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7 Best Roku Speed Tests to Fix your Connection

7 Best Roku Speed Tests to Fix your Connection

There’s a few ways to test the connection speed of a Roku. In most cases you’ll want to test your Roku speed when you’re experiencing lag, stuttering, or slow video playback.

Fortunately, Roku added their own internet speed test feature in the settings.

If you know your internet is fast, then why is your Roku not playing movies and videos smoothly? What if your internet connection is hardwired to Roku and the issue is still occurring?

The first thing you can do is to test your internet speed on Roku to make sure it matches up the speeds you pay for from your service provider.

There are several ways to check how fast the internet is on Roku, but you’ll want to try the following three first:

  • Official Roku speed test: Internet speed test via settings on the Roku device.
  • Speed test via Roku Netflix app: With-in the app of netflix is a speed test, which is convenient and very accurate.
  • Third Party speed test: This is great for Roku TVs and roku sticks – you’ll need to see how to get a Roku Browser first, then run a third party speed test (see further in this post)

Throughout this article, we are going to cover all three of the above methods in-depth.

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At a Glance – Roku Speed Test Info

Make sure your internet is receiving at least 10 Mbps of download speed if you’re watching 1080p, or 25 mbps for 4k video.

Paul Michael -Mediapeanut
Speed Test Result (Download)Recommended Roku Video Settings
0.5-3 mbps (per second)Further troubleshooting required
3-7 mbps (per second)HD quality
7-10 mbps (per second)FHD quality
10 mbps or more (per second)4K or 3D quality

Alternatively, you can also run a speed test through the Netflix or Vudu streaming apps, which is sometimes easier.

We will cover this in further detail in this article. There’s an option with-in the app that allows you to get an accurate read.

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By following the steps in this guide you’ll find that you are able to observe the download speed.

If the internet Roku speed test shows lower than 10mbps (or the connection is inconsistent), then further troubleshooting using this guide is advised.

How to test your Roku connection speed

How to test your Roku connection speed

To test internet speed on Roku, you’ll need to run an internet speed test to see the exact upload and download data transfer speeds.

Here’s how you can run a Roku speed test

  • Launch the Roku device
  • From the homescreen, locate settings
  • From here, find the network tab, this will bring you to a Roku speed test screen
  • Hit “Run speed test” to begin

From here, you want to observe the results.

  • First, the speed test will perform a download test which will check how much, and how quickly the data is being received to the Roku.
  • Next, your Roku performs an upload transfer. This will provide you with how fast your upload speeds are in the form of Mbps.
  • It is typical for the upload or download speed to be faster than one another.

If you’re having similar issues on Xfinity with Roku, then you’ll want to see our guide: How to fix Xfinity not working on Roku. However, if the issue is not the internet, and Xfinity is simply loading apps slowly, then we also have a guide on how to fix this.

If you want to check Roku internet speed, it is very simple. But how can you interpret the results of the speed test? Let’s find out.

How to interpret the results of a Roku speed test

How to interpret the results of a Roku speed test

The most thorough way to test your Roku speed is to run a standard “Roku speed test” from your phone or laptop (, then compare it to your Roku’s speed.

This can be done through your Roku’s settings or through borrowing the netflix app’s speed test within your Roku (which means you need a Netflix account)

You may want to restart your Roku, as well as all internet connections if you’re experiencing lag issues.

However, if it’s consistent, it may have more to do with your internet connection than the Roku itself. This is why we recommend you test multiple devices.

  • 10Mbps if you’re watching 1080p
  • 25 mbps for 4k video.
If the issues are consistent and you know you have fast internet, you can of course swap to a Firestick – which I’ve found works very reliably and has some additional streaming features Roku doesn’t.

The Signal strength on Firestick seemed to be about the same as Roku when we tested it, but some users we have spoke with have a more reliable internet connection and overall experience when they switch.

Which I’ve had a great experience with. Older Roku’s may not have the manufacturer provided speed test and a software update is required.

Why is my Roku Internet Download Speed so Poor?

Why is my Roku Internet Download Speed so Poor

There are a few reasons your Roku download speed may not be performing well. This applies to nearly all Roku devices, including the Roku Streaming Stick, Roku TV, or Roku Ultra:

  1. An old Roku device that is not updated or restart can cause errors and a slow in video playback.
  2. Sharing your internet connection with other computers.
  3. A slow internet connection to begin with. This could be caused by a congested network and clearing the cache on your router or simply restarting your router will help solve this.
  4. Using your computer for other activities while you are streaming videos or playing online games on the internet

If your wireless signal is poor, you’ll be able to view this in the Roku internet connection speed settings.

However it will be obvious in most cases because you’ll be able to see that the movies you stream on Roku don’t work or disconnect intermittently.

