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7 Best iPad Document Camera Stands in 2022 (iPhone & iPad)

7 Best iPad Document Camera Stands in 2022 (iPhone & iPad)

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Looking to grab the best document camera stand for the iPad or iPhone for teaching, online presentations and overhead video recording? There are a few very important factors that are commonly overlooked when purchasing a document camera stand.

Whether you’re a teacher looking for a document camera stand in the classroom or a business professional that needs a document camera stand for zoom, presentations, or conference call meetings; a proper iPad document camera stand (or iPhone) will do wonders.

Teachers and presenters who plan on using an iPad or iPhone as a document camera are oftentimes torn between using a dedicated document camera and one built solely for the iPhone or iPad. 

There are several benefits of using a Document camera stand for the iPhone or iPad vs a dedicated document camera with a stand built-in? The iPad and iPhone both have downloadable apps that enhance a document camera’s capabilities.

This is very useful for teaching math in the classroom, a medical or science experiment, work and even stop motion videos and youtube.

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Let’s explore the best iPad (and iPhone) document camera stands for teachers, work, and general overall document camera use:

Hidden advantages: Using an iPad as a Document Camera stand

Along with your document camera stand for the iPad or iPhone, you’ll also be choosing between (free) apps to extend its capabilities. I’ll cover the best document camera stand software & apps further in this article.

Each stand in this post is a hand-picked, budget stand from Amazon; to be used as a ‘do it yourself’ document camera stand for overhead recording of any type. There are very few… if any, dedicated official ‘document camera stands’ without a dedicated camera attached.

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Document Camera Stands: How to choose

Document Camera Stands How to choose

Before buying ‘just any’ a document camera stand for iPad or iPhone, it’s important to know that there are different types of document camera set-ups to be aware of. This is based on your video recording needs as a teacher of math or science, or just someone presenting on a Skype, zoom, or google meet call.

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Each choice has their own benefits and disadvantages:

1. Document Camera stands for tablet & phone: Use an iPad or iPhone as a document camera with a software, which is what this article will cover.

  • Advantage: Doubles as a phone or tablet stand when you’re not using for presenting. Very useful for work environments where you find yourself constantly placing your phone up and down. (I personally like the fact that nobody can see me checking my phone on my zoom meetings)

2. Dedicated Document camera (built-in cam): Alternatively, you can simply buy a document camera stand with a document camera already built-in, such as the OKIOLABS OKIOCAM USB 2-in-1 Webcam and Document camera. (no phone or tablet required). A dedicated document camera like this has software that connects to desktops, laptops, tablets, and phones while allowing significant control and zoom capabilities compared to using a tablet or phone as a document camera stand.

  • Advantage: Price doesn’t vary much and can connect to a phone or tablet via their software. These also have better resolution settings for recording documents or objects close up.

Document Camera stands (iPhone and iPad): Software and Apps

iPhone and iPad apps enable a seamless document camera integration with Zoom, Google Meet, and conference calls.

See our post: How to use iPad as a Phone replacement

Best iPad document camera stands (iPhone & iPad)

Best iPad document camera stands (iPhone & iPad)

Document camera stands for the iPad and iPhone have evolved significantly over the years. There are only a handful on the market that’s tailored to iPad/iPhones only. 

The document camera stands below are handpicked based on different needs. Teachers, classroom, and remote learning may want a a portable document stand, where a dentist, medical researcher or science experiment may need something more sturdy or flexible.

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Don’t forget

Bonus: Smartphone & tablet document camera stands also double as a regular desk stand when you’re not using it as a document camera!

Below is a list compiled of some of the best iPad (and iPhone) document camera stands.

1. SamHousing: Best Overall DIY Document Camera stand for iPad and iPhone

SamHousing Best Overall DIY Document Camera stand for iPad and iPhone

The SamHousing stand for tablets and smartphone is an ‘arm’ that is made of a sturdy mechanical aluminum. While many appear to use this in bed… it can double as a strong, sturdy document camera holder. It attaches easily to desks, bed frames and is overall a great choice for almost anyone that needs to use an iPhone or document camera in any scenario.

