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7 Best Roku Remote Replacements: How to Replace a Roku Remote

7 Best Roku Remote Replacements: How to Replace a Roku Remote

If you’re in search of a Roku remote replacement you will need to decide between the official, standard remote and a Roku universal Remote.

If you’re a Roku user who refuses to use the Roku App on their Smartphone and has lost or broke their current remote, then a replacement is necessary. This typically happens when you’ve lost or broke the official Roku remote for your Roku streaming stick or Roku set top box player.

When you’ve lost or broke their Roku remote will need the proper, compatible replacement.

Most of the alternative Roku branded remotes you find will work with a Roku Ultra, Roku stick, Roku Express, and other Roku models (even Roku TVs.

Important: Using a Roku TV and not a Roku Stick? See the 9 Best TCL Roku TV Remote Replacements, and for other Roku TVs.

In this post we’re going to cover the different types of Roku remotes for Roku Streaming players, the pros and cons between each of them, and how to set them up.

Is there a better remote for Roku

Key Takeaways (At a Glance)

Seven best Roku remote replacement

You can replace a Roku remote with the following:

We have hand-tested all of the above remotes on various Roku devices and can confirm they are all compatible.

Here’s what you need to know about Universal Roku remotes:

  • Roku Sticks (not TV’s) are controlled using Wi-Fi (RF) remotes, as they are often connected behind Smart TVs.
  • The majority of universal remote controls are IR-only. (For example, such Roku codes may work on a Roku Stick, Express, or Ultra. This is because they have an IR receiver.)

Keep in mind you can alternatively use your phone to control Roku by downloading the Roku mobile app, however this is only if you need an instant replacement as it’s not a great long term fix.

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There are also Roku remotes that work with Roku TVs, but this post is specifically covers the best Roku remotes for Roku Streaming players such as the Roku Ultra, Roku sticks, Roku express, and Roku set-top boxes. I’ll also show you how to replace the Roku remote properly and why we chose each pick.

7 Best Roku & Roku TV Remote replacement options

7 Best Roku Roku TV Remote replacement options

Here are the Roku remotes & universal remotes that are compatible with Roku devices:

1. Official Roku Remote: The ultimate Roku Remote (Rechargeable)

This remote is compatible with everything from Roku express, Roku stick all the way to Roku premier and even Roku TV’s. The benefit is that it’s very easy to pair compared to universal options, which sometimes require a code or advanced setups.

Downsides include a slightly higher price point, but not nearly as much as the Logitech replacement remote.

Those who want a reliable, compatible, zero stress option will find that the price point does match its value. You get everything you need for your Roku device that other remotes don’t offer.

Our step-by-step guide on how to connect Roku remote to tv and pair it as its a great resource for those having trouble syncing their devices.

If you’re using a Roku sound bar and plan to pair it with a universal remote, then this official option may be an easier set up and should be considered if ease-of-use is top of mind.

2. Gvirtue: Roku Remote replacement (Budget Pick)

This is a universal Remote that works with several Roku devices. It’s a less expensive alternative compared to many options. It is not a RF remote, nor does it have a headphone jack, which could be a disadvantage for some.

This universal remote can be compared to the simple Roku remote mentioned further in this post. It has an affordable price point and has an appearance that mimics the official remote. It is made of plastic and has rounded edges that allow for an easy, ergonomic grip.

I found the shortcut keys to Netflix, Sling TV, Amazon prime video, and Hulu to connect flawlessly.

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3. Philips Universal: Best Universal Roku Remote

This Roku universal remote allows you to also control your TV or sound system as well as your Roku device. It is considered a Roku universal remote control for several devices. It is a fully customizable remote for Roku streaming players, Roku TV and several other home theater devices.

The only downside we found was that it is a bit more expensive than some of the more simple remotes on this list.

4. Logitech Harmony 665: Most advanced universal Roku remote replacement

The most advanced universal remote for Roku and considered one of the Best alternative Roku remotes by the streaming fanatics we (mediapeanut) surveyed in Q3 2022.

It has a mini screen on the remote itself and combines multiple remotes into one. Keep in mind, it is a highly complex remote and some may find this as a disadvantage.

Those with complex, advanced home theater setups will prefer the Logitech Harmony and when I tested this I found it connected to everything just like the manual promised.

