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How to Access the Roku Secret Menu in 30 seconds or less (Visual Guide)

How to Access the Roku Secret Menu in 30 seconds or less (Visual Guide)

The Roku secret menu screen shows you everything from the temperature and WiFi strength to the SSID, battery level, remote, screenshots, Roku channels, resolution, and several other customizations.

Roku secret menus are a set of 11 different hidden screens that you can access on Roku. Each screen requires a different code in order to gain access. 

  • Roku secret menus allow users to check everything from the Wi-Fi settings and resolution, all the way to battery levels, secret antenna screen, and temperature of the device.
  • You can access specific hidden menus by using different Roku menu codes. Different secret menus have different benefits and information.
  • You can modify the secret settings for a better streaming experience (or choose to use a Roku web browser).

The benefit of the Roku secret menu is that you can instantly access certain settings and information. This is much easier than searching through the settings manually.

For more Roku secrets, see: How to Jailbreak Roku for Unlocked Streaming

This is an infograph of the Roku secret menu screen, which shows you everything from the temperature and WiFi strength to the SSID, battery level, remote, screenshots, Roku channels, resolution, and several other customizations.

In this post, I’m going to cover how to access the Roku secret screen, which allows users to access a secret menu of advanced options.

Did you know Roku has secret hidden channels?

We will cover all about the different Roku and Roku TV secret menus, their respective codes to enable access, and which hidden features are the most useful. I will also cover how to disable, block, and remove Roku ads.

How to access the Roku Secret Menu Codes

Roku Secret Menu Codes

Roku key codes for viewing the hidden options need to be entered using your Roku remote or your Roku mobile app remote. 

  • Ensure you’re on the dashboard before entering the secret screen, not in a Roku App or else you won’t be able to gain access to the secret Roku menu.

Here is how to access the Roku secret menu:

  1. Locate to the Roku dashboard screen
  2. Press home 5 times on your Roku remote
    Press home 5 times for Roku secret menu acces
  3. Press up, down, up, down, up
  4. You will now have access to the Roku secret menu!
button combos secret codes for the Roku Secret Menu
Different button combinations allow you to access different menus

This menu focuses on hidden Wi-Fi settings, but there are 8 additional Roku menu’s below.

We have tested all the following codes with success. Here is a table of all the Roku secret screens, how to access them, and what they can do for you:

How to use Roku secret menu the full list of codes for the menu activation
Use your remote and follow the codes in this chart to access the hidden menus on Roku
Roku Secret Menu ScreenCodeBenefits
Cycle screen shot, ad banners, and auto-pair settingsUp > Right > Down > Left > UpChange miscellaneous information and ad related settings
Secret Antenna menuHome (5x) > Fast forward > Rewind > Down, Fast forwardCheck the strength of your Wi-Fi Signal. (instead of ‘good’ or ‘bad’)
Factory reset & USB testsHome (5x) > Fast Forward (3x), Rewind (3x)Instant reset, instead of searching via settings.
Rebooting RokuHome (5x) > Up > Rewind (2x) > Fast forward (2x)Instant reboot, instead of searching via settings.
Wifi Secret screenHome (5x), Up > Down > Up > Down > UpSignal strength and router info displayed in detail
Bitrate Override screenHome (5x) > Rewind (3x) > Fast forward (2x)Manually change the rate of data for playback issues
Developer settings Home (3x) > Up (2x) > Right > Left > Right > Left > Right For testing apps as a developer
Channel informationHome (3x) > Up (2x) > Left > Right > Left > Right > LeftShows version and build information for channels
Roku Wireless Secret Screen 2

You can also learn how to use a Roku browser in order to access certain features you might not be able to normally access on Roku.

Roku Channel Info Secret Screen 1

What is the Roku Secret Menu and what does it do?

What is the Roku Secret Menu and what does it do

The Roku secret menu is typically used by developers, Roku technical support, and general users who need to debug their device in case they have a certain problem. 

Others use the Roku secret menu to gain instantaneous access to an advanced setting. Such as ‘reboot’ or ‘private channel information’.

Roku Factory Reset Secret Screen 1

The Roku hidden menu screen is actually not one, single menu. It is a compilation of 8 menus, each that requires a unique code to gain access to the secret Roku screen.

You can even check the speed of the fan and your Roku’s IP address when accessing the menus. 

  • Note: You must access the secret menu from the dashboard of your Roku and not during the middle of a Netflix or HBO Max show.

