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7 Cool Things You Can Do with Nvidia Shield TV Pro

7 Cool Things You Can Do with Nvidia Shield TV Pro

There are numerous benefits of using an Nvidia shield TV compared to other similar devices. You’ll be able to have all the capabilities of a Firestick, but with gaming and streaming options.

By using your PC or Nvidia shield you’ll be able to mirror steam games directly to your big screen TV in any room of the house. Why sit at the PC monitor to play steam games when you can utilize the Nvidia Shield from your couch?

Not to mention, Nvidia shield instantly runs nearly any format of downloaded movies and shows… especially the ones your playstation, xbox, and Firestick can’t seem to handle.

One thing Nvidia shield TV doesn’t have: A secret menu like Roku does. However, it does have several of other hacks & benefits we will cover.

That’s not all, AI upscaling, IPTV (cutting the cord), and even game emulators can be easily accessed with the Nvidia Shield TV. There are also a number of Nvidia shield TV hacks I’ll cover.

Unlike other devices, you can also run Jellyfin, Plex, and Emby on your Nvidia shield TV. These are advanced media player apps that stream content to your TV, sort of like a personal netflix.

In this post, I’m going to cover all the cool things you can do with the Nvidia shield, how you can get the best of it, as well as the feature, benefits and even disadvantages the Nvidia shield TV Pro provides.

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Table Of Contents

1. AI upscaling

AI upscaling

One of the numerous features you enjoy with NVIDIA Shield TV & TV PRO is AI upscaling. Before explaining how NVIDIA Shield TV does this, let’s define what AI upscaling is. 

The video contents you watch on your television, or any screen for that matter, come in resolutions, usually 1920 by 1080 resolution.

Combine this with it’s Dolby Atmos Audio & Dolby vision capabilities and the Shield makes it truly a premium streaming device, especially when compared to other similar devices.

However, your television screens are mostly in 3840 by 2160 resolution, meaning that most video contents show as a small box on your TV screen. This little box, surrounded by blank black spaces on the screen, is a terrible viewing experience..

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This is where upscaling comes in. Upscaling allows your television to guess the resolution that gives you a more precise and neater view and stretches the content to this resolution. However, AI upscaling of the Nvidia shield devices makes this even better.

With the use of machine learning, NVIDIA Shield TV takes a calculated guess to give you a very clear, crisp, and neat resolution.

NVIDIA Shield TV does it better than any other type of TV, due to the use of AI to make the ‘resolution guess’.

It is also effortless to use the AI upscaling, allowing this feature alone to make the Nvidia Shield TV worth it.

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2. IPTV on Nvidia Shield

IPTV on Nvidia Shield

You must have heard of Netflix, right? It is one of the popular platforms that uses IPTV, one of the offerings on the Nvidia Shield TV. IPTV stands for Internet Protocol TV, a system that allows the delivery of television programs with the use of the internet rather than cable box or satellite. 

Basically, this system allows you to enjoy live TV programs through live streaming and pre-recorded TV programs through video on demand. The IPTV system also has EPG (Electronic Program Guide), and PVR (Personal Video Guide) features that allow you to record, rewind, forward, and pause videos while watching them.

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Other benefits include a reduced need for cables as the TV programs are streamed directly through the internet. You will also be able to use the system with all kinds of displays (LCD and the likes). These features and many other benefits are associated with the use of IPTV.

The NVIDIA Shield TV allows you to enjoy this amazing feature as it is equipped with the necessary technology to make this happen. These technologies include the presence of an Ethernet port, which supports high data speeds and the ability to play all kinds of video formats. NVIDIA Shield TV also allows you to save more money through the use of IPTV.

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3. Install Emulators and ROMs on NVIDIA Shield TV

Install Emulators and ROMs on NVIDIA Shield TV

When wondering whats so good about the Nvidia Shield, it’s hard to not factor in that it doubles as the ultimate Emulator & ROM device

Have you ever wanted to play your old and classic games? NVIDIA Shield TV allows you to do this with the installation of Emulators and ROMs.

Emulators are software that allows you to play your old game consoles such as NES, SEGA, and the likes on a newer system, while ROMs represent the software version of the game. 

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By installing these two on your NVIDIA Shield TV, you get to enjoy any of the games of these old consoles. Android TV allows you to enjoy all of these games with one device, rather than getting different consoles.

