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Why is my Xfinity TV Cable Box slow? Apps & Remote Lagging (Get Full speed)

Why is my Xfinity TV Cable Box slow? Apps & Remote Lagging (Get Full speed)

Why is Xfinity TV so slow when you change channels, use the remote, or load apps like Netflix? The cable box and remote can be very slow to respond to commands and make it feel as if it is taking forever to load; this is not normal.

Why is Xfinity so slow? EVERY press of the button is recorded and sent to the Comcast servers, according to X1. DTA’s are one-way, meaning they operate independently from one another.

  • Legacy boxes were two-way because the upstream was utilized for OnDemand and certain interactive functions.takes maybe 1-2 seconds to change channels.
  • Users report that The Xfinity X1 Cable box is not only slow, but the extended loading time makes it difficult to switch from channel to channel in search of something worth watching.

“My Xfinity box upstairs takes forever to load channels and apps, however the Xfinity tv cable box downstairs works flawlessly with no lag at all”

We’ve researched why this is so and found some easy ways to fix a slow Xfinity TV Cable box in this post

Why is my Xfinity TV Cable Box slow

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If Xfinity Channels, remote, or apps like Netflix, Peacock, HBO MAX are loading slowly on Xfinity, we will uncover, in-depth, how we solved this Xfinity lag further in this post.

At a glance – Quick solutions to fix a slow Xfinity TV experience

At a glance Quick solutions to fix a slow Xfinity TV experience make xfinity faster

“It’s as if they [Xfinity] think you should just look for whatever you want in the guide and go directly there with a 3 second wait, rather than going throughout the channels instantly to see if anything good is on.”

However, before trying these, we have found other solutions (outlined further in this post) that may prove just as effective as calling Comcast.

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Why is my Xfinity TV Apps and Remote so Slow?

Why is my Xfinity TV Apps and Remote so Slow

If your Xfinity is sluggish, it’s important to remember that it is a very advanced system, which enables you features such as advanced search, DVR, personalized recommendations, apps. 

Slow response times from third party apps on Xfinity can be frustrating considering the entire purpose of streaming movies is to relax or be entertained.

Because the Xfinity X1 Box System has significantly more features and entertainment options than classic cable TV boxes, the TV and Internet are set up together.

The X1 biggest drawback is that it requires a good, clear cable connection.

This may be why some Xfinity channels, apps, and remote buttons take so long to register with the tv box… along with these other reasons:

  • Batteries running low on remote: This is an all too common issue.When your Xfinity television begins to load everything slowly, the first thing you should do is replace the batteries in your remote control… especially if your remote is taking a long time to register each command you give it.
  • Your Xfinity device may be too advanced: One explanation is that the X1 remotes send their directives to an Xfinity server, which then transmits them to your local box. If you have a poor connection, it might cause delays.
  • Internet connectivity: If the internet is slow, your TV box is likely slow. It could be interfering with your Xfinity TV box, which is why X1 apps run slowly.
  • Xfinity server overloaded: Xfinity servers are known to become overloaded at peak hours. If you are having X1 issues during peak hours, this is likely the cause. If not, then you’ll need to try the following tips.
  • Xfinity device or app is outdated: There may be an Xfinity update required that you aren’t aware of. Use the settings to locate an update.
  • Some Xfinity devices have varying speeds: If your certain it’s not the internet causing the issue: The other cause of a sluggish Xfinity TV box is that there are a variety of X1 boxes with varying speeds, and you can notice the difference in how the guide and menus display and move.

I found that my cable box upstairs Xfinity X1 was receiving a lot of interference with the wireless router I had upstairs. We disconnected the Xfinity X1 box and plugged it directly into an ethernet port on my network.

The problem continued. So, what did I do to fix it? Let’s dive into details.

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How to fix your Xfinity tv lagging to speed up channels, apps, and remote

How to fix your Xfinity tv lagging to speed up channels apps and remote

We tested a number of working methods that claimed to make the Xfinity TV load faster. This includes remote registering commands quicker and accessing streaming apps with better speed.

Common Fix: Restart your Xfinity box using the Xfinity app. This is done by downloading the Xfinity app and following the guide on screen.

Note: You can also see How To Pair Xfinity Remote to TV in our how to guide.

However, if you are 100% certain it’s not the internet causing a slow Comcast cable box connection, then you may want to read our Xfinity speed case study below as well as the fix that follows it.

Case Study: Speed test Xfinity TV Box – remote and channels changing very slowly

Case Study Speed test Xfinity TV Box remote and channels changing very slowly

We tested the speed up a Xfinity channel change, Apps launching as well as remote registering commands.

