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How to Watch Netflix on Nintendo Switch [hack]

How to Watch Netflix on Nintendo Switch [hack]

Did you know theres a way to get Netflix on Switch? Since Nintendo did not include a native app, you’ll need to use the work around documented in this article to watch Netflix on Nintendo Switch. 

By following the steps below you’ll be able to switch from playing a game, to binge watching all your favorite shows on Netflix.

Update: Netflix needs a DNS settings hack in order to use it on Switch. I’ve tested this and it works, but for many of our readers we see only half of them can get it working. You will need to follow the steps carefully and without error.

Note: Netflix will drain your battery – There are some really affordable tablets for Netflix in case don’t want to waste your Nintendo switch battery life.

Here’s how to get Netflix on Switch:

To watch Netflix on Nintendo Switch you’ll need to access the hidden web browser on Netflix. First, locate internet settings. Next, connect to WiFi and select “change settings”. Locate DNS settings, select “manual” and under “primary dns” enter: Finally, wait 8 seconds and and visit Netflix to watch. Enjoy!


  • It’s important to be very patient. Go through this process twice if the first attempt doesn’t gain you access. 
  • On the second attempt, enter the DNS number under “secondary DNS”, instead of primary. 
  • Be sure to reset both your Switch as well as your router if there are any initial or on-going errors.

You’ll be one of the very few that have Netflix on switch. This is just one of the few ways we’ll be showing you that allows you get Netflix on Switch in this guide. 

Is netflix on Switch solved
First, enter this custom dns, then restart your router

Enabling your Switch to be used for both gaming and movies is a rare accomplishment, but highly achievable when attempting all the possible methods listed in this guide.

Side note: Having browser access means you can also use Plex… which means having your own “personal Netflix” without limitations. (it’s actually amazing)

Imagine being able to watch any new movie or show that exists? Some choose to even automate torrents to pull in movies to fill their libraries.

Can I watch Netflix on Switch

Can I watch Netflix on Switch

Yes, you can watch Netflix on Nintendo Switch, but there is no dedicated app built-in. Third party methods, defined as side-loading or jailbreaking, can get you the Netflix app on switch. There are risks involved such as being open to hacks and security issues.

Jailbreaking a Nintendo switch can enable you to download and watch Netflix and even streaming apps like Plex. However, adding Netflix to switch via this alternative method can be risky because it will open your Netflix up to security issues, and unknown problems that can be difficult to troubleshoot.

We cover these methods in-depth further in this post.

While a Netflix on switch can be downloaded, and installed using a DNS method (shown previously in this post), a tablet for Netflix is the best alternative route, because it is both affordable, reliable, and runs the native app. Switch was not meant to run Netflix as Nintendo focuses on gaming rather than streaming media for entertainment.

While watching Netflix on switch provides the benefit of mobile streaming without switching to another device, it’s not without problems. The disadvantages of being able to watch Netflix on Switch are as follows:

  • Security issues
  • Lack of reliability a true, native, built-in Netflix app provides.
  • Streaming becomes more difficult to launch
  • Slower stream speeds become common
  • Sound quality may suffer since it is not the native app
  • Netflix Updates are not built for nintendo switch

It is important to read both Nintendo switch precautions and Netflix guidelines before considering any type of streaming usage. I would recommend weighing the differences between an iPad vs laptop and decide on one device if you want to stream Netflix on a smaller, mobile device. Nintendo switch is a gaming focused device that is not focused on streaming as its primary use for Nintendo switch owners.

If you’re seeking a multi-purpose laptop for gaming, streaming, or even graphic designing, then a laptop for graphic design is more ideal than a Nintendo switch because it also has the specs to run games similar to Nintendo switch. These would probably be ran via steam or download.

Shortcuts for using Netflix on Nintendo Switch

  • One shortcut to get back to watching Netflix quickly is to visit “News” from the main menu and select “channels” to go back to the browser for watching Netflix on Switch.
  • When using the browser to get Netflix on Switch you can zoom in and out by using the right stick.
  • There are alternate methods available using Android on your Nintendo Switch that we’ll cover in this article. So, don’t give up if your first attempt didn’t work! 
Example of Netflix on Switch
Example of Netflix on Switch using method 1

How to get Netflix on Nintendo Switch using Android

Alternate way to watch netflix on switch

When all else fails you can simply install Android to download Netflix on Nintendo switch.

This will give you much more than just Netflix on your device and comes with a ton of benefits (and some drawbacks too). You’ll be able to turn your Nintendo Switch into what feels like an entirely new device with many new capabilities.

By installing Android on Nintendo Switch-you’re not just getting Netflix, but gaining access to a plethora of apps such as Twitch, Spotify, game emulators and nearly any other Android app that exists.

By downloading Netflix on Switch using Android, you’ll be able to have a Bluetooth audio headset connected… this is highly desirable and is something that you can’t do on the switch normally.

Important before proceeding: this is not an official method and is not endorsed or supported by Nintendo. This is a third party involves installing Android on your device and is at your own risk. I have yet to witness a single horror story yet… however, I’m sure its certainly possible to harm your Switch.