This feature is a major plus for the NVIDIA Shield TV as most streaming devices don’t allow you to play your old games console on them. Also, you can switch to movies binging once you get tired of playing games—all of these on the NVIDIA Shield TV.

You get to save more money and space with the use of NVIDIA Shield TV, especially when compared to having multiple streaming devices for different purposes.

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4. GameStream technology: Streaming games from PC to your TV via Nvidia Shield TV & TV Pro

GameStream technology_ Streaming games from PC to your TV via Nvidia Shield TV & TV Pro

If you have a GeForce GTX PC, then you’ll be able to stream some of the best games to your TV by using the shield. You can also enable ‘Big picture’ mode and benefit from the steam app by transitioning it right on your TV or tablet.

To stream PC games from steam to TV using shield TV, then follow these steps:

  • Add the steam app from app screen
  • Select Nvidia games, you’ll arrive at the dashboard games screen
  • On your PC, download GeForce experience.
  • Once installed, you’ll log into your Nvidia account.
  • Locate settings at the top right of GeForce and toggle gamestream on.
  • On your Nvidia Shield TV, Sync your bluetooth controller by accessing settings, then accessories.
  • Congrats, your PC screen will be mirrored to your NVidia shield at 60FPS and 4k resolution!

Con: If you’re using an Xbox or bluetooth controller, I noticed there was no rumble linked by default, so you’ll need to use the google play store to download “Virtual Here USB app” on both devices (PC & Shield). This will allow the vibration on your controller. 

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5. Play video games on Nvidia shield with GeForce now and Steam

Play video games on Nvidia shield with GeForce now and Steam

Is the Nvidia Shield worth it for gaming? The answer is yes and this is yet another impressive benefit you enjoy with NVIDIA. Now, this is different from conventional video game settings.

It allows you to play PC games such as Steam Games and GeForce Now and allows you to really maximize your Nvidia Shield TV by streaming from steam/PC to your big screen TV. Keep in mind you’ll have two options, a Game Controller (bluetooth) or the Shield controller.

GeForce Now

The NVIDIA Shield TV now comes with the GeForce Now game app that allows you to access games on the cloud. It means that you need not have a physical gaming box to enjoy your favorite games. With GeForce Now on Nvidia Shield TV, you can enjoy many games for free from the comfort of your personal space.

The GeForce Now App on NVIDIA Shield has some free games pre-installed on it. These games are top-tier games that you will enjoy. If you wish, you can also get other games on the app.

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Steam Games

Steam is a popular online gaming platform that allows users to buy, sell, and store games. It operates almost the same way Netflix operates. While there are lots of interesting games on the platform, you can now enjoy these games on NVIDIA Shield TV. 

Android TV allows you to enjoy Steam games even without a PC. Nvidia Shield TV allows you to play any game that you have on Steam anywhere and anytime. This comfort and ease of use are one of the upsides of using NVIDIA Shield TV, especially with it’s Tegra X1 chip.

6. Twitch on NVIDIA shield 

Twitch on NVIDIA shield 

If you are big on gaming, then you will know what Twitch is. The platform allows you to share your gaming conquests and exploits with friends, family and fans online. The NVIDIA Shield TV allows you to enjoy this feature.

You can connect to Twitch on your NVidia Shield TV. This is because NVIDIA has partnered with Twitch to allow for a seamless connection and transition on the NVidia Shield TV.

Once you have your Twitch account, you can log in directly through NVIDIA Shield. Through the Record and Share button, you can broadcast your game on Twitch.

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7. Sideloading apps

Sideloading is also one of the features that you can enjoy with the NVidia Shield TV. While you can download apps on the NVIDIA, the Android TV allows you to ship in apps that are not officially available for download.

You can also load APKs and apps manually into the Android TV. No matter where the APK files are coming from, you will be able to ‘sideload’ them into the NVIDIA Shield TV. Moreover, you can load apps meant for Android smartphones and tablets on the TV, although the apps may not work on the TV. 

This feature makes the NVIDIA Shield TV better than most of the other types of streaming sticks or firesticks.

Unlike other devices, you can run Jellyfin, Plex, and Emby apps on your Nvidia shield TV.

