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7 Best Adjustable iPad Stands [iPad holders]

7 Best Adjustable iPad Stands [iPad holders]

The top adjustable iPad stands will allow space for your iPad’s charging port and will have a unique design that will spin and turn 180 degrees all the way to 360 degrees.

There’s also more complex models that will adjust the height of the iPad stand vertically. These will have a mount, swivel, and have an arm attached to change the angle so you can stand your iPad up as a second monitor or as a multi-monitor for businesses, bars and restaurants.

In this post, I’m also going to cover the best iPad adjustable stands as well as the best iPad Pro holders.

At a Glance – Best Adjustable iPad stand Holders for the iPad Pro & Air

  1. AboveTEK: Best Tablet stand holder adjustable for iPad Pro & Air
  2. Klsniur: Best Adjustable iPad Stand for Video Conferencing and Zoom
  3. UGREEN: Best Adjustable iPad Stand (portable)
  4. Maxonar: Best iPad Adjustable Stand for Desk or Kitchen (12.9 inch)
  5. Lamicall: Best adjustable iPad Floor Stand Holder for iPad Air & iPad Pro
  6. Lamicall Gooseneck: Best Adjustable height iPad Pro Stand for the office
  7. SamHousing: Best Adjustable iPad Air Stand for Bed

This post will also cover all the alternative options based on how you plan to use the iPad stand.

Best Adjustable iPad stands (iPad Pro & Air)

Best Adjustable iPad stands (iPad Pro and Air)

Below is my list of the best adjustable iPad stands. These stands range from adjustable height iPad stands, to iPad Pro & Air stands that are portable, fold, and are small, yet effective.

You can even use some of these adjustable iPad stands for bed, zoom, facetime, drawing, and video conferencing.

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1. AboveTEK: Best Tablet stand holder adjustable for iPad Pro & Air

AboveTEK_ Best Tablet stand holder adjustable for iPad Pro and Air

The AboveTEK can act as your second monitor, lets you rest your hands while watching a movie, and keeps your 11 inch iPad Pro steady if you want to film something. In conferences, think how much better your presentations can be with your iPad on a stand and your hands free to show conference participants around.

Its long aluminum arm has hinges that can fully extend, fold down, and be moved backward or forward to any convenient position. The joints allow 360-degree swivel. The clamp can also rotate from landscape to portrait orientation.

The AboveTEK’s design form ensures your furniture and devices do not get scratched. The base clamp that attaches the stand to the desk is rubber-lined; so are the clamps that hold down your device.

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An Allen key, that comes with the package, allows you to adjust the tightness of the base clamp to secure your device to the desk as well as adjust the arm joints. The bonus? It also comes with a camera adapter that transforms your stand into a tripod or projector mount.

If there’s one thing that certain users feel is a con, it is the plastic knob that opens and closes the clamp. They say this is the part that could break ahead of the rest.

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At work or at home, the AboveTEK is certainly a great productivity addition.

2. Klsniur: Best Adjustable iPad Stand for Video Conferencing and Zoom

Klsniur_ Best Adjustable iPad Stand for Video Conferencing and Zoom

The Klsniur can hold devices that are between 3.5-6.5 inches.

The Klsniur looks more industrial than the AboveTEK. Its arms are made of stainless steel, with strong springs along the arms that allow you to move the arms in different directions.

The Claw Clamp that holds your device in position can be easily rotated into either the landscape or portrait orientation. Just be careful when removing your device from the clamps because these tend to snap back from a wider extension to their original position.

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The base uses a G clamp with a screw lock that has a 1.95 inch port that would easily fit most tables, chairs, headboards, beds, and desks. However, users have said that if you are mounting the Klsniur sideways or upside down on a headboard, make sure to really tighten the stability screw to avoid accidents. A non-slip silicone mat ensures that the clamps do not scratch your furniture.

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Those who do videoconferencing frequently with apps like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Streamyard, or Google Meet will find the Klsniur ideal; it leaves their hands free to take down notes.

3. UGREEN: Best Adjustable iPad Stand (portable)

UGREEN_ Best Adjustable iPad Stand (portable)

The UGREEN is the best portable iPad stand available. This iPad holder stand is compact at just 4.7 x 4.2 inches and just a little over a quarter of a pound. It is so lightweight and small that it can be folded and packed away in your bag, briefcase or backpack.

The UGREEN is a stand with a lip all along its base to hold a tablet in place. Non-slip, non-skid silicon pads along the lip protect your iPad from scratches.

The UGREEN is meant just for a flat surface. It does not come with extendable arms and desk clamps so it may not be as flexible when it comes to other uses. For example, if you wanted something to hold your tablet while lying down in bed, this is not it.

When the UGREEN is opened up, it provides several angles from 15 to 100 degrees. You can place your iPad safely on this in either landscape or portrait mode. Since the lip space is only roughly 0.55 inches, this is a consideration in case you use your iPad with a thick case.

