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17 Best Tablets for Watching Netflix & Movies

17 Best Tablets for Watching Netflix & Movies

When choosing the best budget Tablet for Netflix, you’ll want to make sure the device you choose has a tolerable audio/speaker system, 8+ hour battery life, 1280 x 800 resolution that supports 720p or higher, and a minimum 8 inch size display.

Ive found that these were the best minimum specifications for comfortable movie & show viewing on a tablet.

There are three important specifications to keep in mind when choosing the best cheap Tablet For Netflix: Display size, battery life and Audio.

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Premium tablets such as the iPad and Samsung models are more ideal if you require cpu power of anything beyond basic Netflix, internet browsing, and music streaming.

In this post I’m going to cover the Best Tablets for Netflix both premium and value choices. The same Tablets I’ll explain exactly why these tablets are perfect for who like to binge watch their favorite TV shows or series from streaming services like Netflix, HBO and Hulu.

At a glance – Best Tablets for Watching Netflix

At a glance - Best Tablets for Watching Netflix

Having a cheap, portable tablet laying around is a great way to watch Netflix comfortably when lounging, in a long car ride, or on the go.

Here is a glance at our top picks:

  1. Amazon Fire HD 8 Tablet: Best Cheap Tablet for Netflix
  2. VAN KYO MatrixPad S20 (10”): Fastest, most powerful tablet for Netflix
  3. Apple iPad (standard): Best low-cost iPad for watching Netflix
  4. SamSung Galaxy Tab A 10.1: Most affordable Samsung Tablet for Watching Netflix

These each have long battery life, crisp speaker system and vivid video playback for Netflix consumption.

  • Display size: Aim for a good size screen (8+ inches) with a resolution over 1280 x 800 when watching movies or tv shows on a Tablet. This means it’s capable of 720p or higher.
  • Battery life: A battery life that can hold a minimum 8 hour charge is ideal. A Tablet that doesn’t last the length of a movie or a few shows serves little purpose.
  • Audio: Lastly, the Audio is super important and overlooked for those choosing a cheap, budget tablet for watching Netflix.

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Table Of Contents
  1. At a glance – Best Tablets for Watching Netflix
  2. Best Budget Tablets for Netflix
  3. How to Choose the Best Tablet for Netflix
  4. Conclusion

Best Budget Tablets for Netflix

Below you’ll find a more detailed, curated list of the most affordable tablets for Netflix. Keep in mind that when choosing the tablet that fits your needs will depend on what level of video quality you prefer and how long you use it in a single session (battery life).

1. Amazon Fire HD 8 Tablet: Best Cheap Tablet for Netflix

Amazon Fire HD 8 Tablet_ Best Cheap Tablet for Netflix

It’s the right size, one of the cheapest in the market, and has a battery life of up to 12 hours. It’s Fire OS is also highly compatible with Netflix and streaming services.

The Amazon Fire 8 HD is hands down the best cheap Tablet For Netflix because it runs on Fire OS, boasts an 8-inch screen, and is large enough to comfortably watch movies.

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Display: There are two sizes of the fire HD. So, which his better for Netflix: Fire HD 10 or Fire HD 8?

The cheaper Fire HD 8 caps at 720p on Netflix due to its lower screen resolution (1200 x 800), while the Fire HD 10 Provides full HD 1080p, a more vivid video playback (1920 x 1080 resolution).

The larger, Fire HD 10 model costs slightly more, but is significantly better for Netflix because it allows a full HD, 1080p experience.

An HD display is important for Netflix binge-watching. With the Amazon Fire 8 HD, images are still crisp and sharp; colors are not washed out one bit and it honestly works fine for most who need a cheap tablet for netflix.

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Pros and cons of the Fire HD for watching Netflix

Battery Life: There is a con-even though the Fire HD models can lasts up to 12 hours, the Amazon Fire HD models sometimes charges a bit slower than the $300+ tablets. This is the benefit to choosing one of the Fire HD plus models instead (skip to Fire HD plus section).

Like many, I personally desired a crisp viewing experience to enjoy the visual details when watching new Netflix shows, so the Fire HD 10 worked perfect.

If you’re looking for a faster charging Fire HD, then the Fire HD 8 & 10 plus allow faster, wireless charging and other improvements at a fair price point.

Audio & Memory: Dual speakers and Atmos Dolby sound give a very realistic audio experience. The 2GB RAM on the Fire 8 HD is of the mid-tier level, but certainly meets minimum requirements for video streaming on Netflix and is 1GB RAM less than the basic iPad.

App compatibility: As far functionality, the Fire HD is no different than most tablets- You can watch Hulu, YouTube, and videos on other social media platforms.

Those multi-tasking with games with music and multiple tabs open may enjoy less lag on a stronger tablet like the, Fire HD plus model, iPad or Samsung. For a basic, low cost Netflix Tablet, the portable Amazon fire 8 is our top pick.

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2. VAN KYO MatrixPad S20 (10”): Fastest, most powerful tablet for Netflix

VANKYO MatrixPad S30 10 inch Fastest most powerful tablet for Netflix under 200

The octa-core processor and 3GB RAM of the VANKYO MatrixPad S30 makes this probably the fastest and most powerful tablet for watching Netflix that comes in at a price point seen under $200.

Compared to premium tablets like the Samsung and iPad, the VANKYO matrix pad has technical specs that rival premium tablets that cost roughly double its price point.

There are also even cheaper versions of the VANKYO to watch Netflix on, like the MatrixPad S10 (discontinued) which ran 720p streams crystal clearly and was significantly cheaper than the S20 model listed, which runs 1080p video playback.

Display: The MatrixPad S30’s 10.1-inch screen with full HD display, coupled with dual speakers is just the right combination for binge-watching. Aside from Netflix, the MatrixPad S30 is also great for watching videos on Hulu, YouTube, and additional video streaming types.

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This tablet has by far the most powerful specs compared to other tablets of similar price range, but it lacks the reputation of a big name brand like Apple or Samsung.

Storage: On top of letting you multitask and quickly switch between apps, the VANKYO MatrixPad S20 has a huge storage capacity-32GB onboard, with a microSD card slot that can expand your storage up to 512GB.