Here are the best Roku speed tests to check your internet connection speed:

1. Use Roku’s built-in speed test

1. Use Rokus built in speed test

Select the “Settings” option in the corner of the sidebar menu. Next, select “Network” from the drop-down menu. You can then check your connection by selecting “Check Connection” in the Network Settings.After a minute, your smart TV or streaming stick will do a network test and display the finding.

The network test is necessary since it determines whether your issues are caused by the device’s connection to your Wi-Fi network. However, this is not the only way to perform a Roku speed test.

Note: If you’re using Xfinity and you’re speeds are slow (not only on Roku), then your Internet service provider could be throttling your connection. To see more on this visit our post Xfinity Throttling – Why your Xfinity internet is so slow.

2. Borrow a speed test from Netflix on Roku

2. Borrow a speed test from Netflix on Roku

You can perform a speed test right within the Netflix app on your Roku. The benefits of this is that you’ll get a second result compared to the built-in Roku test.

Additionally it is a very fast way to tell exactly how much speed your Netflix app itself is getting. So running a speed test on Roku via Netflix can be a good indicator of exactly how much speed movies and shows receive.

Here’s how to run a speed on Roku using the Netflix app:

  • Launch the Netflix app on your Roku and ensure you’re at the dashboard home screen.
  • Navigate to the Settings menu and select the ‘Help’ Option.
  • From here, choose “Check your network connection.
  • you’ll receive a very accurate assessment of your internet download speed.

Close router proximity is usually a strong indicator of a reliable movie or show experience on Roku. Even if you’re only using Roku to watch youtube or a Roku private channel.

Note: The Vudu app also has a speed test on Roku

You can also test it to compare how much faster a connection on your Roku stick or Roku Tv is compared to your firestick… since the test is also available on most devices that have the netflix app.

It’s possible your internet connection isn’t the issue. If this is the case, see the life expectancy of a Roku device.

3. (Ookla)

3. Ookla is actually the most popular speed test platform on the market that offers Roku wireless support. It is easy-to-use but also reliable when it comes to the results it provides. Of course, to operate a speed test with, you’ll need to use a Roku web browser. This is typically easier on Firestick than it is on Roku because it was not designed to browse the web.

If you have access to the Roku web browser, the process is pretty simple. All you need to do is go to the official Speedtest website, consent to the terms and conditions and click on “GO”.

Some users claim that Ookla is inadequate to perform reliable speed tests from time to time (source). But, 9 out of 10 times the Ookla speed test platform worked perfectly for us for Roku purposes.

The speed test will choose one of the closest hosts to your location and quickly operate a download and upload speed test. On the top left of the results, you can also see the ping value. Anything that’s lower than 99ms, is good enough for Roku to run without any issues.

So, if you want to check your Roku ultra wifi speed, is a smart way to go.



The speed test determines your current Internet speed. As a Roku Speed test channel, Fast utilizes internationally distributed servers and will usually be able to provide your speed quickly and efficiently. is the most reliable alternative to In a few words, this is the most lightweight speed test website we tested. Again, for the results to be reliable, you have to use the Roku web browser and run the test from there.

But how to check internet speed on Roku TV with Fast? To operate a speed test with Fast, all you have to do is:

  1. Open the Roku web browser
  2. Go to the official Fast website
  3. Fast will automatically run a speed test on your behalf

Unlike Speedtest, Fast doesn’t allow you to see your upload speed. Still, as a tool that helps you check the (download) internet speed of your connection, it is both reliable and quick.

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You should always run the test at least twice to ensure that your connection isn’t just powerful but also consistent (no sudden speed drops). This will help you identify the real Roku WiFi speed.

In short, Fast is the best way to conduct a Roku express speed test and will help you ensure that the Roku connectivity has no issues.



After downloading the Roku browser on your device, you can easily conduct a speed test from the Speedcheck platform. Even though this is a third-party operator, the results are always reliable.

The Speedcheck isn’t as lightweight as the website but it provides more info about your connection. In just a few seconds, you will know what the latency, download and upload speed is for your IP-Address.

Also, we really liked that Speedcheck also offers info about the stability of your internet speed. Anything above 80% is ideal for an uninterrupted Roku experience.

To run a speed test with, you have to:

  1. Open the Roku web browser
  2. Visit the Speedcheck website
  3. Click on Start Test

6. Roku speed test via private channel

6. Roku speed test via private channel

If you don’t want to use a third-party operator, you can always try out the Roku speed test private channel. This is a lightweight app that will help you Roku check connection speed in seconds.

With this internet speed test app for Roku, you can easily perform a speed test via the service straight from your Roku device. The app is designed to automatically find the closest server to your location in order to provide accurate results.

Although the speed test private channel for Roku isn’t functional for all users, there are occasions where you will be able to use it based on the software version of your Roku.

