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5 Largest MicroSD Cards available: Cameras, Android, and more

5 Largest MicroSD Cards available: Cameras, Android, and more

This article will cover the largest Micro SD Cards available for general use as well as cameras, Android devices smartphones and tablets. However, just because 1TB is the biggest size Micro SD card available doesn’t mean there aren’t better, more affordable alternatives to achieving such a high capacity storage. 

Instead of 1TB, those who want a more affordable option can grab two (512GB) Micro SD’s instead of just one (1TB) card. 1TB cards are more pricey since most devices have limited SD card slots resulting in a higher max storage.

Note: The 1.5TB MicroSD by Micron is to be released soon.

The large sized micro SD cards discussed in this post have UHS-I technology, allowing for quality transfer rates, a step down from UHS-II.

Important: See the 7 fastest Micro SD cards that exist today. Speed is important to understand first; before looking for size.

Name-brand or cheap alternative?

I’ve tested cheap alternative SD Cards: Their advertised storage size and read/write speed significantly underperform during my research. This is why Name-brand is important.

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This article thoroughly covers the pros and cons of the largest microSD Cards and aims to geniunely help you make a more accurate, well informed decision for your device.

What is the biggest micro SD card?

The largest microSD card available is 1TB in size. Name-brand cards cards such as Sandisk, Samsung and Kingston are known not only for their large card size, but high read and write speeds.

2TB Cards are expected for release and have been indicated by Nintendo switch by indicating their 2TB capacity on the switch. In fact, there is a 2TB Prototype Micro SD Card being created by Kioxia, which is a company that focuses on memory solutions.

Ideally, the 2 TB Micro SD Card will be used to help enlarge the storage space for devices such as Nintendo Switch, portable gaming devices, as well as digital cameras and android phones/tablets.

If you’re in search of an extremely speedy card you’ll want to see our post on the Fastest Micro SD Cards.

One thing to note – Factors such as overhead data areas, formatting, bad blocks, and other constraints will reduce consumer-usable capacity, as mentioned on the KIOXIA Website.

The highest GB micro sd card is 1000gb, or 1TB (1TB = 1000gb). As Nano technology advances it’s expected to have micro SD cards of 4TB all the way up to 128TB as predicted by experts in the memory card field.

Don’t care to figure out speed classes? The SanDisk 1TB Extreme is highly compatible and is our top 1TB pick.

Most 1TB Micro SD Cards are around this price point, so if you’re in search something more affordable it might be best to go with two 512GB Sandisk Extreme Micro SD Cards instead of just one expensive 1TB. The Sandisk Extreme’s speed class specs allow for seamless 4k video recording and pro-level photography; including burst shots.

Does speed class matter for large sized SD Cards?

Yes, speed classes matter for every sized SD Card. However all classes and manufacturer details remain consistent amongst all card sizes.

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In addition to size, great read and write speed is essential when seeking the biggest microSD Card and can be done so by checking the speed class of your SD card. (class10, UHS-I, UHS-II and V30 or above is ideal for most shooting photo & video in 4k. 

Those seeking only the highest capacity while ignoring read/write speeds and classes can have an impact on memory card performance. This is why a brand name micro SD card that doesn’t hide it’s sustain speeds is essential.

Largest MicroSD Cards available (biggest capacity)

The following is a list of the largest Micro SD Cards available. These cards range from big name-brands such as Sandisk & Samsung to Lexar & Gigastone and are ideal for photographers, videographers, drones, Android tablets and smartphones.

1. Sandisk 1TB Extreme: Largest micro SD Cards

Sandisk 1TB Extreme_ Largest micro SD Cards
Image courtesy of Sandisk

Who it’s for: Those in search of the highest quality, affordable, biggest MicroSD Card for both professional and casual use. The Sandisk 1TB ideal for nearly all camera models with an SD Slot.

Why it’s so good: The Sandisk Extreme has some of the highest read and write speeds amongst large sized micro SD cards: 160/MB/s read and 90MB/s write speeds. They also have alternate sized models ranging from 32GB all the way to 1TB; which is the largest size MicroSD card available..

Sandisk is considered one the most trusted, reliable brands amongst SD cards. Their 1TB card is ideal for photographers, videographers, android, drones. Sandisks Extreme Micro SD Card performs read and write speeds that are necessary for 4k & 8k video recording. Moreover, the extreme model boasts a lot of positive discussions amongst online communities.

If you’re in need of a SD card and aren’t ready to decode all the speed classes (mb’s and gb’s), you can rest assured the Sandisk name to prove reliable (especially compared to the cheaper alternatives out there)

Did you know: SanDisk Also makes some of the Fastest Micro SD Cards?

I’ve tested low-cost alternatives for less than $30 whose Micro SD cards were way off regarding advertised proper read & write speed- leaving the consumer disappointed and misled. It’s for situations like this where the sandisk name is of benefit.

This Micro SD Card doesn’t get corrupted as easily or destroyed in weather compared to cheap alternative. I’ve had two of my Sandisk Extreme cards go through the wash without any corrupted files or issues.

