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Which is the Best Amazon Fire Tablet model? HD 8 vs 10

Which is the Best Amazon Fire Tablet model? HD 8 vs 10

If you’re considering a Fire HD tablet may be wondering… which Amazon Fire Tablet model is the best

Amazon Fire Tablets are without a doubt one of the most affordable tablets that actually provide quality without sacrificing an extreme amount of hardware and performance.

Now that Amazon has released the Fire HD 8 plus and 10 plus models; users are wondering what differences are and which one they should consider.

In this Amazon fire tablet review we’ll cover all the different models, their pros, cons, and best alternatives. We’ll also cover many small details from when we tested these side-by-side.

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Amazon Fire HD 10: Best Fire tablet for streaming

Amazon Fire HD 10_ Best Fire tablet for streaming

This Amazon model is a reliable, budget tablet, perfect for those who don’t want to spend a fortune. The Amazon Fire HD 10 doesn’t lack anything when it comes to reliability. 

The Fire actually has an optional ‘productivity bundle‘ which is aimed to work well for both work and general use. You can get a subscription to the office apps like word, excel, and other Microsoft apps which was previously not possible on the Fire HD 8 & 10.

It does not have FaceTime since it does not run iOS, which is apples operating system. As far as video calls go, the Fire Tablet can use its rear or front camera to use Zoom or similar.

This tablet includes a 2.0 GHz octa-core processor, 2 GB of RAM, and 32 or 64 GB of storage. Although this is not the most powerful hardware kit on the market, the latest Fire HD 10 can easily cope with browsing, light multitasking, and streaming. 

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Moreover, the Amazon Fire HD 10 can take up to 512GB of external storage, allowing you to download as many apps and songs as you want. The 10.1” 1080p full HD display, in combination with the long-lasting battery this tablet has, makes it simply amazing for daily usage. 

Some noteworthy characteristics this tablet includes are the built-in Alexa and the fast charging feature via the USB-C. To sum up, this tablet is simply the best Amazon device and has all the essential features a regular user needs.

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Amazon Fire HD 8 plus: Fastest Fire Tablet with more RAM and storage

Amazon Fire HD 8 plus_ Fastest Fire Tablet with more RAM and storage

The Amazon Fire HD 8 Plus is one of the most premium Amazon tablets. This tablet’s features might not be equal to the Apple or Samsung flagships, but it is a powerful device. 

The 3GB of RAM is one of the fastest you can find on an Amazon tablet, making this tablet quicker and stronger than all the others.

If you add the 2.0 GHz quad-core processor and the 32 or 64 GB of storage, this tablet is perfect for any daily task, and you will not face any lag while browsing or streaming. 

With the 8” HD display and a battery that lasts up to 12 hours, you can easily read, browse the web, or watch series on Netflix.

You can charge this tablet via USB-C; however, the Amazon Fire HD 8 plus supports wireless charging. Another helpful feature is Alexa, with which you can do everyday jobs. In a few words, the Amazon Fire HD 8 plus is the most powerful model that Amazon has created.     

Amazon Fire HD 8: Best Fire tablet for browsing the web

Amazon Fire HD 8_ Best Fire tablet for browsing the web

If you are looking for a great budget tablet that can handle simple everyday tasks, then the Amazon Fire HD 8 is one of the best. This Amazon model is a budget choice that at the same time includes all the essentials.  

The 2.0 GHz quad-core processor and the 2GB of RAM make this tablet fast enough for watching videos or listening to music. Plus, the 32 or 64 GB of storage, expandable to 1TB, provides you with the opportunity to save and download as much data as you wish.

The Amazon Fire HD 8 comes along with an 8” HD display and a long-lasting battery, allowing you to browse the web and read a book or the news without any obstacle. 

This tablet is fully charged in under 5 hours through a USB-C cable. Last, you can go hands-free with the built-in Alexa and ask her to play music or set a timer.

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Summing up, even though this isn’t a very powerful tablet, you will find that the Amazon Fire HD 8 is a very reliable device for everyday tasks.

Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Edition: Amazon Best Fire Tablet for toddlers and kids

Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Edition_ Amazon Best Fire Tablet for toddlers and kids

If you are a parent and desire to buy a reliable tablet for your child, then the Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Edition is the best way to go. 

With the 2.0 GHz quad-core and the 2 GB of RAM, this tablet allows your kid to play many non-demanding, kid-friendly games like Candy Crush. Plus, the 32GB of storage, which you can expand to 1TB, lets you download numerous songs, movies, or games. 

The 8” HD display and the long-lasting battery are perfect for watching children’s series and movies. Plus, these characteristics make it easier for your kid to attend online classes or to read a book. 

