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How to get Twitch on Roku (3 Easy Methods)

How to get Twitch on Roku (3 Easy Methods)

If you are trying to find the most updated method for how to get Twitch on Roku then you’re in luck. It is still very possible to watch Twitch on Roku.

While it’s true that Twitch was taken off both the official and private Roku App channels, there are still working methods to get Twitch on Roku. We’ll be covering these methods thoroughly in this post.

Is your Twitch private channel code is no longer working on Roku?

Did you know there are newly updated, hidden private channels being added consistently by third parties to get Twitch on Roku?

Update – March, 2024

Update: Twoku, the Roku private channel has been removed from Roku devices. The only way to get Twitch on Roku is to use a receiver app after you get a Roku web browser. After you install the Receiver app you can use Twitch on Roku by navigating to the Twitch on via a secondary device or directly on the browser.

On top of this, there are even more new improved ways that allow you to seamlessly cast or screen mirror Twitch to Roku.

Various ways to get twitch on roku 1

… and if you’re like most, your previous Twitch private channel codes for Roku have crashed or are simply not working anymore. For more on this, see: Roku private channels not working.

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Here’s how to successfully get Twitch on Roku:

In order to get Twitch on Roku, first, decide if you’d like to cast from PC/phone or use updated private channels codes. For smart phones: use The Mediapeanut Screencasting to Roku guide to watch Twitch. For PC: use Windows to screen mirror or cast. For Channel codes, enter: Twoku, TTVstream or TwitchTV via Roku on web browser.

In this post, you’ll see all the work-around methods that will allow you to finally close this chapter of trying to figure out how to get Twitch on Roku. 

Short on time?
If you’re short on time… you can skip this guide and see How to watch any movie or show that exists in less than 10 minutes

Why is Twitch not on Roku? Is this true?

Why is there no twitch on Roku? Twitch does not have an official, native Roku app. Because of this, Twitch is only available on Roku through entering private channels codes, a roku web browser, or through screen casting and mirroring.

In fact, Twitch not being on Roku to watch is a very common issue Roku users are having…

“My Twitch stopped working on Roku”

If your current Twitch private channel on Roku crashes, pauses or buffers, don’t worry. The methods listed in this article will help get your Twitch working again!

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Can I watch Twitch on Roku?

Can I watch Twitch on Roku

Yes, you can still get Twitch on Roku by using the new updated Private channels in this post or by using the improved casting methods listed. However, if the private channel from Roku are still inactive, then you’ll need to screen cast or use a Roku web browser in order to get Twitch on Roku.

This requires a secondary device and an internet browsing app on roku. You can also see the exact steps it takes to get twitch on Roku via an alternative route we have provided further in this post.

Can I really get Twitch back on Roku by using the new private channel codes?

Yes, sometimes old private channels stop working. In this guide, you’ll learn how to get the most updated Twitch channels on Roku via private channels.

Worst case scenario: You can always grab an inexpensive Firestick to significantly upgrade your daily streaming experience. (I found this to be a massive upgrade) I went this route because I enjoyed getting any new movie or TV show that exists in addition to a fully functional Twitch app on Firestick.

If you’re just strictly looking to get Twitch on Roku the following methods should work just fine!

How to watch Twitch on Roku

Below you’ll see how you can get Twitch on Roku by using a method of your choice: newly, updated private channel codes or screencasting from Windows, Mac, iPhone, and Android.

To watch Twitch on Roku, first ensure you’ve decided on if you’d like to cast from either Windows/Mac or iPhone/Android.

If you’re not looking to cast Twitch then you’ll want to enter Roku private channel codes (see the best Roku Private Channel codes here).

1. How to Watch Twitch on Roku by entering the newest Private channel codes.

In the past, you may have used outdated private channel codes that stopped working. However, you could watch twitch on roku private channels, but that has been not as successful as using a Roku web browser since the Roku private channels are removed now. Now, there are Roku beta channels which has taken the place of the old channel options.

Here are details on the workarounds and new channel codes for Twitch on Roku:

  1. First ensure you’re Roku has screen mirroring enabled under settings
    .Step by step screen mirror
  2. Take your Roku remote and press “home” three times, next press “up” (twice), finally press “right, left, right, left, right”.
    How to get Developer Mode using Roku Secret Codes
  3. You’ll be brought to the Roku developer settings menu. Confirm, “Enable installer and restart”.
  4. Remember the password on the screen and enter it later when asked by Roku.
  5. Add the newest Twitch Roku private channels: “TWOKU”, “TTVstream” or “TwitchTV” by logging into your Roku account.
  6. You’ll see: “Add channel with a code” on the manage account page. Add Twitch Roku private channel codes here.
  7. Note: It may take up to 24 hours for your new channel to fully appear on Roku.
  8. Success! you now have Twitch on Roku.

