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Roku Voice Remote Pro Review: Upgrade or just hype? (Honest Review)

Roku Voice Remote Pro Review: Upgrade or just hype? (Honest Review)

In this Roku Voice remote pro review, we delve into the details of Roku’s latest innovation in streaming control. Those interested in a Voice Remote Pro are likely Roku streaming users who are looking to upgrade their remote, as well as those considering making a switch to Roku from other platforms.

Standout features such as lost remote features (really useful), hands-free voice commands, private listening, and a rechargeable battery (other Roku remotes require batteries)… these are truly noteworthy.

Be sure the Roku voice remote works with your Roku model (here’s how to tell)

We’ll cover the remote’s exclusive features, its compatibility with other Roku devices, and its design. Also, we’ll explore user reviews and offer our own insights into the device’s performance.

By the end of this post, you will understand if the Roku Remote Pro is worth the upgrade and everything you need to know before deciding.

What is so unique about the Roku Voice Remote Pro?

Roku Voice remote Pro features

The Roku Voice Remote Pro distinguishes itself from standard remote controls with its unique features, including always-ready microphones for seamless voice commands, customizable shortcut buttons, , and a shift from AA batteries to a rechargeable one, marking a significant step towards sustainability.

Main benefits of Roku remote voice pro

The Voice Pro model also has a Lost remote finder feature (other Roku remotes don’t have this)

Roku’s Voice Remote Pro is its first remote control featuring “always-ready” microphones – making launch apps instantaneous, and also provides the ability to instantly find a lost remote (like when it gets stuck in the couch cushion).

Say “Hey Roku, find the remote”, this will make the remote make a sound so you can find it…
Paul Michael

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  • The Pro model’s “always-ready” voice controls set it apart by maintaining an active listening state, eliminating the need for a button press to initiate voice commands, a requirement in regular Roku Voice remotes.
  • The remote can be paired with any Roku player, Roku Streambar, a soundbar, and a Roku TV model made and shipped post 2017, along with some older models.
  • The remote features a rechargeable battery, private listening through a built-in headphone jack, TV power and volume control buttons, and two customizable shortcut buttons.
  • It has a design similar to other Roku remotes, with alterations such as a Micro USB port and the switch to enable or disable the always-listening mode.
  • The Roku Voice Remote Pro justifies its $29.99 price tag with the availability of customization, hands-free voice commands, and private listening feature.

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Roku Voice Remote Pro vs Other Roku Remotes (the benefits are clear)

FeatureRoku Voice Remote ProRoku Voice Remote (Regular)
Rechargeable BatteriesYesNo
Lost Remote FinderYesNo
Voice ControlCompletely Hands-freePush to talk only
Always-Ready MicrophonesYesNo
Customizable Shortcut ButtonsYesNo

You can get the Roku Voice Remote Pro at Amazon, Target, Bestbuy and other retailers.

The Roku Voice Remote Pro stands out with its unique features – A key upgrade is the rechargeable batteries, offering a sustainable and cost-effective solution compared to traditional AA batteries in other Roku remotes.

Another standout feature is the always-ready microphones, providing a hands-free user experience. This allows users to issue voice commands from anywhere in the room.

What does the pro have that the regular voice remote doesnt

The remote also incorporates upgrades such as customizable shortcut buttons and a lost remote finder feature (my favorite feature), setting it apart from other Roku remotes.

To understand how the Roku Voice Remote Pro stands out, see our post that highlights the difference between Roku devices.

Specs & Features

FeatureRoku Voice Remote ProRoku Voice Remote (Regular)
Rechargeable BatteriesYesNo
Lost Remote FinderYesNo
Voice ControlHands-freePush to talk only
Always-Ready MicrophonesYesNo
Customizable Shortcut ButtonsYesNo
Private Listening through Headphone JackYesYes
TV Power and Volume Control ButtonsYesYes
Compatibility with Roku DevicesAny Roku player, Roku Streambar, soundbar, and Roku TV model made and shipped post 2017, along with some older modelsDepends on the model
DesignSimilar to other Roku remotes, with alterations such as a Micro USB port and the switch to enable or disable the always-listening modeStandard Roku design

Armed with a host of user-friendly attributes, this remote surely packs a punch. The Voice Remote Pro features always-ready microphones, enabling hands-free voice commands. It’s adorned with an integrated headphone jack, upping the ante with private listening.

