Netflix keeps freezing

Netflix Keeps Freezing: How to Fix Netflix Buffering | 2021

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When Netflix keeps freezing, it is almost always an issue of your internet, device, browser, or computer. The chances of this being an issue related to Netflix itself are extremely slim as Netflix has continually update their system. It’s more often the device, but there are still ways to fix it.

Of course, there are some outside factors for when Netflix keeps buffering. Since everyone is going to instruct you to reset your router first… we may as well just get that aspect out of the way first. (and they’re right)

Here’s the quick fix for when Netflix keeps freezing:

  • First, go to Netflix settings, select “Get help”, then “Check your network”. Next, unplug the device with Netflix on it for 3 minutes. Afterward, do the same with your router and modem. For computers, install a different browser. Netflix freezing and buffering will now stop.

If you don’t see the “check your network” option, then simply unplug the device Netflix keeps freezing on for 3 minutes and reset.

Even if you have a high speed, reliable internet connection its highly probable your device and internet is still the issue. Why? Well, 9 times out of 10 there are many hidden issues such as IP address conflicts and small errors that build up when a router that doesn’t get reset…

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If you’re sure your internet connection is not an issue, then it’s possible there are other factors contributing to your Netflix freezing. In this guide, I’ve outlined all the additional problems that can cause Netflix freezing and exactly how to fix them.

Why does Netflix keep freezing?

If you’re absolutely sure your internet connection has nothing to do with why you’re Netflix freezes, then it’s time to consider fixes that are tailored to solve your exact Netflix problem.

Why won’t Netflix stop buffering?

When Netflix won’t stop buffering and you’ve tried everything else. It’s time to look at other possible issues.

You could have other people on your Netflix account who are also on the same WiFi. It’s also common that someone is downloading torrents, a large file, or playing 4k videos on your WiFi when you experience Netflix not loading.

Here are overlooked, known possibilities when Netflix keeps buffering, crashing, and freezing.

When you’re on a public WiFi Network and Netflix won’t stop buffering

Watching Netflix on a Public Wifi can be all well and dandy until you get stuck on a loading screen or your movie keeps buffering. Limited bandwidth on Public WiFi Networks can commonly be the cause of this issue.

You can test your network connection to see if this is true. In Netflix, go to “Get help”, then “Check your network”.Some Netflix devices don’t include a speed check. If this is the case and you are using a smartphone, tablet, or computer, simply visit to test your connection speed.

Once you know you’re connection speed you can switch to a mobile phone hotspot on LTE to compare speeds. If you see a huge difference you’ll know if its the public Wifi Network causing the issue and not your device.

How to fix: Netflix keeps Freezing

How to fix Netflix freezing

So, You get the point… resetting and restarting your router on all connected devices will fix the majority of issues when Netflix keeps buffering or freezing.

If you’re positive the issue is not your internet, then you’ll want to troubleshoot some additional issues I’ll be outlining in this guide.

Let’s look at all the additional solutions for Netflix freezing that doesn’t include resetting your router or modem.

I reset my router already, yet Netflix keeps freezing

Have you reset all your devices, including the modem and device Netflix is on? If so, try the following:

Disable or reconnect your VPN

Netflix has some issues when using a VPN. People use a VPN with Netflix to unlock Netflix shows (such as modern family) by setting your VPN location to Canada or another country.

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You could alternatively swap to a new VPN location. I found disabling Malware bytes and antiviruses to bring some success when seeing Netflix loading issues on a VPN.

While fun, it commonly leaves people wondering “Why does my Netflix keep freezing”, after a bit of use.

Get a Wifi Booster

Are you far away from your router or is there a metal object in between your device and your router? You can raise your router as well. If these don’t work it might be time to consider a WiFi booster.

Distance or a metal object between your streaming device and router could cause serious problems related to Netflix buffering.

I solved this by using this WiFi booster from Amazon when this happened to me. Guess what? It worked.

This solved my Netflix freezing problem and it was relatively inexpensive to implement. 

