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How to get Dish Anywhere on Roku | Updated

How to get Dish Anywhere on Roku | Updated

Looking to use your Dish Anywhere on Roku? I’ve done some research and found there are quite a few ways to make this happen. 

Even though there is no “official” Dish Anywhere app on your Roku, it is still possible to get all the channels on your device.

If you’ve searched for Dish anywhere app on Roku then you’ve quickly discovered there’s no obvious app present… at least not in the official Roku Channel Store.

Here’s how to get Dish anywhere on Roku:

You can get Dish Anywhere on Roku by casting from Smartphone to Roku. First, ensure your Roku and phone are on the same WiFi. Next, turn screen mirroring on in Roku Settings. Finally, download “Web Cast Video” app and launch Dish Anywhere using the URL browser.

The above is done by screencasting using the iPhone/Android app “Web Video Cast”; which is coincidentally one of the best Roku web browsers.

So, you’ll have to choose whether you’d like to screencast to get the 120+ channels you pay for by casting… or get only 14 channels by logging into the apps separately on Roku. (more on this later)

Update: The 11+ Roku secret menus are useful, but they will not enable you to connect to Dish Anywhere

In this post, I’ll be covering many more ways to get Dish anywhere on Roku. These include, but are not limited to Dish Anywhere on Roku using Android, iPhone, Tablet, Windows & Mac.

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What channels can you get with Dish Anywhere on Roku?

Did you know you can log into Roku apps such as Showtime, ESPN, Fox & Disney by simply entering your Dish Anywhere credentials?

All the dish anywhere channels available on Roku

So, how is this possible when theres no official Dish Anywhere App for Roku? You can simply enter in your Dish Anywhere username and password into these Roku apps to gain premium access to the below channels. 

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You already have Roku for Dish Anywhere (to an extent)

Dish Anywhere customers have this feature in their plan and don’t even know it…

Here are the premium Roku apps that you can get by entering your Dish Anywhere credentials:

  • Watch ESPN, 
  • Showtime,
  • CNN, Fox,
  • ABC,
  • A&E,
  • Freeform,
  • Disney Channel,
  • NBA,
  • History Channel,
  • Lifetime,
  • National Geographic,
  • DIY, and Epix.

As you can see this is not much of a selection considering you’re a customer that pays to access over 120 channels. 

If you choose to not screencast and you instead log into separate channels as mentioned above, then you’re unfortunately limited to these 14 or so channels.

If you’re anything like me, then you want to get the channels you pay for. 

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There are a few apps and ways to make watching Dish Anywhere on Roku possible.

You can also do what I chose to do: Get any movie or TV show that exists by using Plex on Roku. See more this hack here (No need for a secondary device.)

Alternatively, you can also just use the Roku web browser to get Dish Anywhere on Roku.

Can you get Dish Anywhere on Roku?

Yes, you can get Dish Anywhere on Roku by using a computer or smartphone to cast from. You can also log into separate channel apps by using your Dish Anywhere login credentials. There is no official Dish Anywhere app for Roku.

The preferred method of casting from a phone or computer will allow you to unlock all the Dish Anywhere channels you pay for on Roku.

I’m sure you’ll agree that getting all your 120+ channels through casting is far better than logging into a selection of 14 channels through their each respective separate Roku apps.

Here are the devices you can cast Dish Anywhere to Roku with (120+ channels):

  • Web Cast App (Android & iPhone)
  • Android Phone (android only)
  • Windows (windows only)
  • Chrome browser (Windows & Mac)

Many may be wondering if there is a Roku private channel for Dish Anywhere. Unfortunately, there isn’t.

However, you can visit our full list of Roku private channels to see what jailbreak style channels are actually possible.

Can I get Dish anywhere on Roku without casting? What devices have this feature?

You can’t get your channels on Roku without casting, screen mirroring, or using an HDMI.

What devices have an official Dish Anywhere app on them?

Dish Anywhere Roku Alternative
Unlike Roku, Nvidia Shield & Mi Box have a Dish Anywhere official app.

The only two streaming devices that have Dish Anywhere as an app (without casting) are the Nvidia Shield TV and the Mi Box (both available on Amazon). 

These specific models I’ve linked to amazon above have worked for me with Dish Anywhere.

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I personally prefer the Nvidia Shield TV myself and it’s by far the strongest streaming device I own. A quick inexpensive option I’ve tested is the Mi Box. 

The only two Smart TVs we have knowledge of that with Dish Anywhere on it is the Sony Bravia and Sharp Aquos Smart TVs.