The remote also possesses two programmable shortcut buttons, providing customization options. Its rechargeable battery, with up to two months of single-charge usage, is an impressive spec. As for its design, the remote model retains the classic Roku aesthetics, with a slight size increase due to the addition of programmable buttons.

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Compatibility of the Roku Voice Remote Pro

Navigating through compatibility issues can often turn into a tedious task. But, with the Roku Voice Remote Pro, compatibility is at its maximum. The Pro model of the Roku Voice remote

Compatibility Roku TV Remote vs Roku player Remote

Prior to upgrading, it would be best to check its compatibility with your current Roku device using our compatibility list. Regardless, for Roku streamers and televisions, this remote control seems to be a significant.

One crucial point to note here is that, while it’s a fitting companion to most Roku devices, the Roku Voice Remote Pro may not work with some older models from the brand.

Roku Voice Remote Pro: Hands-on Review

1 Roku Voice Remote Pro Hands on Review
Roku voice remote pro review featured image 1

The Roku Voice Remote Pro is a game-changer, revolutionizing the streaming experience with its hands-free control and customizable features.

Its responsive voice recognition and quick interaction with TVs and streaming services make it a delight to use. Despite needing occasional recharging, the time saved navigating menus justifies the trade-off.

The private listening feature, which reroutes sound to headphones for undisturbed late-night viewing, further enhances its appeal, making it a worthwhile upgrade for most Roku users.

For further in-depth analysis, you may refer to the Roku Voice remote pro review.

The Good and The Bad

2 The Good and The Bad

Every product has its strengths and weaknesses, and the Roku Voice Remote Pro is no exception. When it comes to pros, there’s plenty to laud about. From the hands-free voice commands to the lost remote finder, the remote boasts many smart features that enhance user convenience. However, there are a few cons, that although small, cannot be overlooked.

One major perk of this remote is the rechargeable battery – a notable step up from its predecessor’s AA batteries. Additionally, customizable shortcut buttons offer opportunities for personalization, giving users the freedom to program buttons that cater to their specific needs. The option for private listening is another nifty feature, providing an immersive and personal entertainment experience directly to your ears.

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On the downside, the absence of a mute button on the remote is a minor drawback. Some users might also find the price of the Roku Voice Remote Pro a little on the higher side, especially when compared to the other remotes in the Roku lineup.

Main Benefits: What we liked

3 Main Benefits What we liked

An undeniable advantage of the Roku Voice Remote Pro is its ‘always-ready’ microphone feature, allowing voice commands without needing to use a button. The rechargeable battery also turned out to be a significant improvement, contributing to convenience and eco-friendliness by reducing wastage of disposable batteries.

Find more advantages of Roku devices in our best Roku devices review.

The lost remote finder feature was also a significant hit. On cue, it triggered the remote to emit a sound, making it easy to locate. Workout nuts will also appreciate the headphone jack for private listening, allowing for streaming content without disturbing others. These features may seem like small tweaks, but they significantly enhance the overall user experience.

Disadvantages: What we didn’t like

4 Disadvantages What we didnt like

Despite the many advantages of the Roku Voice Remote Pro, some aspects could use improvement. The lack of a mute button is noteworthy. Quick sound control is an essential feature for any remote, and its absence feels like a significant oversight. Another aspect to consider is the higher cost. At $29.99, it’s pricier than some may be willing to spend on a remote control.

Additionally, while being convenient, the hands-free voice control can sometimes be a bit too sensitive, picking up unintended commands from background conversations. The glossy front of the remote is also a strong magnet for fingerprints, which may annoy users who like to keep their devices pristine.