Compared to many tablets, this is a lot of expandable storage capability, especially if you’re using the Netflix ‘download offline’ feature for when you’re in the car or on a a flight with no access to WiFi. Just grab a fast Micro SD card and you have the storage space of a mid-tier laptop.

You’ll even have room for your ebooks, podcasts, favorite songs, and photos to carry around with you all the time and the battery life necessary to use them for long periods of time.

With an amazing 8MP front camera and a whopping 13MP rear camera, selfies and Zoom meetings will surely be very clear and crisp. The design is sleek, modern and is certainly a lightweight tablet- especially compared to other tablets in it’s price range.

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The MatrixPad S30 is slightly on the heavier side at almost 3 pounds-so watching Netflix while lying down in bed could tire your hands after a while but I’ve found some consumers actually prefer that weight to more lightweight ones that feel flimsy and fragile when held.

3. Apple iPad (standard): Best low-cost iPad for watching Netflix

Apple iPad (standard)_ Best low-cost iPad for watching Netflix

It costs significantly less than an iPad Air or the iPad Pro but as a premium tablet bearing the Apple brand, the Apple iPad is one of the best when it comes to watching Netflix, browsing the internet, and doing just about anything you could do on a laptop.

The 10.2 retina screen display makes watching Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, and other videos such a pleasure. Retina displays make images look more crisp, vibrant and as close to natural as possible.

The sound quality is clear and loud and significantly better than cheaper alternatives I’ve used. You can also see on the Best Tablet Speakers for Loud Sound (Wireless and Bluetooth)

Also, the iPad has extra features other tablet’s don’t: if you are watching Netflix using AirPods, the AirPods detect when you remove them from your ear and automatically also pauses Netflix so you don’t miss anything. If you’re comparing the iPad Air or Pro to a laptop, then see the differences between an iPad vs Laptop.

The fact the tablet pauses when AirPods are taken out makes apple significantly stand out compared to competitors.

A truly premium tablet for Netflix

For many users, the iPad has already replaced their laptop. It is a social media tool, a multimedia device, note taker, calendar, email communication channel, game console, and much more.

The iPad may not be as slim and lightweight as the iPad Air nor as powerful as the iPad Pro but it can do almost everything that the more premium iPads can.

The iPad has also clocked around 10 hours of continuous video watching, listening to music, or surfing the internet on a single full charge.

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I’ve found that the iPad was less prone to errors, which is no surprise as Apple is a brand name that has a reputations for well designed products with a durable build. It’s good for streaming TV and downloading movies in addition to being a great Netflix tablet.

This is because the iPad is reliable, faster than most tablets, and has storage options that range as high as 256GB on the standard iPad, and 2TB of storage on the iPad Pro.

The Apple iPad is also compatible with the original Apple Pencil, Smart keyboard and bluetooth keyboards, making it more than just a good Tablet For Netflix, but an overall powerhouse media streaming device with the added benefit of easy integration within the apple eco-system.

4. SamSung Galaxy Tab A 10.1: Most affordable Samsung Tablet for Watching Netflix

SamSung Galaxy Tab A 10.1_ Most affordable Samsung Tablet for Watching Netflix

In the Android market, the Samsung brand is considered to provide a premium Netflix experience when it comes to tablets and phones because several models have HDR support with Netflix, like the Tab A.

If you are looking for an affordable, yet premium tablet that supports Netflix streaming and has great battery life, a sleek design, and a display comparable to other high-end tablets on the market then you might want to seriously consider the Galaxy Tab A 10.1″ Tablet .

Display: The Samsung Galaxy Tab A is a 10.1-inch tablet which provides maximum viewing space by minimizing the bezel all around. The Galaxy Tab A gives almost corner-to-corner full HD display. While the display is not AMOLED, like more premium tablets of Samsung, the display is still clear and vivid enough for hours of viewing pleasure.

Audio: The speakers are powered by Atmos Dolby, making movie sounds so much more realistic. A full battery charge gives you about 10 hours of viewing time. That’s more than enough for a movie marathon!

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Design: The Galaxy Tab A is made of lightweight metal, at just over a pound. This makes the Galaxy Tab A a great device for watching Netflix even when lying down because it does not put too much weight on the hands.

Storage: The Galaxy Tab A is available in 3 storage capacity options (32, 64, and 128GB) to store downloaded movies, ebooks, podcasts, music and more. And like most Samsung devices, a microSD card slot expands that to 512GB.

5. Amazon Fire HD 10 Plus: Best 10-inch tablet for Watching Netflix (Big tablet)

Amazon Fire HD 10 Plus_ Best 10-inch tablet for Watching Netflix (Big tablet)

The Amazon Fire HD 10 Plus has many features similar to the Fire HD 8 & 8 plus we’ve mentioned, but with a larger screen – a good 2 inches more! To some people, it is worth paying a little extra for those 2 inches because really, when it comes to watching Netflix or other movie streaming and social platforms like Hulu or Facebook.

Why is the Fire HD 10 so good? For Netflix, bigger is better, but so is wireless charging and faster charge speed, which is something the Fire HD plus 10 models has. The Plus difference on a Fir eTablet means that you’ll gain wireless charging and faster charge speed-both very important when choosing the best tablet for Netflix.

Additionally, there are some technical improvements in the Fire HD 10 plus has over its younger brother, the Fire HD 8 8 & plus. For one, it has a higher resolution and more RAM (4GB) that can rival the iPad Air.

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Processor: Since the Fire HD 10 plus uses an octa-core 2.0GHz processor compared to the Fire HD 8’s quad core processor, streaming will likely be smoother with the faster processor. 

Audio & battery: The Fire HD 10 Plus’s dual speakers are powered by Dolby Atmos for clear and surround sound audio experience… and on a full charge, it can last as long as 12 hours. 

Operating system: Since the Fire HD 10 is an Amazon tablet, it runs Fire OS. The Amazon AppStore is pre-installed with Amazon apps like Kindle and Amazon Prime Video.

You can download the Google Play Store to access more apps though it will be limited compared to what is available on a native Android tablet. In the end, if price is a huge consideration, the Amazon Fire HD 10 is one of the most affordable tablets for movie binge-watching.