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This tablet offers a 2-year full damage guarantee. Additionally, as a parent, you might want to control what your child watches or does. That’s feasible with the parental control feature this tablet includes.

Overall, this tablet is precisely what it promises to be: ideal for children. Thus, if you are a  parent, you will find it a great and solid choice.    

Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Edition: Best Fire Tablet for Osmo and games

Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Edition_ Best Fire Tablet for Osmo and games

The Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Edition is one of the most premium kid’s tablets that you can find on the market. 

The 2.0 GHz octa-core and the 2GB of RAM give your child the opportunity to play every game, watch videos, and read books. The 32GB of storage, expandable to 512GB, allows you to save entertaining videos or files. 

The 10.1” 1080p full HD display is very vibrant for the price and allows you to enjoy every game, video, or children’s movie. Moreover, the Fire HD 10 has a great, long-lasting battery.

Like the Fire HD 8 Kids Edition, this tablet has a 2-year guarantee. So you shouldn’t worry about drops. In a few words, the Fire HD 10 Kids Edition it’sis a top-pick for parents who desire the best Amazon tablet for their kid.   

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Amazon Fire HD 7: Best budget Fire Tablet

Amazon Fire HD 7_ Best budget Fire Tablet

If you are looking for an ultimately cheap tablet that is also reliable and easy to work with, then the Fire HD 7 is the one for you. This Amazon model includes all the essential characteristics that are necessary for everyday use. 

The 1.3 GHz quad-core processor and the 1 GB of RAM might seem non-powerful. However, you will see that this hardware kit is good enough for many basic tasks. It includes 16GB or 32GB of storage that expands to 512GB, perfect for downloading songs and files.

The Amazon Fire HD 7 has a 7” IPS display and up to 7 hours of battery life, making it ideal for browsing the web, reading, and listening to music. 

It quickly charges via micro USB. One more feature it has that you will find helpful is the built-in Alexa. Overall, the Fire HD 7 is a reliable tablet for non-demanding tasks. The camera is not as advanced as some of the samsung models I’ve tested.

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Amazon Fire HD 7 Kids Edition: Best cheap Fire Tablet for toddlers and kids  

Amazon Fire HD 7 Kids Edition_ Best cheap Fire Tablet for toddlers and kids

All parents want the best for their kids. That’s why Amazon has created the Fire HD 7 Kids Edition that is a trustworthy and ultimately affordable device. 

The Fire HD 7 Kids Edition includes a 1.3 GHz quad-core processor and 1 GB of RAM, which are good enough for playing simple games and watching kid-friendly videos and movies. Additionally, the 16GB of storage, expandable to 512GB, is perfect for saving games or educational books.

The 7” IPS display might seem a little small, and the battery life not very durable. However, your kid will be able to enjoy children’s series and movies without any struggle. As with all Amazon’s kid-friendly tablets, the Fire HD 7 has a 2-year full guarantee and the parental control feature. 

In a few words, the Amazon Fire HD 7 Kids Edition has all the needed features a kid might need and is offered at an excellent price. 

How the Amazon Fire HD tablet compares to other inexpensive Tablets

How the Amazon Fire HD tablet compares to other inexpensive Tablets

Fire HD vs Vankyo MatrixPad

Fire HD vs Vankyo

You might wonder whether or not the Fire HD tablets are as good as other inexpensive tablets on the market. So, let’s have a look at the Vankyo MatrixPad and compare it with them. 

The Vankyo MatrixPad includes a powerful and energy-saving 64-bit quad-core processor, 1.5GHz, and 2GB of RAM. That means that Vankyo is stronger than most of the Fire HD tablets. 

As with most Amazon tablets, MatrixPad includes 32GB of storage and supports an external MicroSD card. Vankyo’s 10” 1280 x 800 IPS display is almost identical to the Fire HD 10 screen but bigger than all the other Amazon HD tablets when it comes to screen quality.

To sum up, the Vankyo MatrixPad is more powerful than most Amazon’s Fire tablets. However, the best Amazon tablets (Fire HD 8+ and the Fire HD 10) approach its speed and features.  

Fire Hd vs Huawei MediaPad M5

Fire Hd vs Huawei MediaPad M5

Huawei is a brand that doesn’t need any introduction. In fact, comparing the MediaPad M5 with any of the Amazon tablets isn’t fair since Huawei has managed to develop the most powerful budget device on the market. 

To be more precise, the MediaPad M5 includes a powerful 659 Octa-core 2.36GHz processor and 3GB of RAM. Accordingly, the MediaPad a lot more powerful and thus way-faster than the Amazon tablets.