Note: There is also a Roku secret menu you can access by entering in a few buttons on your Roku remote.

2. How to get Twitch on Roku by easily casting from iPhone or Android.

Did you know there is an app to stream Twitch on Roku TV through the use of a Roku internet browser? This app can be used on both iPhone and Android to cast Twitch to Roku. In fact, you can cast your entire browser display this way and Twitch streams very easily this way. You can control the twitch app with your phone.

This app allows the very best navigation and controls for casting iPhone or Android to Roku while also minimizing any potential lag.

Here’s how to get Twitch on Roku by casting from Android or iPhone:

  1. Go to Google Play or Apple app store and search “Web Video Cast”
    . Photo steps to watch twitch on Roku
  2. Download and launch the app, then type in twitch on the in-app web browser.
    Second step to use a casting app to get Twitch on roku
  3. Select cast at the top of the app. Select Roku.
  4. Roku will prompt you to install the app automatically.
  5. On your app, select Twitch. The screen will begin loading.
  6. Hit tap to play on Roku.
  7. You now have Twitch on Roku by casting!

Unfortunately, these methods are not as convenient as using the Plex app or upgrading to Firestick from Roku… but by casting you can play any video in your phone browser on your Roku.

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3. How to get Twitch on Roku by casting from Windows.

An alternative way to watch Twitch on Roku is by screen mirroring from your PC or laptop. This is especially useful for when your iPhone or Android is running low on battery.

If you’re like me, you use your phone as an alarm when watching Twitch at night and place your phone on the opposite side of your bedroom so you don’t hit snooze.

Here’s how to use Windows to screen mirror and watch Twitch on Roku:

  • Ensure screen mirroring is enabled on your Roku device by locating the system and selecting screen mirroring: “always-on”
  • Check to make sure your PC (Windows) is conneceted to the same WiFi as Roku.
  • Cast your Window’s display with Twitch on it to Roku by locating to notifications at the bottom right of your taskbar.
    photo of windows connect button to screen mirror VLC to Roku
  • Select, “connect to a wireless display”. Newer models can add a Roku device via Bluetooth on windows.step by step witch on Roku for Windows screen mirror method
  • Windows will scan for devices. Once your Roku appears: hit connect.
  • Congrats! You now have screen mirrored to watch Twitch on Roku from your computer!

Note: The outlined method above is not possible for Mac users. I personally upgraded to a Firestick as mentioned at the beginning of this section. Switching to Firestick personally solved the majority of my streaming issues, including Twitch on Roku.

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I don’t want to screencast or use Roku Twitch channels. What can I do instead?

If you’re like me, then you don’t want to use a phone or computer for screencasting to Roku. The navigation isn’t smooth, nor is the lag appealing.

I’ll admit, it’s irritating to get up in the middle of your entertaining Twitch stream just to change or rewind to a gaming moment. 

Using your computer for Twitch on roku menas having it go into sleep mode and changing pc settings to keep sleep mode off. Very annoying.

So, what are some alternate ways to get Twitch on Roku?

Best alternative: Getting a Firestick instead of Twitch on Roku..

informative graphic of Alternative ways to get Twitch on Roku
Best alternative way to get Twitch on Roku

The best route for Twitch on Roku isn’t on Roku at all. You can grab an official Twitch app by upgrading to a Firestick from Amazon. 

I noticed the navigation was instantly more smooth and found absolutely zero crashes. Not to mention no second devices (like a phone or computer) is needed to watch.

 I was also able to get all my third party apps that I can’t get on Roku.

Quickly grabbing Firestick was a no brainer for me. Firestick = inexpensive, quick fix that drastically changed my streaming experience (especially Twitch).

Second alternative: Use Twitch not on Roku, but on your Smart TV

In the past, Samsung Smart TVs had the Twitch app installable on it. This is no longer the case and most Smart TVs do not have Twitch natively installed. 

However, there is the highly recommended option of skipping Roku and just casting from phone or computer straight to your Smart TV. Casting Twitch straight to a Smart TV will reduce lag, especially if you’re currently using an older Roku to watch Twitch on a newer TV.