Roku remote replacements

The price point is significantly higher than other remotes due to this and this is also a disadvantage.

This type of remote is ideal for those who have advanced home theater setups or use a receiver in addition to their Roku.


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5. Motiexic (RC280): Top Roku remote with a Disney + Button

A Roku TV specific remote with a Disney+ button. It is an IR Remote, and will respond up to 40ft. The disadvantage here is that you can not use it with a Roku stick since it is made for the Roku TV.

One downside is that it does not work with Roku Streaming players or Roku Sticks, only as a Roku TV replacement remote (see more of them here).

When we tested this remote we found that it worked for a wide range of models. Additionally, it was able to glow in the dark, which none of the other options provided when we received them. It has volume control and there is absolutely no need to pair due to the straight forward technology.

If you have issues with volume, see out post on how to fix the Volume buttons not working on a Roku remote.

6. OEM Replacement RC-AL2 for Roku Stick: RF Compatible Replacement Remote

If you’re in search of just a regular Roku remote with extra buttons and don’t want to deal with all the universal remote codes, then the Official Roku Remote is the way to go. It’s also available at a fair price point.

Any RF compatible Remote that works with several Roku streaming stick models and includes voice command as well as options for other models that work on Roku TVs as well.

Also see: 7 Ways to Turn up the Volume on Vizio TV without your Remote

As mentioned, the best alternative Roku remote we chose was the Logitech Harmony due to how advanced it’s capabilities are, but the Philips universal worked reliably as well. There weren’t any apparent downsides outside of the high price point compared to a standard Roku remote.

7. Simple Roku Remote: Basic replacement Remote (balanced pick)

The Simple Roku Remote Has added shortcut buttons and allows you to visit channels via the buttons. There’s no pairing and it does include the Disney plus shortcut.

One drawback is that it doesn’t work with device models that do not match the following: Roku 1, 2, 3, 4 Premiere, Ultra and Express.

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Keep in mind that with the official remote, you will lack the ability to control multiple devices, such as your TV or audio system. A Universal remote will work on a Roku TV stick, and set top boxes.

8. 1-clicktech Roku TV Remote: The Unofficial Gem

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Among many Roku remotes, the 1-clicktech Roku TV Remote shines for its practicality and affordability. While it’s not an official Roku product, it’s evident that a lot of thought went into its design and functionality.

At first glance, the 1-clicktech remote might seem like a basic tool. However, its strength lies in its simplicity. The IR strength is commendable, eliminating the need for a direct line of sight, which is a common issue with many remotes.

The customizable shortcut buttons are a game-changer. Depending on the model, you can have either 4 or 6 of these buttons, which can be tailored to your favorite streaming services.

However, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. The lack of voice support and private listening features might be a deal-breaker for some. Additionally, its incompatibility with Roku streaming sticks is a limitation that potential buyers should be aware of.

Roku TV remote control replacement Guide

Roku TV remote control replacement Guide

If you’re going to replace your Roku TV remote you’re going to want to know details such as which remotes work with the Roku exactly and how you can replace it.

You’ll need an RF Remote since this is how Roku TV’s were designed. The ‘IF’ type remotes are for the streaming box devices from Roku.

To learn more about this, you can learn how to replace a Roku TV remote since it is different from the standard Roku TV. The manufacturers of these remotes should have the exact brand of Roku TV listed on the product page.

If you’re curious about the newest model, don’t miss our review of the Roku voice remote pro model.

What Remotes work with Roku?

What Remotes work with Roku

You have your option between the official Roku remote and cheaper alternative Roku remotes. Our tests showed very similar performance between the two.

The alternative Roku remotes have the same functions as the official version and some additional benefits. For example, on the TieButie you can tap to quickly access apps such as Netflix Hulu HBO Max and Disney Plus.

On occasion you’ll find some that are Roku TV specific. There are two types of remotes Roku works with, these are categorized as IR and RF. IR remotes utilize more advanced technologies and are used for smart home applications via WiFi connections.

If you don’t have a Roku remote and need to connect your streaming player to the internet, then you can view how to connect Roku & Roku TV to WiFi without a Remote.

The Roku remote models that are harder to find are the type that have a headphone jack available. You can typically only find this on the official Roku Remote.

What is the Best Replacement Remote for Roku stick?