The 32GB of storage, which expands, and the long-lasting battery are features that the MediaPad M5 and the Amazon tablets have in common. On the other hand, the Fire HD tablets include amazon’s operating system, and Huawei has Android.

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Lastly, the MediaPad M5 has a 10.1-inch 1080p display, which is more vivid and wider than all the Fire HD tablets. In a few words, this Huawei tablet is stronger than the Fire HD tablets. On the flip side, it’s a bit more expensive too.    

Fire HD vs IPad standard

Fire HD vs IPad standard

Comparing Fire HD with iPads is where it’s getting really hard for Amazon. The great A12 Bionic chip with Neural Engine that the iPad includes makes this tablet really unique and way faster than Fire HD. 

One of the iPads disadvantages is that the 32GB of storage isn’t upgradeable like the Fire HD tablet’s storage. This is an aspect that Amazon’s tablets outmatch the iPad as it allows you to save more files like photos, songs, or movies. 

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On the other side, the iPad has a gorgeous 10.2” retina display, which can’t even be compared to the average display of Fire HD tablets. Additionally, Apple’s tablets include the latest, PadOS, while the Fire HD tablets have amazon’s operating system. 

Although PadOS is simply the best OS for tablets, the Fire HD tablets are a better choice for those who use Amazon products (like Alexa). Although the iPad is a reliable and much faster tablet than Fire HD, it is also way more expensive.  

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How to choose an Amazon Fire HD tablet

How to choose an Amazon Fire HD tablet

Processor and Ram

The processor and the Ram are the features that make a tablet fast and powerful. That’s why, if you need a powerful tablet, then you should choose one with a powerful CPU and at least 2GB of Ram (like the Fire HD 8 plus or the Fire HD 10).  On the other hand, the rest of the Fire HD tablets are also very reliable, and you can easily use them for everyday tasks (like browsing) with no lag at all.


The Audio on the fireHd tablet is certainly not up to par with premium tablet such as the Samsung Galaxy S7 or iPad Pro. As expected, the Fire HD speakers were not as loud or clear as the more pricey tablets. They did work well, but I found that out of all the tasks the fire hd tablet does well, the sound may lack slightly. Audio is often overlooked and be noted when choosing between any of the amazon fire tablets.

Display size

When it comes to the display size, choosing the best tablet has everything to do with what you need the tablet for. If you wish to watch movies and series, then the best Amazon tablet for you is the Fire HD 10, as it has a bigger screen. However, if you want a more portable tablet for playing games or listening to music, you can go for any other Fire HD version.


If you desire to save many files and songs or movies on your tablet, you should select one with large storage space. The great thing about the Fire HD tablets is that they all have expandable storage. If you have a lot of data that you wish to keep, you should go with the Fire HD 8 or the Fire HD 8 plus. Those versions have an expandable storage of up to 1TB. 

Charging and battery

Charging and battery life are two of the essential features you need to check before choosing a tablet. Most Fire HD tablets claim to provide around 12 hours of browsing the web or reading the news. On the flip side, most users argue that Fire HD tablets have autonomy of around 8 hours.

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What charger is compatible with the Amazon fire Tablet?

A USB-C charger that is 9W power is compatible with the Amazon fire HD tablets and takes over 4 hours to charge. The Fire HD 8 takes 5 hours to charge with the included adapter.

However, there is also an optional upgrade of a 15W charger for a more speedy charge of under 4 hours. In the past, the Amazon Fire Kindle had an older USB charging type.


Ports and connectivity specs are vital, especially for those using the tablet for work. All the non-kids Fire HD models (except for the Fire 7) have a single USB-C port via which you can charge it or connect it to external devices. 

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Design & Colors 

When it comes to the design, all the non-kids Fire HD models are incredibly slim and fashionable. Although Kids Edition tablets are bulkier, they are cutter and safer. The Fire HD Kids Edition tablets come in three colors, one more adorable than the other. On the flip side, the Fire HD 8” & 10” have four distinctive, professional-looking colors. Finally, the Fire HD 8 plus only comes in black. 

What is the best fire tablet to buy?

When it comes to performance, the best Amazon fire Tablet model is the HD 10 plus. It has the largest display size of 10 inches and an optional faster battery charging adapter. The Amazon Fire HD 10plus also has 1 Gb more ram compared to older models. This is a 33% improvement in Ram which is something the Fire Tablets had complaints about in the past: (stuttering, delays).

Ram is important when choosing any device that requires it. (source)

Which is better, the amazon fire 8 or 10?

