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How to Fix a Roku Remote Volume Not working (Visual guide)

How to Fix a Roku Remote Volume Not working (Visual guide)

We have solved the Roku remote volume no working with 100% success rate through vigorous hands-on testing of the Roku Stick, Express, Ultra & Roku TV. 

Before you do anything, you will need to determine how the Roku remote volume is correlated with your current sound set up (ie. soundbar).

If the Roku Remote volume is not working, pair the remote again by taking the batteries out and hold the pairing button. If your remote model does not have a pairing button, then navigate to settings > Remotes & Devices > set up remote for TV control. Next, restart the device by pressing Home (5x) > Up > Rewind (2x) > Fast forward (2x).

If the volume and power button is not working on a Roku Ultra, then navigate to settings > Remotes > Enhanced voice remote > set up remote for TV control.

You can always replace your Roku remote when the volume buttons aren’t working. There are several $10-25 options we found working & reliable.

You can access advanced settings using the Roku secret menu (most Roku users aren’t aware this exists).

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If the above solution did not work, we have found a 100% success rate with the additional following steps when a Roku Remote volume isn’t working:

  • First, make sure a different remote, such as a tv, receiver, or soundhar remote is not controlling the sound.
  • Next, replace the batteries and then pair the remote to the TV again.
  • Test the volume buttons using the Roku mobile app on your iPhone or Android.
  • Temporarily Connect Roku to a different Smart TV.
  • Toggle private listening on and off
  • Toggle stereo under audio options on and then off
  • Unplug the device, wait 60 seconds, and turn the device back on.

If you’re using a top universal Roku remote, then pair it with a different remote code. This should be attempted to solve the issue before troubleshooting other options.

If you do not have a complex audio or streaming setup, then the Roku volume volume not working is caused by the Roku remote itself, the Roku software version, Streaming applications, or pairing.

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In this post we will cover all the advanced troubleshooting methods we have tested to fix the volume control not working on a Roku remote when using a Roku TV, Roku Ultra, or Roku streaming stick. There are also solutions if you’re Roku or Roku TV sound or volume is not working on the device here.

How to fix your Roku Remote Volume not working

If your Roku remote no longer controls volume or stopped working out of nowhere, we gathered all the possible solutions for you in this section. We tested a few things that will help you understand what the problem is and solve it. 

There are a few quick fixes to fix the Roku remote volume control (up and down buttons) not working.

If all the buttons work, but the power or volume buttons do not, then do not immediately replace the remote without following the troubleshooting chart below. 

Roku Remote TypeSolution for volume not working
Official Roku remote with pairing buttonUse Roku secret menu to reboot device, re-pair remote under settings again
Roku remote (no pairing button)Restart device using roku secret menu reboot screen
Third party remote (no pairing button) Restart device using roku secret menu reboot screen
Universal remote (third party)Use a new roku remote code

Fixing a Roku remote that is failing to control the volume can be solved through a series of troubleshooting steps we’ve tested and outlined in this guide. 

We asked our tech team: Is it worth it to just replace the Roku remote in this situation? In most situations yes, considering there are several options under $20.

A Roku remote that won’t change the volume, but will register other buttons (such as changing the channel), means there’s a simple error blocking the input. Pairing the remote again, changing different audio settings, and restarting the Roku are all required.

The below troubleshooting guide has been designed to solve volume adjustment issues in the most efficient manner and without clearing any Roku settings. 

The steps below will work to also solve the issue on all Roku devices, including those connected to Samsung TVs, Vizio TVs.

Remember, a factory reset or a Roku TV remote replacement is always a last resort method when the roku volume buttons all of a sudden stop responding.

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Also, keep in mind that most Roku TVs have a Dolby Sound System, meaning that the remote controls two (or more) surround speakers (source). And this makes it harder for universal remotes in terms of technology needed.

1. Set up remote for ‘TV Control’ again

1. Set up remote for ‘TV Control again

If the volume isn’t working on the Roku remote anymore, then it’s possible some settings are mixed up. We found that running remote through the “TV control” setup allowed everything to work properly again.

The purpose of the TV control setting is not just to set up to control the volume or power, but it checks to see if everything is set up correctly. 

The no volume control using the remote problem commonly occurs after a routine software update from Roku.  This is typically done with the enhanced Roku remote.

To set up the remote for TV control and fix any volume (or power) issues”

  • Navigate to settings, then select “Check Remote settings”
  • Next, confirm whether or not you hear music,
  • Once finished, navigate back to the settings and locate “Remote & Devices”
  • Select “set up remote for TV Control”
  • Restart Roku and test the volume or power button again

Sometimes, it’s difficult to determine which settings are causing the problem because the type of solution depends on whether you have an external audio set up or not.

