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How to get DailyMotion on Roku | Updated

How to get DailyMotion on Roku | Updated

Have you been trying to get Dailymotion on Roku? It’s hard to believe that the second-biggest streaming site for video in the world doesn’t have its own Roku Channel.

What’s more interesting is that Dailymotion doesn’t even have their own Private Roku Channel anymore. The once known secret code “Dailymotion” is a thing of the past. (see all hidden Roku codes listed here)

So, how can you get Dailymotion on Roku?

You can get Dailymotion on Roku by casting from PC or phone to Roku. For phone: download “Web Cast Video” app, launch Dailymotion on Roku using the in-app, URL browser. For PC: turn “screen mirroring” on in Roku and cast via windows “Connection” options. Enjoy Dailymotion on Roku!

Is the above method not ideal for your situation? I’ve further researched this topic and found some more ways that compile the best workarounds for you to successfully get the Dailymotion Roku combo back in your life.

Update: You can also launch a Roku Browser and watch Dailymotion; though the process is different than the one in this post.

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Can you get Dailymotion on Roku?

You can certainly get Dailymotion on Roku. However, watching popular video streaming site on Roku isn’t accessible via official or private channels. 

Your best and only alternative is by displaying a secondary screen on your Roku. In other words, screencasting and mirroring will be your only option.

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There are no current plans to have a Dailymotion app on Roku via official or private channels according to the public available information.

I don’t want to cast or screen mirror to watch Dailymotion on Roku. What can I do instead?

informative graphic of Alternative ways to get Dailymotion on Roku
Professional demonstration of how to get Dailymotion on Roku

Don’t want to cast from your phone, computer, or laptop to get Dailymotion on Roku? 

Upgrading to a streaming device such as the inexpensive Amazon Firestick was without a doubt the best possible option for me.

I made this exact upgrade (from Roku to Firestick) not long ago and I am ecstatic that I did. 

It has every upgrade imaginable and I’m extremely satisfied with the cost vs benefits it provides.

Is there a Dailymotion Private channel code?

There is no non-certified, private channel or app for Dailymotion on Roku. There used to be the secret hidden private channel code for Roku called, “Dailymotion” that you could enter via your Roku account. This private channel is not longer operational.

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It’s also true that there is no sideloading or downloading Dailymotion on Roku. This further demolishes the small amount of hope we all had in the back of our minds as workarounds methods.

How to watch Dailymotion on Roku

By downloading the “Web Video Cast” app on iOS or Android you’ll experience a smooth method with minimal lag while getting Dailymotion on Roku. It’s less clunky to handle compared to a laptop. Not to mention it can be used in place of your Roku remote as well.

I found there was much less lag and no gap in lip-sync with this app, especially compared to Windows using Chrome or MiraCast. (massive lip/voice sync lag)

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Here’s how to get Dailymotion on Roku:

  • Open Google Play or Apple store, then download the Web Video Cast app.
    Photo steps to use Dailymotion on Roku
  • Open the app, then type in Dailymotion in the URL section of the app’s native web browser.
  • Next, hit cast at the top of the app. Select your Roku device.
  • Then, Roku will immediately prompt you to install the app on Roku.
  • On your app, select the Dailymotion URL. The screen will begin loading.
  • Hit tap to use Dailymotion on Roku.
  • You can now watch Dailymotion on Roku via casting!

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Daily motion Roku: Dailymotion: Casting using Google Chrome on PC

This method certainly has more lip-sync when compared to the previously outlined solution.

Here’s how to cast Dailymotion on Roku from any Google Chrome browser on PC:

  1. Make sure Roku and your computer are on the same WiFi Network.
  2. Open the URL on Google Chrome, then click the three vertical dotted buttons (the dots that open settings on chrome. This can be located by looking directly to the right of your Chrome URL browser.
  3. Select Cast from the dropdown menu and wait for Roku to appear.
  4. Choose the Roku device.
  5. Enjoy Dailymotion on Roku!

Alternate ways to download Dailymotion on Roku

Downloading Dailymotion on Roku is not possible through side-loading or the in App Store of course.