We also covered some potential issues in roku not responding to remote.

Design and Build

5 Design and Build

The Roku Voice Remote Pro maintains the familiar form factor of Roku’s past offerings. Its rectangular shape is comfortable to hold, and its compact size fits nicely in the palm of your hand. The remote is made from a combination of glossy and matte plastics, giving it a modern aesthetic.

The layout of the buttons is user-friendly, with the familiar navigation diamond positioned above the playback controls. The two personal shortcut buttons are a welcome addition to the design.

On the right side, you’ll find the volume control, and on the left, a conveniently positioned headphone jack for private listening. A noteworthy design feature is the small microphone hole at the top that provides the remote with hands-free voice control, making navigating through the Roku interface a breeze.

Side Note: Experiencing issues with your Roku remote volume button? Dive into our guide on how to troubleshoot and fix the problem.

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Key Features

6 Key Features

The Roku Voice Remote Pro takes the spotlight for its ground-breaking characteristics. Major commendations are made for the four key features designed to ease and enhance the user’s experience.

An always-ready microphone is a standout feature, exhibiting a state-of-the-art design that effortlessly presents a hands-free, voice command-ready device. This means saying goodbye to remote hunting quests and aiming it just right to get your Roku device to respond. It is as simple as stating, “Hey, Roku,” followed by your command, thus streamlining tasks like launching a streaming application or finding lost remotes.

A rechargeable battery is another innovative feature that the customers applaud. Making countless hunts for those AA batteries and shelling out money to replace them is a thing of the past. A full charge on Roku’s Voice Remote Pro guarantees up to 2 months of use, and if you find the battery level ebbing, simply plug it in for a quick recharge, and you are back on track.

Another feather in Roku’s cap was their decision to include a built-in headphone jack. This feature is primarily for users who love private listening experiences. Not just that, this remote comes equipped with a volume and power button for your TV, which means bidding farewell to the days of juggling multiple remotes.

Lastly, the two customizable shortcut buttons enable users to perform any voice-command by merely pushing a button. This means bidding farewell to repeatedly giving the same command to your remote and save time.

Master the functionality of your Roku device with our guide on how to program Roku remote.

Additional Features

7 Additional Features

In addition to the key features, the Roku Voice Remote Pro also possesses a few lesser-known qualities that significantly contribute to the superior user experience.

For instance, it’s intriguing to note that the branded shortcut buttons are not uniform across all devices. There might be variations – ranging from an Apple TV Plus button in one device to Netflix, Hulu, and Disney Plus buttons in another.

Also, there are two additional programmable buttons that can be set up to follow any voice command supported by Roku. This provision brings endless possibilities of customization, offering complete personalization of the user’s most frequently required voice commands.

Moreover, the remote’s unique and user-friendly design guarantees comfortable usage. The replaceable battery cover replaced with a Micro USB port located at the bottom of the remote ensures sleek handling with fuss-free charging.

Get more from your Roku device with these Roku tips and tricks.
Interchangeability of Roku Remotes


8 Usability

The Roku Voice Remote Pro makes a perfect choice for anyone looking for smooth usage and an intuitive interface.

Setting up the Roku Voice Remote Pro is as simple as pressing the pairing button located inside the compartment that holds the rechargeable battery. Hold the button for a few seconds until it starts flashing, indicating that your remote is now in pairing mode. Once this is done, it will automatically connect with your Roku device for an uninterrupted entertainment experience.

The Roku Voice Remote Pro’s interface is extremely user-friendly. The design is based on efficiency and comfort, ensuring that button placement and remote handling contribute to a seamless experience for the user. This remote maintains the right balance between maintaining Roku’s familiar layout and introducing new features.

A helpful software feature of this product is the ability to use voice commands to locate the remote. If the remote is misplaced, simply say, “Hey Roku, find my remote”. The remote will immediately start giving off sounds to help locate it.

Setup Instructions and Troubleshooting

9 Setup Instructions and Troubleshooting

Though the Roku Voice Remote Pro boasts a wide array of features, setting up this device and troubleshooting is straightforward.

