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How to Download Netflix Movies to Computer or TV for Offline

How to Download Netflix Movies to Computer or TV for Offline

If you’d like to use Netflix for offline viewing, then you may be wondering how to download Netflix movies to computer. Whether your using computer, laptop or smart TV, the recommended route to take when downloading depends on your goal. 

Ask yourself, do you need the actual movie file or simply just want to watch offline at a later date?

We’ve done our research and there several ways to download Netflix movies to computer. However, it’s important to note that some ways can indeed break the terms of Netflix.

Here’s how to download Netflix movies to computer: 

To download Netflix movies to computer you’ll need to download the Netflix application and locate the save button. If the Netflix file itself is needed-you’ll need a third party Netflix downloader on windows or a screen recorder to download the movie.

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The official Netflix app is not available on Mac and requires different steps to download Netflix movies to computer. (see how to download Netflix movies on Mac)

If you’d like to save Netflix movies for offline use on a TV or laptop, then a few extra measures will need to be taken and will be explained in detail throughout this guide.

Determine whether you need the movie file itself or just want to watch offline later.

How to store netflix downloads to download netflix to computer
You’ll learn how to do both in this guide

Most want to download Netflix movies to computer to watch offline at a later time. The most convenient way to do this is by downloading the official Netflix application on your computer or laptop and following the steps outlined in this guide.

Some desire to store the actual Netflix Movie file on their computer (I won’t ask why). If this is the case, then you’ll discover that downloading the official Netflix application is optional as you’ll be using a third party software to download or record the movies.

Keep in mind using third party software to download Netflix movies to computer is likely against the terms of Netflix (however, many appear to do it anyways). 

Because of this, many are ditching Netflix to use a personal streaming service get any movie or TV show that exists, for free, and in under 10 minutes. (we’re big fans of this).

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Use the official Netflix app to download Netflix movies to computer or laptop

Netflix Smart Save to download netflix to computer laptop TV

If you’re looking to download Netflix movies to computer legally for offline use and without breaking Netflix’s terms, then this section is for you. 

You’ll need to have the official Netflix app installed on your computer or laptop.

To be clear-this means not using Netflix through your internet browser, but through installing the official Netflix application on a compatible device of your choice.

This official app has a “save” button and is only available for Windows, Android and iOS devices.

This save button isn’t available on your internet browser or on Mac. (see how to download Netflix movies on Mac)

What Netflix movies and shows are available for download?

Not all Netflix movies are available for download and some content is limited.

So, exactly what shows are available? 

Most “Netflix original” movies and shows are downloadable, as well as many non-exclusive content as well. 

When you come across a movie that is unavailable for download… there’s not much you can do about it. 

(This is probably why so many people are choosing to use their own personal streaming service to get any movie or show that exists.)

If you can not download a title it’s likely due that content rights are exclusive to another company.

How big are Netflix movies and how much data do they use?

Image of How big are Netflix movies?
Exactly how big is a Netflix movie and what is it’s file size?

Worried about the amount of space your pc or laptop has to store downloaded Netflix movies on computer?

Netflix decided to include an optional “smart downloads” feature that records the next episode you plan to watch while deleting the previous episodes you’ve finished. 

This storage feature appears to be enabled by default.

This leaves many wondering, “What is the average size of a Netflix movie?”. Well, we’ve done some research…

Heres how big Netflix movies are:

Standard definition (720p)High Definition (1080p)Ultra High Definition (4k)

From the above chart you’ll see that Netflix uses roughly 1 GB of data per hour for standard definition streams, up to 3 GB per hour for HD streams and as high as 7Gb for UHD, 4k Movies and shows. (source)

How to watch offline legally using the official Netflix app downloads feature.

Here’s how to download Netflix movies to pc, laptop mobile phone or tablet for offline viewing:

Ensure you have the Netflix application installed and updated to the latest possible version. 

To update on windows, locate “downloads and updates” and check for updates.

Next, go to Netflix settings. From here, select downloads, then click on video quality. Set your resolution to “standard” (720p) or “high” (1080p). 

Netflix downloading change resolution step 2 transfer netflix files

If you don’t have smart downloads turned on or are low on space to store Netflix downloads, then you can of course choose standard (720p or lower). 

Finally, hit the save icon to the right of the episode or movie. Enjoy!

Example of How download netflix movies to computer-6-2

Most phones and tablets today can handle storing a large amount of high resolution movies since Netflix has mastered the science of video compression.

For choosing the best Tablet For Netflix, see: 17 Best Tablets For Netflix.

What is the Netflix download limit?

Sure, there is the Netflix download limit of 100 saves total, but with the “smart save” feature on and the option to choose your desired resolution, this should never be an issue. (source)

If you run into an error- don’t forget that Netflix has a chat box support on their website for active Netflix subscribers and can reset your downloads by request.

What if I want to store my Netflix downloads on my phone or tablet?

For those of you who travel or plan to watch at several different offline locations… Your mobile phone or tablet is likely your preferred main storage for downloaded movies.

Here’s how to transfer Netflix movies from tablet or phone to computer or laptop:

  • One way is to simply cast your screen to your computer or laptop from your mobile phone or tablet by using Miracast or Chromecast. 
  • Alternatively, you can use your phones wired connection to display your downloaded movies on iPhone, iPad or android device on your computer or laptop display.

Storing Netflix download on your phone or tablet works, but you’ll need enough storage and will need the most updated Netflix software on your device. If this fails, try uninstalling and then re-installing Netflix to get the downloads onto your computer.

Use a Netflix downloader to extract the movie file.

Graphic of how to Download netflix on mac software program example

So, we went over the official methods to download Netflix movies to computer without breaking Netflix’s terms. 