What is the Best Replacement Remote for Roku stick

Voice control, easy paring, and rechargeable batteries make the Roku voice remote Pro the ultimate replacement remote.

The Roku voice remote Pro is the official upgraded model that enables you to control your TV, listen privately by connecting headphones, charge through USB not batteries and set personal shortcuts.

However, you can replace a Roku Stick remote easily by choosing between an official option, universal remote, or a cheaper alternative.

If you choose the official Roku Remote as a replacement you can use the pair button instead of following complex or confusing procedures that are required with less expensive or unofficial Roku remote options.

The only downside to this that’s very difficult to find and may be limited to only Roku devices. It can easily replace a Roku universal remote and is the best option because it can also connect to the Roku sound bars as well as bluetooth..

These include using universal remote codes for Roku, which are not to be confused with Roku Private & hidden channel codes.

What are Roku universal remote codes?

What are Roku universal remote codes

If you purchase a universal remote for your Roku device, you will need a code to connect your remote to your device. Programming a universal remote to a Roku is actually very easy if you have the remote codes needed.

The remote code you have to use depends on the remote brand but also the model of your Roku TV.

For example, if you opt for the Philips Universal Roku remote replacements, you have to find the code that corresponds to your Roku stick or TV box. Also, if you have a TLC, Sharp or Hisense Roku TV, there are specific code lists depending on the universal remotes you purchase.

The most common universal remote codes for Roku devices are:

Universal Remote BrandHisense Roku TV Remote CodesTLC Roku TV Remote CodesSharp Roku TV Remote Codes
Altice1346, 10971111, 0001, 0821, 1931, 1661, 3311, 3411, 2801, 41411346, 1097
ATT U-verse134613461097, 1346
Bright House Cable1756, 0818387, 17561756, 0818
Buckeye Broadband2434, 12434
Cable One2434
Cablevision031, 081031031, 081
Century Link2414, 2434, 3183
Charter11756, 116021175611756, 11602
Comcast11756, 1160211756, 1243411756, 11602
Cox1756, 23601756, 117561756, 2360
DirecTV11756, 108181175611756, 10818
DISH Network535, 556535, 645, 1756535
General Communications0000, 0004, 0009, 0031, 0044, 0164
Google Fiber2856
Hawaiian Telcom2434
Logitech HarmonyManually (Remote Gallery App)Manually (Remote Gallery App)Manually (Remote Gallery App)
ONN3201, 385138513201, 3851
Philips Universal6381, 6251, 2407, 6171, 5931, 60016381, 6251, 2407, 6171, 5931, 60016381, 6251, 2407, 6171, 5931, 6001
RCA11756, 10818387, 1243411756
Time Warner251268, 387, 1566251, 387
TiVo0091, 0366, 09990091, 03660011, 0999
Verizon180, 342180180, 342
Windstream2414, 2434
XFinity11602, 117562175611602, 11756

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What is a Universal Remote for Roku?

What is a Universal Remote for Roku

A Universal Roku remote is a remote that works with Roku, but also works with other remotes and home theater devices. These are also known as simply universal remotes and are not manufactured by Roku.

For example, the Phillips universal is a universal Roku remote I have used to control both Roku and my Vizio sound bar and sub woofer (which doesn’t pair correctly).

It also works to control the various functions of LG, Sharp, and other Smart TV’s and streaming players. See all the top replacement remotes for Sharp brand Roku TVs, TCL, and other Roku TVs

Third party remotes such as these allow Roku owners to also control other devices in the home, and not just Roku. In other words, they are widely compatible Remotes that work with several different devices.

We also spoke with several industry experts who considered them to be some of the best alternatives to a Roku remote due to the additional functions, shortcut features, and buttons.

For example, within the same home theater setup, you could use a universal remote to control both Roku and Vizio or Samsung sound systems.

Related: If you can’t hear your Roku and are unsure why (ex. if it’s not the mute button), you’ll need to troubleshoot the volume not working on Roku.

Many universal remotes control your electronics by sending an RF signal to an RF extender in your room and work well as a custom Roku remote due to how many programmable buttons and features they allow for.

They also work with smart homes such as garage door openers and doorbell alarm systems in addition to streaming players like Roku.

These remotes work on nearly any modern device due to certain technologies. Compare this compatibility to an official Roku remote (or an enhanced Roku remote), which typically only work for Roku devices and have limited functionality.