Begin the setup by holding the home button on your current Roku remote or using the free Roku mobile app to launch the setup menu. Once initiated, you will automatically be guided through a series of steps on your TV screen to establish the wireless connection.

Users often come across connectivity issues with the Roku Voice Remote Pro. To rectify these, you can execute a simple unplug-wait-plug-in regime, or even resort to disconnecting the remote and reconnecting it as a fresh device via the settings.

Interchangeability of Roku Remotes

10 Interchangeability of Roku Remotes

Roku remotes, due to their diverse range, often raise queries regarding their interchangeability, and it is imperative to note that, not every Roku remote can function universally with every Roku device.

Prioritizing the compatibility of your Roku device with the remote is crucial. For instance, the Roku Voice Remote Pro is preciously compatible with all Roku TV models, all Roku audio devices, and most Roku players, making it a widely applicable accessory in the Roku remote lineup.

One advantage of the Roku Voice Remote Pro over others is the functionality of the always-ready microphone, rechargeable battery, among others. Thereby establishing the Roku Voice Remote Pro as an enhanced and laudable product due to these advancements.

Advanced Features of Roku Voice Remote Pro

The Roku Voice Remote Pro raises the bar of user experience to new heights by leveraging a host of advanced features. A key integrated feature is the voice command functionality. With the help of this feature, users can easily control their entertainment system just by vocalizing instructions. This does away with the need to memorize lengthy lists of commands or navigate complicated menus. Various commands include opening specific apps, changing volume levels, or even searching for a lost remote.

The hands-free voice command option steps up the game by empowering the user with the convenience of controlling the device without the need to even hold the remote. Just say “Hey Roku” followed by your command, and your instructions are carried out swiftly.

The private listening feature is a thoughtful addition, catering to viewers’ varying sound preferences. Using headphones, viewers can listen to the audio of their choice without disturbing others in the room. A lost remote finder is an additional feature added to the Roku Voice Remote Pro, effectively eliminating the hours of futile searching for a misplaced remote. Simply voice your command, “Hey Roku, find my remote”, and the remote emits a sound to reveal its location.

Comparison with Other Roku Remotes

When juxtaposed with other Roku remote variants, the Roku Voice Remote Pro stands out with its premier feature list. The Roku Voice Remote Pro allows you to talk to your remote, a feature that is not available with the Simple Remote. While the Simple Remote uses IR technology and needs a clear line of sight to function, the Voice Remote Pro operates over Wi-Fi and does not require direct visibility to the device it is paired with.

The Voice Remote Pro also has a built-in headphone jack for private listening and personal shortcut buttons. It’s important to note that the Voice Remote Pro comes with a lost remote finder – a feature absent in other Roku remotes, saving you from the inconvenience of digging through your couch cushions searching for a lost remote.

Another unique feature of the Voice Remote Pro is its rechargeable battery, which saves the hassle of replacing batteries. Other Roku remotes use non-rechargeable batteries, which invariably need frequent replacement depending on usage.

Roku Voice Remote Pro vs Other Brands

The Roku Voice Remote Pro shows up as a strong contender when compared to remotes from other brands. Its well-thought-out features such as voice controls, rechargeable batteries, and a remote finder set it apart from remotes of similar price points from other brands.

For instance, when compared to the Amazon Fire Stick remote, Roku Voice Remote Pro offers a rechargeable battery, a precisely labeled mute button, and always-on voice recognition, which the Amazon remote lacks. Likewise, the Google TV remote lacks the unique features of private listening and remote finder, which Roku provides in its Voice Remote Pro.

These add-on features make the Roku Voice Remote Pro a value for money proposition against remotes from other brands. Its compatibility with a wide range of devices provides an advantage to users who own multiple Roku devices.

Physical Specifications

Physically, the Roku voice remote pro is appealing in every sense, from size and weight to button layout. It’s 145mm in length, 42mm in width, and 23mm in height. Weighing only 80 grams, the remote is light and feels comfortable in hand. It is equipped with 24 neatly organized buttons, ensuring maximum convenience to the user.