When testing each model hands on, I found that the new tablets did not lag as often as the previous non-plus models. The Fire HD 10 also comes with a USB type c charger. The Fire Hd 8 simply has a smaller screen size and the performance doesn’t appear to change at all. It’s the plus vs non plus models that will determine which is better between the two.

This means that the tablet can be charged from many of the common connections you may already have (car mounts, etc). This is is particularly useful when you are on a trip and want to watch movies. It also gives you faster charging times.

The HD 10 tablets have an auto-brightness setting that makes it more convenient to use. They adjust to conserve battery life or let you read in the dark depending on your preference or lighting condition giving you more flexibility in terms of usage.

What are the best headphones for Amazon Fire Tablet?

Headphones that are compatible with the Fire HD 8, 10, 8plus and 10 plus models are those that are bluetooth connectivity. Alternatively you can simply connect a wireless speaker that is bluetooth which I found worked just as well.

Fire tablets also have a micro SD slot. It gives you the flexibility of increasing your storage capacity if you plan to use it for storing pictures, videos, music files or documents. You can use this storage connection feature to watch movies or read e-books using Amazon’s unique Silk Browser that is pre-installed on all Fire Tablets and play audio via the browser or another app like Spotify or Pandora.

What apps are on the Amazon fire tablet?

Even though the Amazon Fire tablet has an operating system based off android, the apps available differ on the FireOS. Since google play is not installed natively you can either find a way to install it as discussed in our post or simply use the apps amazon fire tablet has available.

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What are the best apps on the fire HD 8 & 10?

Here are a list of the top apps that the amazon fire tablet has available:

  • Netflix- Netflix provides a streaming service of movies and TV shows. All movies from Amazon Prime are free with many of the tv shows as well.
  • Kindle Books- Like the many other tablets, the amazon fire tablet has over a hundred thousand free books to read on its internal storage. You can connect to a wireless compatible e-reader, kindle (Ads vs no ads), or audible player via Bluetooth and read your favorite titles.
  • Amazon Prime- For a yearly subscription fee, you get shipping perks on Amazon items. This means that if you want to buy something from amazon, sometimes that item will be available on your doorstep the next day! Those items are delivered by premium air mail service depending on their weight or price.
  • Colorfy- This app makes it possible for you to personalize your own color palettes or the colors available in your lighting conditions. Using this feature, you can match the color of your surroundings for more pleasant viewing.
  • Some other apps include:
    Roku Remote

Apps not included are certain google apps, which you’ll need google play installed to do as previously mentioned. For even more apps visit the official amazon page to explore new and just released apps.

As far as reading books, the Kindle paper white is more suitable since its is an e-reader and uses e-ink made specifically to work well in broad daylight and purchase books.

Best Fire tablet apps for Kids & Toddlers

For toddlers and children, the Amazon fire Tablet has a vast selection which can be found on their official app page specifically for the fire tablet.

Here are some of the top fire tablet apps for kids & toddlers:

  • Toca Life: World- This app has over 120 different toys to play with and an additional 30 animals to help your child learn about the world.
  • Doc McStuffins 4-Doc McStuffins is a preschool cartoon which follows a girl, her toys and her doctor dad. This fire tablet app has fun games that your kids will love!
  • Puzzles & Dragons- This app is a mobile game which features an interactive adventure for fans of numbers, math, strategy, dragons and more! Users will be able to train their dragons how to fight even if they do not have dragon cards in their collection.
  • PBS Kids Video- This app is a streaming service that brings together all of your favorite educational cartoons and children’s shows!
  • Fruit Ninja- If you are looking for a fun game to help your kids develop their coordination, this is the perfect app for them. It helps kids get better at aiming and timing by slicing up fruit with a sword to earn points. This game is great for adults as well!
  • YouTube Kids – This app is an alternative to the standard youtube app, it’s specially designed to keep young kids safe while watching on their tablets. YouTube KIDS lets parents control the specific videos their children can watch while they are browsing videos beyond the “kid friendly” ones.
  • Disney coloring World-Disney coloring world is an app that lets you create your own full color picture. This app is also designed to be kid-friendly to give parents the ability of filtering out inappropriate content.
  • Toca hair Salon 3- Toca hair Salon 3 is a fun app for kids to have some time for themselves. It has a variety of different videos that you can choose from. They also have a map which helps give your child an idea of where they want to go and what things they are interested in.
  • Lego Preschool learning games for kids- The best app for kids to use on the Amazon fire tablet is Lego Preschool learning games for kids. I found that this app was perfect for my nephew to use on the tablet because it has many different educational games, which he thought were very fun.
  • Kidlo coloring game- This app is a coloring game for kids that is designed to be “kid-safe”. This means that you can filter out inappropriate content for children. The app teaches colors, numbers and letters through the use of different puzzles.