Proper Micro SD Card reader: Finding the proper card-reader can drastically effect storage read & write speeds. For this reason, the Sandisk extreme provides a card reader bundle deal with their 1TB options. 

2. PNY 1TB Pro Elite: Biggest micro SD Card available for photographers

Biggest micro SD Card available for photographers
Image courtesy of PNY

Who it’s for: The PNY 1TB Pro Elite has all the necessary speed class requirements for handling serious pro-level work.

Why it’s so good: As 1TB capacity is the largest SD Card size, the PNY Elite nails the performance and storage professionals expect and need. Read speeds of 100mb/s and write speeds of 90/mb.

PNY is a highly reputable MicroSD card that puts a focus on performance for professionals such as videographers, content creators, 4k & 8k video in addition to Android smartphones, samsung galaxy, and more.

I’ve tested the prograde on Panasonic Lumix, Sony A7’s (mirrorless), Canon, Nikon Z50, and more and found absolutely no drop in frames for 4k & 8k. It also loaded my photos and video into the laptop in a more timely manner than I expected.

With it’s V30, Class 10, U3 specs; the 1TB PNY Micro SDXC performs at max capacity making it one of the biggest Micro SD cards available.  The best part? It comes with an adapter for transfering files to your computer, tablet or phone with A2 speed performance. 

If you’re using an iPhone and want to add a SD Card slot, then see our post: Does iPhone have an SD Card slot? (How to add one)

3. Gigastone 512GB: Large capacity micro SD Card (most affordable)

Gigastone 512GB_ Large capacity micro SD Card (most affordable)
Image courtesy of GigaStone

Who it’s for: Those who are in need of an SD Card, but prefer a lower-price point

Why it’s so good: At 512GB, you can grab 2 micro SD’s are half nearly half the cost of buying a 1TB chip. 

On top of this, Gigastone creates quality SD Cards at a budget price. Unfortunately this brand does not have a 1TB model just yet. However, by using 2x 512GB you’ll be saving a large amount of money at the cost of simply swapping out when the card gets full. 

At Class 10, A-2, UHS-I the Gigastone is certainly not a slow card. Gigastone has 100MB/s data transfer speeds and while this is slightly less than the Sandisk 512Gb, this option is still perfect for those who are shooting professionally.

Most professionals I know are extremely happy with their Gigastone SD Cards. Even Graphic designers and teachers use writing pads for the computer that have expandable storage and can use a Micro SD Card.

I’ve never had an issue swapping cards during shoots. By using 2x 512GB cards instead of 1 TB storage you’ll have max storage along e high read & write speeds that gigastone provides;.

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4. Samsung EVO: MicroSD Card (Largest from Samsung)

Samsung EVO_ MicroSD Card (Largest from Samsung)
Image courtesy of Samsung

Who it’s for: The Samsung Micro SD Card is great for those looking for a quality, name-brand SD card to ensure all their minimum requirements are met regarding speed & storage purposes.

Why it’s so good: The Samsung EVO is a highly dependable model and is quite well know. Making it an amazing choice for those not only using the card for photos, but also their smartphones (Think Samsung Galaxy or Android tablet)

The Samsung EVO includes a full size adapter, thus enabling max compatibility with cameras, phones, and tablets. This is a great choice for those looking to use their Micro SD Card on several different devices with different purpose. (Samsung has a lot of of experience making memory cards.

The Samsung EVO is competes with Gigstone regarding an price-point, however the EVO model has a 10-year limited warranty. This shows Samsung’s confidence behind their product and is something many consumers need when making a purchase online for an electronic device with varying types and classes.

5. Lexar Micro SD Card 512GB: Biggest available with SD Adapter

Lexar Micro SD Card 512GB_ Biggest available with SD Adapter
Image courtesy of Lexar

Who it’s for: The Lexar High-performance is great those who prefer product support on both their card and adapter. 

Why it’s so good: Quite similar to that of Gigastone, Sandisk and Samsung cards, the Lexar is a name-brand many trust. On top of this it includes a card reader adapter.

The Lexar Micro SD allows for outdoor action in 1080p, 3d and 4k video. This allows you to get the most out of your multipledia (transferring 4k movies, photos, & songs). The Lexar has a 95 MB/s transfer rate and is a high capacity card that enables you to easily transfer files with it’s adapter Lexar has provided.

While I’m a fan of Sandisk, lexar does a fantastic job at creating quality cards and is certainly a brand to trust. Lexar responds directly to their customers, providing a support team if any issues do occur with the card for whatever reason. This being said, they don’t provide recovery software the same way Sandisk does.


What is the maximum size of an SD Card?

What is the maximum size of an SD Card_

The maximum (biggest size) of an SD Card is 1TB. This max size of 1TB (or 1000gb) holds true for Micro SDXC Cards as well and standard SD Cards. a 2TB card is indicated to be in development by various experts in the tech niche; though, none have surfaced just yet.

As technology advances this will change. If there is a card over the size of 1TB, then please contact us for an update.

