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24+ Best Shows on Roku Channel right now

24+ Best Shows on Roku Channel right now

Discovering the best shows on The Roku Channel can be a thrilling yet overwhelming task for ardent viewers. We’ve put together a list of top-notch free shows that you can enjoy on Roku, not just through the Roku channel, but also via other features on your Roku device.

A question that often comes up is: “What are some standout movies on Roku?”. There are several ways to watch films on Roku, with a favorite being the Roku channel, which boasts a wide array of free films and shows, not to mention Roku’s own original content.

When it comes to identifying the “best” films, we use a comprehensive approach, factoring in user ratings, popularity, trending data related to these films (source), and a mix of objective and subjective analysis.

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Remember, while films on the Roku channel are totally free, films on other streaming services like Netflix, HBO Max, and Hulu do require a subscription.

You can find these films by heading over to the official Roku channel and searching for the film you’re in the mood for. You can explore these films by scrolling up and down, left and right based on different categories such as “free on premium” or reality shows, or even search for films based on characters, among other options.

Best Shows to Watch on Roku Channel

For any avid television watcher, finding the next great show is always an adventure. The Roku Channel presents myriad television series to suit various tastes and genres, and here are some of the best ones worth checking out.

1. The Walking Dead: Dead City (2023)

1 Available on Roku Channel

The Walking Dead: Dead City, a highly anticipated sequel from the successful horror-infused franchise, picks up with familiar characters embarking on a harrowing search through a deserted Manhattan. The character-driven narrative revolves around the reluctant partnership of Maggie and Negan, stalwarts of the original series. Their journey to rescue an abducted child forms the crux of the plot, creating a narrative tension that will keep audiences hooked.

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Sprinkled with the iconic elements of the parent show, Dead City exhibits intriguing sub-plots and an intricate character study. The exploration of the complicated history between Maggie and Negan adds layers to the narrative, thereby enhancing the viewer’s engagement. Keep in mind that anyone who appreciates thrillers with emotional depth and character arcs would find this series engrossing.

2. Dark Winds (2022)

2 Available on Roku Channel

Dark Winds is an engaging adaption of the Leaphorn & Chee novel series by acclaimed author Tony Hillerman. The psychological thriller unfolds amidst the dust and heat of the 70s’ American Southwest, focusing on two Navajo police officers unraveling a series of mysterious crimes on their reservation.

One advantage of Dark Winds is its apt portrayal of Navajo culture, capturing the audience’s interest. The series wraps complex relationship dynamics, conflicting interests, and characters’ inner demons in a riveting crime narrative. Side note: Fans of mystery and crime dramas will appreciate the intricate storytelling and compelling performances.

3. Minx (2022)

3 Available on Roku Channel

The year 2022 saw the release of Minx, a comedy series set in the lively 1970s. The narrative chronicles the formation of the very first women’s erotic magazine, a virtually unexplored territory in Television narratives. The unlikely alliance of a free-spirited feminist and a struggling publisher forms the backbone of this period comedy.

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Featuring a series of hilarious situations and vibrant characters, Minx explores themes of feminism, evolving sexuality, and societal transformations. The show efficiently uses its historical backdrop to highlight progression in social attitudes towards women and sexuality. Any comedy enthusiast who enjoys hearty laughs and wit-filled dialogues should have Minx on their must-watch list.

4. Yellowjackets (2021)

4 Available on Roku Channel

The gripping drama Yellowjackets features a unique narrative blending survivalist action and flashbacks. It tells the story of a high-school girls’ soccer team, stranded after a plane crash, and flash-forwards to their harrowing experiences affecting their present lives. The non-linear narrative and mysterious elements make Yellowjackets an intriguing watch.

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While the series has survival elements at its core, the narrative dives deep into the psychology of the characters, crafting a gripping drama. The transformation of the girls over time, their dynamics, and haunting past, provide captivating viewing. If suspense drama filled with mystery and strong characters appeal to you, Yellowjackets is worth considering.

5. Kevin Can F**k Himself (2021)

5 Available on Roku Channel

Kevin Can F**k Himself is a show that ingeniously disrupts traditional sitcom tropes, presenting the unheard side of the sitcom wives. The drama-comedy cleverly bridges the gap between shallow sitcom humor and the serious undertones within a dysfunctional marriage. Told from the perspective of the overlooked wife, the series flips between conventional laugh-track comedy and somber realism.