Extras:You basically get Amazon content on it like Kindle and other Amazon apps. Of course it works with Alexa. Just say “Alexa” even when the tablet is on standby and ask it to search information or do simple tasks.

Its ports boast a USB-C model and has improved connectivity than previous models.

Similar to the Apple, the Amazon Fire Tablet is beginning to build a brand community similar to apple’s (source). Even though this tablet a plus model, its still a fairly cheap tablet so it will not be comparable to a premium iPad or Samsung tablet.

You can also download the Google Play Store to gain access to some, not all, Android apps like Instagram and TikTok. Just do not expect to do serious gaming. 

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6. Lenovo Tab M10 Plus: Best cheap Lenovo Tablet for streaming movies

Lenovo Tab M10 Plus_ Best cheap Lenovo Tablet for Watching Netflix

If you can afford to plunk down a little bit more than the price of the Amazon Fire 8, consider the Lenovo Tab M10 Plus. You will get a more powerful tablet than the Amazon Fire 8 which can do so much more besides watching Netflix.

As a brand, Lenovo is known to create budget products by cutting a few corners on premium models. The result? You still get near-premium value at an affordable price. Here are a few aspects that make the Lenovo Tab M10 Plus a plus device indeed.

  1. It is over 2 inches larger than the Amazon Fire 8 — a big difference in viewing experience when you are watching Netflix. 
  2. Atmos Dolby speakers located on each side of the Lenovo Tab M10 Plus give very clear, powerful, quality sound.
  3. Take better photos and selfies with the rear and front cameras (8MP and 5MP, respectively). 
  4. Since it is an Android tablet, it can do a lot more than the Fire 8. If you get the 4GB RAM version, you could even play games more smoothly on it. 

Being an Android device, the Lenovo Tab M10 Plus also gives you access to all apps in the Google Play Store. Its battery life lasts around 7-8 hours and grants a decent visual experience, especially for a Tablet brand that is more well known for it’s ability to tackle work tasks other than streaming and entertainment.

If you’re looking for something stronger to replace your laptop, yet still have tablet touchscreen functionality see our post: Lenovo Thinkbook vs Thinkpad.

7. WinSing: Top Tablet for Netflix under $100

WinSing is the Top Tablet for Netflix under 100

For a budget Tablet For Netflix under $100, the WinSing is great for those who just want an affordable tablet for watching Netflix and other videos. The WinSing is also a great choice if you have children and you want to keep them quiet by having them watch their favorite Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, or other kids’ shows without you worrying about their damaging an expensive tablet.

There will be some compromise in the resolution compared to more expensive tablets. The WinSing’s display tops at 1280 x 800 resolution which means it can run 720p videos but not full HD.

The good news, however, is that the display is In-Plane Switching (or IPS), a type of LCD panel technology. IPS displays usually have outstanding color accuracy and consistency. For a tablet this inexpensive, 720p resolution on an IPS display gives you a reasonably good viewing experience.

Con: One thing about this tablet is that it’s not ideal for multi-tasking; meaning you likely will find it slows down, stutters, or delays when you decide to keep multiple apps running simultaneously or in the background.

The WinSing’s 5MP rear camera and a 2MP front-facing camera may be sufficient only for Zoom meetings but not for taking high resolution photos. It has a 6000mAh battery with mixed thoughts about its life and length of charging time from many experts I personally know. Still, for its low, low price, it is worth considering if you want it largely for movie watching.

The fact that this tablet can run 720p video from Netflix reliably, has a IPS resolution, microSD ports and Bluetooth 4.0 makes it the best tablet for Netflix under $100 based on the other budget tablet competitors and specs that experts have researched.

8. Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 5 14”: Most affordable 2-in 1 tablet for movie streaming services

Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 5 14 - Most affordable 2-in1 tablet for Netflix

Lenovo is a popular brand for laptops and it was a natural transition for the brand to get into the tablet market. A great technological fusion pioneered by Lenovo is the 2-in-1 convertible laptop concept. One of the best products of this concept is the Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 5. It is a 14-inch 2-in-1 device that is both a laptop and a tablet that runs on Windows.

The Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 5 has a 360-degree hinge that gives it greater flexibility than a conventional clamshell laptop. Fold it past the 360 degrees and you can prop up the Flex 5 like a tent or lay it flat with the keyboard resting on a flat surface and use the screen as a tablet. 

In order to support 360-degree flexibility, the Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 5 comes with sturdy hinges and a heavier body. It is a compromise since the weight will probably make watching Netflix difficult when you are lying down.

Side Note: There also other ways to use Netflix on Devices other than tablets. For example the cheapest streaming device for Netflix can be found here. These include Roku, fire stick and more (not tablets).

The powerful specs make up for that extra weight. A full HD IPS display ensures color accuracy and consistency, regardless of viewing angle. 4GB RAM ensures smooth video streaming. It has a more powerful processor than most laptops in this price point.

For those who are serious about the IdeaPad, the Flex is comparable and worth understanding the differences of. See our post, Lenovo Flex vs IdeaPad – which is better? (Comparison)

The speakers on each side of the keyboard are powered with Atmos Dolby sound for a much better audio experience. For best sound experience during Netflix watching, keep the IdeaPad Flex 5 in laptop or tent position because of the location of the speakers. This position makes the IdeaPad a great tablet for streaming because of it’s screen quality, vibrant colors, parental controls, and security.

9. Fusion5: Best Cheap Windows Based Tablet to Watch Netflix On

comparison chart Fusion5 Best Cheap Windows Based Tablet to Watch Netflix On

The Fusion5 is a very affordable tablet that runs Windows, not Android! It comes pre-loaded with the latest Windows OS, making it great for more than just binge-watching on Netflix. In its price category, this is probably one of the better tablet options.

The Fusion5 has a 10-inch screen IPS display – an optimal size for watching videos, web surfing, and other work with crisp color accuracy and consistency. It has 4GB RAM, enough to ensure smooth video streaming with hardly any buffering.

