How to get Bluetooth Speakers or headphones on Roku

How to Connect Roku to Bluetooth Speakers or headphones | 2021

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I hear it all the time “Does Roku have Bluetooth“? While there is no direct connect method for Bluetooth on Roku devices, there are workarounds to getting Bluetooth headphones, remote, keyboard (and more) to work. This works for connecting Roku bluetooth speakers and headphones as well as other devices.

You can get Bluetooth on Roku and Roku TVs by using the Roku compatible app on smartphone. This allows your iPhone, Android phone, or Windows computer to be used as a Bluetooth connector between Roku TV and your Bluetooth speaker, headphones, or device.

This means Roku has Bluetooth connectivity, just not through the way we all conveniently hoped for.

If you’re someone who has Bluetooth speakers or AirPods and you want to connect them to Roku, then there are quite a few connectivity options for you to explore in this post.

I’ll be covering everything from Bluetooth headphones to soundbars on Roku further in this guide. This includes Roku 3, Roku Ultra, TCL Roku TV, and all the Roku streaming sticks and set-top boxes. I’ll also be addressing Bluetooth keyboards for Roku and your limits for them (as well as alternate options).

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Does Roku have Bluetooth?

bluetooth on Roku instructions

Yes, but not directly on the device. Having Bluetooth Roku connectivity means devices such as Bluetooth wireless headphones or speakers will need a connector between Roku and Bluetooth. This means Bluetooth on Roku is done by using your smartphone via the Roku app.

I personally use this official Roku sound system when using my Roku because it integrates seamlessly rather than struggling with a third party alternative:

This is possible since your smartphone is connected to Roku through WiFi; acting as a Bluetooth intermediary.

If there’s no Bluetooth then how does my phone connect as a Roku remote?

Smartphones only connect to Roku by being on the same WiFi, not through Bluetooth.

What about TCL Roku tv Bluetooth?

It doesn’t matter if you’re using a Roku stick, step-top box, or TCL Roku TV 32, 43, or 50 inch; Bluetooth functionality and limits stays the same. Meaning a phone or computer is required to connect Roku to Bluetooth.

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What if want to connect my Bluetooth speakers directly to Roku and not use my phone at all?

You can’t… you’ll need your phone to connect your Bluetooth to Roku since Roku doesn’t have Bluetooth natively.

Now, you have two options:

  • You can grab a Firestick: Your Bluetooth speaker or soundbar is likely expensive and you want to use it. This is why most just get an inexpensive Firestick from Amazon. It has Bluetooth capability as well as far more features than Roku. (it’s actually amazing) I made the switch from Roku over to Firestick and it has honestly worked wonders for me. It’s almost a must have in my opinion.
Bluetooth on Roku without phone
The only way to get Bluetooth on Roku without phone… is without Roku

You can get the official Roku Speakers: For those who don’t want the Firestick and are okay with throwing out your perfectly good Bluetooth soundbar or speakers you can always grab the official Roku speaker. I agree: it’s unfair that Roku forces us to be further integrated into their products.

Other than the phone app, Firestick and official speakers are the only two options Roku leaves you with as alternatives to connect Bluetooth speakers to Roku.

Can I connect Bluetooth speakers to Roku?

Yes, it is possible to connect Bluetooth speakers to Roku! The method you choose to connect your speakers will depend on whether you are using the official Roku speakers or your own non-Roku Bluetooth speakers.

You’ll need a Smartphone with Bluetooth to do this.

If you’re like most and are using non-Roku Bluetooth speakers, then you can connect to a Smartphone or any device with the Roku compatible app. Afterward, connect that device to Roku. (Source) If you are using the official Roku speakers, then you can directly connect them to Roku. 

Further in this guide, I’ll be going over the step-by-step play for how to connect Bluetooth speakers to Roku.

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Can I connect Bluetooth headphones to Roku?

Yes, you can connect any Bluetooth headphone to Roku by using the phone app or the “private listening” feature that most Roku’s have (try updating your devices software if you don’t see it)

This includes Airpods, Bose headphones, and any others that are Bluetooth compatible.

Requirement: You’ll need to connect your Bluetooth earphones to your Smartphone, then connect your Smartphone to the same WiFi as Roku to allow Bluetooth headphones on Roku.

I’ll be covering the step-by-step, (pictures included) further in this guide.

How about connecting Bluetooth keyboards to Roku TV?

The only way you can connect a Bluetooth keyboard to TCL Roku TV (or any Roku device) would be by hooking up a streaming device like an Amazon Firestick.

The TCL Roku TV and all Roku devices do not have Bluetooth keyboard compatibility for Roku, but the specific model firestick I’ve linked just before would allow the TV to use a Bluetooth keyboard. These are unfortunately the options Roku has left us with.

All other Roku devices (such as Roku 3 or Roku Ultra) cannot use any Bluetooth keyboards at all.

How to get Bluetooth on Roku

To get Bluetooth on Roku you’ll have to have a smartphone or computer to receive the Bluetooth signal. Then, use your device to connect to the same WiFi as Roku. You’ll now have Bluetooth on Roku.

Keep in mind this does not work for Bluetooth keyboards on Roku as previously mentioned (Wireless or not).

How to connect Bluetooth speakers or earphones to Roku

  • First, download and install the Roku app on iPhone, Android, or Windows.
  • Next, launch the app, tap remote
    .Step 1 how to get Roku bluetooth
  • Then, connect your Phone to Roku
    .Step 2 bluetooth on Roku How to get Bluetooh wireless speakers on Roku
  • Then, connect your Bluetooth speaker or headphones to your smartphone (or computer)
  • On select Roku devices, you can also use “private listening mode”.
  • Success, you now have Bluetooth on Roku!

How to connect the official Roku Bluetooth wireless speakers

  • Ensure you have the most updated version of Roku. (important)
  • Next, make sure Roku TV or Roku soundbar is connect by going to settings, then network.
  • Then, hold the Roku home button your Roku remote for 5 seconds.
    Photo of Roku hold remote for 5 seconds for bluetooth
  • Select your speaker or soundbar.
  • Success, you now have Roku Wireless speakers connected!

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You can get Bluetooth on Roku… just not the way we all hoped for. You can connect Bluetooth speakers to Roku or Bluetooth headphones by using your Smartphone or Computer.

Bluetooth on Roku is possible but it does require some necessary workarounds explained in this guide. You can still get wireless AirPods, speakers, remote and more on Roku which is thoroughly covered in this post. All the Bluetooth features are the same across varying Roku devices. This includes Bluetooth for the TCL Roku TV.

You can not get a Bluetooth keyboard on Roku. It is not possible in any way, shape, or form.

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What is interesting is that Roku 2XS has Bluetooth (compared to none on Roku 3 and Roku Ultra), however, you can’t even pair a device to it besides the included remote. Roku simply does not want us to have direct Bluetooth capability, yet still makes it possible. This is why I (and many others) migrated to a Firestick. Others may use the official Roku wireless Bluetooth speakers if they’re okay with being further trapped into Roku devices.

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