Twitch not working on Roku

If these updated ways aren’t working for you you’re best best is to use a firestick or screen mirror. these ways work on Mac, Windows, iPhone and Android devices.

Is screen mirroring annoying to navigate? Sure, but your only (and best) option remaining is to grab an inexpensive Firestick on amazon to close this chapter of your search if you’re truly having issues.

Still can’t get it to work? See even more advanced ways to get Twitch using by a Roku web browser.

Has the TWOKU (the Twitch app) been removed?

Has the TWOKU the Twitch app been removed

TWOKU is a private Roku channel and it has been removed from the channel store on Roku. You can no longer stream Twoku through the Roku app list. Now, you must use internet on Roku instead.

The Roku Private channel code for Twitch is TWOKU.

For example, the Twitch app via screen cast on your iPhone, Laptop, Tablet or Android device is the quickest and easiest way to get Twoku (also known as Twitch on Roku) in a place that can watch it on Roku.

So yes, it is official, Twoku on Roku devices and Roku TV is removed from Roku.

Unfortunately Roku beta channels are now active and Roku private channels are currently inactive, meaning that in order to use an official app like Twitch (or Twoku) directly on the Roku stick, Roku TV, Roku Ultra LT, or Roku express, then you need to use the methods listed above in this post.

Roku beta channels do not have TWOKU on it, and if they do add it, you can only have a limited number of users on that stream channel at one time.


Will Roku add Twitch to their platform?

Roku regularly releases updates to its operating system to add new features and improve the performance of its devices. However, if Twitch will be added has not been mentioned, but one thing is for sure: Twitch is removed from Roku and there was likely a reason why. Until that reason is identified and “solved” I don’t believe we’ll see Twitch on there anytime soon. Of course, third party developers are always finding new ways to get it on Roku and casting is just one of many ways.

It is likely that Roku will continue to add new features in the future that could potentially allow Twitch, although it is not possible to predict exactly what those features will be or when they will be released.

Some examples of new features that have been added to Roku devices in the past include support for new streaming services, the ability to control the device with voice commands, and the addition of new channels and apps.

In order to stay up-to-date with the latest developments from Roku, you can follow the company’s social media accounts or check the Roku support website for information about new releases.

Is there an official Twitch app or only 3rd party apps?

As of March, 2024, there is no official Twitch app available for Roku streaming players and Roku TVs.

The Twitch app was removed from the Roku Channel Store in 2017 (source), and it has not been relisted since then​​. This means you can not download the Twitch app to your Roku. Consequently, for Roku users who wish to watch Twitch, alternative methods must be employed.

One of the most reliable methods is screen mirroring from a device using Android, Windows, or Apple AirPlay, as there’s no official Twitch app listed in the Roku Channel Store​​.

In summary, while there is no direct Twitch app for Roku devices, viewers can still access Twitch content via screen mirroring or other workarounds…

Can you watch twitch on roku TV?

Yes, you can watch Twitch on a Roku streaming player or Roku TV, but not through an official Twitch app. As mentioned earlier, it was removed from the Roku Channel Store in 2017 and has yet to be relisted in the Channel store​​.

The most dependable method to watch Twitch on Roku is by using screen mirroring from devices that support Android, Windows, or Apple AirPlay​​.

This approach involves projecting the Twitch stream from your smartphone, tablet, or computer to your Roku device, bypassing the need for a dedicated Roku Twitch app. While this requires an extra device, it allows Roku users to enjoy Twitch content on their TVs.

Bottom Line

While it’s true that there’s no official Twitch app for Roku, there are still outside the box methods available to make this happen. These include Screen mirroring, casting, and potentially using a separate device (like a Firestick).

For many, Twitch on Roku either crashes or stopped working.

In order to watch Twitch on Roku you’ll have to use the new, updated Roku Private Channels provided in this post. This includes, but is not limited to: Screen casting or mirroring from windows, using Web Cast App for iPhone or Android or installing the new updated Twitch private channels listed in this post for Roku.

In short, the most consistently updated Twitch private channel code we’ve found so far (for Roku) can be accessed by entering “TWOKU” under manage accounts via the Roku offical website.

Alternate ways to get Twitch on Roku to work includes simply switching to an inexpensive amazon Firestick. I made this switch because the upgrade has more than just Twitch, but it all my favorite apps Roku lacks.

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