  • On an X1 box, we tested switching between CBS and NBC channels, 5 times using the up and down on the channel. Using a stopwatch we averaged about 2.64 seconds between hitting the button and getting both video and audio.
  • I then did the same on other channels and received 2.84 seconds. I then launched Netflix and got 2.2 seconds to register the remote click.
  • It takes far too long to launch an app on Xfinity: It took 6.3 seconds to have the Netflix Xfinity app fully loaded to the chosen user screen.

Fix: If the Xfinity TV Apps, Remote, and channel changing is too slow, then Comcast will need to check your signal levels to ensure you are receiving the value you are paying for. Simply reach Comcast via your app or support phone number and ask them to check your signals.

You can also use a Roku speed test to fix your connection if you’re using Xfinity on Roku.

The issue continued. It wasn’t fixed until I reached out to Xfinity support to check my signal levels.

Upstairs Xfinity X1 Box: After fixing this X1 cable box issue, we retested Xfinity TV Channel changing, remote lag, and app launching speed and found the average Xfinity TV Box task worked in under 1.2 seconds, which is fast enough for me.

So, if Xfinity TV is loading slowly for Xfinity, then you may want to reach Xfinitiy support over the phone and have them check your X1 box signals in regards to any wireless interference in your home or office.

Xfinity Remote slow to change channels?

Xfinity Remote slow to change channels

If your Xfinity remote won’t change channels, then it can be caused by damage to the remote, batteries being low/dead, or (most common) a bad paired connection to the Xfinity TV Box (we’ll solve for this).

If your Xfinity remote won’t switch channels on the TV, then first make sure there aren’t any issues with your Xfinity remote’s connection.

Next, replace the batteries in your Xfinity remote, then ensure the remote is compatible with your set-top box.

If neither of these solutions work for you, then the following temporary, as well as permanent fixes should be attempted:

Temporary fix: Instead of using the Xfinity TV’s Remote, use the Xfinity TV’s remote app on your smartphone. The app can be used like a standard remote- the main difference is that it is connected to the internet via WiFi.

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If you notice that your upstream signal (received from the set top box to Comcast servers) is taking a long time to respond, it’s an indication that your signal level isn’t good enough and may be improved. The problem can originate outside of your home or inside the house wiring.

Permanent fix: If the remote of a Xfinity TV cable box is running slowly, you will need to repair the remote. First, disconnect the remote from your cable box and re-pair it. This will differ by model.

Whether you have an XR2 or XR5 remote, the pairing connectivity issue is the remains the most common solution.

Xfinity Streaming Apps load so slow on Xfinity TV

Xfinity Streaming Apps load so slow on Xfinity TV

Users are left wondering why there is so much lag time between the remote and 3rd party apps on the X1? Sometimes load times are longer than 10 seconds for apps to fully launch. Combine this with a remote that is lagging in your very slow home theater experience.

  1. Clear cache of the app: this is typically done in the settings of the app or Xfinity settings.
  2. Reduce Network Activity: turn off other devices using internet or use a Wifi booster)
  3. Restart All Xfinity devices: This includes the internet in addition to the tv box.

Due to the system latency the device may also require a restart. If there is a known outage for the app your accessing, the issue may not be with your Xfinity TV Comcast box.

Note: I had a lag issue on Roku TV and slow loading on my kindle paperwhite. Simply restarting the device worked in both of these situations. Many issues are solved just by restarting; even on Xfinity.

How to Clear Cache on Xfinity Cable Box

Clearing cache or locally stored data from your Xfinity Cable Box can help improve its performance and resolve minor glitches. This process is especially useful if you’ve been experiencing issues with third-party apps.

Here’s a quick guide on how to do it:

  1. Press the xfinity button on your remote.
  2. Navigate to the gear icon for the Settings menu and press OK.
  3. Select the Privacy option within Settings.
  4. Find and select ‘Locally stored data’ and press OK.
  5. Confirm the action by pressing OK on the confirmation window.

Note: This action might sign you out of several apps on your Xfinity Cable Box and could also impact apps on devices linked to your Xfinity account. When you open apps again, they might store new data on your TV Box.

Apps like Netflix, Peacock, HBO, and Hulu are loading slow on Xfinity

Apps like Netflix Peacock HBO and Hulu are loading slow on Xfinity

If you’re having problems with Netflix, Peacock, HBO Max or Hulu on the Xfinity app, the first thing you can do is reset the app itself.