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Best texting app for the Amazon fire hd

When it comes to texting apps, the Amazon fire tablet has a surprising amount of options. A few include: 

Tablet Talk
Text me

In order to use apps like WhatsApp, you’ll need a google play since its not available on the amazon App Store. You’ll need to adjust the tablet settings to do so and utilize google play.

The process for uninstalling an app from a Fire HD is the same across all models. Simply select “All Apps”. This will bring up a list of all your apps installed that is on your device to be removed.

Best Drawing app for the Amazon fire hd

While the Amazon Fire HD Tablet doesn’t have extreme advantages for digital artists, it is still capable of using art apps for drawing, sketching and digital painting.

Here are the top 3 drawing apps for the amazon fire HD

  • Paint Joy
  • MediBang Paint
  • Artflow

Additional apps can be found on the Amazon App Store. A stylus is useful in this scenario.

How to get Youtube on the Amazon Fire HD

There’s two ways to download YouTube on the Fire HD 8 & 10 models. You can grab the version of YouTube from the amazon store app inside the fire HD Tablet. To get the native YouTube app you’ll need the google play store and it provides the full YouTube version that you may be used to if you’ve used android.

If you’re going to google way- you’ll need to enable the unknown sources, download the APk’s and four APK files, then install them. Followed by this is a restart and logging into the googlplay platform.

This process also works the same with YouTube kids if you’re looking to install it on the Fire Hd tablets.

Once you have the app installed, you can download YouTube by opening the app and then hitting search in the top right corner. From there just type in the Youtube app name and hit enter. The YouTube will then open up and let you sign into your acount. Once logged in on your tablet, you’ll be able to use it as your go-to video platform.


Which Amazon Fire HD Tablet is the fastest?

The fastest Fire HD Tablet is the Fire HD plus models because they have an increased 1 Gb ram compared to the Fire HD non-plus models. This ram is a 25% increase from the non-plus model on the 8 & 10 inch models.

An example of this is the Fire Hd 8 plus model which has 3gb ram vs the non plus model with 2gb ram. The plus model will perform faster on tasks that require more memory when running apps or basic games.

How can I tell which fire tablet I have?

You can check the device settings to see which model fire hd you have. Alternative you can visit the ‘About fire tablet’ as well. For more on this visit the amazon fire help page.

Is the Fire HD 8 plus worth the higher price tag?

The Fire HD 8 plus is worth the higher price point if you are running more than one app or if you’re multitasking on the fire tablet. More Ram means it is less likely that your tablet will stutter, delay, or lag when using several apps or games.

Is the Amazon fire HD 10 tablet worth it?

The Fire HD 10 is worth it if you require a larger screen size. In most cases 2 inches does make a noticeable visible differences for many, but it also means that your Fire Hd won’t be as portable. Additionally this will cost more since the larger screen ramps up the price a bit.

This is common on most devices from manufacturers because larger screen size means it will require more resources, which means a better battery is typically needed.

However, can this fire hd 10 tablet replace an iPad Pro? Not likely, but it can provide a budget alternative the basic iPad if you’re okay with a slower performance and a different user experience that doesn’t include iOS apps or Google apps.

Keep in mind, you can also attach a keyboard and other accessories like a charging dock to the Fire 10.

How do I find the charging dock for the Amazon Fire HD 8 plus?

There is an amazon fire charging dock that you can use to charge your fire tablet with its case on. It does this in both portrait and landscape mode and can charge quickly (less than 2 hours) if you’re using a 10W wireless charging option.

There are a few different models, in the past, the Angreat Doc worked well, but with the exponential technology growth there are plenty more available now.


Summing up, when considering which amazon fire tablet is the best the price vs quality is a main consideration. Even though the fire tablet isn’t an overly powerful tablet, you will find that the Amazon Fire HD 8, 8plus and 10 models are all very reliable device for everyday tasks.

The Fire HD plus models has more ram, is faster, and allows for wireless charging when compared to the standard non-plus models. 

Users can choose with or without ads versions when choosing between different the Amazon Fire tablets to buy. The locked screen having ads wasn’t overly intrusive when we tested it.

So, is the Amazon fire hd tablet worth it? If you’re looking for a budget tablet for basic tasks, then yes. For example, the fire hd 8 & 10 basic models are both fast enough for watching videos or listening to music and has 32 GB of storage, expandable to 1 TB. 

This article took into account many aspects of this device from resolution, processing power to battery life in order for you to find the best budget tablet that was still reliable for daily tasks.

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