This is because there is no other streaming stick that allows sideloading apps that is as strong as the Nvidia Shield. While the Firestick works well… it can’t compare with the advanced features and video playback capabilities that the Nvidia Shield TV Pro enables its users.

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8. Google play and Alexa voice assistant capable

Google play and Alexa voice assistant capable

Nvidia Shield can utilize hands free google assistant or Alexa. Doing so will allow your favorite voice assistant on your device. 

You’ll be able to download the Alexa app and use Alexa to turn your shield on and off. Additionally, you can open up different apps such as Amazon Prime or Netflix. If you want to fast forward a certain amount of minutes, then simply tell your Nvidia shield verbally and your wish will be granted.

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Once paired & connected, you’ll be able to say “Ok google” or “Hey Alexa” to initiate the sequence and begin a conversation to utilize all your favorite commands.

To use an alexa voice assistant on your Nvidia shield, you can connect an Amazon Echo device by pairing the two together. 

  • To use google assistant on Nvidia shield, you’ll need to enable it by selecting settings, then locating ‘OK google’ detection.
  • Next, you’ll locate shield accessories from the same settings menu and enable Ok google again.
  • Once finished, you’ll want to restart your device and confirm the Ok Google was verified by looking for the icon on the main menu/accessories tray. 

This also works with connecting and controlling your Shield device to google home: allowing you to turn the shield on off, play songs, switch channels, navigate Youtube TV and even set controls on other smart devices.

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9. Use a Keyboard and mouse

Use a Keyboard and mouse on Nvidia shield

The Shield TV allows you to connect a keyboard and mouse to the device. Whats interesting is that other streaming devices either don’t allow this or it doesn’t work at all. 

This will let you use your Nvidia Shield like you would a laptop computer. The best part? It’s possible to do this wirelessly or with a wired connection depending on the type of keyboard you’re using 

This can be useful for playing games, inputting login information, and quickly browsing the web. Nvidia shield has a browser thats a bit different than o ther streaming devices. 

For example a Roku browser lets you surf the web, but there’s only a few of them available and you can’t use a mouse and keyboard to navigate the web pages like you can on the shield TV.

If you want to use both a keyboard and a mouse with the Shield TV, you may want to go wirelessly since this technology is widely available and there’s little input delay.

NOte: The standard Shield TV has just one single USB port, while the PRO model has two USB ports – but you can always get an adapter that allows for more if this is a function you truly value.

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10. Use your phone as a remote to control your Nvidia Shield

Use your phone as a remote to control your Nvidia Shield

This app will serve as a replacement remote if you are unable to locate your physical remote or if you simply just want to use your phone rather than have another clunky device laying around your bedroom or living room.

Note: Using your phone to control your Nvidia shield TV Pro is a great choice for minimalists and is one of my favorite hacks for this streaming device.

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To make navigation more intuitive, you can install the NVIDIA Shield TV app, which provides access to a touchscreen keyboard and mouse (located on your iPhone or android device). 

The remote app is downloadable from the apple and google play stores – just make sure Nvidia is the developer when you download it and that it isn’t from a third party device.

To install the app, you can follow these steps:

  • Open the Google Play Store on your Smartphone.
  • Use the search bar to locate the NVIDIA Shield TV Remote app.
  • Click “Download” to begin the installation process.
  • On your phone, select your device name from the list of available options to connect to.
  • Enter the 4 digit PIN number displayed on your smart phone.
  • Click “Pair” to complete the pairing process between your phone and the Shield TV.

You’ll now be able to use your phone instead of your remote to control your TV. This means you can change channels, enter login information and everything else you would normally do with the remote


So, what can you do with your Nvidia Shield? In addition to being able to watch movies and TV shows streamed in almost any format, the Nvidia Shield boasts numerous game related benefits. These include A.I upscaling and Gamestreaming from a PC with a Geforce Graphics card.

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By utilizing the Nvidia game stream from PC to Tv, you’ll be able to play your favorite PC games remotely and in crystal clear resolution and it has the storage needed for any extra usage.

Since Nvidia shield TV utilizes Android, you’ll also be able to sideload your favorite APK’s or even more advanced capabilities. Compare this to other top streaming devices like the Apple TV or Roku, you’ll find nearly all of these extra features either aren’t possible or done as well.

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