the tablet’s long-lasting battery. 

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The Fire HD 10 is easily charged via USB-C. You can also connect this tablet to another device through the same USB-C port, from a wireless mouse or keyboard to an external flash driver (for transferring photos, videos, or files).

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In a few words, the Fire HD 10 is an amazing budget tablet for those of you who need a laptop that includes an SD card slot. Thus, if you want a tablet for light, home use, this is a more affordable alternative to the (stronger) Samsung Galaxy Tab A7.   

4. Samsung Galaxy Tab S7: Top 12 inch Tablet for video & photos with an SD Card slot

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7_ Top 12 inch Tablet for video & photos with an SD Card slot

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 is one of the most premium tablets on the market and one of the best tablets that Samsung has created in the last few years. There is also the Samsung 7FE model which is expandable by 1TB and is also of consideration.

This a tablet you can rely on to complete your work tasks quickly and without any lags.

The high-speed processor and the 8GB of RAM are perfect for any task you might deal with. This tablet includes an impressive 256GB storage which allows you to have space for any storage-demanding software. You will also have enough space to store numerous videos, playlists, photos, or movies. 

However, if you think the 256GB internal storage isn’t enough, you can also add a 1TB microSD through the Micro SD Card slot. With this storage capacity, the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 is almost unlimited. In fact, the S7 beats most laptops when it comes to the upgradeability of storage. 

The S7 is an excellent choice for creators, as it allows you to work on software like Lightroom for photo-editing and use the perfect, redesigned S pen for drawing and retouches. The Galaxy Tab S7 includes a USB-C port for charging and connectivity to other devices. 

The battery life capacity on the samsung galaxy tab 7 lasted 14 hours per charge, significantly higher than some of the third party alternative android tablets we’ve tested. It also charged quicker and lasted longer over time vs more budget options.

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You can seamlessly connect this tablet to other Samsung devices for sharing their contents. Summing up, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 is an extremely powerful device and thus perfect for professionals who need an enormous amount of storage. 

5. Fusion 5: Best cheap 10 inch Windows Tablet with SD card Reader & USB for File Transferring

Fusion 5_ Best cheap 10 inch Windows Tablet with SD card Reader & USB for File Transferring

The Fusion 5 is a perfect choice for those who need an affordable tablet for simple usage. Likewise, it’s ideal for playing games, watching movies, and office work and education, as it includes the newest Windows 10.

The upgraded CPU and the 4GB of RAM allow you to work unstoppably, with no lags. The 128GB storage offers you the opportunity to save many files, documents, as well as photos, videos, and songs.

The Fusion 5 includes an SD Card slot that you can use by adding a MicroSD up to 256GB. All the aspects above allow you to transfer and download files, apps, and documents from one Windows device to another, in no time and without any lag. 

This tablet includes a charging port and a (separate) USB 3.0 port. Thus, this is a unique tablet that allows you to connect it to other devices via USB while charging it. 

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The Fusion 5 is objectively one of the best tablets with an memory card slot because it also has a USB port (3.0) as well. Unlike the Microsoft Surface Go 2; which has a micro sd card slo and a usb-c instead.

The only con I could truly find about this tablet was that it had a battery life of 6 hours long; which is less than half the charge capacity of a Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 and also shorter than the Amazon Fire HD tablets.

Although this is a budget choice, this tablet has a significant amount of storage and is powerful enough to handle office work and cope with daily tasks like browsing and streaming. For all these reasons, the Fusion 5 is a helpful tablet, ideal for professional and home use. 

6. Microsoft Surface Go 2: Best overall windows tablet with MicroSD

Microsoft Surface Go 2_ Best overall windows tablet with MicroSD

Microsoft is a manufacturer known for the reliability, fast processing, and overall excellent tablets and laptops. The Microsoft Surface Go 2 couldn’t lack in any of those aspects. Thus, if you are a fan of this brand, the latest Surface Go has everything you need and more.

In combination with the 8GB of RAM and the 128GB internal storage, the fast processor allows you to work constantly, with no lags, and can cope with every challenging software. Moreover, Microsoft also included an integrated SD card slot allowing you to add an (up to 1TB) microSD. Thus, this is an excellent laptop for those of you who need additional storage for files, photos, and videos.

The Surface Go 2 is not only perfect for browsing and office work but also for light-editing and drawing. You can use the Surface Pen for sketching or edit your photos effortlessly. The massive amount of storage will also allow you to save all of your designs.

When it comes to connectivity, the Go 2 has a USB-C port, allowing you to transfer files, documents, photos, or anything else you desire. It also have built-in wifi on top of an optional advanced LTE feature. The audio was comparable to the other tablets of this caliber.

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To sum up, the Microsoft Surface Go 2 is a top-tier, premium tablet that can be used as a tool by creators and professionals of any kind. Due to its storage upgradability, it’s ideal for pretty much every usage, from daily entertainment tasks to vast design projects.         

7. Lenovo M10: Best Lenovo Tablet with Micro SD card Reader for File Transferring

Lenovo 10_ Best Lenovo Tablet with Micro SD card Reader for File Transferring

Lenovo is another well-known brand in making electronic devices, such as tablets and laptops. The Lenovo 10 is one of the most popular tablets with highly secure technology for privacy and business. It is a reliable, easy-to-use device, perfect for students, kids and even suitable for light office work.

The Octa-Core CPU and the 4GB of RAM allow you to watch videos, play games, browse on the web, and study from home. Although the Lenovo 10 has 64GB of storage (internal), you can upgrade it with a MicroSD card if you think that’s not enough.