The intriguing narrative style and the realistic portrayal of the lead character provide an engaging viewing experience. Viewers get to explore the actual life beyond the sitcom laugh tracks and gags, emphasizing the jarring contrast. A fan of smart comedies with profound undertones, one would find this fresh perspective interesting and far from cliched.

6. The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch (2020)

6 Available on Roku Channel

Dip your toes into the world of unexplained phenomena with “The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch”. A 2020 debut, this non-fiction series takes the viewer to the utmost edges of the scientific exploration frontier. Nestled in the remote regions of Utah, the Skinwalker Ranch is a famed hotspot for UFO sightings, livestock mutilations, and paranormal activities. Think of this show as a televised invitation to be a part of the established team striving to comprehend the inexplicable mysteries associated with the Ranch.

The series artfully walks a tightrope between scientific investigation and narrating age-old legends tied to the property. One advantage of this show is its engaging approach to storytelling. The research team utilizes high-tech gear, insightful interviews, and sound scientific methodologies. They’re not merely chasing ghosts – they strive to unravel the truth behind the bizarre and eerie occurrences that often defy conventional explanations.

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Keep this show in the back of your mind if you’re interested in situations where science and mysterious lore seem to cross paths. “The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch” sets a shining example of one such instance, masterfully coupled with an investigation team willing to test the boundaries of the known realms of science.

7. Warrior (2019)

7 Available on Roku Channel 1

Action enthusiasts, rejoice! “Warrior,” a series premiered in 2019, comes swinging your way, literally, with its martial arts core. Not your typical action-drama, the series breathes life into the detailed notes of the legendary Bruce Lee, unfolding against the gritty, ruthless backdrop of the Tong Wars in 19th Century San Francisco.

Being a brainchild of Lee himself, “Warrior” makes sure not to shy away from high-octane fight sequences while simultaneously tackling major societal issues. The late martial arts superstar’s philosophical thought threads are intertwined within the narrative, manifesting as character arcs and key plot points throughout the series.

Even if you are not predominantly a fan of martial arts, the narrative’s depth might surprise you. The interplay between power dynamics, racial prejudices, societal norms, and personal vendettas shines in this period drama. One advantage of this series is its ability to engage different audience preferences, from drama to action, making it an iconic addition to The Roku Channel.

8. Godfather of Harlem (2019)

8 Available on Roku Channel 1

If you’re a sucker for crime stories based on real-life characters, “Godfather of Harlem” would be a show that will satiate your craving. Debuting in 2019, the series explores the life of Ellsworth Raymond Johnson, alias Bumpy Johnson. He was a notorious figure in Harlem during the 1960s, known for his criminal escapades as much as his cunning mind and survival instincts.

The series narrates the real story of Bumpy Johnson post his 1963 release from prison. On his return, he finds the neighborhood he once ruled is now in disarray, with the Italian mob making significant inroads into Harlem. Bumpy must regain control, but this time, making sure to evolve his methods to match the rapidly changing times that the ’60s heralded.

On a side note, One could easily appreciate the impressive casting of the series and their pitch-perfect performances. “Godfather of Harlem” uses historical events and characters not merely as a backdrop but weaves them into the core plot, bringing the whirlwind decades of change alive on your screens.

9. The Chosen (2017)

9 Available on Roku Channel

Religious scripture assumes a new depth in “The Chosen,” one of the most notable shows on The Roku Channel. Starting in 2017, this series traces the life of Jesus Christ in an insightful and immersive manner. Notably, the narrative lays focus on the lives of the apostles, offering an enriched perspective on their individual backgrounds and personalities.

This biblical narrative’s advantage is the humanizing approach taken towards familiar religious figures, highlighting the relatability of their struggles, conflicts, and triumphs. Be it Peter’s struggle with guilt, Matthew’s social perspective as a tax collector, or Jesus’s revolutionary teachings, each storyline is character-driven, making the characters and events relatable to a modern audience.

Keep in mind, while “The Chosen” draws from the New Testament, the creators also take creative liberty to fill in gaps and present an engaging narrative. Interested viewers, irrespective of their religious beliefs, will find themselves captivated by the depth of character development and the immaculate historical representation.

