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How Long Do Roku Sticks & Roku TVs Last? (Do they wear out?)

How Long Do Roku Sticks & Roku TVs Last? (Do they wear out?)

There are many common misconceptions about how long Roku sticks & Roku TVs will last.  Roku users are left wondering if the device goes bad or not. We’ve performed an extensive amount of testing on various different Roku devices to see how long they last and how to determine whether you should upgrade it or not.

How long does a Roku last? A Roku will last you 4.7 years on average. Roku Ultra and the more expensive Roku models will last you on average .5 years longer than the standard Roku Streaming Stick. The reason for this is because more powerful hardware enables the device to keep up with new technology as well as video playback demand according to industry experts.

Table original research by mediapeanut determining how long a roku device lasts
Older Roku stick models may not support new software or firmware updates, which can cause some serious video playback issues such as lagging, stuttering, freezing or delaying
Paul Michael

In this post, we will cover the in-depth research we discovered regarding the lifespan of a Roku and how long it lasts in general.

Not only did we run a few tests, but we surveyed those who used the Roku Stick, Roku Express, Roku Ultra and the Roku premier and found exactly how many years a Roku will last you.

How long does a Roku last?

How long does a Roku last

A Roku Stick will last on average 4.2 years. More advanced models, such as the Roku Ultra will last 4.7 years or 6 months on average longer than the standard Roku device due to its hardware.

Roku TypeRoku Lifespan (average)
Roku Express4.2 years
Roku Streaming Stick4.2 years
Roku Ultra4.7 years
Roku Ultra LT4.7 years
Roku TV6.5 years (or longer)
Roku StreamBar4.5 years
How did we get these numbers? Our team at Mediapeanut have tested each Roku device since the their initial launch. Additionally, we’ve also polled over 350+ users to determine the Roku average lifespan.

Those who have more advanced Roku devices, such as the Roku Ultra, may last up to 5 years, but the average consumer is going to get about 4.7, if not less than that. Pair the Roku device lifespan with it’s low price point and you’ll find it less daunting to replace if it does go bad.

For me, the Micro SD on my old Roku 4 randomly began to show some odd behavior about 3 years in. It felt like it was overheating. I attempted a restart (standard Roku restart) and it worked normally for a few days, until the issue started back up again. 

I swapped to a larger Micro SD and still had the same issue. replacing the Roku was the only solution in this case. 

Roku has made several streaming devices over the years, and most of them have a great lifespan overall (considering the price point). For example, Roku 3 & 4 were reliable devices, but they’ve also tried to market older Roku devices that didn’t feel as well designed  as the more recent models. 

Modern Roku devices are being used on a daily basis by the majority of cable cutters. Some models from Roku, such as the original stick, are clearly getting older due to the amount of small errors being reported by users.

Do Roku Sticks go bad or become outdated?

Do Roku Sticks go bad or become outdated

Yes, a Roku stick can go bad and become outdated. If you notice your Roku Streaming stick 4K or Roku Express 4k is not responding as quickly as before, then it will need one of two things: a software update or a device upgrade. However, Roku’s that continue to have slow navigation across the device is a clear sign that your Roku is going bad and dying.

But why can a Roku stick go bad? The Roku life expectancy is not dependent on whether you are a heavy or light user of the Roku to stream movies and shows 

Roku devices are most likely to ‘go bad’ and wear out if you use them for many hours per day. If you use to watch more than 4 hours per day, your Roku should last as long as those that are used for 3 hours per week.

In some cases of a very outdated Roku, it won’t be able to run web video caster or other reliable Roku browsers, but in these scenarios you can simply update the software version and test it. If it still doesn’t work, you can troubleshoot and learn how to get a roku internet browser here.

How do you know when your Roku is about to “go bad”?

How do you know when your Roku is about to go bad

There are several signs and symptoms that will show when your Roku is not working properly anymore. These include the Roku restarting on its own and not being able to perform a software update anymore.