There are various types of consumer electronics devices that can be operated by a universal remote control; these work on Roku devices as well.

Are roku remotes universal? We cover compatibility of Roku remotes in this blog.

How to Pair, connect, and program a Replacement Roku Remote

How to Pair connect and program a Replacement Roku Remote

If you are looking on how to set up a replacement Roku remote, you should know that all you need is the correct remote code. Many people are trying to find how to sync a replacement Roku remote to a Roku device.

Well, if you have just purchased a replacement remote for your Roku, you will be glad to hear that there are three ways to configure it to your liking. The majority of these are simple and customizable.

Properly setting up a replacement Roku remote will solve a lot of Roku Problems.

Let’s have a look at how to link a replacement roku remote once you have it:

1. Automatic Link

Some universal remotes will automatically connect to your Roku TV. To see if that works with your device, you should:

  1. Replace the batteries in the remote to connect your Roku device to an improved remote.
  2. Switch on your Roku device and set the universal remote near it. In some cases, the pairing procedure will begin automatically as a result of this.
  3. After that, you’ll get on-screen prompts, and your remote will be ready to use.

2. Via the Settings Menu

If that doesn’t link your devices, another alternative is to go to the Settings menu. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Turn on the Roku and the television.
  2. Go to Settings with your old IR remote (if working) or the Roku app on your phone.
  3. Select Remotes from the drop-down menu.
  4. Select Add a new remote from the drop-down menu.
  5. Insert batteries into your new improved remote and hold the button toward the bottom of the battery compartment for five seconds.

3. Via a Remote Code

Finally, another way to link your universal remote to a Roku is via a remote code:

  1. Insert the remote code on your remote (use the table above)
  2. The TV and remote will automatically pair
  3. Test the remote and confirm the code worked by pressing the up, down, left, or right directional buttons.

What is a Roku “point anywhere” remote?

In a few words, a Roku Point Anywhere remote connects to your Roku player using Wi-Fi technology. This allows you to use your remote and control your Roku device from anywhere in your home.

What the WiFi connection does is that when you press a button, the remote does not need to be directed directly at your Roku streaming player.

So, unlike Radio Frequency (RF) remotes, the enhanced remote can easily function across walls, floors, and doors, as long as you have your remote connected to the same WiFi network as your Roku.

When to replace a Roku remote

When to replace a Roku remote

You will know you need to replace your Roku remote when the buttons on the remote become very slow to respond.

On a Roku remote that’s going bad, you’ll find that menu buttons have a delay when you try to change the channel or choose a different selection when navigating Roku. You could pair the remote, but if you find it’s still occurring, a replacement is ideal.

  • Slow to respond to the TV
  • Has Broken buttons
  • Simply unresponsive even after resets.
  • Having difficulty powering on your device
  • Remote has been dropped, stepped on

Malfunctioning or leaking batteries can cause overheating and can damage or render the remote useless. If this is the case, replace the remote.

On the other hand, If your Roku TV is slow (and it’s not your Remote), then you’ll need to learn how to speed up the interface and get faster video playback on Roku.

Different types of Roku Remote

There are a few different types of Roku Remotes available. Not only are Universal and voice remote available but certain models have a headphone jack that lets you connect your earphones to the remote. There are also gaining remotes available for Roku. Here is a list of all the different types of Roku remotes.

  • Roku enhanced voice remote (allows for voice commands)
  • Official remote with Headphone jack
  • Roku app (includes volume control)
  • Universal remote (compatible with many home theater and Roku accessories)
  • Gaming remote

For more on this you can find the official Roku remote tool, which has a variety of uses. The best part about the Roku remote is that it doesn’t require AA batteries or rechargeable batteries (unless you count your phone battery).

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As a result of the lock screen and distractions, it is less convenient to use the Roku app with your smartphone, which does not have a tactile texture that can indicate a button shape or size, like the power button. 

What is the best Remote App for Roku?

What is the best Remote App for Roku

Roku devices can be linked to mobile apps that act like a remote control for your device. During our testing, we found out that the official Roku App works best for all devices, as it is the most comprehensive application out there and specially designed for Rokus.

But, an iOS or Android TV remote app works too. These apps can be used as a free roku remote replacement.