10. American Gods (2017)

10 Available on Roku Channel

“American Gods,” debuting in 2017, unrolls as an epic clash, not just of divine powers but of differing ideologies, cultures, and civilizations. Based on Neil Gaiman’s famed novel of the same name, the series harnesses an extraordinary premise – where gods of old mythology co-exist with the new gods of modernity.

In the eye of this supernatural storm stands Shadow Moon. This seemingly average man finds himself tangled amidst this surreal skirmish, teetering atop the precipice separating reality and the fantastic. His encounters with eccentric characters and the ensuing adventures form the heart of this fantasy drama.

If you enjoy decoding subtext, “American Gods” packs in plenty. Its narrative layers decry the pitfalls of modern obsessions such as technology, media, and materialism. On the other hand, they explore the perennial human need for beliefs, tales, and legends personified by the ‘old gods’. This tug of war is what sets “American Gods” apart.

11. A Discovery of Witches (2018)

Dive headfirst into the mystical realm of witches, vampires, and daemons with the British television series adaptation of Deborah Harkness’s “All Souls” Trilogy – “A Discovery of Witches” (2018). This compelling show invites viewers to join the world of Diana Bishop, a historian and reluctant witch, as she goes on an enchanting journey of discovering a bewitched manuscript in Oxford’s library, summoning a fantastical underworld community and kicking off her quest for knowledge about magical beings and her own extraordinary abilities.

One advantage of this series is the thrilling amalgamation of the supernatural with a dash of romance and a touch of history, all wrapped up in the scenic grandeur of Oxford, England, and Venice, Italy. This beautifully crafted show delivers another level of entertaining TV experience, providing a vividly picturesque depiction with complex and fascinating characters that can undoubtedly keep you hooked until the final episode of each season.

Side note: the series clinches an impressive 8/10 IMDb rating and has been cherished by both fans of the original books and new spectators for its primely selected cast, captivating plotline, and its visual brilliance. If you’re into magic-infused dramas, romance, or a fan of the books, you might want to consider giving “A Discovery of Witches” a watch.

12. Billions (2016)

“Billions” (2016) presents a clash of powerful titans through a captivating narrative that chronicles the high-stakes conflict between formidable U.S. Attorney Chuck Rhoades and billionaire hedge fund king Bob Axelrod. This drama series is notable for its intelligent exploration of power dynamics, moral ambiguities, and thought-provoking themes related to wealth, influence and corruption.

The ingredients that make this series stand out are its brilliantly written script, rich character development, and the performances of its ensemble cast. It provides a richly textured drama with elements of suspense, intrigue, and a consistent pace that makes staying engaged easy. Viewers who appreciate series showcasing powerplays in the world’s financial landscape will find this a rewarding watch.

Keep in mind that this gem of a show has an IMDb rating of 8.4/10 and bagged the Critics’ Choice Television Award for ‘Most Exciting New Series’ after its first season. With financial crimes, high-stakes litigation, and personal vendettas at its core, “Billions” guarantees a compelling viewing experience.

13. Alone (2015)

If you have a penchant for survival shows, then “Alone” (2015) will straightforwardly grab your attention. This reality series fashions a unique survival scenario, by dropping ten participants into the harsh wilderness with scattered resources and leaving them to fend for themselves against the extreme elements and predatory wildlife.

The charm of the show, so to say, lies in the rawness of the challenges and the emotional depth uncloaked during the participants’ journey to survive. The series masterfully portrays a person’s struggle for basic necessities and the mental fortitude required to survive in the unforgiving wilderness.

With an IMDb rating of 8.4/10, the show has garnered widespread attention for its unique premise and emotionally charged storytelling. “Alone” offers an intriguing mix of adventure and introspection, unraveling the stark realities of solitary survival.

14. Fear the Walking Dead (2015)

Embark on a gripping journey through the beginning of the end of the world with “Fear the Walking Dead” (2015). This nail-biting series preludes the apocalyptic events that lead to the iconic show, “The Walking Dead”. It spins a chilling story revolving aroung a group of survivors navigating through the early phase of the zombie apocalypse.