What to do if your Roku Speed Test is slow

What to do if your Roku Speed Test is slow

if your Roku speed test turns out slow you’ll want to restart your internet, bring your Roku closer to your router and then restart all your devices. if it is still slow, you will want to either upgrade your Roku device or use a hard wired ethernet connection which will sure there are no wireless issues causing the problem.

For movies and tv shows on Hulu, Netflix or HBO Max, make sure you have the following speeds:

  • HD means ‘high definition’. You’ll need 5Mbps or more.
  • 25Mbps for 4K Ultra or 4K UHD is required.
  • 8K Ultra HD (also known as 8K UHD): You’ll require up to 30Mbps or more depending on what app you are using.

A good internet speed for Roku is 25 megabytes per second or higher.

Also see: How to Get an Internet Browser on Roku.

To watch video streaming services like Hulu, Netflix, Disney+, and others, you’ll need internet download rates of 3–25 Mbps depending on whether you’re utilizing the 720p, 1080p, or 4K options from with-in the interface.

Fixing a Roku with no internet connection

If your Roku won’t connect to wireless network, there are a few troubleshooting steps you can try before taking your streaming device to an expert.

In many cases, the device has no hardware issues, and you can easily solve it by restarting your Roku or router.

Let’s take a look at the troubleshooting steps you can follow to restore your Roku connection:

  1. Examine your internet connection (operate a speed test)
  2. Check to see if your Roku is connected to the internet
  3. Restart your Roku Stick, Ultra, TV, or Express
  4. Restart your WiFi router and modem
  5. If your connection is unstable, consider bringing the Roku device closer to the network and modem (or connect it wirely with an Ethernet cable).

If you’re using Xfinity gateway, then you won’t have a modem and router separate as they both are combined with-in the gateway. I’ve found an Xfinity reset via the app works well for those using it with Roku. See more in our post on how to fix Xfinity not working on Roku.

If none of the above helps you solve the no internet connection issue, you should contact Roku’s customer service or take the device to a technician.

Pro Tip: If your speed test is still poor, using an Ethernet cable may solve playback issues caused by poor wireless connections. if your model has an ethernet port.

Best Roku bandwidth settings: How to manually set a connection speed on Roku

Best Roku bandwidth settings How to manually set a connection speed on Roku

If you want to manually set the connection speed on your device, you can do it by using the Roku Bandwidth saver. To do that, all you need to do is:

  1. From your remote, go to the Home Screen
  2. Access the “Bit Rate Override” screen by pressing the following buttons: Home (5 times), Rewind (3 times) and Fast Forward (2 times)
  3. A new tab will automatically appear on your Home Screen. From there, select the Manual Selection option
  4. From the “Select Bit Rate” tab, select the internet speed you need

Keep in mind that this solution has been disabled by Roku for the latest device. Still, you can still set your internet speed manually if you use one of the previous Roku models.

If you’re Roku TV needs a remote, view the Best TCL Roku TV Remote Replacements -there are also universal remotes available for Roku players as well.

Should Bandwidth Saver be on or off?

Most users have the Bandwidth Saver function turned off on their Roku devices. However, you can consider turning on this feature if you want your device to automatically stop streaming. This is a very useful feature for customers with data caps.

To enable the Bandwidth Saver on your Roku, all you need to do is go to Roku settings > Network Settings > Bandwidth Saver.

Some users claim that the Bandwidth Saver was automatically turned on after the latest Roku update. So, if you have any issues with your internet connection, you should make sure that the feature is turned off on your device.

How to update a Roku TV

Updating your Roku TV is simple in that it is similar to updating a Roku Ultra lt. You can check for updates on Roku TV manually by pressing the Home button on your Roku remote. Click on Settings from the drop-down menu and choose System > System Update.

The current software and build version, as well as the date and time of the most recent update, are displayed on the System update screen. To manually check for updates, select Check Now. This is a very similar process to the Amazon Fire TV.

Alternatively, you can check if your Roku device is outdated from your PC. To do that, you have to:

  1. Visit with a web browser
  2. Choose your Roku TV’s brand (e.g., TCL)
  3. Connect your Roku TV to the internet.
  4. From your PC, enter the model and serial numbers for your Roku device. The model is a combination of 12 numbers and/or letters (e.g., 6104X), and the serial number is a combination of 12 numbers and/or letters (e.g., 6104X).
  5. On your Roku TV, navigate to Settings > System > About to find this information.
  6. Download the update.roku installation file to your computer by selecting Download Software.
  7. On your computer, look for the update.roku file. It is frequently found in a Downloads folder by default.
  8. Insert the USB flash drive into the computer and copy the update.roku file to it. It should not be placed in a subdirectory.
  9. Remove the USB flash drive from your computer and place it on your Roku TV once the transfer is complete.

