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How to Make a DIY Tablet Stand in 1 Minute or Less

How to Make a DIY Tablet Stand in 1 Minute or Less

When it comes to making a DIY Tablet stand to hold your tablet up, there’s different types that require different techniques, and we cover nearly all of them that you can make at home. 

These tablet stands can be made at home, for free, from objects lying around such as paperclips, creditcards, cardboard and more.

If you’re not a fan of the way cheap materials look as a stand, then you grab an affordable alternative.

…to hold my tablet up, I actually use this Amazon Basics multi Angel stand from Amazon and it works perfect for 4-10 inch tablets.

In this post, I’ll be going covering all the DIY tablet stand creations you can make at home for free. This is the cheapest tablet stand possible, so quality takes a dip (compared to other budget alternatives, such as this tablet stand).

These work on iPad, Android, Fire Tablets and any other tablet or smartphone this size.

How to make a DIY Tablet Stand out of Cardboard

How to make a DIY Tablet Stand out of Cardboard

These are items you already probably have at home! Turn ordinary cardboard into a tablet stand in no time.

This housemade tablet stand may not look super expensive… well, because it’s not! However, it will be fun to create and you can craft this up in minutes for free!

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Materials you will need:

  • Corrugated cardboard (3-wave layers)
  • Paper or box cutter
  • Ruler or triangle ruler
  • Pencil
  1. First, place your tablet in landscape orientation on top of the cardboard’s length, about an inch from the edge and centered on the left and right side. Trace the length and thickness of the tablet and cut out the strip with the cutter.
  2. Next, trace a strip below the first strip but make sure it is an inch shorter on each side. Cut out this second strip as well, all the way to the edge of the cardboard. The cut-out portions will look like a long strip with 2 short arms. This will snugly hold your tablet in landscape mode.
  3. To use this stand in portrait mode, create a similar holder on the opposite end of the cardboard. Measure the SHORTER side of your tablet this time and cut out a rectangular strip one inch from the edge. Again, cut out a second strip below the first making sure it is an inch shorter on both ends. 
  4. Now you have 2 cardboard sides to view your tablet stand in either portrait or landscape orientation. Place your tablet in either slot. Adjust the cardboard up or down to change the angle of the stand. Isn’t that neat and quick?

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How to make a DIY tablet stand holder out of a closet hanger 

How to make a DIY tablet stand holder out of a closet hanger 

This is the most simple, quick DIY Tablet stand you can make at home with household items.

All you’ll need is a closet hanger. Making a stand out of a hanger also works for smartphones or most devices between 4-10 inches (not just tablets). 

Materials you will need:

  • A wire clothes hanger (nothing more!)

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Here’s how to make a DIY Tablet stand out of a hanger:

  1. First, twist the top part of the hanger (the head) away so you do not accidentally poke yourself in the eye.
  2. Now, grasp both sides of the hanger and bend them towards you. It will look like two arms being held out in your direction.
  3. Next, turn the hanger around and twist the head away from you again. Pull the hanger body outwards so that it opens up wider.
  4. Here’s where the magic comes in. Press the wires on the top part of the hanger together (just below the head) so they come in closer. Now, you can see more clearly how it turns into a stand. The top section becomes the tablet’s back support and the lower part of the hanger becomes a base.
  5. Bend the hanger head downwards. This will become the leg of the tablet stand.
  6. Lastly, hold the base and bend the sides of the base slightly upward. This will hold the tablet more securely.
  7. Now place your tablet on the stand. Voila! Just remember that this kind of tablet stand is only temporary and is safest on a solid surface like a desk. Consider also covering the ends with foam or tape to prevent scratches on the tablet.

This is probably the easiest and fastest of all the options here because all you really need is a hanger (and your hands). And everyone has at least one clothes hanger to spare.

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How to make a DIY tablet stand holder out of an old credit card for bed or any surface

How to make a DIY tablet stand holder out of an old credit card for bed or any surface

How to make a DIY tablet stand holder out of an old credit card by cutting the top of the card off and sand down any edges with a nail filer. Next, bend the card in a triangle format and utilize the edge of it as a support.