With its ever-evolving storyline and layered characters, the series offers an enriching continuation to the popular ‘post-apocalyptic zombie’ theme. It delivers a riveting blend of action, drama, and horror, effectively carving out a niche for itself in the realm of horror TV.

The series enjoys a strong fan base and an IMDb rating of 6.8/10, upholding its exciting narrative that draws you into the world of suspense, horror, and survival from the very first episode. If you’re a fan of zombie narratives or the original series, “Fear the Walking Dead” is well worth the watch.

15. Ash vs Evil Dead (2015)

The action-horror-comedy “Ash vs Evil Dead” (2015) brings viewers a lavish feast of over-the-top gore, relentless action, and slapstick humor. It continues the story of Ash Williams, the chainsaw-wielding, Deadite-slaying antihero from Sam Raimi’s cult classic “Evil Dead” series. The plot focuses on Ash teaming up with new allies to combat the rising Deadite plague.

The series triumphs in its ability to blend humor with horror so skillfully that viewers find themselves laughing through intensely grisly scenes. It is this unique infusion that has not only allowed the TV series to live up to the legacy of the original films but also to carve out its own distinctive space in the genre.

One advantage is the return of Bruce Campbell reprising his famous role and maintaining the same charisma and humor that fans loved. The balance between maintaining the original film’s essence and introducing fresh elements has earned it an 8.4/10 rating on IMDb. If you’re taken by cabalistic curses, lots of blood and gore, and a side-splitting sense of humor—that’s where “Ash vs Evil Dead” steps in.

21. House (2004)

If you’re a fan of medical dramas laced with gripping mysteries, “House” (2004) is one show you should watch on The Roku Channel. This series, with its meticulous storytelling, unique medical cases, and rich character development, has captivated audiences. It’s a standout in the sea of medical dramas, with its protagonist Dr. Gregory House, a witty, yet grumpy diagnostician known for his unconventional methods and biting sarcasm. One remarkable aspect of “House” is how each episode ties together medical mysteries with patient histories, making sure that your interest does not wane.

Side note: The show provides an in-depth look into the medical field, balancing complex medical terminologies with relatable patient stories. You’re likely to find yourself hanging onto each word as Dr. House and his team race against the clock to diagnose deadly diseases. The dynamics between the team members also add an intricacy that enhances viewer engagement.

The series comes with 8 seasons which guarantee hours of binge-watching. The viewers are offered one free episode on The Roku Channel. It has a score of 8.7 on IMDb and 88 on Reelgood reflecting its popularity and appreciation by the audience worldwide.

22. Party Down (2009)

“Party Down” (2009) is perhaps one of the most underrated comedies on The Roku Channel. It’s a gem that offers a humorous outlook on the lives of a group of aspiring actors and writers working for a Los Angeles catering company. One advantage of this series is the comedic brilliance that sets it apart. One can’t help but chuckle at the ironic, often ludicrous, situations the characters find themselves in.

Keep in mind that the show uses its unique setting to explore the perils and pitfalls of Hollywood, all the while retaining an infectious sense of humor. Besides the laugh-out-loud moments, there’s something incredibly earnest about the characters’ struggles that the viewers could also empathize with, making for an emotional viewing experience.

With two seasons, “Party Down” promises an enjoyable ride with promising ratings of 8.2 on IMDb and an affirmation of 89 on Reelgood. This comedy-drama series is equipped with one free episode on The Roku Channel and is worth watching for a light-hearted marathon.

23. Midsomer Murders (1997)

“Midsomer Murders” (1997) indulges those who enjoy an engrossing murder mystery with elements of dry British humor. Set in the fictional English county of Midsomer, the series follows the life of Detective Chief Inspector Tom Barnaby, who has an uncanny knack for solving complex murder cases. The show does a phenomenal job of providing a myriad of murder mysteries that keep the viewers on the edge of their seats.

One advantage of the series is its excellent use of the picturesque, yet eerie, countryside setting that significantly adds to the overall suspense of the storylines. The intricate plot, red herrings, and thought-provoking mysteries make this series a must-watch for crime thriller enthusiasts.

“Midsomer Murders” comes with a brilliant rating of 7.7 on IMDb and 86 on Reelgood which testifies to its gripping content and appeal to a broad audience. And with an offering of one free episode on The Roku Channel, murder mystery enthusiasts are in for a treat.