The file on the USB flash drive is validated by your Roku TV, which displays a 12-digit code on the TV screen. Your Roku TV is already running the newest software version if you receive the notice “Contents of the update file are incorrect.”

Updates to a Roku TV are important when your Roku or Roku TV isn’t working, because if your device isn’t update to it’s latest version errors and problems can show up and without warning.

How much data does Roku use?

How much data does Roku use

You can expect your Roku to use anywhere from 500 MB to 16 GB of data per hour of streaming. The amount of data per second streamed on a Roku is 5Mbps or higher and is dependent on the Apps on Roku.

For example, Netflix has advanced technology that allows very strong compression while maintaining quality pictures.

The quantity of data consumed will vary depending on the channels you’re watching and whether you’re watching videos in normal definition, high definition, or 4K.

For example, if you wanted to make Netflix thats not working, work again, then you’ll need to have the proper data available to begin with before any of this type of streaming occurs.

This is contingent on how much HD content you watch. A HD 1080p video could be around 2 GB in size. A 4K video is significantly larger.

What is the Max Download speed on Roku?

What is the Max Download speed on Roku

During our testing, we found out that the Roku max download speed is 100 Mbps. Roku claims this is by design, as the business has chosen to prioritize range above connection speed.

This is why the download speed on Roku will rarely be as fast as the internet connection on your PC.

That said, Roku devices never topped 100 Mbps in any of my testing, despite the fact that my internet provider advertises rates up to 200 Mbps.

The company claims in a statement that it doesn’t use certain wireless channels.

Specifically, the 40MHz or 80MHz wireless channels of wireless routers are not designed to work with Roku. They believe this type of router has more interference than others.

It’s known this interference is what can reduce maximum speeds (which is 100 Mbps as mentioned earlier).

Why won’t my Roku TV connect to the internet?

Why wont my Roku TV connect to the internet

Your Roku TV may not be able to connect to the internet because your connection is unstable. If that’s not the case, you can try restarting your Roku device or operating a speed test via the Roku web browser.

If the speed test indicates that your internet connection is unstable, you can bring the device closer to the modem or connect it with an Ethernet cable.

You can test if Roku TV is connected to the internet through basic apps, or through more obscure ways such as watching facebook live on Roku.

If you don’t know how to test wifi on Roku, make sure to check the 5 best speed test platforms reviewed above. Finally, you can restart your modem or router to make sure that your connection is powerful enough for streaming on your Roku device.

How much Data does Roku use on Hotspot

How much data does Roku use 1

The Roku data usage varies depending on the streaming settings you’ve set on your Roku device and your data transfer speed. We can safely say that Roku needs approximately 2GB to stream a (hour long) video at 1080p video quality.

If you have a data cap and don’t want your Roku to exceed a specific amount of GB, you can easily turn on the Bandwidth Saver feature on your device. To do that, use your remote to navigate to Settings. Go to Network Settings and Bandwidth Saver and turn on the function.

Why would someone want to run a Roku speed test?

Why would someone want to run a Roku speed test

Roku & Roku TV device users desire the testing of their Roku’s Network speed because their Roku is likely stuttering, it’s slow, it’s lagging, or they’re using Roku for heavy streaming. F

or example, if you’re running Plex, KODI, or Emby, and the internet is not up to par, a movie may just simply not play at all. However, if you’re running a streaming set up like this on Plex, then you would likely benefit from tweaking the router settings or using a wired connection.

It’s different on Netflix, Prime Video or Hulu, who have compressed with video files with advanced technology. It is possible they saw a change in the Roku’s performance.


In this article we went over how you can access a Roku speed test on both Roku TV and Roku devices via several different methods. These include, but are not limited to the official roku speed test that is built-into the device, Roku apps that have speed tests hidden in them, and third party options such as, which require a roku web browser

If you are wondering how to check internet speed on Roku TV, there are 6 Roku speed tests you can use to check your connection. To use a third party speed test, you’ll need to use a good roku web browser. Roku’s built-in speed test is usually the most reliable solution and will help you fix your connection if something is wrong.

Third-party speed testing platforms like and can also be combined with the Roku web browser to check your Roku WiFi speed. Finally, many users claim that the Roku speed test channel is a great way to determine if your data transfer speed is sufficient.

Speed tests allow you to identify the problem behind your device’s connection with the internet and fix it. In some cases, the cause of the issue is that your Roku device is outdated.

Alternatively, slow internet speed may be due to a congested network, an overloaded cache on your Roku, your internet supplier, or even the weather (power outages, etc).

But, what if your device can’t connect to the internet at all?

Well, if your Roku device won’t connect to the wireless network, you can also visit the official Roku support site (

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