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If all you need is a tablet stand on a desk, table, or counter, the UGREEN adjustable, portable iPad stand will work well.

4. Maxonar: Best iPad Adjustable Stand for Desk or Kitchen (12.9 inch)

Maxonar_ Best iPad Adjustable Stand for Desk or Kitchen (12.9 inch)

The Maxonar is the best adjustable stand for the iPad Pro 12.9 I tested. Folded, it is as compact as the UGREEN stand, but unlike the UGREEN which has a solid back, the Maxonar uses clamps and an adjustable arm to hold up the device. Phones and tablets from 4-13 inches can fit the Maxonar.

The base and arm are both made of heavy aluminum metal that gives a sturdy and rigid structure that can hold up to 2.2 pounds. The base is bottom-heavy so you can be sure it never topples over. The clamp opens up to around 8.25 inches – wide enough for an iPad.

The clamp head has a joint that lets you rotate your device 360 degrees to either landscape or portrait orientation.

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The arm moves up and down up to 150 degrees. You can even tilt the iPad downwards. Rubber pads on the clamps prevent scratches. The design thoughtfully includes wire holes in the clamps that allow charging while the device is attached to the stand.

Its entire footprint is small enough to be placed anywhere. Work at your desk or in the kitchen. Read ebooks hands-free or follow recipes while whipping up meals. The Maxonar can go where you go.

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5. Lamicall: Best adjustable iPad Floor Stand Holder for iPad Air & iPad Pro

Lamicall_ Best adjustable iPad Floor Stand Holder for iPad Air and iPad Pro

Unlike the other iPad stands featured here which are either portable or attached to furniture, this Lamicall model is a floor stand, with a flexible gooseneck arm, that can hold devices between 4.7-13 inches. It can stand anywhere in your home, office, or even the classroom.

The Lamicall stands 51.2 inches at its lowest height and 63 inches at its highest. The base is pretty heavy at 10.6 pounds, ensuring that it does not easily fall over. The gooseneck arm lets you twist the upper part of the stand to your desired angle.

Just remember the laws of gravity: if you are using the larger iPad, you cannot fully extend the gooseneck arm too far out from the stand’s center, otherwise it could tilt forward. When positioned correctly, the adjustable iPad stand is adequate for watching videos, movies and Netflix.

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The plastic tablet clamp consists of side clamps as well as a back rest for your device. All parts are covered with soft rubber to prevent scratches. A ball at the back of the tablet clamp allows 360 degree rotation of the tablet’s orientation.

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One feedback from several users is that the tablet tends to jiggle a little when you touch the screen a lot.

6. Lamicall Gooseneck: Best Adjustable height iPad Pro Stand for the office

Lamicall Gooseneck_ Best Adjustable height iPad Pro Stand for the office

A sleek tablet stand for the office is the Lamicall Gooseneck – a tablet stand that is best for devices that are between 4.7-11 inches. What makes this stand out over the rest is the faux leather around the gooseneck arm that gives it a classy, professional look.

A table clamp allows you to attach the stand to a desk, bed headboard, or table. A screw-on base lets you tighten the clamp to keep it steady. The clamps are rubber-lined so your device is held in place gently and prevents scratches. Holes in the clamps allow you to charge your device while clamped to the stand.

The arm has two parts: a gooseneck as the lower part (a bit hard to bend, according to some users) and a more flexible upper arm. Like all tablet stands, the Lamicall Gooseneck can be rotated 360 degrees to a landscape or portrait orientation.

The downside with stands that use a gooseneck is that the arms tend to wobble and bounce when the screen is tapped continuously. If you are gaming or typing out a document, this wobbling can be distracting. Get this stand if you just need to read from the screen and only tap once in a while.

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7. SamHousing: Best Adjustable iPad Air Stand for Bed

SamHousing_ Best Adjustable iPad Air Stand for Bed

The SamHousing tablet stand is perfect for those who enjoy reading in bed or working while lying down.

The SamHousing has a sturdy and strong aluminum mechanical arm and is connected by 4 joints (other stands have only 2), giving even more reach and flexibility. Several users say they prefer this type of arm compared to the gooseneck ones which can break from constant bending.

The clamps can accommodate tablets from 4.7-11 inches. The clamp base can also rotate 360 degrees, giving both landscape and portrait orientation options. Holes let you charge your device even while clamped to the stand.

One advantage of the SamHousing is that its clamps can attach to a vertical surface like bed headboards as well as a horizontal surface like a night table. Many other stands can only be attached to certain surfaces or move a certain way, like the gooseneck tablet holders for iPad.

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Reading or watching movies in bed will be so much more comfortable. If you use an iPad while lying down, you probably know it tires your arms after a while. The SamHousing frees you from having to hold the iPad and rests your arms and fingers. Best of all, when you are done with your iPad, just push the arms to one side and you are ready to sleep! Your iPad will stay securely in place.

