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5 Ways to Watch Movies Still in Theaters Online (Free)

5 Ways to Watch Movies Still in Theaters Online (Free)

Wanting to watch movies still in theaters online for free is something many have desired to do at one point or another, including myself. All the trending movies and shows just never seemed to be on the streaming everybody uses. So I decided to do some research.

Watching still in theater movies online for free is done by connecting custom made servers to free media streaming applications. These apps serve as empty shells and allow users to connect custom media. Alternative options include connecting to lesser known IPTV resellers.

Important: We at Mediapeanut must note that the following is for informational purposes only and users should only utilize these methods to watch legal tv shows and movies only.

Lucky for you getting movies that are still in theater for free from home is much easier than it sounds.

Imagine having everything on one platform: Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, HBO, new movies, old movies… (and don’t forget about that obscure show you fell in love with 20 years ago that nobody cares about)

Before I learned how to watch movies still in theaters online for free (via Plex)… I was subscribed to two streaming apps (Netflix and Hulu) Yup, I was that guy, the one who always asked “Hey, is that on Netflix” when a must watch movie or show was brought up amongst my friends.

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Unfortunately all the new and trending movies and shows just never seemed to be on the streaming apps or websites I used… not to mention all the movie streaming websites are flooded with clickbait and spam.

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Good news. You can now watch still in theater movies online in 10 minutes or less with what you’re about to learn. No spam. No downloads. No tech knowledge needed.

Outlined Steps to Watch Movies still in Theaters Online for Free.

There’s a level of pure excitement and exclusivity that comes along with having something nobody can get their hands on.

By following the steps in this guide you’ll be able to watch nearly anything and everything you desire on your TV, computer or streaming stick in 10 minutes or less.

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Mediapeanut does not support or advise piracy in any formOnly use the methods here for movies and TV shows you personally own.

The phrase: “Hey, is that on Netflix?” will no longer be in your vocabulary.

… that “must watch” movie or show you have your eye on? It’s being streamed from couches all around the world as you’re reading this right now. No downloads.

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Here’s are 3 ways to watch movies still in theaters online for free:

  1. Use a “Netflix style” personal streaming service.
  2. Try hand picked, specific IPTV resellers to “cut the cord”
  3. Watch movies still in theaters online for free with file sharing technology.
  4. Use Vudu: They have a “Fandango At Home” selection where you’re allowed to rent or purchase in theater movies.
  5. Some users use torrenting, which isn’t advised as it could be against copyright.

Where to Watch Free Movies Online with No Downloads or Spam

3 ways to watch free movies online still in theaters no downloads

You’ll need to choose one of three options you see above to watch movies still in theaters online or new seasons of shows (no downloads)

Also, one of these options you’re about to learn is so darn impressive that many are choosing to get rid of their Netflix subscription altogether:

My friend Kim said she would toss out her Netflix account after learning this… but decided to hold onto it so she still has an excuse to text her ex when she changes the password (they still share an account)

Michelle, 23, NYC

Gone are the days of eagerly asking “Hey… is that on Netflix?”. You will no longer miss out on watching still in theater movies or hard to get episodes of a show.

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Two of these options are free and one can run you roughly $3 a month (oftentimes free) but, what’s 3 dollars when you’re shaving $20 off your budget every month in streaming services anyway?

If you’re considering using Plex or alternate ways to watch in theater movies online.

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I’d consider either the amazon Firestick if you’re okay with moderate quality video playback or the Nvidia Shield if you want the highest quality 4k. You can see the 7 Cool Things You Can Do with Nvidia Shield TV Pro.

Avoid Clickbait Website Streams

When trying to stream movies still in theaters for free there’s nothing more frustrating than visiting those misleading, clickbait websites. They’ll promise you the world with new movies and shows only to leave you spammed with ads, viruses, pop ups and frustration.

These sites are more likely to install malware on your device and steal your social media passwords rather than actually provide you with the movie or show. 

Avoiding clickbait has unfortunately has become both and art and science.

If you’re super lucky- you MIGHT be able to watch 5 minutes of a very poor quality episode that inevitably freezes until your phone or computer crashes. We’ve never seen anyone get past 25 seconds of episode 1 without something odd occurring.