All the tablet stands in this guide also double as a nice phone or tablet stand for when you’re not using it. This is a big advantage since you’ll get more bang for your buck, especially when compared to a dedicated document camera stand such as the IPVEVO (a very strong contender in the dedicated document camera field).

You won’t need any tools to set this stand up. Additionally, the Sam Housing stand also has 4 joints, making it fully adjustable for a 360-degree rotation.

While personally using this document camera stand I found that you can bend the arm and turn the holder with ease. Allowing you to swing it out of the way when not in use. (an important, yet overlooked factor).

Finally, it’s important to note the flexibility of the clamp; fitting most of the tablet and smartphone sizes available due to the stand’s intelligent mechanical design.

2. Lamicall Gooseneck: Best budget document camera stand (Phone only)

Lamicall Gooseneck Best budget document camera stand (Phone only)

The Lamicall Gooseneck is our best budget pick for those using an iPhone as their document camera (Smartphone only). The GooseNeck allows for a stylish display as well as a shake-free’ document camera experience.

The Clamp is designed securely to allow a document camera angle of your choice. It’s also a great hands-free FaceTime device to use with friends. family or a presentation of any type.

This holder has a rubber pad phone clamp to allow a non-slip holder; fitting almost all phone models (even those with a case on)

Who doesn’t love the stylish gooseneck design as their document camera and smartphone camera holder needs?

The Gooseneck also serves the additional benefit of allowing you to be on a Zoom or Google meet without your peers thinking your on your phone the entire time! (checking texts, calls, etc)

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3. Acetaken Arm: Best phone document camera stand for Zoom (Phone only)

Acetaken Arm Best phone document camera stand for Zoom (Phone only)

The Acetaken Arm is often seen as ‘budget’ QZ Telectronic, mostly since it’s clamp is limited to holding smartphones (and not tablets). The overhead design is constructed from a metal frame and has a limited number of joints (compared to its competitors).

This proves to be a simple, non-confusing, effective choice.

This document camera stand’s ‘mobile phone ball head’ can rotate 360 degrees allowing for environments that shift different documents frequently. Its clamp will allow smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy and iPhone (phones 5-7 inches long).

The Articulating Arm excels for any sort of demo or live-streaming video since the overhead recording is positioned at the perfect angle. Its simple design makes this stand both easy to use and store.

4. QZTELECTRONIC: Best iPad Document camera stand for classroom teachers (Tablet and Smartphone)

QZTELECTRONIC Best iPad Document camera stand for classroom teachers (Tablet and Smartphone)

The QZ Telectronic smartphone and tablet holder is a document camera stand that is compatible with many different devices.

The multi-joint design allows for more flexibility than the comparable gooseneck holders listed in this guide.

What I found most useful about this document camera stand is that it’s both foldable can be easily tucked away when not in use.

The anti-shake design and no extra tools are required for setup makes it perfect for teachers or remote learning. The easy clamp allows for angles every document camera user will find they can’t live without.

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Whether you’re in the classroom, making a YouTube video, or on a conference call presenting… the QZ electronic phone and tablet holder will do the job as a reliable document camera stand for iPhone, iPad and most smartphones and tablets.

5. Glide Gear: Best Document camera stand for lessons or product reviews on youtube 

Glide Gear Best Document camera stand for lessons or product reviews on youtube

The Glide Gear Document camera stand is exceptional for teachers and anyone needing an overhead video recording.

This is very useful for creating product reviews on YouTube as well.

The glide gear allows top down camera angles and slides along can connect your own DSLR camera as well as your tablet or smartphone.

You can also attach lights and other lighting equipment (in addition to your camera, iPhone or tablet) to the Glide Gear. The height is easily adjustable and is great for those who needs a truly premium setup.