TV Control not working on Roku devices & Roku TV

Sometimes the TV Control option doesn’t appear on the screen. This can occur because the update does not become available to the Roku instantly and in the meantime there are a few bugs. 

You will have to wait a bit (sometimes up to 24 hours) for the update to appear. Once it does, install the update and reboot the Roku. When you’ve installed it, your Roku TV control screen should present itself during the initial loading screen.

2. Check if another remote is controlling the sound

Check if another remote is controlling the roku sound

If you are having an issue adjusting the speaker volume using the remote, you may be surprised when you check the TV or external speaker remote and find it is doing something unexpected, such as muting the sound or the volume is turned all the way down.

By checking if another remote has control of the sound you can discover whether or not the remotes for third party speakers are the culprit (yes, your smart TV remote counts).

This will allow you to further troubleshoot the Roku remote volume problem more clearly. See here if your Roku has no sound at all.

3. Un pair and pair your Roku Remote again

3. Un pair and pair your Roku Remote again

By unpairing and then pairing your Roku remote again the volume not working may clear up immediately after resyncing. There are quite a few ways to refresh the way your remote communicates to your Roku player or Roku TV, which depends which type of Roku remote you have. 

Here’s are a few ways to do this:

  • Unplug both the Roku player and Roku remote (or enhanced remote) for 60 seconds, then plug the device back in.
  • Alternatively, navigate to settings, then ‘Remote and device’, and following the prompts for pairing
  • If using Tv: Open battery area up on the remote, then press the small, round pairing button down 7-10 seconds, or until the lights begin flashing
  • Pair roku to another device
  • Factory reset

If the pairing does not correct the volume issue, then we know the issue is a bit deeper and will require your mobile phone to test the Roku app volume.

Also see: In some instances, if you don’t have a pairing button, you may find your Roku remote not working. Don’t worry; we have a solution for that too!

If this does not work, an easy, but expensive solution is to simply replace the remote. However, there are a few more ways to troubleshoot the volume remote problem on Roku before upgrading the remote or performing a factory reset.

4. Check if the Roku App on your Phone can change the volume

4. Check if the Roku App on your Phone can change the volume

You can tell why the Roku remote volume is not working by testing the volume via testing the Roku mobile remote app. By checking if the volume changes or not, you’ll be able to see whether the issue lies with the original, tangible remote or with the Roku device.

The Roku mobile app has volume control and can change the volume, but this is only a temporary fix. The purpose of this is to see what the root of the issue is:

  • If the mobile app fails to change the volume, then the issue lies with the software or external speaker set up. Updating or removing any sound bars or audio receivers will likely solve the issue in this case.
  • If the mobile app succeeds in changing the volume, then re-syncing the remote, replacing it, or upgrading the remote are reasonable solutions.

If the Roku increase and decrease volume buttons still do not work, then you will want to check the external speaker setup, attempt a software update, a factory reset, or a device upgrade.

5. Power cycle all Roku devices

5. Power cycle all Roku devices

You can power cycle all Roku devices by unplugging them from their power source for at least 60 Seconds. After unplugging and plugging in all connected roku devices, users will often find that the volume up and volume down buttons on their remote for Roku works again. 

  • When you start the device up again you may need to pair your Roku remote depending on the type of remote you have. 

This is different from resetting the Roku through the Roku secret reboot menu, which should be tested first by pressing the home button 5x, up button once, then rewind two times and fast forward two times.

6. Test Roku remote on another device or TV

6. Test Roku remote on another device or TV

Testing the Roku remote & Roku streaming player on another Smart TV or monitor will allow you to not only restart the Roku device (since you’re unplugging it), but it will also see whether the issue lies with the remote, the Roku, or the a third party device such as a sound bar or AVR (receiver).

If the Roku remote volume buttons work on another TV or a different Roku Streaming Stick, then we know the problem is occurring with the Roku device or pairing configurations and not the remote. 

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At this point, if the Roku sound does not work, you will need to make sure it’s not overheating and then attempt a factory reset.

7. Ensure the Roku is not overheating

7. Ensure the Roku is not overheating

A Roku overheating could allow odd errors to surface, such as the remote volume or volume in general not able to be adjusted.

If the Roku streaming player is overheating you will see bright red LED lights on the front panel of your Roku Ultra.  I have found it is less common for other Roku devices, such as the Roku stick, to overheat as they don’t supply as much power and have more limited capabilities.