1. Use a “Netflix Style” personal streaming service

Photo of a personal streaming service for downloading movies Mac alternative to netflix

Your friend or co-worker who’s streaming movies online for free aren’t just downloading them. They may claim to be, but what they aren’t telling you is that they’re skipping the download step.

This is possible through something we call a personal “Netflix style” streaming service. 

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How can I get my own personal streaming service?

Imagine one free app that allows users to combine new movies in theaters plus Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, Hbo, Showtime, Cinemax and almost anything else you can imagine all on a single platform. Get the full instructions here.

A “Netflix style” personal streaming service is something anybody without any tech knowledge can get up and running in 10 minutes or less.

How a personal streaming service works

Personal streaming service to watch still in theater movies online for free no downloads

If you’re searching for the best way to watch movies that are still in theaters at home for free then look no further. A personal streaming service will allow you to replace Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, HBO, just released movies still in theaters and new shows all in one platform.

There’s a large underground community that shares files online. Pretty basic- this is nothing new… but the way technology has allowed us to utilize this community is groundbreaking. 

(This is not KODI for those wondering- which is unpredictable, difficult and proves to bring poor results)

Personal streaming services means no downloads. Instead you’ll stream still in theater movies to an app very similar to Netflix

No downloading or storing movies and shows on your personal hard drive anymore.

Sure streaming is nothing new… but for watching movies still in theaters at home it’s much more rare.

The tech geniuses of the world have found a way to privately encrypt these media files and push them to your TV (privately) without ever storing or downloading them directly to your devices…. The result is a “Netflix style” streaming app that has much more than just Netflix on it and allows you to watch free movies online (hint: it has everything).

If this sounds difficult, don’t be intimidated… it’s actually far more simple than manually downloading something free online (like a torrent).

The benefits include:

  • Just released movies, new seasons and episodes of any show that exists.
  • Instant viewing. No downloads.
  • 10x better than KODI. Quick setup.
  • Super smooth, Netflix style navigation
  • No tech knowledge required
  • Save (literally thousands of dollars) a year when compared to over priced services your cable company offers.
  • You can use it on your Firestick, Smart TV, Apple TV or any other mainstream streaming device out there.

Most people who have no tech knowledge are able to get this going in 10 minutes or less with complete privacy built in. No need to buy anything extra for privacy (we’ll explain why).

You can view the full instructions with our personal streaming service guide (Plex). This is free right now, but is typically a paid guide.

2. Try hand picked, custom IPTV resellers to “cut the cord”

2nd best way to watch movies still in theaters online for free

There are rare IPTV resellers out there that offer nearly any tv show or movie along with 1000’s of channels that you can’t get anywhere else. The caveat is that these are very hard to find sometimes.

IPTV is considered by scholars as part of next generation internet and is even published in educational studies. (source).

However, you should only use legal, authorized IPTV resellers.

The benefits include:

  • Thousands of channels- Just released movies and shows.
  • Premium content- PPV, UFC, any NFL or NBA game (regardless of region).
  • Live TV- Any channel that exists, including international channels.
  • Save $1000’s a year(yes, literally) when compared to over priced services your cable company tries to sell you on.

With IPTV you’ll be flipping through your channels (like on cable tv) vs a “Netflix style” application. (no fancy layout) I’m personally a fan of the fancy and smooth interface the personal streaming service boasts. IPTV is controversial by many, but as technology advances it’s become more and more standard for those who are finding their cable bill to be a bit under serving.

Cons to hand picked, custom IPTV reseller options

When using a custom IPTV reseller (with 1000’s of channels) There is no doubt you’ll get a lot channels, including PPV, HBO etc. and be able to watch free movies in theaters online. 

On the flip-side your own personal streaming service can oftentimes be a smoother viewing experience when compared to IPTV. The good news is that both can be set up and ready to watch in 10 minutes with no tech knowledge.

If you can navigate the settings menu of Netflix then you’ll have no problem setting up any of the methods we’ve listed so far.

Here are the steps to watch still in theater movies and new shows using IPTV resellers:

  1. Find the right IPTV reseller that offers still in theater movies and shows (See link below for detailed instructions)
  2. Enter the IPTV link you’re given in an any free IPTV player app on your smart tv, streaming stick or computer.
  3. Use a VPN (optional, but recommended for privacy) 

The toughest step is finding the right IPTV reseller service. If you’ve never done this before and need help with this part view MediaPeanut’s IPTV guide. This will drastically improve your TV viewing capabilities. 