While its 64GB internal storage may not be enough if you love to download movies, music, ebooks and other files,  the good news is that the Fusion5 supports microSD cards up to 256GB to expand storage capacity. Its 5MP rear camera and 2MP front-facing camera are adequate for online conferences like Zoom meetings and online distance learning.

An integrated micro HDMI slot comes in handy for watching presentations, videos, or online classes on a bigger screen.

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Users have listed two drawbacks of the Fusion5. One, they say the battery does not last too long. Two, while the sound is great, some users claim it is not too loud, even when set to maximum, and needs earphones to hear the sounds more clearly.

10. Samsung Galaxy Tab S7: Best Premium Android Tablet for Netflix

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7_ Best Premium Android Tablet for Netflix

The Samsung S series is a premium line compared to the A series, like the Galaxy Tab A above. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 is one of the best in this list – probably even better in some ways than the Apple iPad we saw earlier. Its premium features go head-to-head with the Apple Air and Apple Pro.

At 11 inches, the Galaxy Tab S7 is one of the largest tablets on this list while being one of the lightest at just over a pound. That makes the Galaxy Tab S7 great for one hand binge-watching on a couch or even lying in bed. This tablet is such a joy to use with very thin bezels all around for almost edge-to-edge display.

This tablet has HDR support which is super rare amongst tablets For Netflix; meaning it’s capable of more modern type of technology that includes better contrast and color for on-screen video/images within Netflix. (You must have the UHD plan of Netflix to utilize this).

The huge TFT LCD screen and quad speakers, powered by Dolby Atmos surround sound, give you a portable, cinematic experience. The Tablet is also great for other entertainment such as E-books and audiobooks.

Packaged with the Galaxy Tab S7 is the popular S Pen, an active stylus pen that is great for note taking, drawing/sketching, or for fingerprint-free tablet use. It also has a fast-charging feature.

Compared to the Galaxy Tab A7, the Galaxy Tab S7 has a bigger display, better resolution, more RAM for the base model, higher internal storage capacity for base model, longer battery life, much better rear and front cameras, and comes with the S Pen.

How it evolved from previous models: The Samsung Galaxy tab S6, is it’s previous model and works as a green alternative if you’re looking to save a few bucks and also own one of the best tablets For Netflix available.

11. Huawei MediaPad M5: Good fast Netflix Tablet for watching movies

Huawei MediaPad M5 Good fast Netflix Tablet for watching movies

Huawei is a popular Android brand for phones, laptops and tablets that comes in at a lower price point than brands like Samsung. Its camera resolution is among some of the most vivid, sharpest, and clearest in the market. This makes the Huawei MediaPad M5 a solid option if you are looking for a tablet that is about half the price of many premium tablets, but also has great specs.

The MediaPad M5 Lite sports a 10.1-inch screen – a fairly good size for comfortable movie watching while still small enough to be portable at just a little over a pound. Its full HD display resolution lets you watch up to 1080p videos.

Images will be very clear on the M5 screen, whether you are watching a short YouTube video or a full-length Netflix movie. Even children can safely watch their favorite programs because of the enhanced eye-comfort mode which reduces harmful blue light and warns children when their faces are too close to the screen

This tablet has been co-engineered with Harman Kardon, a leading audio brand. That, plus the tablet’s quad speakers, deliver stereo quality sounds that are crisp, clear, free of distortions, and loud enough to be heard even from the other end of a room.

The MediaPad M5 has a very large 7500 mAh battery. It takes about 2.9 hours to reach full charge and gives around 12 hours of continuous use.

This is also one of the few tablets where both the rear and front-facing cameras have the same 8MP resolution. That spells clearer photos even for selfies and video conferences. One more plus? It comes with the Huawei M-Pen Lite, a stylus pen, for drawing and note taking.

12. Dragon Touch K10 Tablet: Good, Reliable Netflix Tablet for kids

Dragon Touch K10 Tablet_ Good, Reliable Netflix Tablet for kids

For those who want an Android tablet but have budget constraints, the Dragon Touch Notepad K10 is a serious option. It is not a known brand but is slowly making a name for itself as users discover it. Since it is very affordable, many parents consider this a great kids tablet to watch Netflix on

Display & Memory: The Dragon Touch K10 is a 10.1-inch tablet that uses an IPS display for full HD viewing pleasure. It does not have much RAM at 2GB (most tablets already have 3-4GB RAM), it can still stream Netflix fairly smoothly.

Storage: The internal storage is also on the low side at 32GB but it can be expanded via a microSD card up to 128GB. That should be sufficient for downloading several movies that kids can watch offline.

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Audio: Dual speakers provide sounds that are loud enough for Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, or Facebook videos. One user noted, however, that the volume can sound a bit high-pitched at the 80% volume setting and might sound better with a bluetooth speaker.

An HDMI port lets you connect the tablet to a TV and stream content from there. A 5000 mAh battery is good enough for about 8 hours of entertainment and simple gaming.

13. HP Pavilion x360: Best 2-in-1 tablet for watching Netflix

HP Pavilion x360 Best 2-in-1 tablet for watching Netflix

Another 2-in-1 laptop/tablet in our listing is the HP Pavilion x360. It’s got a full 14 inches of screen estate for work, gaming, and for watching movies on different platforms like Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube. This is a workhorse for handling your day-to-day work requirements as well as entertainment.

The touchscreen displays videos in full HD and almost edge-to-edge display for maximum viewing. 8GB RAM is a lot of memory!

Netflix & App compatibility: You can open several apps or several tabs in a browser. You can multitask – watch Netflix in one window while answering email on another. In addition, it already comes packed with 512GB of internal storage – enough room for your music, downloaded movies, ebooks, games, and more.

Design: The sturdy hinges let you fold the HP Pavilion x360 in tablet mode. You can also let it stand in tent mode for hands-free viewing or video chatting.

Audio: The dual speakers are made by Bang and Olufsen (or B&O), a Danish high-end electronics company specializing in audio products. The sound should be pretty crisp, clear and still loud enough for you to follow conversation even when moving around the room.

The HP Fast Charge feature of the Pavilion x360 gets you from 0% to 50% in just 45 minutes. A full charge gives you up to 9 hours and 45 minutes of use. Alexa also works beautifully with this tablet. Verbally order Alexa to open up Netflix and you are set for the night.