This can get semi advanced and requires an older Nintendo Switch to work: June 2018 or earlier.

Here’s how to install Android to get Netflix on switch:

  1. Download the ROM (Android)
  2. Ensure you choose an image that suits the size of your SD card (or choose a size smaller)
  3. Write image to SD card. (an example is balenaEtcher). (don’t proceed until reading step 4)
  4. Ensure you do not extract the image- the image already compressed will work.
  5. Ignore the progress bar graphic errors as this is normal.
  6. Wait patiently-this could potential take up to 60 minutes to complete.
  7. Download GApps, Android 8.1. (from OpenGApps be sure to use ARM64) 
  8. Put file on your SD card’s first partition.
  9. Optionally (but highly recommended) download “shield-icier” zip and put it on your SD Card.
  10. Now, load Hekate and hold VOL+ when you select Android config to boot to TWRP.
  11. Ensure you mount /system first in TWRP. Flash GApps zip and optionally you can flash other zips.
  12. After installation of GApps wipe the cache/Dalvik (TWRP will present this). There are videos on how to access and flash zips in TWRP if needed.
  13. Reboot to Hekate, then boot to Android.
  14. Now, your initial set up s  complete! Update the Nvidia app from the play Store to complete the process!

Since LineageOS 15.1 is not designed for the switch there will also be some minor errors such as your switch not going into deep sleep mode as well as lack of auto-rotation.

If you’re not experienced with ROMS you’ll certainly want to deep dive on research when implementing this process to see if it’s right for you and your switch! 

Short on time?
If you’re short on time… you can skip this guide and see How to watch any movie or show that exists in less than 10 minutes

FAQ: Is Netflix on Nintendo Switch?

I get asked all the time: “Does Nintendo Switch have Netflix?”

No native Netflix app leaves Switch users wondering: “How can I get Netflix for Switch and did Nintendo intentionally not include Netflix on switch?” Yes, Nintendo Switch intentionally did not include a Netflix for its customers, however they did decide to include apps such as Hulu, YouTube and others. 

What gives? Could it be that Nintendo wanted the Switch to be marketed strictly as a portable gaming console and not a media player to make more money?

Related: See the instantaneous fix to the dreaded question we all ask ourselves: “What Netflix show should I watch?” (secret codes)

You would think adding Netflix would be profitable for the Switch. However, from a marketing perspective-introducing, too many media apps on the Switch could take customers’ focus off of where it truly makes its money: video games.

Some theories contain the idea that there could be a “hidden” exclusive contract between Nintendo Switch and Hulu, leaving Netflix in the dust. Though, this has not been officially confirmed in any way and is purely speculation.

Will Netflix be on the Nintendo Switch in the future?

Netflix made a statement back in 2018 that they don’t have “current plans” on releasing Netflix on switch. 

Does this mean Nintendo and Netflix won’t have a change of heart, ever? 

Not exactly. However, the fact that Netflix still isn’t on Switch (even years after its release) could be a sign the streaming king may not be released at all for customers.

…and as Mediapeanut proved earlier, you can certainly get Netflix to work on Switch… just not in the form of a responsive, official app that we all hoped for.

Should I use a Tablet For Netflix instead of a Nintendo Switch?

You should Use a tablet for Netflix instead of Nintendo Switch if you plan to binge-watch shows. A tablet can be used on the go and has a better display for watching movies or visiting video sites. It is cheaper than a Switch, and it will last longer as your Nintendo Switch battery will not deplete. Save your battery power only for the Nintendo Switch games, rather than Netflix. The cost of such an investment is low, but the benefits are high.

There are many advantages to choosing a good cheap tablet for Netflix over a Nintendo Switch. for example, the device is designed to withstand bumps and drops, unlike a Nintendo Switch which is not sturdy enough to withstand the impact. 

You could also use a tablet while it’s charging. If you plan on watching Netflix for longer durations, you should buy one with a big battery capacity because the main reason why most people watch movies and shows on their tablets is so that they can have the freedom to do other things at the same time. Nintendo Switch doesn’t necessarily allow this.

The display on the Nintendo switch is inferior to a tablet. This is because tablets are designed to display a higher resolution. The Switch is designed for playing games, while tablets are built to stream movies. It’s easier to control on a tablet than the Nintendo Switch as well. You can purchase different add-ons for your tablet that could help you use it more efficiently.

Plus, the cost of tablets is lower than the cost of a Nintendo Switch. You can easily save money by using a tablet instead of Nintendo Switch if you plan on streaming Netflix. In fact, there are a few, very affordable tablets you can use to watch Netflix on.

Bottom line

By not including a native Netflix app, Nintendo leaves its users reaching for outside the box methods such as alternate DNS settings and installing Android to get their movie fix.

Not to mention, using Netflix on Switch through the hidden browser method as discussed earlier enables an experience similar to that of using a computer or laptop: lacking video rotation, etc. So, it’s not all rainbows and unicorns.

I’ll be sticking to using a personal streaming service instead of using Netflix on switch.

Nintendo wants you to think of video games when you picture the switch, not Netflix.

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