The battery cover has been replaced with a micro USB port located at the bottom of the remote, making it easy for users to access for charging purposes. The remote has a headphone jack on one side and the switch to enable or disable the always-listening mode located on the other.

The power input for the Roku Voice remote pro is the standard 5V – 1A, making it easy to charge with any regular USB charger. Its classic matte black color gives it a premium look, and notably, it stays true to Roku’s aesthetics.

Common Issues and Troubleshooting Guide

Like any technology, the Roku Voice Remote Pro may occasionally run into issues. One common snag that users often face is the loss of connection with the Roku device. To troubleshoot this, try restarting both your Roku device and the remote. Remove the batteries from the remote, then unplug the power cable from the Roku device. After waiting a moment, replace the batteries in the remote, and turn on the Roku device to re-pair the two.

Another common issue is the remote not charging. If the remote is not charging, try using a different charging cable and adapter. It’s also a good idea to clean the charging port to ensure there is no dust or lint blocking smooth connectivity.

Furthermore, the remote finder might not work if the device is out of battery-the remote needs enough charge to generate the sound. To rectify this, keep your remote charged and ready for operation.

In a scenario where the voice command stops functioning, a simple rebooting of the Roku Voice Remote Pro should bring it back to normal operations.

When operating the Roku Voice Remote Pro, be aware that the device firmware must always be up-to-date for optimal performance. If you come across an issue, the first step is always to check for updates. With these handy tips, any issues can be trouble-shooted. Enjoy the advantages of the Roku Voice Remote Pro and the features it brings to elevate your streaming journey.

Is the Roku Voice Remote worth the money?

One aspect under scrutiny while deliberating over the Roku Voice Remote Pro is the question for potential buyers, “Is it worth the money?” To perform an evaluation, the price of the remote, set at $29.99, must be weighed against the features on offer and overall performance.

Purchasing the Roku Voice Remote Pro offers users a variety of unique functions not readily available with other remotes. For instance, the device boasts an always-ready microphone to accept voice commands, which eliminates the need for a button press before speaking a command. Top this off with private listening capabilities, and this remote doesn’t just control the TV – it becomes a part of your entertainment experience.

That being said, the second factor to consider is the performance of the product. Users have repeatedly pointed out Roku’s reliable operation and user-friendly interface as standout points compared to its competitors. If the product continues to function at this high level of performance in the long run, it can make a genuine case for being an excellent purchase, with its $29.99 tag appearing justified.

Do the features and performance justify its price?

When comparing the features and performance of the Roku Voice Remote Pro with its contemporaries, its true value tends to surface. The remote’s rechargeable battery feature provides users with an inexpensive and eco-friendly alternative to constantly replacing alkaline batteries. It assures power availability for smart TV operations for up to two months upon each full charge.

For an in-depth comparison, consider the remotes provided with smart TVs from some renowned brands in the market. They might entail a simplified interface, but seldomly provide features like private listening through the headphone jack or a lost remote finder. In terms of performance, Roku’s Voice Remote Pro efficiently responds to voice commands, and the Roku interface is one of the most user-friendly in the smart TV market.

Where to Purchase the Roku Voice Remote Pro

The Roku Voice Remote Pro can be purchased easily from online sources. E-commerce giants Amazon and eBay list the product and ship worldwide, providing a convenient online purchasing option. Tech-centric online retailers like Newegg or Best Buy also host the product on their platforms. Delivery times and prices may vary based on your location and the seller’s inventory.

For offline purchase, physical electronics stores carry the product. Stores like Walmart, Best Buy, and Target stock Roku products, making the Voice Remote Pro accessible to those preferring immediate purchase. The advantage of buying in-store is the ability to cross-verify the product before purchase, ensuring the perfect fit for your Roku system.