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14. iPad Air: Best lightweight tablet to watch Netflix (Car rides, flights)

iPad Air Best lightweight tablet to watch Netflix (Car rides, flights)

The iPad Air is arguable one of the best lightweight tablets due to its near flawless, reliable, modern design & build.

Apple is one of the most popular brand of laptops, tablets and phones. and for good reason. It is one of the most intuitive and easy to use devices around, no matter what generation you are; making it the best slim, thin lightweight Tablet For Netflix.

The latest iPad Air is 10.9 inches, sports a retina display, and is very light at around 1 pound compared to the heavier regular iPad (that’s why it’s called the Air!).

Its 4GB RAM may not sound too premium but Apple’s engineering is such that when this is combined with the latest A14 bionic chip, it transforms the iPad Air into an amazing powerhorse. Watch all kinds of videos without any buffering; you can even edit 4K videos and transfer files speedily via USB-C.

The speakers are incredibly clear and full of depth. Whether you are in the mood just for streaming music from Spotify or watching your favorite Netflix series or YouTube videos, the iPad Air will outperform almost all tablets in its category.

Additional features: Apple did not scrimp on the cameras either with a 12MP rear camera and a 7MP front-facing camera for very detailed, clear photos. Additionally, the Apple tablets excel at voice search which many may consider a requirement when they can’t type or don’t have a keyboard handle to connect to their tablet.

Most likely, the iPad Air will be your all-in-one tablet because it comes very close to replacing a laptop and is powerful enough to handle most memory- and processor-hungry tasks. One big plus for artists? This is compatible with the second-generation Apple Pencil which is one of the best active stylus pens in the market for professional digital artists or just picky note takers.

15. Asus ZenPad 3S: Best premium, low cost Tablet to watch Netflix or Amazon Prime on

Asus ZenPad 3S Best premium, low cost Tablet to watch Netflix or Amazon Prime on

The Asus Zenpad S3 offers a seamless and fast user experience for Netflix streaming thanks to its slim, unique build which allows for multitasking and other tasks without any lag or slowdown.

The tablet weighs a mere 15.2ounces and has a display of 9.7 inches; which makes it one of the more light, sleek, and portable premium tablets on the market.

Battery Life: The Average battery life in hours is over 1056 days. On top of all that, its display is a 2k IPS with 2048 x 1536 resolution. This is enough to play 1080p quality with clear detail.

Where the Asus Zenpad 3d shines is its performance. It has a very strong dual quad-core processor, which is excellent for multitasking, advanced apps, and even games. This makes it one of the best tablets out there to buy if you want sheer power, and quality display without sacrificing portability.

Additionally features: It can utilize one MicroSD Ccard up to 128GB SDXC and has a good camera of 8M and 5M (front and back). Keep in mind that the name of this tablet is oftentimes mixed up the “Asus ZenPad S3” name.

Keep in mind-If you’re using the tablets in a long car ride, on a plan, or on in bed, then or in another situation where the volume might not be loud enough, then you’ll want a tablet that has good speakers, and the audio on these cheaper budget tablets for Netflix is certainly important and overlooked by many consumers.

The Asus Zenpad compares to other powerful tablets like the iPad. In fact, it has the same RAM as the iPad Air and it has a camera that appears to rival it nicely as well. The Asus is a brand name that is known to create quality devices from my personal experience and is a great alternative to the Samsung and iPad’s; especially at it’s lower price point.

While other models of Asus tablets have previous come with weaker processors, the Zenpad is one of their stronger models and runs on Android rather than windows (like Lenovo uses).

16. Vast King: Best Tablet for watching movies and shows on Netflix with good RAM

Vast King Best Tablet for watching movies and shows on Netflix with good RAM

The Vastking SA10 10-inch Android Tablet has a fantastic HD resolution. It has an impressive display with a highly sensitive touch panel (which is rare for cheaper tablets). The Vastking is able to play 1080p, which is important for those looking to watch Netflix and movies on their tablet.

While the VastKing doesn’t use Alexa natively, it does have voice control to tell you the time, the weather or give you answers to factual questions.

The Vastking is a great tablet for those looking for an Android tablet with more features than your typical Netflix session/streaming experience-especially if you value long battery life and high RAM at a low price point comparable to the Amazon Fire HD.

Design: I’d even go as far as saying its a slight step down to the iPad and Samsung Tablets, but others may say its a stretch due to the UI, navigation and other subjective options which are hard to evaluate or generalize without using it first-hand.

Where I found the VastKing impressive is that it’s price point is so low, yet its specifications are comparative of a more expensive tablet like the iPad. This includes it’s 3GB RAM, which is very powerful for a cheap tablet of this price. IT also has a 1920×1200 resolution which his considered IPS.

Regarding its battery life, I found it quite remarkable that the VASTKING was able to last 12 hours in a single charge, compared to the 10 hour battery life of the Amazon Fire HD.

It however doesn’t have an iOs operating system and uses Android; which of course has its pros and cons of different app selections.

17. ZONKO: Good cheap tablet for Netflix and watching videos online (Alternative to Fire HD, Samsung Galaxy, and iPad)

ZONKO Good cheap tablet for Netflix and watching videos online (Alternative to Fire HD, Samsung Galaxy, and iPad)

The Zonko is a great alternative to watch Netflix on compared to the Samsung Galaxy, iPad, and Fire HD models because of it’s display, battery, and audio 

Zonko is a budget friendly alternative for those on the go that need access to Netflix. With an affordable price and good battery life of up to ten hours, this device can be perfect for binge watching your favorite shows or movies while still being portable enough to bring with you anywhere

This low-cost, android based Netflix tablet alternative has a 1200 x 800 screen resolution display with a 10.1 inch screen size.

This will allow you watch in ‘HD’ on Netflix rather than ‘SD’ and makes the viewing experience significantly more enjoyable due to the increase of pixels and large screen size.

Battery: How it compares to similar tablets:Allowing which is the best for watching Netflix. It also has a battery that last over 10 hours on one charge and it’s audio quality is comparable to moderately priced tablets such as the VANKO Matrix Pad

It’s Audio did not match the Samsung Galaxy S6 or S7 as well as the iPad when I tested this.