You can mimic the shape of a real tablet stand made from plastic to make this DIY Tablet stand for your iPad, Fire HD, Samsung Tablet and any that fit these tablet sizes. Place your tablet on the credit card triangle. 

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Materials you will need:

  • An old plastic credit card
  • A pair of pliers
  • Small paper (same size as credit card)
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Pen or pencil
  • Scotch tape

Here’s how you can make a DIY Tablet stand for bed by using a credit card:

  1. Cut a piece of paper to the size of the credit card.
  2. Draw 3 vertical lines down the card to create 4 columns, making sure to follow the width of each column as shown in the picture. Tape the paper on top of the credit card as a guide.
  3. Using the pliers, carefully fold the card along the line of the widest column. Do not fold completely. You just want to bend the card so it folds ever so slightly in one direction.
  4. Next, still using the pliers, fold along the second line beside the next widest column but this time, bend it in the opposite direction. Just imagine how an accordion or a fan folds.
  5. Do the same for the last line with the pliers but this time bend it in the same direction as the second line. Fold it completely, then open it up again slightly. This fold will be the stopper side where your tablet will rest.
  6. Continue adjusting the credit card folds until they are at just the right angles to form a tablet stand. Place your tablet on the smallest fold. And you have a stand! Whoever imagined a credit card would be this useful after it has expired!

While this section talks of a credit card, you can always use any plastic card of the same size. It could be a loyalty card, maybe even an old plastic ID card, a rental card, or just about any plastic card. 

If you need more support, you can hold it in place by piecing together scotch tape or a glue gun to keep the card together and standing firm. You will need to bend the card slightly on an angle so it matches up with your tablet. This DIY is more for people who have a DIY table project and want to make a holder for their personal tablet when they’re outside their homes or on the go.

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How to make a DIY iPad stand out of an old DVD case

How to make a DIY iPad stand out of an old DVD case

This is the most interest method to make a tablet stand out of household items at home because, well using Dvds is much less common. I don’t watch my Dvd’s at all now that I have streaming so using it as a tablet stand is actually giving it good use. You can do this yourself by following the tutorial.

Ideal for watching movies or displaying artworks in an interesting way, a tablet stand works with any tablet, not just the iPad. The steps below shows you how to make a really cool one with a DVD Case. 

Materials you will need:

  • 1 slim DVD case
  • 12-gauge solid insulated wire
  • Glue gun and glue sticks
  • A sharp object to cut plastic (like a box cutter)
  1. First, locate the rectangular holes usually found close to the edge of the DVD case’s cover.  
  2. Then cut 2 strips of insulated wire, each one about 6” long. These will be the tablet stand’s legs that hold up the tablet.
  3. Insert one wire through one rectangular hole. Bend it upward to form a hook and make sure it protrudes from the DVD case just far enough to hold the tablet in place. Hot-wire the rest of the wire to the inside part of the DVD case with the glue gun. Repeat this procedure with the second wire on the other hole. You should end up with 2 hook-like wires sticking out of the holes. 
  4. Hot-glue the ends of the hooks to create glue caps. These will protect the tablet screen from scratches. That’s all there is to it!

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How to make a Wooden Tablet stand holder (DIY)

How to make a Wooden Tablet stand holder (DIY)

To create a DIY wooden tablet stand, you’ll need the following materials:

  • Scrap wood (pine would be nice)
  • Felt paper (a dark color would be classy)
  • Glue
  • Linseed oil (or any other wood finish)

    Wood cutting and sanding equipment (If you have no sanding equipment, sandpaper should do)

  1. Set your woodcutting equipment to cut at a 17-degree angle.
  2. Cut a groove that is a little wider than the thickness of your tablet and deep enough to hold it steady. Test if the width and depth are okay by putting your tablet into the slot in landscape orientation. Widen the slot if necessary. Also be sure to leave a little allowance as you will be adding felt for padding.
  3. Cut away the extra wood, leaving a tablet stand that is roughly 4 inches long and an inch thick. Sand down the tablet stand to smooth out any rough areas in the wood.
  4. Cut a strip of felt that covers the bottom and sides of the groove. Glue it down into the groove.
  5. Finally, wipe some linseed oil all over the wood to give it a nice finish. In truth, this probably will take you more than just a minute to do but we just had to include it in here because the process was so easy to do, given the right equipment, and the finished product looks awesome!

