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Roku Remote Compatibility: What Remote does my Roku use?

Roku Remote Compatibility: What Remote does my Roku use?

In this post we’ll cover everything you need to know about Roku remote compatibility and replacement. 

This guide is particularly helpful for Roku users who are confused about which remote works for their Roku model or those who plan to upgrade their current Roku Streaming player or Roku TV.

We will cover all the information about replacing or buying a new Roku remote, including the compatibility list to determine the right type of remote for your specific Roku model.

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The article will also address the question of whether Roku remotes are universal or interchangeable. Additionally, we will provide a guide on how to properly replace your Roku remote.

What Type of Remote does my Roku device use?

Roku Compatibility

We’ll explore the differences and functionalities of Simple and Enhanced Roku remotes, their compatibility with different Roku devices, and how to identify them based on their design and features.

What Type of Remote does my Roku device use

In fact, we have a full compatibility list of Roku Remotes and their devices in the. next section of this article, but lets take a look at what most need to know to get a quick answer to the type of remote your Roku uses… this following photo of each remote type should help.

Simple Roku Remote doesnt work with Roku streaming stick and Roku TVs

The “Simple Roku Remote” isn’t compatible with all Roku Streaming Stick models. However, it is compatible with Roku Express, Roku Ultra, Roku Streambars & Soundbars, and various other Roku players.

How to tell what Roku Remote you have

If you have a voice button on your Roku remote, it will work on newer model Roku players, particularly most of the Roku devices released after 2015… but you’ll still need to check the compatibility list in this article to be 100% sure.

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Roku remotes can be categorized into two types: the Simple Remote and Enhanced (Voice) Remote. Bore purchasing, always make sure your Roku device is compatible with the desired remote.

Explore further details about your device and its remote in the post on what is Roku and how does it work?

Roku Remote Compatibility List: Every Roku remote, device and model

1 Roku Remote Compatibility List Every Roku remote device and model

Below is a photo that will tell you exactly which Roku Remote works with which Roku device; this is data most other resources online do not have as we researched and compiled this list ourselves:

Roku Remote Compatibility List by Mediapeanut
Roku Remote Compatibility List researched by

Below is a Roku remote compatibility table. This shows everything you need to know and solves almost every problem regarding whether a certain Roku remote will work with a specific Roku device:

Roku DeviceCompatible with Roku Simple RemoteCompatible Roku Voice Remotes (Standard, Enhanced & Pro)
Roku Express (All models)YesYes
Roku Streaming Stick (All models except 1st gen)NoYes
Roku Ultra (All models)YesYes
Roku TV (All models)NoYes
Roku Soundbar/Streambar (All models)YesYes
Roku Premiere (All models)YesYes
A Full list of the Roku remote compatibility list researched by Paul Michael, founder of

Note that in the Roku remote compatibility Table (seen above) All Roku voice remotes include the Roku Voice Remote, Roku Enhanced Voice Remote, and the Roku Voice Remote Pro

Roku voice remote models are typically incompatible and not supported by older Roku models.

If you’re looking for ways to optimize your Roku experience, consider reading our post on Roku tips and tricks.

Finding the right remote for your Roku device

2 Finding the right remote for your Roku device

Identifying the correct Roku remote for your specific device doesn’t have to feel like an endless hunt. Also, having a better understanding of the functionalities of your Roku device can save you from compatibility issues right from the start.

There’s three ways to figure out which remote is the right replacement for your Roku device…

  1. The most simple, efficient way to is to check the Roku Remote compatibility list. This will let you find a compatible Roku remote for your Roku device.
  2. See if your remote has a voice button or not, if it does (and you don’t have a Roku streaming stick or Roku TV), then the Roku voice remote or the Roku streaming stick should be compatible with that Roku device (includes Roku Express, Roku Ultra, and Roku Streambar)
  3. Check your Roku’s model number by turning on your Roku device, and locating settings > System > About. This model number will tell you which Remote came with the device with a simple web search.
    • The serial number or device ID for every Roku player and audio device can be found either on the bottom or the back of the respective product
    • Roku TVs will have your Roku serial number on the back of the TV, it will be displayed on the Ω sticker label.

In case of issues with programming your remote, our post on how to program roku remote might help.

How you can You Replace or Buy a New Roku Remote

3 How you can You Replace or Buy a New Roku Remote

It’s good news for Roku users that, in case you lose the remote or it malfunctions, replacing it is indeed an available option. You can purchase a new one from Roku’s online store.