Since it compares to the Samsung Galaxy S, iPad Air or Mini and Fire HD tablets regarding its display, 10 hour battery life, and audio… the ZONKO can be a good cheap alternative for those who binge watch Netflix. (Unless you plan on plugging in the tablet at all times)

Price: For those with a larger budget, but still want that home-made Android tablet feeling, the Zonko is an affordable yet powerful Netflix watching machine. 

The Zonko operates on recommended minimum specs for Netflix and truly gaining its reputation from it’s affordability/ This makes this device fair for many budgets. The Zonkos comes out at below cost to your average iPad or Samsung Galaxy making them much more of a bargain than their competitors in fact – costing an estimated 20-40% less than comparable models.

18: RCA Atlas 10 Pro: Best Cheap Tablet For Netflix under $200 (detachable keyboard)

RCA Atlas 10 Pro Best Cheap Tablet For Netflix under $200 with a detachable keyboard

The RCA Atlas Pro Tablet is an excellent choice for Netflix lovers, especially if you want to watch a movie or two by yourself with nothing else running in the background. You’ll love the stunning 1080p resolution and up to ten hours of battery life and I noticed the charging wasn’t too slow on this low cost alternative.

The RCA Atlas Pro Tablet is available with up to 32GB of storage space which will be plenty enough even if you use your tablet to download a few offline movies for netflix on top of basic low sized files.

Who its for: The RCA Atlas Pro Tablet is one of the best choices if you’re looking for something to do basic Netflix streaming on and are not interested in other apps, gaming or highly demanding tasks.

Accessories: The detachable keyboard is even connected through pins so you can fold it over the tablet. This means that you can use your favorite laptop keyboard without the need for a bulky and expensive case. The attachable keyboard felt natural to use- not bad for a table that runs Netflix under $200.

Price: With a price of less than $200, it’s amazing how this tablet feels like you’re getting way more for your money. Not only does the performance feel like a iPad or samsung, but so do other aspects like size and weight, with its compact size being especially noteworthy. However, this is only true when your using it solely for netflix.

Connectivity:It has a micros USB port up to 128gb, which means you can attach this exertnal storage for use the tablet for storing more than just a a few 1080p movies from Netflix.

Battery: The battery life also lasts more than six hours on average when browsing the web or watching video content. It’s also not super heavy-making it an ideal Tablet for those looking to stream movies while traveling abroad in-flight or long car rides.

The operating system is Android OS 9.0 Pie, which does a great job at balancing performance, power efficiency, and security, especially on a low cost tablet that for storing photos in addition to movies.

HD Stream, mediocre battery life, and reliable video playback make this low cost tablet ideal for Netflix, especially since it comes with a keyboard to allow yo auto search for shows easier and navigate basic operations without the touch screen.

How to Choose the Best Tablet for Netflix

How to Choose the Best Tablet for Netflix

Now that you have seen our list, how should you go about evaluating the features of each of these tablets to decide which one is best for you when it comes to watching Netflix?

Before anything else, know that on their end, Netflix continues to tweak its video compression so that its movies stream smoothly even on older devices. YouTube, Hulu and other streaming platforms likely do the same.

Here are some factors people consider when buying a tablet. Some will be more crucial than others when it comes to Netflix binge-ing.

What size Tablet is big enough for watching Netflix and movies?

What size Tablet is big enough for watching Netflix and movies_

The larger, the better! For comfortable Netflix watching, the minimum screen size should be 8 inches. Of course, you can watch Netflix even on a smartphone screen but the viewing experience becomes more immersive for you the larger the screen. On this list, you will find tablets with screens ranging from 8 inches to as large as a 14-inch laptop/tablet.

The only con to having a larger size tablet screen for Netflix is that they usually use more battery, but these models that create large/big size screens over 10 inches compensate with a better battery and other hardware that supports it.

It’s no surprise larger tablets cost slightly more, they require more effort to maintain apps like Netflix for hours at a time.

Important facts to know when choosing a Big Sized Tablets for Netflix

big sized tablets are perfect for streaming and watching Netflix on them, because you’ll have plenty of room to browse through the library and find what you want.

The downside is that they are heavier than other tablets but this also means they’re more durable as well in case something falls or gets dropped onto it.

You can’t really go wrong with a big sized tablet unless you value portability over screen size. This is why choosing the right tablet for netflix comes with its own pros and cons, but what’s important is to make sure they’re able to sustain a long battery life while also having a big display size with HD or Full DS, because SD provides a less Clear viewing experience.

Smaller sized tablets for Netflix – things to know

For very small tablets running Netflix, the downside is that they seem to not benefit from a battery life compared to other devices as one might expect in its class. Also, often times their speakers don’t sound as good. F

Of course, you can watch Netflix even on a smartphone screen but the viewing experience becomes more immersive for you the larger the screen. I personally would go with the iPad mini if budget wasn’t a problem when choosing a small sized Tablet For Netflix.

Smaller Tablets can’t hold as much movies or shows offline when downloaded- See the Netflix download limit hack and how this all works.

Reccommended screen resolution

best screen resolution For Netflix_ (on a tablet)

Netflix can only be enjoyed with high resolution displays. Resolutions that can support full HD (full high definition) and HD are preferred. There are also different types of panel displays, each with their own pros and cons. The more popular ones are the IPS and AMOLED for Android tablets and retina display for iOS tablets.

When watching Netlflix on a Tablet, you’ll need to determine the ideal display quality and size.

Display is one of the most important aspects when using a Tablet For Netflix. For those who love bing-watching movies you’ll want a Tablet that is capable of Hd or UHD. The minimum quality I prefer is 720p and the Resolution capabilities of the tablet is what determines this.

Higher resolution means better and more clear picture quality, but it also means your tablet will use more battery in most scenario’s because it requires more Cpu power. It also means you’ll likely desire a larger size screen to see all the details.

This is important when choosing a cheap Tablet For Netflix because its easier to mistake when ordering online. For example, Amazon Fire HD tablet is cheap, comes in 8 or 10 inches, and the battery works well -which is what most consumers want when watching movies on Netflix.