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How to make a DIY Tablet stand out of a Fork

How to make a DIY Tablet stand out of a Fork

This might be one of the more aesthetically pleasing DIY Tablet stands to create. It  looks much more pleasing than old piece of cardboard or a used credit card.

Materials you will need:

  • A giant fork (with equal sized prongs)
  • Pair of pliers
  1. Using the pliers, fold the outer tines upwards.
  2. Then, fold the two inner tines downwards. Adjust the angles of the tines so that when the fork is placed on a table, the tines form a steady base.
  3. Now, using your hand, slowly bend the stem of the fork backwards, almost into a half circle shape. This will become your stand’s leg.
  4. Continue adjusting the angles of the fork stem as well as the tines until they are all balanced.
  5. Lastly, use the pliers to angle the tips of the 2 outer tines slightly upwards so they can hold a tablet. And you are done!

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How to make a DIY Tablet stand out of Legos

How to make a DIY Tablet stand out of Legos

To create a Tablet stand out of legos at home, you’ll need about 25 flat pieces of legos. These are 2 by 8 or larger. You can place these together (see photo) to have a fun filled project with the kids that will actually benefit you by saving money and accomplishing a creative project.

Materials you’ll need:

  • Legos
  • Twenty five flat pieces (2×8)
  • Five 4×6 pieces.
  1. First, Take the flat pieces and connect the together, I suggest 10+ pieces
  2. Take ten, 2 x 8 flat pieces and attach them wide enough to fit your tablets length in inches.
  3. Next, snap together two 4×6 flat pieces.
  4. Do each of these steps twice and snap them together
  5. Congratulations! You’ve created a Homemade, D.I.Y Tablet stand created entirely from legos!

While this might be tough to create for some if legos aren’t your thing, but many children can do it in a pinch.

If your child is old enough and legos are safe for them, then you can show them the plans and this task can work great placed in a kids room or bedroom. This is one of the most fun DIY Tablet stands you can make.

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FAQ tablet stands

What is the easiest way to make a DIY tablet stand out of household items?

The easiest way to create a DIY tablet stand out of a household item is by taking a credit card or fork and bending them. This makes for a quick, easy way to make your tablet stand up without a real stand.

What is the fastest way to make a tablet stand holder to use anywhere?

If you need a fast, quick way to make a tablet stand up, you can use an item like a wallet, or drink coaster and fold it with the proper support. Ensure the tablet doesn’t break but adding additional layers. Alternatively, you can get something like the popsocket.

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Can I make a DIY adjustable tablet stand?

Making a DIY adjustable tablet stand is a bit more complex and you’ll need wood to make this happen. Simply take two wood pieces and use them as arms by using super glue. You can sand the wood or paint it as you please. In most cases, it’s easiest to actually grab a stand online, but if you’re looking for a fun way to create a DIY adjustable stand, then wood or a coathanger that bends is the way to go.

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How do you make a DIY Document Camera Stand?

A DIY Document camera stand has not been created just yet. However, You can use a standard document camera stand. The reason why this is a more complex creation is because you’ll need to secure the tablet and a document camera requires a horizontal, helicopter style view from your Tablets camera. 


To create a homemade, DIY Tablet stand from household materials, you can use any of the tips in this post. These are free methods to create a tablet stand for free at home include using a fork, legos, cardboard, dvd case and even using an old credit card is possible.

In most cases, these are not aesthetically pleasing depending on which route you choose. Using a fork or housemade item as a tablet stand is not the most appealing, but it’s fun to create and makes for a great DIY activity.

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