You will see a warning message from Roku that says “device is overheating”. There are two ways to fix this:

  1. Roku secret temperature screen
  2. Visiting

The reason why a Roku overheats is typically due to direct sunlight or it is placed in an enclosed area with minimal ventilation. I also found that if a Roku Ultra is on top of a gaming console such as Playstation or Xbox, then it is more likely to overheat.  

If you are running a very Advanced streaming setup, such as 4k movie streams via Plex, then it is possible the tasks are very demanding and overheating could occur (in theory).

8. Try a different set up Roku code (universal remotes only)

8. Try a different set up Roku code universal remotes only

Universal Roku remote codes are used to connect or sync the remote to the TV. By trying a different code it will allow the device to register again.

You will need to check your universal remote manual to see which remote codes are ideal. We also have a full guide on Roku remote codes for in-depth instructions and troubleshooting.

Note: If you are using an official Roku remote, then pairing the remote will replace this step of using different Roku codes, since it only pertains to third party, universal remotes for Roku.

9. Factory Reset the Roku (last resort option)

9. Factory Reset the Roku last resort option

If nothing so far helped you solve the problem and still the Roku volume not working anymore then, the second to last option is to factory reset your Roku.

Keep in mind that by resetting your Roku you erase the personal preferences, unlink your Roku account from the Roku device, and reset all the previous settings that you have done to their factory state. 

You can choose to reset your Roku by using the remote or the hardware reset button on the device via the remote option. You’ll have to perform the following simple steps:

  1. Press the Home button on the Roku remote
  2. Select Settings
  3. Navigate to System
  4. Press the option Advanced system settings
  5. Select Factory reset
  6. Then, choose the Factory reset everything option and follow the on-screen instructions

Alternatively, If you want to perform the factory reset by using the hard reset button, here are the steps you will follow:

  1. On the back or bottom of each Roku device you will find the reset button. Some devices have a tactile button, while others include a pinhole button.
  2. If your device includes the pinhole button, you will press it with a paperclip. 
  3. Your Roku device has to be on when performing the reset. Press and hold the reset button for 10-12 seconds, firmly. 
  4. When the factory reset is complete you will see the indicator light blinking rapidly.

Now your device is back to its factory state, test the remote volume on your Roku and confirm it is working again.

10. Use a Replacement Roku remote when the volume isn’t working

10. Use a Replacement Roku remote when the volume isnt working

If the volume still doesn’t work at this point, then you’ll need to find the best Roku remote replacement based on your specific device.

Roku offers a wide range of Roku TV remote replacements ranging in price from the Roku Express to the latest Roku Streambar Pro. In any case you probably wonder what remote you should choose. For example, does a Roku Premiere work with any Roku remote?

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Despite the different Roku players and remotes, in most cases they are interchangeable. Meaning that you can choose any Roku remote to connect with your Roku TV. 

The technology the Roku remotes use is either infrared or RF. The company refers to them as simple and enhanced respectively. 

In a few words, the simpler of the two technologies (IF) transmits signals from the remote to your Roku with a beam of infrared light. On the other hand, the enhanced remote doesn’t need a direct line of sight, it doesn’t matter if obstacles are present – it will still work without any issues.

When you purchase authentic, official Roku TV remote replacements, you’ll find they have higher compatibility compared to third party, less expensive alternatives.

Check out our guide covering everything you need to know about Roku remote compatibility.

Why did my Roku Remote Volume stop working?

Why did my Roku Remote Volume stop working

There are several reasons why a Roku remote volume stops working, these include: 

  • Lack of the most current software updates
  • Roku remote has a configuration error and needs paired again
  • The Roku device hasn’t been unplugged in a very long time.
  • Private listening being toggled (headphones being used)
  • An external audio system is interfering (sound bar, AVR, subwoofer)
  • The mute button is toggled on.
  • Device settings and audio settings are not set up properly.

If your Roku TV or Roku Player appears to be ‘dying’ or ‘going bad’, please see How long does a Roku player last for more information.

How to fix it when a Roku volume is too low

How to fix it when a Roku volume is too low

When your Roku TV or Roku volume is too low to hear properly, then rebooting the device and restarting all devices connected (sound bar, receiver, speakers), is required.

If it still does not work then testing the Roku on a different TV or without external speakers will let you know where the problem derives from. 