The extra capacity will help you download pretty much every game or app you want. Lenovo has created this tablet thinking of students. Thus, if you are a student, you will find out that this tablet is ideal for studying, researching, or creating documents for projects and assessments.

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The Lenovo 10 includes the latest Bluetooth version and a USB-C port. Thus, you won’t have any problem connecting it with any other external device to transfer files or documents. Lenovo is also known to have good battery life in addition to these connectivity features.

In a few words, Lenovo has created a tablet that, as a budget choice, is perfect for students, kids, or home-use. However, if you need a cheap tablet for office work, Lenovo 10 is also great for checking your emails, browsing, and multi-tasking since it has a 10 inch screen.

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What is a SD card slot on a tablet?

What is a SD card slot on a tablet

Some people use their tablets for entertainment, and others have them as a tool for work. No matter what you need a tablet for, there are times when you might feel that the storage isn’t enough for your apps, your files, or your photos and videos. That’s the reason why many people choose to buy tablets that come along with a Micro SD Card slot.

Which tablets have SD card slots?

These are the main reasons why big manufacturers have included SD Card slots in their tables. Samsung, Microsoft, and Lenovo are only a few brands that maintain the SD card slot feature. On the other hand, Apple has chosen to withdraw the SD card slot from their latest iPads.

What type of memory card slots do tablets typically have?

What type of memory card slots do tablets typically have

Tablets typically have one of two types of memory card slots: SD (Secure Digital) or microSD. SD cards are larger in physical size and can be used in devices such as digital cameras, while microSD cards are smaller and are commonly used in smartphones and tablets.

It’s not uncommon for Tablets to not have an SD Card slot at all; but this varies based on the device. 2-in-1 tablets such as the surface pro models are capable of accepting 3 different micro SD cards – microSDXC, microSD, and micro SDHC.

Even as technology continues to evolve, Secure Digital (SD) cards remain a crucial component for many tablet users. The ability to store data on a physical, separate device that can be safely kept away from the main device is highly desirable for many people. 

With a low risk of data loss and a wide range of storage capacities to choose from, SD cards are a reliable and practical option for storing and transferring data.

In the past, an SD card with 2GB or more of space was considered large, but as the size and quality of media files have increased, it is now common for a single HD video of just a few minutes to take up hundreds of MB or even GB of space, especially if it is in 4k HD.

In addition to memory card slots, tablets will also have built-in storage, which allows you to store files and data directly on the device. This storage can often be expanded using a memory card or by connecting an external hard drive or other storage device to the tablet using a USB port.

Can you add an sd card slot to a tablet?

Can you add an sd card slot to a tablet

Yes, you can add a SD Card slot and micro SD card slot to a tablet. The tablet you choose must have a USB-C or USB port that is adapater capable. Most premium, name-brand tablets will have this capability

These adapter will allow UHS-I SD, SDXC, SDHC, and micro SD combinations of these. Some will even support a full size micro sd card reader.

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How to Add a SD card slot to a tablet

Yes, you can add a micro SD and SD card slot to a tablet by checking if your tablet has a usb 3.0 or usb-c slot. This will provide the benefit of additional storage of up to 1TB per SD Card max on most devices.

If you’re Tablet doesn’t have a sd card reader slot and you’d like to add one, then you can follow these steps:

  1. Check your tablet to see if it has a Usb-C or USB port
  2. Locate and connect a Usb-c to SD Card reader to your tablet
  3. Ensure you’ve formatted the memory card that will be going into the slot/reader properly.
  4. Once connected you can being transferring files and storage picture or video by utilizing the SD card slot on your tablet.
  5. Congrats! You have now added a sd card slot to your tablet.

Note: If the tablet off, the micros SD card can still be put into the device without worry.

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Do tablets have SD Card slots?

Yes, Tablets have SD Card slots and Micro SD card slots. As technology advances more tablet brands are moving towards micros SD cards slots rather than a full sized SD card reader since they are both smaller and have the added benefit of more compact devices.

If you’re looking to add a fast micro SD Card then you may want to learn a bit more on the details before you commit to a specific card.

Are there still tablets with full size SD Card slots?

Yes, there are still full size SD Card slots in tablets, however brands appear to be moving away from adding them since micro SD Cards are smaller and widely available.

This is because a full size SD card slot can take up more physical space in a device, which allows the device to be more lightweight and have a more compact design overall.

If you are looking for a Tablet with SD Card Slots for better performance, transfer speeds, and bulk storage then a micro sd card is the ideal route and are these are more widely available in new devices.

What is the best tablet with a full size SD Card slot?

The best tablets with a full size sd card slot is one that either have the reader built-in or has a usb-c or usb 3.0 port available. The USB port can allow for a Usb to SD Card reader and expand your tablets memory significantly.

Many of these tablets may have more than one slot, increasing your max storage. These also work with smart phones in addition to tablets.

Does Fire HD 8 have an SD Card slot

Yes the Amazon Fire tablets HD 8 & 10 have an sd card slot available. In fact, this is am micro SD card slot and can store up to 1TB. Many tablets at this price point only store up to 256gb and are oftentimes android tablets. Considering the price point of the fire HD the SD Card slot memory available is quite impressive.


The best tablets with micro sd card slots and sd card slots are the name brand devices that don’t require an adapter. 

There are also android devices that are cheaper that allow for Sd Card slots with very large stroage space of 1TB or more depending on how many slots they have. Examples of this is the Fire HD tablet, which runs fireOS and the Fusion 5, which runs windows.

You can add on a micro sd card to the Sd Card slot to a tablet. For example, a Microsoft Surfacee Go 2 with usb-c port. This provides a benefit since it will allow you to expand your memory card slot to store pictures, videos, music, and transferring files from PC or laptop to your tablet.

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