When shopping for a replacement, make sure to check if the chosen remote type is aligned with your Roku device model as mentioned earlier.

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There are also universal remotes available in the market that are compatible with Roku devices. You may even be wondering if you can use someone else’s remote and how universal remotes play into all this.

While these universal remotes do not offer Roku-specific functionalities such as quick launch buttons or voice commands, basic controlling such as navigation or volume control is manageable.

Roku remotes come in two different types: The Simple Roku Remote and The Roku Voice Remote (also known as enhanced remote).

Our post on free roku remote to control your Roku without the remote could be beneficial if you’ve lost your Roku remote.

  • The Simple Roku Remote uses InfraRed (IR) technology, and it requires a direct line of sight with the Roku device for a smooth operation.
  • The Roku Voice Remote, on the other hand, operates on Radio Frequency (RF) technology, removing the need for a direct line of sight to your Roku Device or Roku TV.
    • With this voice button, you can command your Roku Voice remote to perform actions like channel search or launch applications.

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Telling the difference Between Roku Device Remotes and Roku TV Remotes

4 Telling the difference Between Roku Device Remotes and Roku TV Remotes
Compatibility Roku TV Remote vs Roku player Remote

Roku divides its remotes into two main categories: those for Roku streaming devices and those for Roku TVs. The primary difference remains that a Roku TV remote will include controls for volume and power that apply to the TV itself.

Often, I get asked: “Why Won’t my new replacement remote work with my Roku TV”… and the issue is almost always due to the Roku user purchasing a Roku remote that is meant for a Roku player and not the Roku TV.

If my friend used the Roku compatibility list mentioned earlier in this post , she may had saved herself from getting the wrong remote and spending money she didn’t have to.

One crucial detail about Roku TV remotes – especially for those looking to replace them – is that their compatibility is generally restricted to the specific brand of Roku TV they come with, such as TCL or Hisense.

See our post on all the best TCL Roku TV Remote Replacement options you have.

Different Types of Roku Remotes

5 Different Types of Roku Remotes

Navigating through the Roku platform starts with understanding the type of Roku remote at your disposal. The Roku remote’s primary function is to enable user-device interaction, and its structure, layout, and capabilities play significant roles in enhancing the overall user experience.

Side Note: Don’t forget, you can always use the Roku remote app for those who lost their Roku remote (Mobile app)

Each Roku remote model carries specific features that differentiate it from the others within the Roku remote lineup. Identifying your Roku remote’s type thus sets you off on a smooth discovery journey on the comprehensive Roku platform.

For in-depth information on voice-activated controls, consider reading our Roku Voice remote pro review.

Standard IR Roku Remote

6 Standard IR Roku Remote

The Standard IR Roku Remote, otherwise known as the Simple Remote, is Roku’s basic model and doesn’t have a voice search button. The remote uses infrared (IR) technology, meaning it needs a direct line of sight with your Roku player to function properly.

This straightforward design requires you to point the remote at your Roku player for successful connection. Due to this design feature, the remote’s commands might not be accurately executed if there’s an object between the remote and the Roku player, such as a wall or a TV.

One significant advantage of this remote is that it comes bundled with a variety of Roku devices, catering to a vast array of users…. It is also readily available and affordable to replace if ever it becomes faulty or goes missing.

Facing issues with your Roku remote? Our guide on roku not responding to remote could help.

Enhanced ‘Point Anywhere’ Roku Remote

7 Enhanced Point Anywhere Roku Remote

Stepping up from the simple remote, the Enhanced ‘Point Anywhere’ Roku Remote employs radio frequency (RF) connections. This will be able to connect to your Roku streaming stick via pairing and Wi-Fi.

This ‘point anywhere’ functionality enables users to operate the Roku player even when the remote is not facing the player directly. As you might have inferred from the name, its directionality isn’t crucial for operation, and it can send commands successfully from any direction.

This remote benefits users who might have their Roku player positioned behind other devices like a wall-mounted TV because it doesn’t need a direct “line of sight”.

However, keep in mind that pairing with the designated device is required here.

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Roku Voice Remote

8 Roku Voice Remote

For more sophisticated engagement with the Roku platform, there’s the Roku Voice Remote. This type brings the added convenience of voice controls. With its dedicated voice button, it enables the functionality of searching channels and individual programs using voice commands. Additionally, the Voice Remote also serves as an effective universal remote, offering users the ability to control the TV’s power and volume.