For the best viewing experience, you should look for a Tablet with at least an 1080p display. Some other features that are worth considering when choosing a tablet for Netflix is new type of Refresh Rate and the aspect ratio of your screen size. You’ll want to make sure it’s capable of the quality new technology allows us to take advantage of.

Which Operating System (OS) is best to run Netflix App on a Tablet?

Which Operating System (OS) is best for streaming movies_Netflix

Currently, you have four OS choices: Windows, iOS (Apple), Android, and Fire OS (Amazon). All of them run Netflix. Which is the best? It depends ultimately on how you will use the tablet for other things. 

Tablets are great devices to watch movies on when you have the ideal operating system, because they tend to have a better display than smartphones as well as larger screens so that it’s easier to see. The operating system allows you to navigate the UI, and the UI is what lets you access your apps.

When choosing, its best to choose a operating system you’re used to and one that will work with your other devices. For example, if you’re an iOS user and plan on connecting the tablet to your TV for big screen viewing then it’s best to choose an iPad instead of a Windows Tablet.

If you plan to use other apps in addition to watching netflix on your tablet, then the operating system with those compatible apps are important. Netflix, like most apps are available through any operating system-Windows, Android or Apple.

Recommended Processor

Recommended processor for watching Netflix on a Tablet

The more powerful the processor, the more expensive it will be. Tablets with a 1.3GHz can decently run Netflix but in order to have a smooth viewing experience, the processor should not be doing any other tasks. You will have to close most, or all, apps.

More expensive tablets may have 1.5GHz, 1.7GHz, and even 2.0GHz processors. Of course, it is also important that your WiFi at home is strong. According to Netflix, the minimum internet speed should be 1.5Mbps though you will need 5Mbps if you want to stream HD videos.

Netflix actually compresses their videos and has technology that allows this to be done quite well. Not only is this impressive, but it helps you save on data if you’re using a hotspot.

IF the processor is too strong on a cheap tablet running Netflix, the tablet can run out of battery fast, especially if you’re running more apps in the background. So, it’s important to get a trusted tablet that works with Netflix and has a name brand or good reviews that reflect a strong battery, 720p or 1080p display and good sound system- which the processor supports.

RAM: Ideal Memory Size

Ram and memory For Netflix tablets

RAM (Random Access Memory) is the amount of memory that a tablet has and it can be used for different things, such as running more apps or software.If you are going to use your tablet exclusively for Netflix, then the amount of RAM is irrelevant because there is no multitasking involved with watching movies.

We recommend that you should not go below 2GB RAM for Netflix watching. The more RAM you have, the better the performance of your tablet when streaming movies. You can even multitask with more memory.

-The Netflix app is created for the operating systems device, meaning it will run most efficiently through the app rather than a web app which could sap energy from your battery. I found that when I used the Netflix app my tablet appeared to use less ram when watching a movie.

That being said, you can never go wrong with too much ram if your budget allows for it (especially on a tablet). The reason why having enough ram on a tablet is because it helps you to be able to multitask without the tablet slowing down. The more apps or software your tablet is running means the more ram it will need.

If you are going to watch Netflix and other apps then having as much memory possible is preferred because there might come up an instance where you want to browse the internet or look up a quick search at the same time as your show or series is playing on Netflix. Voice Search also uses RAM; for example, Alexa sometimes doesn’t work on the Fire HD, but in order to use Alexa a decent amount of RAM is certainly needed.

The battery life of a tablet is also important to consider when deciding which one you want. The average Netflix show, with no multitasking or other factors involved will take about three hours for the tablet’s charge to run out and if you are constantly using your device then this time frame might be shorter.

How much storage do I need if I use my tablet primarily for Netflix

How much storage do I need if I use my tablet primarily for Netflix

Storage is not the highest priority as Netflix uses streaming. The Netflix app itself on a tablet is 80.3mb. A basic cheap Tablet For Netflix, like the Fire Hd, has a mere 32Gb (not a large amount).

This means the Netflix app will take up 1/400th or about 2.5% the space of your entire Tablet. This is minimal and is not of concern.

It also means that it’s unlikely to fill up your storage no matter how much you watch because each movie uses internet to transfer data and the movie or show from Netflix is not saved; unless you choose to download it for offline use. While it may seem like many don’t use their tablet to download movies, its highly common with children and those who travel often.

Reccomended Storage chart for watching and streaming movies on Tablets (netflix):

Tablet ActivityRecommended Minimum StorageRecommended MicroSD
Streaming Netflix or video16GB (minimum)Yes, but only if downloading offline movies
Photography512GB Minimum via external storageYes
Internet and basic web tasks64GB (minimum)No
Drawing512GB Minimum via external storageYes

Does storage really matter for Netflix on a tablet or laptop?

It’s when you want to use your tablet for more than just Netflix that the storage matters a bit more. The large majority of people will not need anything more than a 16Gb if they are watching netflix, and a few other streaming apps like Hulu. HBO Max, or Amazon Prime. If higher resolution is ideal, then it’s a bit easier to achieve this quality on a laptop, like the MacBook Pro, then a tablet.

Take a MacBook Pro for example, they last long, but they’re much more expensive than a cheap tablet. A MacBook Pros will last significantly longer (7 years on average), while a cheap, non-apple tablet has proven to last me no where near as long.

However, a Macbook storage of 512GB or even 1TB won’t make it any more useful for streaming a tablet with 32GB because they use streaming rather than downloading. The Result is that storage won’t matter in most cases no matter which device; including tablets.

Storage for downloading Netflix movies and shows on a tablet: How much is ideal?

You’ll ideally want a minimum of 64GB of storage on your tablet for this. if you plan to store a lot of movies via the download offline option that Netflix allows on Tablets then a microSD card slot is ideal. (see the biggest micro SD cards)

Unless they’re downloading netflix to watch offline (there can be errors) or using the tablet for other uses on top of netflix as their primary device to browse the web, work and other basic tasks.

Larger internal storage allows you to download movies and videos for offline viewing when you are mobile and not in a WiFi zone. Choose a tablet with sufficient storage to accommodate other things you download, like apps, games, ebooks, podcasts, and more.