You can attach a ballhead mount or use the standard mount that comes with the stand.

I have a friend that shoots time-lapse videos on this stand in his free time for YouTube. Another friend of mine uses the glide gear as a tripod replacement to video work documents with a moving ‘helicopter’ view. To get these type of shots with other set-ups requires a lot of time and headache, which the glide gear will save you from.

The Glide gear is a premium, sturdy, easy to assemble overhead recording stand that is unlike any other document camera stand out I’ve came across so far.

6. ChromeLives: Most flexible document camera stand (Phone & tablet)

ChromeLives Most flexible document camera stand (Phone & tablet)

The ChromeLives video stand holder has a phone suspension arm with two springs, making it a super solid and adjustable camera stand. What I really found useful was how easy the visual instructions were to follow when setting this up.

This overhead phone video stand is perfect for document camera use since its made with a phone clip and ball head. Its commonly used as a document camera as well as a baking, art videos, live-streaming, crafting recording device.

I really liked how flexible and sturdy this stand proved to be. It has the benefit of a 360-degree rotation for different angles as well as double braces arms.

7. Magic Hold: Best premium document camera stand for iPad & Tablets

Magic Hold_ Best premium document camera stand for iPad & Tablets

The Magic hold is the ultimate document camera stand, perfect for classrooms, doctor offices, science experiments and pretty much any situation you might need to document more than just a few pieces of paper.

What makes the Magic Hold drastically different? Not only is it much larger in size, but this document camera stand doesn’t have a clamp, but rather it’s own floor stand! This works great for those who need a document camera stand in a location without a nearby desk or surface to ‘clamp’ onto.

At a variable height of roughly 2-4 feet, the Magic Hold is perfect for nearly every situation someone presenting would need; teaching, video workouts, conferences, music lessons (including the use as a sheet music holder stand), and more.

Along with a fully adjustable, multiple purpose design the Magic Hold is compatible with both smartphones and tablets of nearly any size.

Is software necessary for Document Camera stands? (iPad & iPhone):

Is software necessary for Document Camera stands_ (iPad & iPhone)_

Certain apps are needed to use a document camera with an iPhone or IPad. The native ‘iOS camera’ app to record your videos is of course, functional. However, most will want software with more capability. Certain software allows for wireless capability to your iPhone or iPad, but it depends on what your use case is.

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Here are the best apps for using a tablet or smartphone as a document camera:

  1. IPEVO: Best free document camera app
    • The IPEVO camera app works with both SmartPhones and Tablets as well as IPEVO’s stand-alone, dedicated document camera. The coolest part about this app is the ‘annotation’ feature, which allows you to draw and write an overlay of text on any live video you are recording or presenting.
  2. Native iPad/iPhone camera app: Easiest free document camera software
    • A very simple recording app, allowing you to record or present video with all the capabilities of a standard camera… you won’t get the annotation feature that IPEVO gives you, which is a big con for most teachers or anyone presenting with a document camera stand live.
  3. Stage: Best paid document camera stand software
    • Stage is a well-known document camera app that has been around for quite some time. The most prominent feature of this app is it’s interactive whiteboard, which can be used with Zoom or google meet. You can use this with any document camera stand.
    • There is also a free version to try as well.
  4. Board Cam: Lesser known paid document camera and whiteboard app
    • Board cam is both a document camera and whiteboard in one app. While not as flexible as the “stage document camera app”, it’s certainly useful as an alternative for those looking for interacting with images already stored on your device. You can also video stream with board cam. It has most of the features of Stage, but has lower-rated, subjective reviews found on niche forums compared to stage app.
  5. Air Scanner: Best document camera stand app for wireless drawings and diagrams
    • You can turn your iPhone or iPad into a wireless HD document camera to be used on your new document camera stand. You’ll simply launch the Air scanner app and then type in the URL on the app, then you can use your camera to project your live recording to a browser. This can be used with Zoom or Google meet.