Also, as an alternative, you might be interested in our post on how you can install the roku app. The mobile app also works as a voice remote.

The Voice Remote seamlessly connects with all recent Roku models, making for efficient navigation and control. It pairs through RF technology and hence, functions from any direction. While bearing extra benefits, it retains the basic functionalities found in the standard Roku remote.

Roku Gaming Remote (Discontinued)

9 Roku Gaming Remote Discontinued

Lastly, among the Roku remotes stands out the Roku Gaming Remote. It’s important to note that this model is discontinued, and hence can be challenging to find unless looking for used or refurbished units.

This variant, specifically designed for an engaging gaming experience, incorporates motion-sensing technology. The Gaming Remote supports the Roku 2 game applications, allowing users to navigate game movements by merely moving the remote.

Side Note: If there’s a Roku gaming remote in the past, you’re probably wondering… Can you play games on Roku? Check out our guide.

The game remote carries all the features of an Enhanced Roku Remote but comes with built-in accelerometers that enable gaming interactions. While it interfaces with any Roku device, the Gaming Remote was initially packaged solely with Roku 2 series players.

Roku mobile app

10 Roku mobile app

The Roku mobile app is accessible on iOS and Android and acts as a streaming companion just like a remote. This allows users to use their smartphones as a Roku remote.

It provides features like voice search for movies and shows, and “Private Listening” for audio streaming through mobile-connected headphones.

Users can also ‘Cast to TV’ from their phones and manage their Roku channels with ease. The app even hosts The Roku Channel with a variety of free content. Do note, feature availability can vary based on the region and Roku device model.

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Do all Roku remotes work with All Roku Devices?

Roku Remote Compatibility List by Mediapeanut
Roku Remote Compatibility List researched by

Often users wonder if their existing Roku remote can be used with another Roku device and if its universal. No, not all Roku remotes are interchangeable with all Roku devices. While many Roku remotes work with multiple devices, compatibility depends on whether the remote uses Infrared (IR) or Radio Frequency (RF) technology, and the specific model of the Roku device.

So, it’s essential to check whether your Roku device and remote are compatible before use:

  1. Simple Remote: Works with all Roku players except the Streaming Stick/Stick+/4K/4K+, Streambar, Smart Soundbar, and Streambar Pro. Roku Streaming Sticks and some other devices are often placed behind a TV or out of direct sight, where an infrared (IR) remote like the Simple Remote wouldn’t be able to communicate with them.
  2. Enhanced Remote: Compatible with any Roku TV, Roku audio products, and all the latest Roku players, except for some older models.
  3. Voice Remote Pro: Works with all Roku TVs, Roku audio devices (including Smart Soundbar and Streambar), and all Roku players made after 2017 (such as Ultra, Express, Streaming Stick, Premiere, etc.)

Also see: Our Roku devices compared to help you understand the difference between each guide is a valuable resource for potential buyers.

Usability depends significantly on the type of Roku remote you have. So, are all Roku Remotes Interchangeable? No, older Roku devices such as the Roku streaming stick

Roku remote technology determines whether its interchangeable or not

Simple Roku remotes use IR technology, so these can be used interchangeably given the Roku devices are also IR based. So when someone asks if the Roku remote is universal or not, it’s important to know that the other devices must also be IR based.

However, this remote type won’t be compatible with Roku Streaming Stick models that work on the RF technology.

Enhanced Roku remotes, which employ RF technology, almost always need to be paired with the Roku device to function. So while certain Roku remotes are indeed interchangeable, the compatibility primarily depends on the device’s communication mechanism: IR or RF.

Whether you’re looking to replace an old Roku remote, trying to understand its basic operation, or merely wondering about its versatility – this guide will provide significant insights.

A Guide to Replacing Your Roku Remote

If your Roku remote is lost, damaged, or not working as it used to, replacing it doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Here’s a quick guide on how to do it effectively.

Lost Roku Remote Replacement

When your Roku remote is lost, especially an RF-based one, your first option could be the Roku mobile app while you order a new one from Roku. It has nearly all functionalities of a physical remote. Remember to order an RF compatible replacement.

Alternatively, a Universal remote could also work with Roku.

Replacing a Broken Roku Remote

If your remote is broken, it’s straightforward to replace it since you know its type and model. Just ensure the model number matches the compatibility list of your new purchase or use the compatibility table we mentioned earlier to check the device.