However, the quickest way to get Dailymotion on Roku is by simply launching the browser and casting via Windows.

Windows has a built-in casting function you may or may not know you have called “MiraCast”. Everything will function as if you’re using your computer, laptop, or tablet as you’re technically doing nothing more than simply mirroring your display from Dailymotion to Roku.

This doesn’t exactly use the content of your Roku, but whatever is on the display of your Android or iOS device

Get daily motion on Roku using Windows

Here’s how to get Dailymotion on Roku using Windows screen mirroring:

  • Make sure the screen mirroring setting are set to “enabled” on Roku.
  • Locate “system”, choose screen mirroring: “always-on”.
  • Next, ensure your PC (Windows) is connected to the same WiFi Network as Roku.
  • Cast the Window’s display that has Dailymotion on it to Roku by opening the notifications icon at the bottom right of your taskbar (see below).
    photo of windows connect button to screen mirror Dailymotion on Roku
  • Next, select “Connect to a wireless display”.
     step by step Dailymotion on Roku for Windows screen mirror method
  • Windows will scan for Roku. When Roku appears, click connect.
  • Congrats! You now have mirrored your screen to watch Facebook on Roku from your computer!

Note: The solution above is not available for Mac users as this is a Windows-only feature known as “Miracast “. Mac users can use AirServer to cast from Mac to Roku.

Sure, these solutions using screencasting and mirroring do work… 

However, it’s obvious using a phone or computer interferes with the seamless experience we all want. Why can’t things just be simple? This is why I (and many others) choose to use the specific model Firestick device I pointed out earlier in this post.

Get DailyMotion on Roku using Chromecast

Get DailyMotion on Roku using Chromecast

Dailymotion is a popular website for streaming videos that competes with ebaumsworld, YouTube and other interesting video sites.

Many Roku users want to watch Dailymotion on their Roku devices, but there is currently no Dailymotion app available for Roku so they have to use workarounds – and chromecast is one of the most popular ways.

To watch Dailymotion on your Roku using Chromecast, you will need to have both a Chromecast device and the video you want to watch on Dailymotion.

  1. First, open Dailymotion on your desktop or mobile device and start a Dailymotion video.
  2. Then, click on the Chromecast icon button available on the player.
  3. Select your casting device and start your Chromecast session. The playback should start on your Chromecast device, and the interface should show you the content information.

If you’re using an iOS or iPadOS device

You can watch Dailymotion on your Roku by allowing your device to discover Chromecast devices available.

Once it’s done, you’ll be able to start a Chromecast session with the following steps:

  1. Open the Dailymotion application
  2. Start a Dailymotion video
  3. Click on the Chromecast icon button above the player interface
    chromecast icon to click

  4. Finally, select your casting device, and start your Chromecast session.

Android users can also watch Dailymotion on their Roku devices

Open the Dailymotion application, start a Dailymotion video, click on the Chromecast icon button above the player interface, select your casting device, and start your Chromecast session.

Chromecast isn’t working to cast Dailymotion on my Roku

If you’re having trouble casting Dailymotion to your Roku using Chromecast, you may want to try using a Roku browser or an HDMI cable. This will allow you to watch Dailymotion directly on your Roku device, without the need for a Chromecast.

Regardless of the method you choose, you’ll be able to enjoy Dailymotion’s wide selection of entertaning videos on your Roku in no time.


Flowing from the thoughts above it’s clear that there are solutions to get Dailymotion on Roku.

The main issue for most is that they search for an official app for Dailymotion on Roku, which is non-existent. Yet, there’s also no way to download Dailymotion on Roku or way to access the expired private channel codes that once existed.

The best and the only way to watch Dailymotion on Roku is by screen mirroring or casting from iPhone, Android or PC… and this is just another reason why most end up upgrading to a Firestick from Roku.

I’ve outlined solutions in this post that show you how to use Webcast Video App, Chromecast, and Miracast (Windows) as a viable alternative to downloading Dailymotion on Roku.

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