The WiFi booster also solved many other internet issues unrelated to streaming… which I was certainly happy about.

Switch between 5G and 2G

If you’re on 2G… try switching to 5G. This will instantly solve your buffering issues if you’re too lazy to restart your router.

How will this solve your Netflix freezing and buffering issues?

  • 5g WiFi is for close-range high-speed internet. 
  • 2G WiFi will connect a further distance away but is not as fast… 

If your device is far away from the router and your Netflix freezes, then this is likely why. 

Luckily Netflix doesn’t use as much data as one might think. See how much data Netflix uses

Stop Netflix freezing by connecting to modem

If you’re still unsure why Netflix won’t stop stuttering, pausing, buffering or freezing… then you may want to connect straight to your modem instead of your router. 

You can do this by connecting a wired ethernet cord from your modem to your Netflix device.

By connecting directly to your modem and bypassing your router you can determine whether you need to call your internet provider to replace your router.

If you don’t have an ethernet cord and you’re wondering which one works. You can get a very inexpensive, ethernet cord from Amazon. 

I’ve used this in the past to successfully fix buffering and crashing issues on Netflix.

Netflix won’t stop loading on Smart TV

It’s likely your Smart TV software/hardware can’t handle Netflix as well as they advertise. This can cause Netflix to not stop loading on Smart TV

Its common Smart TVs don’t include the best of the best streaming software to run apps like Netflix. 

Grabbing a streaming device will be your next best option.

informative graphic Netflix won't stop loading on Smart TV

I’ve made the switch from Smart TV to a 4k enabled Firestick for Netflix (and many more reasons). Since then, I’ve never once had an issue with Netflix freezing aside from internet trouble.

I actually impulsively bought the Firestick without thinking and I’m truly glad I did. It fixed a multitude of other Netflix freezing errors I was having (stuttering, etc) 

There are also so many other things you can do that you just can’t do with a Smart TV.

Computer Fix: How to stop Netflix from buffering and freezing

Still stuck wondering why your Netflix keeps buffering? For computer users, the next step to take is to change the web browser your using. There can be many issues that build up on your current browser. Including chrome plugins, etc.

I can’t stress enough how many overlook this simple solution. Compatible browser to try switching over to include Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Opera, and Safari.

Switch to Opera from Google Chrome seemed to work the best for me. I had one too many chrome plugins at the time that likely were interfering and causing a lot of Netflix buffering.

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Try changing the bitrate when Netflix won’t load

If Netflix won’t load and you’ve tried the previously listed fixes, then you might be due to lower the bit rate. Quality may suffer, but it depends on how low you set it. Options include 720p, 1080p, and higher. I’ve found that 720 works best which is standard and you don’t lose too much quality.

When on a public Wifi going from 1080p to 720p may be just what you need.

  1. Log in to
  2. Select your profile.
  3. Locate Account.
  4. Under “My Profile”, select “Playback Settings”.
  5. Go to Data Usage to slightly lower your quality
    .Netflix won't load bitrate
  6. Finally, reset your device running Netflix. If on the computer be sure to restart your browser.
  7. Netflix should now start to load!


When Netflix won’t not stop buffering, freezing and crashing the first place to look is your internet connection. 

There are many ways to troubleshoot this such as using a wifi booster when netflix won’t stop loading, switching between 2G and 5G when netflix freezes or trying a new web browser from Netflix keeps buffering on Windows or Macbook.

After Covid-19, Netflix and many other streaming giants were forced to reduce bandwith to users. Some experts have hypothesized that since they were forced to reduce, they’ve discovered new ways to lower costs and with that comes freezing from time to time. 

The first time Netflix kept buffering on me, I had to reset my router, streaming device to fix it.

Netflix didn’t freeze again until my roommate put a big metal object (furniture) in the hallway between me and the router. I had no idea that large metal objects in between you and your router could do this. So I had to get a Wifi Booster. 

I was using my Smart TV at the time and found that Netlix would get stuck on a loading screen. I and was forced to grab a firestick… Netflix finally stopped buffering! 

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