Your friends will want to be you and your crush will swoon for you after they see your robust channel choices.

Finding the right reseller and keeping your behavior private is essential. If you aren’t well adept with finding specific IPTV resellers you could be wasting a lot of time and money (source). 

3. Use file sharing technology to watch movies still in theaters online for free

3rd best way to watch movies still in theaters online for free

Many reading this will know that manually torrenting is far from new…

However, if you’re still using public torrenting sites to watch movies still in theaters for free then you are doing this the least optimal way possible.

The con to torrenting is that it’s super slow to get a movie or tv show, sometimes 20-30 minutes for one episode… and when you finally do find what you’re looking for- you’ll have to “seed” the file and find a way to play the provided file format. Viruses and malware are also common amongst torrents.

Now, there are alternate ways to watch free movies and shows without downloading anything on your computer by utilizing something known as a seedbox process. The thing is- most people don’t want to spend 10+ hours figuring it out… not to mention the price tag on setting one up.

Difficult? Not exactly. A hassle? yes. We definitely do not recommend torrenting when there’s far better options when searching for how to get movies and tv shows online for free, but if you enjoy doing things old school then this may be the route for you.

If you’re convinced you must torrent and don’t want to try any of the newer, easier methods we’ve listed, then theres a few things you need to know:

  1. There’s public trackers and then there’s private trackers. Be sure to use private trackers (source)
  2. Private trackers are hard to gain access to and usually invite only or pay to play.
  3. Private trackers are faster and monitored. which means they have more privacy and less malware/viruses.

How to get free software, games, movies and TV shows can be done by visiting our best life hacks guide to date. You’ll learn how to unlock almost anything and everything online with the linked guides.

Is torrenting movies or shows still popular today?

Torrenting single files was a great method in the 2000’s and early 2010’s, but downloading torrents manually to watch movies in theaters online for free is considered by most to be an outdated method.

3 Ways you can pay to watch movies in theaters at home (online)

3 Ways you can pay to watch movies in theaters at home online

Streaming new movie releases at home Is possible, but your options are limited to you were specific location. Also if you’re able to watch the movies in theater at home for a fee, then which ones you were able to watch heavily depend on the title and how recent it was released.

Below are three different ways you can watch newly released movies online.

1. Search a modern resource such as JustWatch

1. Search a modern resource such as JustWatch

One solution is to use modern resources to figure out which are available. There are multiple ways to check for this including just watch. This site will allow you to see which movies you’re able to watch in theaters online; essentially allowing you to have your own online movie theater.

To determine what options are available and the cost of the movie you are interested in, you should check with the specific service you are interested in. Be sure to only check legal sources and understand copyright infringement.

2. Use streaming platform

2. Use streaming platform

Streaming platforms, for instance, may offer the option to rent or buy recently released movies, while subscription services may offer access to a selection of newly released movies as part of their monthly fee. 

For example, Xfinity, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Fubo Tv, YoutubeTV all have similar features that allow you to watch newly released movies at home & online. You can also use a good tablet for youtube or a Netflix tablet if your looking to watch videos in areas you don’t have a Smart TV.

3. Use a VR Headset like the Oculus for an online movie theater experience

3. Use a VR Headset like the Oculus for an online movie theater experience

There are some websites and platforms that allow for an online movie theater experience. For example, you can wear a 3D virtual reality headset to watch movies with friends. This will give you an experience that mimics a real movie theater, all from home using your internet.

You can watch movies with a virtual reality headset like the Oculus. Virtual reality headsets allow you to experience the movie in a fully immersive way, giving you the feeling that you are actually there in the movie. 


It’s hard to beat a personal “Netflix style” app on your tv that essentially combines Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Hbo, and old shows as well as movies in theaters online.

It’s now clear that if you want to find where to watch movies still in theaters online for free- then you’ll need to do more than poke around on those click bait style websites. Fortunately you’ve learned where to watch movies online with no downloads and how attainable and simple it truly is.

Getting movies, online, and for free is nothing new, but there are ways to get them legally if you put some effort in. However, when you want to watch a movie, who wants to put in effort? We want to relax and not worry, however the options are there and available.

How to watch movies still in theater online for free infograph

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