However, can you download Netflix movies to computer by grabbing the actual movie file itself? (and thus, breaking Netflix’s terms)

The answer is yes, but it takes some effort. Any millennial who grew up using a computer will likely be all too familiar with using third party software to break the terms of an official software or app for their own personal entertainment or gain.

How to record Netflix:

You can use a downloader to extract a Netflix movie file to your computer by installing a third party downloader such as Flixgrab by Digiflix, or Tunepat to extract the actual file itself. 

Reasons you may want to do this include, but are not limited to video editing and storing movies on a preferred media player

For reasons related to Netflix’s terms and legal reasons-I do not particularly advise a Netflix downloader… especially when you can just create your own personal streaming service nowadays to watch any new movie or show of your choice.

Can you add Netflix movies to a flash drive or SD card?

How to play downloaded movies on TV using a USB

Yes, you can store downloaded Netflix movies on a flash drive by using computer, laptop or even an android device. 

Though, doing this on android is a bit technical and doesn’t serve much utility compared to the other methods listed.

Here’s how to put Netflix movies on a USB flash drive or SD card:

First, use a Netflix downloader or screen recorder to download the movie. Then, transfer the video file to a Flash drive or SD Card, or a Micro SD card for 4k video and play the movie file on your desired computer, laptop or TV!

If you’re using a USB flash drive to watch downloaded netflix movies on tv, then make sure you have it correctly formatted and that the usb is “strong enough”. 

I’ve personally used the Kingston 64 Gb (that is before I had ditched Netflix)… I ended up switching to my own personal streaming server through using Plex: Visit our article on how to use Plex here.

Is this the only way? Of course not.

Where are Netflix movie files using Android

You alternatively find where Netflix movie files are by using an Android mobile phone or tablet… this is especially useful for those who prefer to store Netflix downloads outside of their computer for mobility purposes.

Note: You simply can not do this on a iOS device.

This will show you where Netflix stores movie files.

Here’s how to find where Netflix stores it’s movie files:

  1. Using android, download the official Netflix application and hit the save icon next to your desired movie or show.
  2. Next, locate device storage, select Android and then data.
  3. Select, then files and finally go to “download”
  4. Open .of.
  5. Ensure you’ve enabled hidden files on your device. this is usually located under “more”
  6. You’re downloaded movies will show up as folders usually named as a 8 digit number.
  7. Finally, transfer to an on the go USB or SD card… Enjoy!

This does work, however it is certainly a large amount of effort to transfer files from android to computer. Also, you can’t play these files unless they’re in the “.of: folder. These appear to be encrypted to a certain degree which will not allow you to play it outside of this folder.

Can I record Netflix?

You can record Netflix, but you’ll need to use a screen recorder or movie downloader as previously mentioned. 

There’s certainly better alternatives as we’ve proved already, however if you don’t want to think too hard and just need a straight forward way to watch reflex movies offline this is your ideal route to take.

Those who don’t want to use a Netflix movie downloader may want to record their Netflix display on their computer. This is technically another way to download Netflix movies to computer by creating your own copy of the video/audio file.

The pro to this is that it will create downloaded Netflix movie for you. The con… well, it simply takes longer to record than most will tolerate.

To do this, you can grab a very simple screen recorder called Screencast-O-Matic and hit the big red button to record. Though, any other basic screen recorder will do just fine.

How to download Netflix movies to TV

You can indeed download Netflix movies to TV. These ways listed may not classify as actually “downloading” to the TV itself. Fan favorites include use an Nvidia shield TV Pro or by using a Netflix downloaders to a USB. 

The most impressive way to do this is by connecting an Nvidia shield streaming device to your TV. Netflix has enabled their official download feature on these devices and is the ideal offline solution for most TV displays.

Although expensive, the Nvidia Shield TV Pro as well as their tablet is particularly worth the investment if you’re traveling a lot. An Nvidia Shield can also be used to assist a personal streaming service allowing you to watch any movie or show that exists (see how here

Other ways to download Netflix movies on TV include using a Netflix downloader, then transferring the movie file to a streaming stick, set top box or gaming console (such as the Xbox one or Ps4). You’ll be able to watch downloaded Netflix movies on TV offline this way.

Here’s how to download Netflix movies on TV:

  • Download Netflix movies through a downloader and transfer to TV using a USB flash drive.
  • Download Netflix movies on your mobile device or PC and cast to TV using Miracast or chrome cast.
  • Use an Nvidia Shield TV Pro to download through the official Netflix app.

It’s important to note Netflix is no longer compatible with airplay. So those with iPhones, iPads or Macs will need to use one of the other methods listed. You can optionally use a wired connection instead.

Most recent smart TVs have Miracast or Chromecast built-in. This way you can simply cast your downloaded Netflix shows to TV from computer, mobile phone or tablet.

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But… my smart TV is outdated?

If your TV is a outdated you can buy an adapter such as the Anycast adapter on amazon, to allow Miracast or Chromecast streaming. This is one of the most simple, straight forward ways to get downloaded Netflix movies on your TV without a USB or HDMI.

You could also install an app on your Smart TV that creates a Wifi-Direct connection-however these come with downsides when using the free version.

Third party apps that create a Miracast connection often have limits on them if you don’t purchase their paid version. The free versions are frustrating when the limit occurs. 

Still need more ways to do this? Visit our full article on how to put downloaded movies on TV.

Bottom line

In order to get downloaded Netflix movies to your computer you’ll need to either use the official Netflix app, a Netflix downloader or decide if a substitute such as casting from your Mobile phone (android only) solves your problems. 

Overall a personal streaming service will be your ideal alternative as it allows you to download movies as well as grab any movie or TV show you desire. Downloading Netflix to a laptop or computer can be complex, but you can always record the video and transfer the files, be aware that you’ll need to check with Netflix first if this is within their guidelines.

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