Battery Life is important

Battery Life is important when choosing the Best tablet for Netflix

Who wants to have to charge a tablet in the middle of an exciting movie? It’s best to go with a tablet that has long battery life and is within your budget. Also remember that multitasking or keeping apps running in the background can drain the battery faster.

Many quality tablets have a batter life of about ten hours. Battery life decreases over time as you use the battery more often.

Tablet Activity TypeMinimum Recommended Battery Life per chargeIdeal Max Charging Speed
Streaming & movies (Netflix)8 hours (minimum)3 hours (max)
Internet & Web tasks6 Hours (minimum)3 hours (max)
Drawing10+ hours (minimum)3 hours (max)
Work8 hours (minimum)2 hours (max)

I’ve also noticed the charging time is quite important. Some tablets take long to charge and other have problems that cause the tablet to drain when its not on. These are typically the more cheap, no-name brand tablets or ones that have an outdated system version or charging issues and it’s for these reasons why battery life is important when choosing the best cheap Tablet For Netflix.

After some deep research on the best tablets for Netflix I’ve found that the majority available online all comparable in battery life, but some have better displays (resolution), higher ram, or more ports than others.

This is why a name-brand option as well as additional research into your tablet invest is recommended by experts.

Charging speed matters

Charging speed matters for Watching Netflix

When your tablet is low on battery and it can’t turn on, yet you want to watch netflix: then you’ll want a fast charging tablet. It seems unimportant, but the truth is that nobody wants to wait hours just to watch their movie on a tablet.

It’s incredibly frustrating to wait hours just to use a tablet for half that time it took to charge; especially when your watching movies or netflix on the tablet.

There are many who find the charging speed is higher for Netflix because its demanding and I cover this in my opinion post: Why Netflix sucks and what to do about it. I still believe Netflix is great, but there are some improvements that can be made and the app usage draining the battery on small tablets in one of them.

Amazon fire tablet for example has a very slow charging speed compared to faster big branded tablets like the iPad, Samsung, Lenovo, and surface touchscreen devices.

Tablets with a fast charging feature often take less than an hour to get to a half-charged status. If you think this is important to ensure less distraction for you when watching Netflix, then look for this feature when choosing a tablet. For me, charring spped is a specification that should not be ignored on a tablet being used for Netflix.

Determining a good price

Determining a good price for a Netflix Tablet

In the end, the best tablet for you, when it comes to Netflix watching, will be the one that has most of the critical features you want and fits your budget.

On the cheaper tablets available you’ll always be sacrificing some aspect of the tablet in return for a lower cost. This is something most don’t understand and it’s crucial for getting yourself a good deal and something that will last you a few years instead of being unsatisfied after a few weeks.

If a Tablet is super low cost, but has high RAM and a premium display-then be cautious if it has another part of it that is lacking. It could possibly be lacking in the audio/speaker area or has a battery that doesn’t last long. It could also be lacking adequate storage; which may not matter if your streaming movies from Netflix on your tablet.

Tablets that can use HDR video playback on Netflix UHD plan

Tablets that can use HDR video playback on Netflix UHD plan

HDR is a form of technology that allows for a more realistic picture on your TV screen. It does this by creating brighter, and more natural colors than traditional screens can offer.

If you have a compatible Netflix subscription plan for streaming HDR videos and you plan to use it to the max (4K), your desired tablet should be at the high end of the spectrum.

Tablets that I’ve personally tested that can utilize HDR successfully are the higher-end Samsung Galaxy models. Samsung brand tablets are higher end and offer HDR display with Netflix, this is something the other brands like Huawei, LG, Lenovo and Fire HD models weren’t capable at the time of testing.

Not many tablets can stream and handle Netflix content in HDR. So if that’s a feature you’re looking for in your device, then the premium tablets like the iPad Pro and many Samsung Tablets can do so.

Which tablets support HDR for Netflix?

Which tablets support HDR for Netflix_

Only the pricier Samsung tablets have HDR built-in can do HDR on the Netflix app. which can run HDR10 content from the streaming service. While the iPad Pro supports HDR playback, I couldn’t get it to activate when using the Netflix UHD plan (highest tier plan).

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 and it’s previous models S6 have the ideal display for HDR in addition to battery life and audio.

Here are a list of Tablets I’ve tested that supported HDR on Netflix:

  • Samsung Galaxy A9 & certain A models.
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S7
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S6

While its not hard to get strong tablet for streaming, it is for those seeking out HDR playback. If you are looking for a device under $250 USD then your options will be limited to older models without HHDR video playback in most cases.

If you don’t plan to use your Netflix subscription for HDR content, any tablet with a resolution of 1920×1280 will provide Full HD and will work fine. Tablets do not have the same design as something more powerful, like a Firestick or Roku and this is important to note if you’re expecting a certain result with your streaming experience.

Alternative viewing options for Netflix on a tablet

Alternative viewing options for Netflix on a tablet

For those who don’t want to purchase new tablets or invest in one of these models, there is always an option to buy TV sets with HDR technology built-in. Samsung allows and offers this capability amongst its hardware.


When it comes to the best Tablet For Netflix, the Amazon fire HD 8 tops the list, but its not the only tablet available that can provide power, battery life and a HD display as the MatrixPad and standard iPad are vastly different, yet can achieve a good netflix experience.

If you’re watching Netflix on a budget tablet, you’ll still want to aim resolution of 720p or 1080p, which means the resolution will span from 1280×720 pixels to 1920 x 1080 and you’ll be able to benefit the HD feature of Netflix, rather than the lower quality SD option for viewing movies and tv shows.

A battery life of at least eight hours is ideal.

If any of these three specs are deal-breakers for you (display, battery, audio), then it’s time to start your search with a more premium tablet because they will achieve all these specs and also provide a better overall experience. They also tend to have a better warranty, build quality and easier UI to navigate since they have more RAM; making it more smooth to use.

Android Tablets also make perfect sense because they have access to free apps. If you are on the other side of that spectrum where value is more important than performance or all three specs above don’t matter to you too much, then a tablets with a great displays that are Netflix compatible at an affordable cost.

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