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Alternatives to Roku Voice Remote Pro

While the Roku Voice Remote Pro offers a myriad of features, alternatives from traditional Roku variants or other brands may be more suited for some users. The standard Roku remote that comes bundled with every Roku device lacks advanced features like private listening and voice commands but provides reliable performance at a lesser cost.

Another alternative is the universal remote form Logitech’s Harmony Series. Harmony remotes come pre-configured to work with Roku devices and offer an impressive roster of features, although they do come at a higher price point. It’s wise to compare these alternatives before making a decision, assessing their pros and cons in line with your due diligence.

Another option is the Inteset 4-in-1 Universal remote, known for compatibility with streaming devices, including Roku.

Its pre-programmed settings for Roku simplify the setup process, while the affordability factor appeals to those seeking a budget option. You can see more Remote choices in our guide on the Best Roku Remote Replacements: How to Replace a Roku Remote

How we tested and rated the Roku Voice Remote for this Review

Testing the Roku Voice Remote is a systematic process. We take each function that the remote is advertised to have and put it to test. This includes features like voice command response, button response, and battery life.

What we tested: Each section is rated on a scale of 1 to 5, and a final rating is provided as an average. Performance, design, battery life, and value for money are among the key aspects rated during our evaluation.

Observing how the remote functions in everyday scenarios is vital to our assessment. For example, we analyze how successful the lost remote finder is or how accurately the voice commands are carried out.

We also test the durability of the device by subjecting it to minor stress tests. Ratings are generated only after thorough testing using multiple Roku devices to assess universal compatibility.

Alternative options: Universal Remotes for Roku

Roku users who prefer universal remotes have a variety of options. For example, Logitech’s Harmony line of remotes is renowned for their compatibility and feature set. They can control a huge assortment of devices, including Roku players, making them highly desirable for users aiming for total device control in one remote.

Remember that while these remotes offer expansive compatibility, they may not have advanced features that Roku remotes have. Features such as private listening and voice commands may be absent, but the price point and ease of controlling multiple devices are significant advantages. Assessing these pros and cons can guide you in making an informed decision on what suits your requirements best.

Reader Comments and Queries

Through a detailed exploration of this discussion, the article aims to address queries and comments that have emerged from our reader community around the Roku® Voice Remote Pro.

During our exchange with dedicated entertainment and tech enthusiasts, we observed a pattern of questions and feedback that required serious attention – Consequently, we wanted to take a moment to address these collected comments and queries.

A common conversation point is the groundbreaking always-ready voice command feature that the Roku® Voice Remote Pro offers.

Our readers wondered out loud if speaking to a TV remote, as sophisticated as it might be, was a step too far into the realm of futurism. While some welcomed the hands-free control, others expressed concerns about the device’s constant ‘listening.’ To address this, it’s important to highlight that Roku® has implemented an optional feature for users to switch off the always-ready microphones when they require extra privacy.

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Several readers also expressed interest in knowing whether direct voice control was responsive and accurate enough to replace traditional button commands. Based on our analysis, the Roku® Voice Remote Pro’s voice control platform performs admirably in executing basic tasks such as launching channels and searching for content.

So, is the impressive tech behind the Roku® Voice Remote Pro for everyone? As you navigate these analyses, do remember that at its core, the Voice Remote Pro isn’t about the tech. Instead, it’s about making your streaming experience smoother and more delightful.

Verdict: Is the Roku voice remote pro worth the upgrade?

The Roku® Voice Remote Pro crafts an interesting tale of tech evolution. This tool, in its snazzy new avatar, proves yet again that even the simplest of devices – like a household TV remote – can be upgraded into something high-tech and highly functional.

Users will find the rechargeable battery feature quite impressive, for it considerably reduces the dependency on traditional disposable batteries, contributing not only to cost savings but also to environmental sustainability. Another major point of appeal is the superior voice command functionality brought in which makes control extremely accessible and hands-free.

The highly versatile Roku Voice Remote Pro offers personalization through customizable buttons, and valuable extras like personal listening via headphones and lost remote finder. Taking into consideration all the innovative features and added conveniences, it undoubtedly sounds like a worthwhile upgrade for a superior Roku streaming experience.