What benefits does the Roku Secret Menu give you?

What benefits does the Roku Secret Menu give you

They’re quite a few benefits the Roku secret menu provides users, including, but not limited to hidden shortcuts and commands to control, change, or observe advanced streaming device information.

Based on our survey of Roku users, we found that the least viewed Roku secret menu was the antenna secret code.

Here are some of the top benefits a Roku secret menu provides users:

  • Quickly access certain settings rather than searching through the settings.
  • Ability to check Roku’s IP address
  • Capability to reboot the Roku device instantly
  • Observation screen of several Wi-Fi router controls and details, including a wireless menu
  • Check Roku secret channel information.

I personally use the Roku secret menu to see the channel information for Roku secret channels.  

Less useful, but more entertaining Roku secret screen benefits include being able to check the temperature, fan speed, and change the ad-banners on your device. 

How can I get the Roku Secret Menu using the remote?

How can I get the Roku Secret Menu using the remote

You can get to the Roku secret menu by using the remote and pressing the arrow keys we’ve displayed throughout this guide. Different Roku secret screen types will require different remote codes. 

Here are some general rules when entering the codes to access each Roku secret menu screen:

  • You can enter the codes only at the home screen and not during a movie
  • You must use the Roku remote or the mobile app to enter the codes
  • We used the official Roku remote to test each code. Universal Roku TV remotes may or may not work to access the secret screen.

Some remote codes are longer than others, but are generally not difficult and can be used on the Roku TV, Roku streaming stick, Roku Express and Roku Ultra.

Let’s dive into each type of Roku secret menu, how they differ, and how to access them.

1. Roku Secret Menu screen: Cycle screen shot, ad banners, and auto-pair settings

1. Roku Secret Menu screen Cycle screen shot ad banners and auto pair settings

This Roku secret menu allows you to remove the auto pair option, log theme information, cycle screenshot as well as changing the ad banner.

Secret menu code to reboot the Roku: 

  • Press Home 5x
  • Then press the up, right, down arrows
  • Next, press left, up arrows
  • You can now access the secret Roku reboot menu

This will let you handle more miniscule details on Roku (auto-pair, theme information) that many are unaware exists. The scrollable ads and home banner customization can be accessed via this menu. This is a type of personalization that may benefit more serious streaming fans.

2. Roku Secret Menu screen: Enable the Secret Antenna menu

2. Roku Secret Menu screen Enable the Secret Antenna menu

By accessing this Roku secret antenna menu, you have access to information about your device’s wireless connection like signal strength, channels, antenna info and glitch per second. This is often referred to as the Roku wireless secret screen.

Secret menu code for Roku Antenna menu:

  • Press Home 5x
  • Then, press the Fast Forward, Rewind and Down buttons (1x) 
  • Finally, press Fast Forward (1x)
  • You now have access to the secret Roku Antenna menu

Although this feels like a Roku cheat code, it is actually a very helpful (and legit) option that allows both developers and casual users access to advanced capabilities.

The antenna secret menu code is very helpful if you have any issues with your internet connection. 

Keep in mind that the Roku devices use an LTE (Long Term Evolution) distributed antenna system for video streaming, which allows them to augment the Wireless connection speed and range (source).

So, this secret menu will help you determine if the Roku device is the reason behind glitches and check the signal strength in real time. For example, if the signal is weak and there are major glitches, then you should probably restart your router or contact your internet provider. 

On the flip side, if the connection is strong but your Roku doesn’t offer a pleasant streaming experience (continuous buffering etc), then the best thing you can do is update the Roku software or factory reset your device. 

3. Roku Secret Menu screen: Resets, USB tests & Server updates

3. Roku Secret Menu screen Resets USB tests Server updates

The Reset/Update secret menu allows you to check your USB ports and instantly reset your Roku device.

Secret menu code needed to access the Roku system menu update: 

  • Press Home 5x
  • Then, press Fast Forward 3x
  • Finally, press Rewind 3x
  • You should be automatically redirected to the Reset/Update secret menu

By inputting this Roku platform secret code, you have access to information and functions that are usually useful for developers and technicians. Via this secret menu, professionals identify potential issues with a Roku’s USB ports and quickly perform a reset to the device. 

This is a great secret code that you can use if your Roku’s USB ports are not working properly and want to find out why. Also, if you don’t want to spend time on accessing the factory reset feature from the Roku settings, this is a (quicker) alternative. 