Resetting Netflix on Xfinity requires tapping the “A” button on your Xfinity remote, then locating the “Reset Netflix” and proceeding from there.

You should be able to tell immediately by consulting the Settings menu whether or not your device is properly linked.

  • If Netflix does not load on Xfinity, clear the app, reset your network, double-check that you are connected to a network.
  • Try playing another title, if this fails; check to see whether you have an Xfinity box that is compatible with the app.
  • Next, make sure all cables are securely inserted into both TV and Xfinity box

Resetting your network might help here. If Xfinity won’t play Netflix, your connection is to blame.

Do not unplug the router from its power source and then reconnect it. Instead, you’ll want to use the Xfinity app to restart. This will ensure the Xfinity box will be reset properly rather than a quick plug pull.

You should also check on your Xfinity router’s firmware version, since some older routers do not support newer apps. Xfinity X1 customers are recommended to check whether you have the latest X1 set-up software for XR2 or XG1 remote boxes. There is an update

App troubleshooting on Xfinity

What was the cause of the Xfinity streaming problems, which were sluggish and unresponsive to respond? The specific streaming provider you pick should function as intended.

Check to see whether there’s any current events indicating problems with Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, HBO GO and others. If the problem isn’t the apps, then the problem by default is with your Xfinity TV.

It may be that an Xfinity remote factory reset will help with the overall connection as a whole, including slow apps:

Resetting the Xfinity Voice remote (XR11 & XR15)

You can reset the Xfinity Voice Remote with the Setup Button – If your Voice Remote’s buttons are still unresponsive, you may need to reset it. Here’s how to reset your Voice Remote:

  1. If using the XR11 remote, press and hold “Setup” until the LED at the top of the remote flashes green. It will initially flash red. Then proceed to step 3.
  2. If you’re using an XR15 remote, then you’ll need to A & D buttons for 2+ seconds. The LED will flash green twice to indicate that the remote has been reset. Then, proceed to the next step
  3. Tap 9, then 8, then 1
  4. The LED will flash green twice to indicate that the remote has been reset.

In order to reset the remote and TV Box, you’ll need to pair them once more after performing a factory reset.

If the issue is that your website isn’t loading when a user tries to pick a movie or show, this solution will help. It’s particularly effective if the problem occurs when a user attempts to select a film or program.

If you are watching a TV recording and the lag is there, then you’ll find it can be greater at certain times rather than consistent lag. Checking your signals with Comcast may be the answer in this case.

Why can’t I change my Xfinity channel

If you find a channel on Xfinity is not working or you simply can’t switch to another channel, then the first thing to troubleshoot is your remote.

If the batteries aren’t dead or dying and there’s no damage to the XR remote, then a connectivity problem is likely the issue. This is the most common problem from my experience.

There are a few reasons why Xfinity remote may not switch channels. A bad connection between the remote and the Comcast Cable box might be to blame for your remote’s interoperability.

Pair and unpair the remote. If Xfinity TV is still slow to change channels, then you will need to contact your Xfinity Cable box support app and follow the guide.

Check Xfinity XR2 X1 Cable box for any signs of malfunction. Look at how it’s plugged in to the back of the TV and ensure that there are no loose parts or debris interfering with connections.

Why does my Xfinity TV have to reboot every 24 hours

It’s often believed that rebooting X1 cable box can fix problems with Xfinity TV service signal strength and Xfinity TV app crashing issues. however, what happens when it occurs more than once every 24 hour? The Xfinity cable box will need to be serviced.

Every day, Xfinity X1 customers’ television boxes will reset automatically. This happens to ensure that you (Xfinity customer) have the most up-to-date version of the software they provide. This avoids bugs like Xfinity running slowly. This restart occurs early in the morning for most users.


If your Xfinity TV is slow to respond or the remote or takes longer than 3 seconds to change a channel, then you will benefit from our solutions in fixing a slow Xfinity X1 TV box and remote.

Un-pairing the remote and then pairing it back with the cable box again is one of many fixes to speed up response time for changing channels and apps like Netflix. Most users do not enjoy paying money for TV service that is too slow when you go to use it.

Final tip: On X1, in settings, you can change the default guide view so you don’t always have to change it and experience TV lag.

In this post, you can try all our outlined solutions, many which are problems we have troubleshooted as well as researched by hand. This will make accessing all of your channels and favorite apps like Netflix much faster than before. Have you tried this strategy?

If your Xfinity apps fail to load or function slowly, check your WiFi network and restart the Xfinity as well as its connections.

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