There are plenty of apps you can use to control your Roku players from an iOS or Android smartphone. After extended research, we concluded that the best non-official remote apps for Ruku are:

  1. Robyte Remote App for Roku (iOS and Android)
  2. SURE App (iOS and Android)
  3. TVMote Roku App (iOS)
  4. Rokie Remote Apps for Roku (iOS)

Also see: How long do TCL Roku TVs last?

But, what happens if the app you opt for doesn’t wake your TV or simply doesn’t work anymore? Let’s have a look at how to fix a Roku remote app not working.

How to fix it when Roku app won’t wake tv?

If your Roku remote app won’t turn on TV, it is either an issue with the app itself or with your internet connection. So, the first thing you can do is find out what network your Roku is connected to and make sure it uses the same network with your app.

A 2.4 GHz and a 5 GHz network link are common in network installations. Some devices will not communicate with devices on the other side. To find out what network your Roku is connected to, use your actual Roku remote. Go to Settings > Network and find out what network your Roku is using.

Then, check the WiFi network that your smartphone uses. If both devices are connected to the same network, then there’s probably an issue with your remote app.

Follow the simple steps below to solve the problem:

  1. Close the app and launch it again
  2. If that doesn’t work, try rebooting your smartphone and your Roku device
  3. Finally, you can uninstall the remote app from your device and install it again (or use another remote app alternative)

How to fix it when Roku app can’t find device or not found on network

The first thing you can do to restore the connection of the Roku app and your device is check to see whether your phone is connected to a different wireless network than the Roku. If the two devices aren’t connected on the same network, this is the reason why your app can’t find your Roku.

To find out what network your Roku is connected to, use your Roku remote and navigate to Settings. Choose the Network tab and double check that both devices are connected to the same WiFi via your smartphone.

Remember that modern iOS and Android phones won’t be able to connect to your Roku or even find it if not connected to the same network.

If that doesn’t solve the problem, you should make sure your software and firmwares are up to date. If your app or Roku device aren’t recently updated, maybe this is what causes the connectivity issue.

What is the right Roku Micro SD Card size?

Although this comes down to your personal needs and preferences, you should always use a fast and large micro SD card on your Roku device. We recommend using a Class 2 (fast micro SD) or higher micro SD card with at least 2GB of storage for the best results.

Remember that the microSD card is only for storing games and channels. You won’t be able to read files from it, such as videos and images. If you want to play your own material, models such as the Roku 2 XS allow you to do so through a USB flash driver.

When you insert a microSD card to your Roku for the first time, you should always make sure that:

  1. The microSD card should be inserted into the slot below (or above in some models) the HDMI port.
  2. The card will be detected by your Roku, and you will need to select the Format option from the menu.
  3. Formatting the card is usually necessary for Roku devices. This will destroy all of the data on your card. This is why you should always create a backup of your data before inserting your microSD into your Roku.
  4. You can’t move a microSD card from one Roku 2 player to another without reformatting it for security concerns.

How to find Roku ip address with & without a remote

Finding the Roku IP address is very easy even if you don’t have the official remote. To find your Roku’s IP with the remote, all you need to do is:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Find Network
  3. Select the About tab
  4. Your IP address is located in the information of About tab

If you don’t have the remote for your Roku device, you have nothing to worry about. You can still find your device’s IP address via the Roku Mobile App. After launching the app, all you need to do is go to the Channel tab, press the gear icon at the top and choose the System Info tab.

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Finally, you can find your Roku IP address via your PC (manually). To do that, you have to download and install a third-party extension for Google Chrome (doesn’t work with the Roku Web Browser), called Remoku. With this extension, you can easily control your Roku device via your laptop or desktop.

To find the IP address of your Roku via Remoku, you have to:

  1. Start the Remocu extension
  2. At the top of the app, tap on Settings
  3. Click on Scan. The extension will automatically scan all the IP addresses on your network to find the Roku device.

Roku remote replacement warranty information

For warranty replacement, your Roku product must be within the original product warranty period. This is usually one year from the date of your purchase.

For the UK, this period is extended to 2 years. So, for a period of two 2 years from the date of purchase (“Warranty Period”), Roku warranties the Player hardware, including the remote (collectively, “Hardware”) against defects in materials and workmanship under normal use.