Side Note: When I broke my Roku remote, I personally looked up the Roku remote that my model (The Roku ultra) works with and saw it mentioned the voice remote pro. You can tell if you have a voice remote because you will have a voice button on the actual remote..

Once you get your new remote, sync it to your device and you’re back to streaming.

Compatibility Check

Before purchasing a replacement, ensure its compatibility with your Roku TV model, typically found in the ‘Settings’ menu under ‘About’.

Cross-verify the compatibility on the Roku Accessories Store before you proceed with the purchase. Roku remotes have specific functions catering to the unique features of each device model, so choose wisely.

How to Pair Your New Roku Remote with Your Roku Device

Pairing is the process of connecting two devices so they can communicate with each other. To pair your new Roku Remote with your Roku TV, it’s important to first install batteries in your remote. Once installed, the remote should automatically sync with the Roku TV.

See our full guide on how to pair Roku remote to TV or Roku Streaming Player.

In case it doesn’t automatically pair, follow the steps below. First, prepare your Roku device for the syncing process. Turn on your Roku TV or player and navigate to the ‘Settings’ menu, then ‘Remotes & Devices’, followed by ‘Pair new device’. Your Roku is now in pairing mode. Now, take your new remote, find the pairing button (usually located in the battery compartment). Press and hold the pairing button for three seconds, or until you see the light start to flash on the remote. The Roku device will detect the remote and complete the process.

Keep in mind that the remote and device need to be within range of each other (usually about 30 feet) for the pairing to be successful. Once the pairing is successful, the detailed information about the remote will show up on the TV screen.


Many Roku TV users have asked questions about remote compatibility. The first frequently asked question is – can a single Roku remote control multiple devices? Yes. Roku remotes function on either radio frequency (RF) or Infrared (IR) technology.

The RF-technology-based Roku remotes can be used interchangeably, while IR-based remotes need a direct line of sight to the connected device. This makes Roku remotes quite versatile and capable of handling multiple devices.

Are Roku remotes compatible with all Roku TVs?

The specific compatibility depends on the model of both the remote and the Roku TV device. However, most voice remotes are compatible with a wide range of Roku TV models, but you can also visit the official Roku site that explains Roku accessories to confirm as new models could also appear in the future.

To find out which remote your Roku TV uses, you can use our the Roku compatibility list by mediapeanut or look at the back of the device. The model number of your Roku will be listed there. You can then use the Roku website to find out which remote is compatible with your model of Roku.

Where and How to Find a Suitable Replacement

There are plenty of places where you can get a replacement Roku remote. You can visit the Roku Accessories Store to find an assortment of authentic Roku remotes. Amazon and other trusted electronics retailers often offer Roku remotes as well.

In determining a suitable replacement, it’s crucial to know the model of your Roku device first. This is because each model may require a different replacement remote. So, when you search for a replacement Roku remote on any platform, make sure to key in the correct Roku model number. The search result will then bring up a list of compatible remotes.

Estimated Cost of New Roku Remotes

The cost of Roku remotes varies, contingent largely on the type and features they come with. For instance, simple remotes typically cost less in comparison to voice remotes which come with more features like voice search and control. Simple remotes can range from $15 to $20, while enhanced voice remotes may be priced anywhere between $20 and $30.

The high-end Voice Remote Pro supporting comprehensive features like a rechargeable battery and lost remote finder comes in around $30.

Although the cost factor may differ slightly based on the retail outlet you choose, this estimation gives you a fair idea of the expense involved. It’s always recommended to shop from the Roku Accessories Store or other trusted electronics retailers.

Are Roku Remotes Universal?

No, Roku remotes are not universal remotes in the strictest sense. While they do work with other devices such as some TVs and soundbars, their compatibility is limited to a set range of models as described in our Roku Remote compatibility list.

Conclusion: Key Takeaways from Roku Remote Compatibility Guide

Roku remote compatibility may seem complex initially, but with a thorough understanding, it becomes easy to navigate. The main takeaway is that the compatibility of remotes directly corresponds with your Roku device model.

It’s essential to take note of this before considering any remote replacements. Pairing your new remote to your device doesn’t require you to be tech savvy, with a simple process available to do so…

While Roku remotes have a certain “universality” to them, they are not fully fledged universal remotes. Be certain to get full clarity on your needs and the capabilities of your chosen remote before purchase.

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