4. Roku Secret Menu screen: Rebooting Roku

4. Roku Secret Menu screen Rebooting Roku

Through this Roku express secret menu, you can quickly reboot your Roku device without accessing the settings menu.  

The secret code you need to access the Rebooting Roku menu:

  • Press Home 5x
  • Then, press Up, followed by Rewind 2x
  • Finally, press the Fast Forward button 2x
  • You are all set! You have access to the Rebooting Roku secret menu

By using this simple Roku code, you can easily reboot your device. Of course, you can also use the Roku remote to perform a reboot from the Settings menu on your Roku. Still, inputting this code will allow you to reboot your Roku quickly and without any issues. 

5. Roku Secret Menu screen: Access the Secret Wifi Signal Screen

5. Roku Secret Menu screen Access the Secret Wifi Signal Screen

The WiFi Signal Screen is a secret menu that allows you to check the wireless connection status (signal, antenna, AP information, glitches) of your Roku device. 

To access the WiFi Signal Screen, use the Roku secret code: 

  • Press Home 5x
  • Then, press UP > Down > Up >Down > Up
  • You can now access the secret Roku WiFi Screen menu

Although this is a very similar menu to the secret Antenna menu, it is not exactly the same. In fact, in most cases, the signal and channel values are quite different. Use this secret menu to check details about your signal strength and router information. 

Most Roku users access both menus if their device has poor performance and compare the results to find the network issue behind it. 

6. Roku Secret Menu screen: Set bitrates & Quality

6. Roku Secret Menu screen Set bitrates Quality

With the Bit Rate Override secret menu, you can manually change the rate of data your Roku is using for streaming. This is possible as this menu allows you to set up the Mbps value (bitrate) you want.

Secret menu code to access the Bite Rate Override menu:

  • Press Home 5x
  • Then, press Rewind 3x
  • Finally, press Fast Forward 2x
  • You now have access to the Bit Rate secret menu

The Roku Bit Rate menu is one of the most useful secret menus that Roku devices offer as it can help you save data or avoid playback issues.

So, if you have a limited data plan, you can replace the automatic stream speed selection with a certain rate of data like 2.5 or 3.5 Mbps. This will allow you to stream movies on HD while keeping the data consumption at low levels.  

7. Roku Secret Menu screen: Gain access to Developer mode

7. Roku Secret Menu screen Gain access to Developer mode

The Roku developer secret menu is the only way to test the apps you have created for Roku devices as a developer. 

Secret menu code to access the secret Developer Settings menu:

  • Press Home 3x
  • Then, press the Up arrow 2x
  • Finally, press the Right, Left, Right, Left, Right arrows 
  • This should automatically transfer you to the Developer secret menu

From this menu, you will get valuable information such as the Username of your Roku device and the URL you can use. Finally, you can enable the installer by pressing the button on the bottom right of the menu.

Developers use this Roku menu to test their apps on the Roku operating system before releasing them. In a few words, this is a menu that should be accessed only by professionals who know what they are doing. 

8. Roku Secret Menu screen: Channel info Menu

8. Roku Secret Menu screen Channel info Menu

The Roku channel info secret menu will give you access to hidden information about the channels you have added on your device:

To access the Channel Info menu, use the following secret menu code:

  • Press Home 3x
  • Then, press the Up arrow 2x
  • Finally, press the Left > Right > Left > Right > Left arrows from your Roku remote
  • You now have access to the Roku channel secret menu 

We found this secret menu to be particularly handy when we faced problems with specific channels on our Roku devices. 

In fact, the channel info menu allows you to access detailed information about the channels you have added to your device. You can then utilize these details to reinstall a channel, perform a manual channel scan, and more. 

Does Roku TV have secret menus?

Does Roku TV have secret menus

Yes, most Element, Hisense, Philips and Sharp Roku TV models have secret menus that you can access if you know how to impute the remote code mentioned earlier.

But, how do you get the secret Roku menu specifically on Roku TVs? Are the secret remote codes any different than Roku Sticks?

During our testing, we found out that all Roku TV secret codes are the same with the Roku Sticks. For example, finding the Sharp Roku TV secret menu was very easy just by inputting the codes. This is reasonable as Roku devices share the same OS. 