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How to set up iPad as a document camera

How to set up iPad as a document camera

You’ll need a Document Camera stand or anything that can safely hang your iPad and allow it to show the camera facing down. There are many document camera stands you can use with your tablet, iPad, or iPhone that I’ve listed. These can be attached to the iPad and freely move so you can use your iPad in the classroom or live, physical work documents.

  1. You’ll need to first attach the iPad to a proper, sturdy, document camera stand.
  2. You can share your screen as a separate connection to your remote learning app or simply use the share feature that zoom has.
  3. Connect to to zoom or google meet using an app (There are also multiple whiteboard apps to use)
  4. Finally, record and/or share live on a video conferencing software to use your iPad as a document camera!

Most iPad doc apps I’ve listed previously will have a quick setup. Once everything is set up simply share your screen in whichever video conference you are currently learning, but make sure you mute one of the devices if you are using two to connect.

Other uses for a document camera

Other uses for a document camera

One the biggest advantages of using a document camera stand with an iPhone and iPad is that you can present to any size audience on a device that you’re comfortable editing and transferring files to and from. This is ideal for most professions as the software mentioned earlier in this post allows for almost anything you’d need to document.

Here are additional uses for a document camera:

Using a document camera in the classroom (teachers)

Using a document camera in the classroom (teachers)

A document camera is often used both in an out of the classroom. Remote learning has allowed smartphones, tablets, (iPhone & iPad), to be used as strong alternate document camera’s when used with a proper document camera stand. Whether you are documenting math, tutoring, or filming a science experiment, a dedicated or phone/tablet document camera will do the job.

Using document camera for meetings (business)

Using document camera for meetings (business)

A document camera can be used with Zoom & Google meet in a number of ways. One way to use a document camera on a conference call is to join a Zoom or Google meet on your tablet or smartphone as a guest. Then join the call and share your screen. The same goes for a dedicated document camera, only you’ll have a app that sends the display to your laptop.

An alternative option consists of connecting your phone or tablet to your computer’s display. Then, using your laptop to share your screen on the conference call.

Additionally, Zoom and Google Jamboard App allow for whiteboard functionality when an overhead recording needs to be replaced as a digital drawing board.

Using document camera for science experiments

Using document camera for science experiments medical purposes and

Using a document camera stand for science or medical experiments are common. You can use a dedicated document camera or a iPhone or iPad with a document camera stand shown earlier in this guide. Many prefer to use a larger stand for experiments, and video recording overhead.

For full HD-You may want a real camera with a big micro SD Card if you end up needing 4k video for documenting experiments. Related: See the best Micro SD Cards for 4k Video

Using document camera for employee training

Using document camera for employee training

Using your document camera for employee training or work can be very useful to remotely show documents and physical items you can’t project properly on a digital whiteboard. Many employee training document camera uses include projecting the document camera on a large screen in the office.

Alternatively you can also use a phone grip holder like a Pop socket or Love Handle when you need a quick way to stand up your device. If you’re using an iPhone or android and not a document camera, then see our post: Pop Sockets vs Ring holders


The best document camera stands shown in this article will help you record overhead videos for remote learning, teaching, work, and YouTube videos. There are many document camera hacks: Using an iPhone or iPad with a proper document camera stand proves to be the most cost-efficient way to present documents for large and remote audiences.

A document camera stand to hold your iPhone or iPad for recording videos overhead is also useful for science experiments, stop motion videos, Zoom, Google Meet, insects, math, teaching, and conference call related presentations. It’s important to note that document camera holders for overhead, above view & top-down angles all require a certain DIY aspect since there aren’t too many stands dedicated to solely tablets and phones outside of this list.

The document camera stand allows for a top-down video recording angle that is thought to get; especially when recording video of work documents from above (for an audience). The most crucial features to look for are sturdiness, size, and ability to fold up for storage when choosing a document camera stand for your iPhone or iPad.