Other issues that indicate a faulty Roku device not being able to play movies or TV shows, lagging, overheating, won’t update and/or fail to Launch an app.

Here’s how you can tell if a Roku is going bad:

  • If the Roku stick or Roku set top box is rebooting (on its own) or intermittently going to a black screen, then your Roku may need to be replaced or a a factory reset is warranted.
  • If the video playback slows down or stops being able to play the most updated video formats your Roku could be old, outdated, or needs replacement. 
  • In many cases a software update will help extend the lifespan of your Roku, which is run automatically.

When the Roku is going bad or overheating, you’ll see a solid red light or notification on the TV. Some users went as far as placing the device in a freezer (which is certainly not recommended). 

Instead, I advise letting it sit for a while unplugged. If you still see a red light or warning, then you may need a factory reset or even a replacement device. Keep in mind, if you’re Roku won’t update because it’s too old, it’s a clear sign you may need to look for a new one.

How long does a Roku TV Last?

How long does a Roku TV Last

Depending on usage, model and maintenance, a Roku TV lifespan is on average 6.5 years and can range from 4 to 10 years. For example, TCI Roku TV and Element Roku TV are more likely to last 6.5 years or longer without any issues whatsoever.

On the flip side, some Hisense Roku TV and Vizio TVs might have an issue within the first five years. But, compared to the anticipated reliability, both brands receive a Fair rating. 

When it comes to the usage, your Roku TV shouldn’t last less just because you are a heavy user. In fact, during our testing, usage rarely influenced the Roku TV lifespan. Finally, a well-maintenanced Roku is more likely to last longer and are less likely to have the issue of not turning on.

As with any electronic device, you should treat your Roku TV well if you want it to last 5 years or longer. Regular cleaning and avoiding accidental falls will extend the lifespan of your Roku device by at least a few years.

Roku TV is considered an electronic, so it’s no surprise it coincidentally lasts around the same amount of time as iPad, Laptop, or Macbook Air

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The Lifespans of these devices are very similar, but a Roku TV is a bit different because you have to determine if the Smart TV software updates are as frequent, useful, and long lasting as other devices.

How long does a Roku StreamBar Last before it stops working?

From our experience, the Roku StreamBar is a high-quality device that should last at least 4.5 years. The Streambar can help you upgrade your TV’s sound system and everything you need to install it comes inside the Roku box. 

You don’t have to be an expert when it comes to electronics, when it comes to installing the Roku StreamBar. Of course, as with any Roku device, the StreamBar will go bad eventually.  

But, even if you use the StreamBar for 5 (or more) hours per day, this won’t happen anytime soon. In fact, heavy usage will rarely affect the lifespan of your StreamBar. This is pretty rare for soundbars and a big plus for the StreamBar.

How long does a Roku Remote last?

How long does a Roku Remote last

How long does a Roku Remote last? A remote lasts 3.5 years with average use. After this, it is not uncommon for the remote volume buttons to stop working or a delay in button input to occur. This happens due to repeated usage, tangible damage to the remote, or simply by having an outdated remote.

In these cases it is wise to consider a Roku Remote Replacement or a Roku TV Remote replacement if you can not fix the device. Many may also use a Roku universal style remote.

Another sign is when your Roku remote control doesn’t last for longer than a few days, even with freshly replaced batteries. At this point you’ll want to consider a new official Roku remote, universal Roku remote (the pro model) or a third party alternative. 

See our post on the best Roku Universal Remote Replacements.

Another Roku remote problem is when there is a glitch in the remote control, such as not being able to change the volume. If the infrared signal isn’t working anymore, you know the remote has a more serious issue.

How to tell if Roku Remote Batteries are dead

How to tell if Roku Remote Batteries are dead

You can tell that the batteries of your Roku remote are dead if your remote isn’t working or isn’t fully functional. Personally, I found that with “typical” use, the Roku remote batteries should last about 6 months.

Keep in mind that if you own the Roku Voice Remote Pro, the batteries are rechargeable. Roku claims that the Roku Voice Remote Pro will last two months on a full charge, which will take two to three hours.