For the less tech-savvy who prefer traditional remotes… the upgrade may not be as valuable. So, bear in mind your own streaming habits while deciding.


What features does the Roku Voice Remote Pro offer that other Roku remotes don’t?

The Roku Voice Remote Pro uniquely offers 1. Lost remote finder (Super useful), 2. “Always-on/ready” voice microphone, 3. rechargeable battery, and a few other features that set it apart from other Roku remotes.

How is the “always-ready” Voice controls of the Pro model different from the regular remote?

The “always ready” or “always listening” voice controls of the Roku voice remote pro is different because the microphone is always listening. This means that you don’t have to push to talk like you would have to on the regular Roku remote Voice models.

Is the USB charging port type C?

One vital element of tech devices today is the ty Remote Pro havepe of charging port. The Roku® Voice Remote Pro, however, does not come with the increasingly popular type C USB charging port. Instead, it houses a micro-USB charging port that can connect to a larger, conventional USB power adapter for charging.

The preference for a micro-USB port over a type C could be questioned, especially considering the growing inclination towards the latter. Keep in mind, though, that a micro-USB isn’t inferior. It is a widely-accepted standard, known for its durability and functionality. This use of micro-USBs aligns with Roku’s ethos of providing reliable and universally-accepted tech solutions.

How is the quality of the private listening audio

Private listening on the Roku® Voice Remote Pro uses headphones connected through a built-in 3.5 mm jack. The sound quality is appreciably good, free of any significant glitches, and allows for immersive viewing. However, how does it compare to the audio quality on the Roku app on a smartphone?

Through our analysis, the quality of audio while using the Roku® Voice Remote Pro has an edge over audio via the Roku app on a smartphone. The direct wired connection minimizes latency, ensuring that sound and visuals are perfectly synched. On the other hand, the smartphone app audio stream might show a minor delay leading to slightly out-of-sync audio and visuals.

Is the rechargeable battery removable?

A standout feature of Roku® Voice Remote Pro is its rechargeable battery, which marks a shift from the AA battery power source of its predecessors. However, this battery is integrated into the device and is not removable.

There’s been a lot of discussion on weather users find this more useful or not because not everybody finds using a USB charging port to be more convenient. I prefer to not have to buy batteries and just connect the remote into a USB port… rechargeable batteries already look to be the future for small electronics.

While some users may view this as a limitation, others will appreciate the environmental aspect of it. The rechargeable battery can last up to two months on a single charge. The ability to recharge rather than dispose of used batteries is a notable green advantage.

Roku Voice Remote Pro isn’t working: It only works half the time?

The remote is very sporadic – how do we fix this? The quickest fix for this is to reset your Voice Remote Pro. To do this, press and hold the reset button in the battery compartment of your remote for about 5 seconds. Once finished, your remote should reboot itself. If the problem persists, reach out to Roku’s excellent customer care service for assistance.

Problems related to sporadic, intermittent functioning of the Roku® Voice Remote Pro have been flagged by some users. Now, these issues could arise due to a variety of reasons – fading battery life, processor overload, flawed software updates, or even distance and obstructions between the remote and the device.

Where can I get the Roku voice remote pro?

The Roku Voice Remote Pro is easily accessible through several retail channels. For physical shopping, try large electronic stores such as Target and Best Buy. These establishments keep the latest in gadgetry stocked and are likely to offer the Roku Voice Remote Pro due to its popularity as a standalone accessory.

For those preferring online shopping, the Roku Voice Remote Pro is available on leading online marketplaces like Amazon and Best Buy’s online shop. These retailers offer convenient doorstep delivery options coupled with a comfort of processing refunds or exchanges if needed. Official purchasing platforms such as Roku’s online store are also recommended.

On a side note:, the Roku Voice Remote Pro comes bundled with devices such as the Roku Ultra and certain models of Roku TVs thereby eliminating the need for separately purchasing the remote.

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