So, if you own a Roku TV, you can use the secret codes we mentioned earlier to access the following hidden screens:

  1. Cycle Screen Shot (ad banners, auto-pair)
  2. Roku Antenna secret screen
  3. Factory Reset & USB tests screen
  4. Reboot screen
  5. WiFi Secret screen
  6. Bitrate Override Screen
  7. Developer screen
  8. Channel info screen
  9. Roku Hotel Mode

These can also be considered element secret menu codes (or Hisense/Philips) since the TV and Roku are combined.

Roku Secret menu to Disable Ads

Roku Secret menu to Disable Ads

Roku also has a secret menu that will allow you to remove, block, hide, and disable ads depending on the setting you choose. Some view this as a Roku commercial hack and their main goal is to remove ads from the home screen of Roku.

To get the Roku secret menu for ad limiting on a Roku streaming player, then on your Roku Remote hit the following series of buttons: Home button 5x, then up, right, down, left (2x)

However, you can also disable the Roku TV home screen ad as well as movie store, TV store, and other offers. This can be done by toggling the options to “hide” on your roku device settings.

Here’s how to disable the home screen ads on Roku:

  • Launch your Roku TV
  • Next, locate the Roku TV settings
  • Select privacy
  • Scroll down to the advertising option
  • Toggling the limiting ad tracking feature to on
  • Toggle off the following options: featured free, movie store/TV store, and My offers.

Note: The disable ads screen limits specific ads based on the option you choose. You can optionally block certain domains which is a more complex process, but useful if you’re willing to go the extra mile to get rid of ads.

Modern models of Roku may have voice search, which would ideally enable you to skip right to the Roku settings to disable ads.

Roku secret menu not working

The most common reason why a Roku secret menu isn’t working is because the user isn’t on the home screen when inputting the code. You should always make sure that you’re on the home screen when you put in the code from your Roku remote, or else the secret menu won’t appear on your device.

But, what if that doesn’t work either? How to bring up the secret menu on Roku if you have already tried inputting the code from the home screen and it didn’t work?

You may not need the secret menu and be able to solve all all your Roku & Roku TV problems by troubleshooting them via our solutions guide.

Well, the secret menu may not work if your Roku is outdated. So, if you put in the code from the home screen, but you still can’t access the secret menu, then you should try updating your Roku software first or upgrade to a Roku 4, Roku Ultra, or a streaming stick such as the 4k model.

If that doesn’t work either, you should check your internet connection and reboot your Roku device. Finally, keep in mind that Roku deactivates secret menus from time to time to update them and make them more reliable.

Wondering what exactly a Roku does? Our article unveils why Roku has become the preferred choice for cord-cutters worldwide.

How to get into Roku settings

You can easily access the Roku settings on your device by using your Roku remote. Whether you have the official Roku remote or a universal replacement, the process is the same.

To access the Roku settings from your remote:

  1. Press the Home button on your Roku remote
  2. From the options, scroll down and select the Settings tab/icon.

The Roku settings menu gives you access to multiple tabs the following features: network, display, audio, sound effects, screensaver, time, Netflix, player info and factory reset. 

In the case you’re sound isn’t working from the Roku remote, then you will want to view How to Fix a Roku Remote Volume Not working. If you believe the Roku player or Roku TV has no sound, there are also more fixes.

How to check temperature on a Roku stick

Roku features a hidden screen that you can use to check the device’s temperature. 

The temperature gauge at the top right of the Roku secret menu home screen is the most crucial thing to keep an eye on. If the color is green, your Roku is in good shape.

To access the secret menu and check the temperature of your Roku: Press Home 5X, then Fast Forward, then Play, Rewind, Play, and Fast Forward arrows. 

Keep in mind that the temperature code will work only if you put it from the home screen. The temperature will be displayed in Celsius near the top of the screen. Your fan should run at around 25% of its typical idling speed. But, don’t worry if it runs a little faster after you’ve been using your Roku for a while. 

A smart thing you can do if your Roku is overheating, is to move your device around. The secret menu allows you to monitor the temperature in real time. So, finding a spot that keeps your device cooler is a great tactic. 

See more Roku tips & Tricks here

Does Roku streaming stick plus support 5ghz?

The latest Roku streaming Sticks and TVs support both 2.4 and 5GHz wireless networks. The same is also true for the Roku Ultra models and the Roku Smart Soundbar. 

In fact, Roku’s Wi-Fi capabilities have been significantly upgraded. You can use the device to transition automatically between 2.4GHz and 5GHz Wi-Fi channels. The transition is based on surrounding network congestion.