If the problem stems from the external speaker, then follow these steps to fix a onn roku tv volume that is stuck or remains too low:

  • First, reboot the device
  • Ensure all cables are connected (ex. HDMI ARC port, optical)
  • Finally, unplug all third party speakers or receivers and plug them back in
  • If using a receiver, ensure you’re set to the same port you’re connected to using the front panel display buttons or remote

If the problem stems from the Roku (no external speaker), then follow these steps to fix the roku onn volume too low issue:

  • Ensure another device isn’t controlling the sound
  • Replace batteries, then pair remote again
  • Test volume using Roku mobile app
  • Toggle stereo under audio options on and then off
  • Unplug the device, wait 1-2 minutes, and turn the Roku TV or Roku back on again.

Alternatively, you can use the Roku volume leveling to fix this issue on the Roku TV. This can be accessed under settings > volume type > leveling

Enable Roku Automatic volume adjustment

You can always enable the automatic volume leveling on your Roku Streambar, so you can adjust the volume and listen to your streaming programs at your own level. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Select the Home menu button on your remote
  2. Go to Settings
  3. Press Audio
  4. Check the Volume modes, and select your own setting

If you select the Volume Adjustment option, the consistent TV volume is activated in all programs, so you don’t have to worry about whether to increase or decrease the volume every time you change the channel.

Roku Streambar also offers you the night option so there are no volume control issues. The night option lowers the volume when loud sounds are suddenly heard, and raises the volume level when soft sounds are heard.

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How to fix a Roku remote won’t change volume

How to fix your Roku Remote Volume not working

Many users claimed that they weren’t able to change the volume on their Roku device with the remote. In this case you have to reset the Roku device. 

To reset the device use the settings on the menu of your Roku device or go to the Roku app. 

Before you do, check if the Roku device and physical remote are working properly with the Wi-Fi. Sometimes the Wi-Fi signal interferes and affects the functionality of them. 

By resetting your Roku device, you are erasing all the settings and passwords that you have adjusted in the device, still worth the try to solve the problem.

What caused it? Many things can be responsible, still sometimes an update might cause glitches or even bugs to the system, preventing it from working properly.

What to do if your Roku remote volume button still isn’t working?

Even after trying all the troubleshooting steps mentioned above, there might be instances where your Roku remote’s volume button still doesn’t respond. In such cases, it’s essential to consider a few more factors.

Firstly, ensure that there is no physical damage to the remote. Sometimes, minor falls or spills can affect the internal circuitry, causing specific buttons to malfunction. If you notice any physical damage, it might be time to invest in a new roku replacement remote.

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Also, consider the age of your remote. Like all electronic devices, remotes have a lifespan. If you’ve been using your Roku remote for several years, wear and tear might be the reason behind the malfunctioning volume button. In this case, replacing the remote might be the most effective solution.


Why is my Roku remote not working but the volume works?

If all the buttons on your Roku remote are not working (besides the volume), then it probably has a connection issue with your TV. First, pair the remote to your TV again to see if that resolves the issue.

If this step doesn’t work, go to the Roku home. Find settings, then press remote & devices. From this menu select remotes, and set up remote for TV control. Finally, unplugging all devices, and plugging them back in will typically solve this error. 

If it does not, then pair your Roku to another remote, then pair it back to the original remote device Your problem will probably be fixed if you follow these steps.

Why is my Roku remote not working except the power button

If the only button working on your Roku is the power button, then re-programming the Roku remote is needed to allow the other buttons to work again. 

First try to unpair and pair again your remote. Lots of issues that you might have with your remote might be solved by reconnecting the remote to your device. 

Also, check if your Roku app can manipulate the Roku. If it can, then the issue is with the remote.

You can also see our guide on Roku Hacks: How to Jailbreak Roku Unlocked Streaming.

Why do some Roku Remotes not have a volume button?

The Roku remotes that may not have a volume button are the third-party remotes that are compatible with Roku devices. 

In this case, if we were trying to find a reason, we would probably say that the third-party remotes are designed to work in combination with your TV and not as standalone devices. 

This is because the third party vendors try to make the remotes as compact as possible. 

To better operate your Roku device, if your original remote is broken or lost, you should rather choose an original Roku replacement remote.


In this post you have learned how to find all the possible volume problems you might have with your Roku remote volume as well as how to fix them. We also covered what could be the root cause of the problem in the first place. 

Roku devices and Amazon’s Firestick (or Fire TV) claimed to be the best streaming devices. Still, you may have problems with your Roku remote, for example, the Roku remote stopped working all of a sudden,or the volume just does not work anymore.

In any case, we have collected and tested all possible solutions to provide you with valuable information and possible solutions. For example the most common solutions are restart your Roku device, reboot it, update it or simply the remote needs replacement.

It doesn’t matter which Roku remote model you have volume problems with and whether the problem concerns the volume buttons or the Roku device itself, because you are well taken care of.

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