Also, Iif you can’t connect to Roku or Roku TV to Wifi without the Remote, then replacing the batteries will be crucial to set up your new TV, streaming stick, streaming player, or set-top box.

On the flip side, there are occasions where the remote of a Roku device simply goes bad. If that’s the case, you can opt for a replacement. For more information, see our post on the Best TCL Roku TV Remote Replacements.

In the meanwhile, you can control your Roku with an Android or iOS phone while you wait for a remote to arrive. 

When Should I replace my Roku?

When Should I replace my Roku

To answer this question briefly, if your present Roku meets all of your needs, there’s no need to upgrade. You can consider replacing your Roku if you find yourself wishing for a new feature (such as 4K quality) or if a streaming provider does not support your device anymore.

If so, then you’ll want to consider the prices of Roku and how much it costs (per month included).

Now, if you discover that a service you desire isn’t compatible with your Roku, you can first try to update your device. Don’t forget that compatibility with new services has everything to do with the current version of the Roku software your device has.

If you find out that your Roku is slow to respond, you can restart your device and see if the problem is solved. If restarting your Roku doesn’t work, you may have to replace your Roku with a new device.

It’s important that you do not confuse an outdated or damaged Roku with an internet connection issue. If the video playback speed or Roku channels are slow, then you’ll want to quickly check your Roku speed test and ensure there aren’t any issues with the internet connection

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In a few words, there’s no incentive to improve your Roku if it’s already doing all you need. 

The only exception is if you purchase a new 4K television and wish to watch 4K material on it. You might want to replace your HD-only Roku 3 with a Roku Ultra at that point so you can watch 4K HDR content on your new 4K HDR TV.

How long is the warranty on a Roku?

The standard warranty for Roku devices is one year. If used in accordance with the documentation provided with the player, Roku warranties the player hardware against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one (1) year from the date of your purchase.

If you encounter any issues with the material of your Ruku, all you need to do is submit a return or warranty exchange request. To do that:

  1. Visit the Roku support site from your computer or smartphone.
  2. At the bottom of the page, select Check support options.
  3. Select Questions about returning my Roku device or managing my order from the initial pull-down option
  4. Submit your request

Should I use a Micro SD Card to extend the life of my Roku and increase storage?

Should I use a Micro SD Card on roku

You can increase your Roku device storage by using a large MicroSD Card. This will allow you to add more Roku channels, games, and other apps available in the Roku Channel store. The purpose of this is to load Roku apps, channels, movies, and streaming content more quickly.

Because streaming movies such as those on Netflix or Amazon Prime video, it’s important that the Micro SD card is fast so that it can quickly download the files you need.

You can find the slot for the Micro SD Card in the back of the Roku player; it ejects similarly to an old video cartridge (meaning you can push it in slightly in order for it to be removed).

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Keep in mind a Micros SD will not let you add or increase the storage for  pictures, personal videos or music to your Roku device. If you want to add personal media such as pictures or music to Roku you will need a USB drive, which many Roku players support.

What is a Roku?

Roku devices are ideal for those in search of a strong streaming alternative to the Firestick. And has benefits such as Roku-only features. For example, one advantage of a Roku is that they allow the use of Roku private channels, which are non certified “Secret” channels that you require a code to access.

The roku is a streaming device that allows you to stream tv shows, movies, music and games from the Internet through your TV. Roku has many different kinds of devices with many different features. Some of those features include playing video games, supporting private channels and allowing 4k TV resolution.

In fact, recent research indicates that Roku is one of the most popular and powerful  over-the-top TV streaming devices on the market (source). 

When you purchase a Roku box, it connects directly to your HDMI port on your TV and also any Wi-Fi connection you have. Roku also uses bluetooth technology to enable the connection & pairing of third-party devices such as universal remotes and wireless speakers.