Does iPad air have a stand

The iPad Air does not come with a stand. However, you can find different types of iPad Air stands online. T

here are many unique iPad air stands that are made from different materials summer more bulky than others others or more light weight they are different iPad Air stands that have adjustable height, a swivel to turn and move the stand 180° to 360° in these work for other scenarios such as zoom video conferencing video recording drawing writing and more.

Most of the iPad Air stands are portable and some even adjust upside down and above view, which are known as gooseneck iPad stands with a gooseneck attachment.

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What is the best iPad Pro holder stand?

The best iPad Pro stands and iPad Pro holders are iPad accessories available in a variety of prices, designs and functions. Even though the iPad Pro can be used as a tablet and computer, it lacks a stand or way to hold it up with an additional phone accessory. 

Wall mounted iPad Air stands are ideal for watching movies or video conferencing for long periods of time; whereas adjustable stands are perfect for travel or to use with multiple accessories like keyboards, speakers, cameras or chargers.

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The most popular iPad Air stands offer security with locking mechanisms that quickly charge the Apple Pencil (which charges wirelessly on the side).

A typical stand for iPad weighs 2.5 pounds and features a tray that can hold up to 5 lbs which offers additional protection if you are charging something with a wireless charger as well. However, these weights may vary based on how quickly technology advances and which models will evolve quicker than others.

How we tested and rated our adjustable iPad stand picks

We tested the iPad Pro stand based on how adjustable it was, sturdiness, balance, security, positioning features and overall look and feel. We also rated those that had an adjustable stand capability that was smooth and intuitive higher. Some adjustable iPad stands can spin and turn and are also height adjustable.

I personally even tested the different styles of iPad cases to see how they fit into the stands and visually look better than others. Some of these iPad Air and Pro cases have a protective bumper that goes over the screen.

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iPad Pro& Air racks are slightly different than other iPad holders and could be attached to desks or walls for video conferencing, charging, and storage. It also lets you remove the tablet when you’re not using it without locking it in too tightly. 

How to use a Adjustable iPad stand

You can choose an adjustable iPad stand by by determining if you need an adjustable height feature or if you need an iPad stand mount for the wall. You may also need the iPad stand to be able to move turn and spin around. 

The best adjustable iPad stands will be able to spin swivel adjust the height and work with iPad cases and not just the iPad alone. An additional feature of an iPad stand that you may consider to be important is that the stand for the iPad Pro or air should have openings for ports for wires, cables, and adapters to connect your devices together for charging and file transfer purposes.

The reason for this is that you want to be able to charge the iPad with the stand if you need to charge it up. If you are not concerned with charging it up, then this is not a necessity.

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The iPad stands for desktops work very similar to adjustable android stands and will have an open center so that you can charge your device while using it or if you want to work in portrait mode.

If I’m writing or drawing on a tablet is it more ergonomic to put it flatly or at an angle

It is more ergonomic to view, draw, or write on an iPad or tablet that is an angle, rather than flat. This is often the case for those who are sitting at a desk straight on at a 90 degree view. This has been proven by many ergonomic experts (source).

Benefits of using iPad on an angle: Hand position is more natural for most people, more comfortable for smaller hands, near vertical angle makes it easier to see and your neck will be hunched over less.

Is there an iPad stand for square, restaurants, bars, and hospitality?

Yes, there are iPad stands for square restaurants bars and hospitality that are used and placed typically towards the front of the restaurant or to be used to order off of.

Adjustable Ipad stands for restaurants and hospitality often are used for square GrubHub Uber eats how many other food services.

The stands may also be placed behind the bar of the restaurant or establishment. The reason the iPad is so popular in hospitality is because you can quickly order food using a POS system and the apps that run on them work with minimal error compared to outdated options. 

There are many options for iPad stands for Square and some can be used in a variety of ways. The stands can be used at the front of the establishment, as previously mentioned, to hold and display devices so customers can use them to order through a system as well as use at the host/hostess station. Another option that these iPad stands provide is to be mounted on walls or on tabletops.


The best adjustable iPad stands will allow space to charge the iPad using its ports and wires. Ones that allow wireless charging work well and are more rare than others to find. A good iPad stand that will be able to turn in Spin up to 360° and you’ll be able to adjust position location of the stand easily and safely.

This article has explained the different types of iPad Air stands and their benefits. I have tested and rated these iPad stands and covered everything from adjustable iPad Air stands to iPad Pro stands  that are the best for zoom and video conferencing.

Some are even good for laying in bed and watching iPad using a stand that has an attachable arm that moves the iPad.

The adjustable stands for the iPad typically come in various colors; black, silver, or white color options. You’ll be able to watch movies or other videos on the iPad supports and you will also need to place it on stands that can hold even the heavy devices. 

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