So, if you want to send your device or remote to Roku for repair, make sure that it is inside the warranty. What that means is that the brand will return the Player or remote to you if the Warranty Period has expired or if it is otherwise not applicable.

Additionally, Keep in mind that Roku does not have subscriptions or monthly fees.

What to do if my Roku remote stops working?

If your Roku remote suddenly stops working, the first thing you can do is restart both your device and remote. In 99% of cases, this will automatically solve the problem.

But, there are occasions where restarting the remote and device does nothing. In fact, two days after I bought my new Roku Stick 4K, I was wondering why is my new Roku remote not working?

After a while, I figured out that the remote control lost the connection with my Roku had to be paired to the device once again. If that’s the case with you, you can follow a series of simple steps to reconnect your remote to the Roku device:

  1. Remove the batteries from your remote by opening the battery compartment.
  2. Remove your Roku device’s power cable, wait 5 seconds, and then reconnect the power cable
  3. Check to see if your remote connects to your Roku device after at least 30 seconds.
  4. For 3 seconds or until the pairing light on the remote begins to flash, press and hold the pairing button within the battery compartment of your remote.
  5. Try again if the light does not flash. If the light continues to not flash, the batteries should be replaced. Replace the batteries in your remote when your Roku device displays the home screen

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How many inches is a Roku remote?

The basic, Roku simple remote is slightly smaller compared to many universal TV and streaming player remotes we have tested. It is 5.5 inches in length and 1.7 inches in width. The height is almost 1 inch (.8 inches) and weighs 2.5 oz.

The Roku enhanced voice remote however weighs more than the basic remote and is .7 oz heavier. The length and weight are the same at 5.5 inches in length and 1.7 inches in width.

Finally, the Roku universal remotes vary in height and size based on what model you choose. For example, the Logitech and Phillips brand universal remotes are both a few inches longer in length and heavier in weight compared to the Roku remote that comes out of the box or with your Roku TV. The batteries of the remote can also play a factor in the size and weight of a remote.

Can you buy a new Roku remote?

Yes, Roku, Amazon, best buy, as well as ebay all have Roku Remote options. If you need the Roku remote immediately, visiting a retail store will be quicker, but it may be tougher to find the compatibility list of working devices compared to shopping online where everything is represented clearly.

Is there a better Roku remote than the one that comes with Roku?

Many Roku users often wonder if there’s a superior remote option than the standard one provided with their Roku TV. The answer is yes, particularly if you don’t have a roku plus model with the voice remote pro.

While the official Roku remote is designed for seamless compatibility and ease of use with Roku devices, there are third-party remotes that offer additional features or cater to specific user preferences.

For instance, some third-party remotes come with backlit buttons, universal control capabilities for other devices, or even advanced programming features.

However, the trade-off might be a steeper learning curve or potential compatibility issues. It’s essential to weigh the pros and cons based on individual needs and preferences.


This blog post examined the best all in one Roku remote replacements. Universal remotes like the Logitech Harmony 665 and the Philips Universal can substitute your Roku broken remote.

We compared the best Roku & Roku TV remote replacement options in terms of compatibility, features and price. All the remotes reviewed in this article can be connected to your Roku device with numbers (remote codes) in just minutes.

It doesn’t matter which Roku Box you own. All Roku models (3500r, 3800x, 4630x, etc) can be connected to a universal remote (i.e. Baton Sofa U1, TieButie, etc). Alternatively, you can use a remote app to control your Roku from your smartphone.

Finally, before you replace your Roku remote, you should make sure that the batteries are not dead and that your remote is connected to the same network as your Roku device.

Don’t forget that in some cases, the remote itself isn’t broken, and the problem can be easily solved without a remote replacement by using the app.

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Am I the only person who hates Roku's side-mounted volume control? I'm left-handed and have relatively small hands so it's difficult for me to reach the volume control without either hitting unwanted buttons going over the top with my thumb or losing my grip on the remote if I try to reach under with my fingers. Ads are often very much louder than programs (even with volume leveling engaged) so I need to mute and adjust volume a lot.

Paul Michael

Monday 15th of May 2023

I actually hear this a lot about the side volume control – You could always grab a universal remote. But to be fair Stevie, if you try the apple TV 4k remote, it's significantly less user friendly. The Firestick and Nvidia shield TV Pro really nailed the remote amongst all these streaming devices

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