How to watch Dish Anywhere on Roku

How to watch Dish Anywhere on Roku

In order to get all the 120+ Dish Anywhere channels on Roku, you’ll need to decide which Device you’ll be casting from. Below you’ll find all the possible routes to take to connect your Roku or Roku TV to dish network. Keep in mind these require the use of Android phone, iPhone, Windows, or Mac to cast from.

How to get Dish Anywhere on Roku using Web Cast App (Android & iPhone)

By grabbing the Web Video Cast app on iOS or Android you can get Dish Anywhere on Roku in under 30 seconds.

It’s the easiest to get working and also easier to operate, rather than a laptop since your phone will be used as a convenient remote. It also minimizes the amount of vs other methods listed.

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Here’s how to get Dish Anywhere on Roku by casting from iOs or Android:

  1. Open Google Play or Apple store and download “Web Video Cast”
    .Photo steps to use Dish Anywhere on Roku
  2. Once the app is installed, enter Dish Anywhere in the URL on the app’s native web browser.
  3. Next tap “cast” at the top of the Web Video Cast app. Select your Roku device.
  4. Roku will immediately prompt you to install the app on Roku at this point.
  5. Continue on the app. The screen will begin loading
  6. You now have Dish Anywhere on Roku through casting!

How to get Roku Dish Anywhere casting from an Android Phone (Android only)

There is also an Android-only option that is built in to allow casting. This can be found under connection & sharing and will allow you to cast your browser.

This is great for those who don’t wish to add another app to their Android. Unfortunately, iPhone users don’t have this particular feature.

Here’s how to cast and watch Dish Anywhere on Roku using Android phone:

  • Make sure your Android phone and Roku are on the same WiFI network.
  • Locate settings and turn screen mirroring on.
  • Download Dish Anywhere app to phone.
  • Using Android Phone, go to settings and navigate to connection & sharing, then tap cast.
  • Turn the setting on, then select Roku.
  • You’ll now have Dish Anywhere on Roku through casting via phone!

Use Dish Anywhere on Roku by mirroring Windows (Windows only)

You can get Dish Anywhere on Roku by mirroring your windows display with Dish Anywhere on it.

Everything will function as if you’re using a computer or laptop since you’ll be mirroring your display and nothing more.

Here’s how to use screen mirror on Windows to watch Dish Anywhere on Roku:

  • Ensure screen mirroring setting is enabled on Roku.
  • Next, locate “system”, then choose screen mirroring and set it to “always-on”.
  • Make sure your PC using Windows is on the same WiFi network as Roku.
  • Cast the Window’s display that has Dish Anywhere on it to Roku by clicking notifications at the bottom right of the Windows taskbar.
    photo of windows connect button to screen mirror Dish Anywhere Roku.
  • Next, select “Connect to a wireless display”. Some Roku models can mirror by clicking Bluetooth on Windows as well.
    step by step Dish Anywhere Roku using windows MiraCast.
  • Windows will scan for Roku. When Roku appears, hit connect.
  • Congrats! You now have screen mirrored Dish Anywhere on Roku from your computer!

Note: The outlined method above is not possible for Mac users since this is using a Windows-only feature known as Miracast to cast.

Mac users can use AirServer or Google Chrome browser to cast from Mac to Roku.

How to cast Dish Anywhere from Mac to Roku using Chrome. (Windows & Mac)

This method is a great alternative to the above methods. Which you use doesn’t matter.

I would try the Web video cast app on iPhone first. If you have to use Mac you can use the below method.

Here’s how to cast Dish Anywhere on Roku from any Google Chrome browser from PC or MAC:

  1. Ensure Roku and your computer are both on the same WiFi.
  2. Navigate to the Dish Anywhere URL on Google Chrome and log in.
  3. Next, click on the three vertical dotted buttons that open settings on chrome browser (look to the right of the URL browser)Cast Roku web browser using Chrome for Dish Anywhere Roku
  4. Check to confirm you are not in incognito mode.
  5. Select Cast from the dropdown menu and wait for Roku to appear.
  6. Choose Roku device.
  7. Enjoy Dish Anywhere on Roku!

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To conclude, you can get Dish Anywhere on Roku by screencasting from your computer, laptop, or smartphone. I have outlined in this post how Webcast Video App, Chromecast, and Miracast (Windows) can allow Roku owners to have a Roku Dish Anywhere capable device.

You can also use your Dish Anywhere log in credentials on different Roku apps, such as ESPN or Showtime, or Disney. 

Unfortunately, there is no official app on Roku for Dish Anywhere. There’s also no way to download it or get it through a Roku private channel code.

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The best and the only way to enjoy Dish Anywhere for Roku is by screen mirroring or casting from a smartphone or PC using the Web Video Cast app. 

What route will you take to get your channels on Roku?

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