What is the biggest micro SDCard for Switch?

What is the biggest micro SDCard for Switch_

The larger SD Card for Switch is 1TB, however the switch is capable of 2TB MicroSD cards. Indicating that Nintendo expects for 2TB Cards to hit the market. Compare this to the 32GB of internal memory and you can understand the varying difference of capacity and why Switch users require 1TB or more of memory sd card storage. (SDXC) The most reliable card for switch are the Sandisk models (listed in this post).

What size Micro SD Card do I need for Android devices?

What size Micro SD Card do I need for Android devices_

The size SD Card you might need for an Android devices will depend on the capacity of the device. For most, a 256GB MicroSD will be large enough to store hundreds of photos or videos depending on the type and format of the media.

For Android devices come in a wide variety of different capacities, so it is important to know your device’s capacity. A good guideline to follow is to grab an SD card with at least the same capacity or smaller.

For example if you’re drawing, performing graphic design tasks, or photo editing, then you’ll want a higher capacity SD Card. If you plan to be drawing on your Android, then you’ll want to make sure you have the best stylus for Android, because this will determine what size MicroSD card based on the type of digital art or note taking you plan to do.

Android is one of the most common uses for an SD Card amongst the tech experts I personally know (besides the Nintendo Switch).

What Size MicroSD do I need on an android tablet or smartphone if I’m storing hundreds of photos.

What Size MicroSD do I need on an android tablet or smartphone if I'm storing hundreds of photos.

If you just want extra storage for your photos or basic work files, then you’ll be fine with a smaller capacity SD Card of 128Gb. If you’re storing hundreds of photos and videos on your Android device or phone, then 256Gb is the minimum I’d recommend you have on hand. Remember, you can always swap out the micro SD for several smaller Micro SD as an alternative method of storing many photos since the higher storage MicroSD’s can get expensive,

This goes for Android as well as any tablet or smartphone device.

Higher Capacity SD Cards are better for storing large amounts of files, or larger sized video and photos. For example, a higher capacity SD card would be used to store an entire music collection or whole video libraries in one location on your device.

In order to find out what size SD Card you would need for an Android device, it is important to know your device’s internal storage. This can be found either in the general settings or within the Settings application on your Android Tablet or SmartPhone.

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2TB MicroSD Cards


2TB SD Cards are speculated to be released as retail purchases since the technology behind drones, gaming and smartphones are advancing very quickly. Users certainly will require 2TB Micro SD cards and higher with all the new racing and portable gaming occurring; especially those who value privacy from the cloud. 

Professions require specific data to be transferable at their fingertips for privacy reasons. Thus, 1TB is quickly becoming not enough, even for the younger generations recording, storing and transferring 4k and 8k video as well as music. Visit the site regarding technical classes and sizes. It’s possible Samsung

Is there a 2TB Micro SD Card?

Is there a 2TB microSD Card?

No, there are no 2TB Micro SD Cards. The alternative for a 2TB MicroSD card is simply using: 2x, 1TB Micro SD Cards. Devices like drones, Roku devices, Nintendo Switch, Android tablets and Samsung Galaxy phones woud be ideal with higher capacity memory storage for many users.

Will there be a 2TB MicroSD Card in the future? Some devices are subtle indicating that a 2TB SD Card will be released, such as the Nintendo Switch’s 2TB capacity. It’s speculated by many experts that SD Cards over 4TB and all the way up to 128TB will be released in the future and not be phased out. This is because some users are protecting their privacy by using physical storage instead of cloud storage.

Is there a 4TB MicroSD Card?

No, there is not a 4TB MicroSD Card available. Experts and manufacturers have begun researching all the possibilities to create a Micro SD card over the size of 1TB. This also includes 2TB micro sd Cards as there is much research behind creating a large SD card of this size, which is fueled by the technology standard of 4k and 8k video files becoming the norm.


This article has thoroughly gone over the largest MicroSD cards available as well as providing detailed tests that highlight the pros and cons of high storage micro sd cards.

Those who claim they don’t get the proper read speed on their bigger sized Micro SD Card’s oftentimes are not using the proper, correct receiving device, transferring device, or card reader. This should always be kept in mind no matter the size of the MicroSD Card.

The following factors are important when choosing the largest MicroSD Card: Size, speed class 10, UHS-I (minimum), and V10 or above. When in doubt a strong name-brand will help quality your card… and when it comes to size combined with quality it’s hard to compete with Sandisk 1 TB or two 512Gb Micro SD Cards.

Brandon Evans

Thursday 4th of May 2023

As this is a recent article, I just want to point out that there is actually a 1.5tb micro sd card available from Micron that came out last fall. I have one. There is also a 2tb micro sd card that Kioxia has developed that will be released for sale sometime this year

Paul Michael

Thursday 4th of May 2023

You may have the 1TB model, or you have requested a paid sample from Micron. Unfortunately the Micron 1.5TB is to be released, well, about this time of the year. If I'm incorrect, let me know, but from what I've gathered it's not available yet.

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