Also, if you encounter performance issues with your Roku, you could manually connect it to the 5GHz WiFi network.

Keep in mind that 5GHz connections are more powerful but weaker in terms of signal. That said, you should use the 2.4 GHz network if your Roku device is far away from your router.

Which Secret Menus are the most useful on Roku?

While all the secret menus on Roku offer some level of utility, some are more useful than others depending on what you’re trying to achieve. Here’s a quick rundown of the most useful secret menus and why they stand out:

  1. Reset and Update: This is perhaps the most useful secret menu for troubleshooting. If your Roku is acting up, you can perform a factory reset or update the software without navigating through the regular settings. This can be a lifesaver when you’re experiencing glitches or performance issues.
  2. Network Information: Knowing your network details can be crucial for troubleshooting connectivity issues. This menu shows you everything from your Wi-Fi signal strength to your IP and MAC address. If you’re experiencing streaming issues, this is the first place you should look.
  3. Wireless Details: Similar to the Network Information menu but more focused on Wi-Fi performance. You can view the Wi-Fi strength, antennas, and even perform an access point (AP) speed test. This is particularly useful if you’re setting up a new Roku or experiencing intermittent connectivity issues.
  4. Developer Settings: If you’re a bit more tech-savvy and like to tinker, the Developer Settings menu is for you. It allows you to enable or disable the application installer and reset the password for Developer mode. This is particularly useful for those who want to sideload apps or develop their own Roku channels.
  5. Platform Details: This menu provides a comprehensive view of your Roku’s system information, including temperature, CPU speed, and IP address. It’s not something you’ll need every day, but it’s invaluable for diagnosing hardware issues or simply getting to know your device better.
  6. HDMI Details: For those who are particular about their video quality or are troubleshooting display issues, the HDMI Details menu is a must-visit. It provides information on the HDMI settings of your Roku device, helping you ensure that you’re getting the best possible picture quality.
  7. The Reboot Code: While not a menu, the Reboot Code is incredibly useful for quickly rebooting your Roku without having to unplug it or navigate through the settings. It’s a quick fix for minor glitches and can often resolve issues without requiring further troubleshooting.

These secret menus offer a range of options for both casual users and tech enthusiasts alike. Whether you’re troubleshooting issues or simply curious about your device’s capabilities, these hidden gems provide a wealth of information and utility.

Benefits of using the secret menu Antenna feature

The Antenna secret menu on Roku provides invaluable insights into your device’s wireless connection, including signal strength, channels, and even glitches per second. This feature is especially useful for troubleshooting internet issues, helping you determine whether the problem lies with your Roku device or elsewhere in your network setup.

By offering real-time data on your wireless connection, this secret menu can guide you on the best course of action for a smoother streaming experience. For instance, if you find that your signal strength is strong but you’re still experiencing continuous buffering, this could indicate that a software update or factory reset may be necessary. On the other hand, if the signal is weak, you may need to restart your router or consult your internet provider. Either way, the Antenna secret menu serves as a powerful diagnostic tool for both casual users and tech enthusiasts.

Is the Roku Secret Menu Outdated or is it still used today?

By inserting the secret codes on your Roku remote, you will have access to the secret Roku menus. Roku has updated its Roku OS, but the secret menus on all Roku devices, including the wi-fi secret menu, are still fully functional.

During our tests, the Roku secret menu worked perfectly on both the Roku Stick 4k and the Roku Ultra. So, there’s no reason to assume that the secret menu is outdated or will get outdated soon. However, certain models of the Roku TV gave me some difficulty getting the secret menu to work.

See our post on how to get Twitch on Roku. You can also get Dish Anywhere on Roku even though theres’ no official version of either. Twitch used to be called TWOKU on Roku as a private, hidden channel, but was removed.


To access the Roku secret menu on Roku TV or Roku Stick, you’ll need to enter a specific secret code on your remote or voice remote. Roku devices have 8 hidden menus you can access to manipulate different settings and access information about the model, temperature, network signal and more.  

In this blog post, we explained how you can input the Roku secret menu codes to access the Roku secret menu WiFi, the Roku secret network menu, the Roku private Channel menu, the Roku Audio secret menu and more. 

If you have any issues accessing the Roku Secret menus, you should know that you can easily Jailbreak Roku devices and manually change the look of your home screen, sound levels, etc. Alternatively, you can try to update your Roku software or perform a factory reset from the settings menu.


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