Roku allows for users to download apps to their Roku devices that allows a user to find any tv series, show, or app they want on their roku device. For example, Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime are available on Roku and are great alternatives to using the software that is already installed on your smart TV.

In previous models of roku, users have reported problems accessing HBO and ESPN, which could be a disadvantage for some. However, Roku is generally a reliable device.

Whether you decide to buy a Roku or not depends on what your needs are. To determine if a Roku device is worth it, you need to consider the following different aspects of the device.

Roku streaming device, but RCA technology is to blame. Roku’s video and audio quality is limited by the capabilities of the user’s television.

Wondering how to set up your Roku streaming player? We’ve got you covered. Our detailed article walks you through everything you need to know about getting your Roku up and running.

What to do with an old roku device

Unfortunately, Roku does not have a trade-in program of any kind. Unwanted devices can be given to others or sent to an electronics recycler in your area if they are damaged. Many electronic recycling centers will accept them for free, ensuring that they do not end up in a landfill.

Before you do either of these things, double-check that your personal information has been erased. 

Some use old Roku devices to try out fun Roku hacks (ex. Jailbreaking), while others decide to factory reset & sell the Roku so they can upgrade to another streaming stick, Smart TV, or home theater setup.

If your Roku is still working, go to Settings/System and look for the Factory Reset option. 

If the device isn’t operating at all, we recommend trying the alternate reset procedure, which involves finding the recessed button on the back of the device and pressing it for at least 30 seconds while the Roku is turned on. 

Finally, before you get rid of your old Roku you should also unlink the device from your Roku account ( If you’re Roku’s internet connection works (meaning it can still connect to the Internet and stream movies), then these steps are certainly necessary to protect your information,

How long does Roku maintenance last

Although in some cases Roku maintenance seems to have lasted days, usually it won’t take longer than 4-5 hours. If your Roku device has automatically gone into maintenance, it is reasonable to wonder how long is Roku down for maintenance.

Usually, your Roku device will let you know of any planned maintenance and how long it will take (approximately). During maintenance, it is important to keep your device operational. Turning it off may harm the software of your Roku.

Did you know Roku has Plex? See How to get New Movies on Plex for free.

The device will automatically connect to the Roku servers for maintenance and this helps prevent common issues associated with heavy streaming (but, not electrical issues). If you’re still having trouble maintaining your Roku device because the site is down, we recommend clearing your Roku browser’s cookies, hitting the reset button and trying again.

Are Roku’s outdated?

In a few words, absolutely not. Most Roku 4k devices are among the best-sellers on popular marketplaces like Amazon and eBay. For example, the affordable Roku Express 4K Plus offers 4K HDR streaming, voice remote, and one of the best smart interfaces we have ever tested. 

On the flip side, Roku is fighting with Google which almost resulted in losing Youtube. This nearly happened with Netflix on older Roku devices too. Thankfully, neither of these things actually happened. 

Roku has made its battle with Google public, claiming that Google’s YouTube distribution rules were anticompetitive. Roku’s complaints drew the attention of national legislators, who are already investigating how Google and other huge internet corporations misuse their market position.

Bottom line

While investigating if a Roku goes bad, damages, or worn out over time; we found out exactly how long they last based on our tests and surveys from Roku owners. The average life expectancy of a Roku device is 4.7 years. However, users found that it takes. 4.2 years before needing to upgrade due to software update or demand for new technologies from applications.

Of course, more premium devices with more powerful hardware, like the Roku Ultra and the Roku Premiere, will probably last longer than the average.

After our testing, we also concluded that the Roku TVs and Streambar won’t wear out if you use them many hours a day. So, heavy usage has nothing to do with how long a Roku will last, which is a great advantage for Roku devices. 

But, do Roku sticks burn out and stop working altogether? Well, even though there are cases where Roku sticks “died”, this is pretty rare, at least for the first 4-5 years after the purchase.

The same is true for any Roku Player, but also the Streambar. 

In a few words, Roku devices are among the most reliable and powerful streaming electronics on the market and will last you more than a few years.

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