24. American Gladiators (1989)

Aspiring viewers in search of an adrenaline-rushing experience should check out “American Gladiators” (1989) on The Roku Channel. This competitive reality show, meshing sports with entertainment, has contestants going head-to-head with gladiators in a physically punishing obstacle course. A considerable part of the show’s appeal is its ability to make audiences root for the contestants as they wrestle through each challenge courageously.

This series showcases the determination and strength of ordinary people pushed to their limits. It also provides spectator sports fans with the thrill of watching live competition while acknowledging the contestants’ human depths and resilience.

“American Gladiators” with its energetic aesthetics comes with an IMDb rating of 6.5 and a Reelgood score of 72 out of 100. Viewers are offered a staggering amount of 49 free episodes on The Roku Channel, making it a binge-worthy choice for fitness enthusiasts and sports fans.

Other Streaming Apps Available on Roku

With the advent of various streaming platforms, Roku has become an ideal go-to space for viewers globally to access an array of entertainment options. The majority of commonly recognized apps, such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Disney+, and HBO Max, are all available on Roku. This provides a single interface to enjoy several shows across multiple platforms, eliminating the need to switch devices or interfaces.

Moving on to the plethora of other streaming apps, PBS and PBS Kids, ABC, CBS, FOX NOW, and NBC, are popular for their diverse mix of shows and news features. For sports and news buff, ESPN, BBC Sports, Fox Sports, and CNN GO are ideal. If ad-supported free streaming is more your thing, there’s apps like Pluto TV, The CW, and Tubi. Side note: music aficionados can also find solace in apps like Pandora, Spotify, and Youtube Music.

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The collaboration of Roku’s extensive interface and these streaming platforms ensure viewers are spoilt for choice regarding genre options. One advantage of using Roku is that all these platforms are available for download through the Roku channel store, which comprises over 10,000 third-party channels.

Top Shows on Other Roku Streaming Apps

Multiple streaming apps have gained traction on Roku, each hosting top-notch shows that can cater to varied tastes. If you’re using Netflix, “Stranger Things”, “The Witcher”, and “Money Heist” are some phenomenal picks. For Amazon Prime users, highly-rated series like “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel”, “Invincible” and “The Boys” might pull you in.

On Disney+, the world of Star Wars comes to life through “The Mandalorian”, and Marvel fans will appreciate “Wandavision” and “Hawkeye”. Meanwhile, Hulu offers a blend of drama, comedy, and thrill with top shows such as “The Handmaid’s Tale”, “Seinfeld”, and “Castle Rock”.

For Shakespeare fanatics, Britbox offers a treat with “Shakespeare & Hathaway”, while HBO Max houses phenomena like “Game of Thrones”, “Succession”, and “Euphoria”. Newer platforms like Apple TV+ have also made a splash on Roku with popular shows like “Ted Lasso” and “The Morning Show”.

Hence, Roku, with all these streaming apps, is a treasure trove of riveting series, rendering a library of favorites just a channel away.

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Alternatives to the Roku Channel App

While the Roku Channel App offers a myriad of viewing options, observers might be interested in exploring other players in the game. One major alternative is Amazon Fire TV, reputed for its expansive streaming services, including those exclusive to Amazon. Apple TV is another noteworthy competitor, especially appealing to those already entrenched in the Apple ecosystem.

For those who are staunch cord-cutters, Chromecast allows streaming from their phones to their TVs, making it a convenient option. Samsung Smart TV could be an appealing choice for Samsung household device users. Its proprietary Tizen operating system gives access to popular streaming services.

Keep in mind that these alternatives differ in terms of the content library, interface, and availability of 4K content, among other factors. Therefore, the best pick would hinge significantly on individual use cases and ecosystem preferences.

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How We Ranked the Best Shows on Roku

The process of ranking the best shows on Roku entailed a variety of assessment methods. The fundamental facet of rating the Roku shows included factoring in the viewership ratings. IMDb ratings revealed the viewers’ perception about a show, while Rotten Tomatoes, with its critic and audience scores, offered another dimension to the quality assessment.

Popularity was another pivotal factor. The high volume of viewers or persistently trending shows were key indicators of their approval among viewers. Lastly, award recognitions and nominations added weight to the ranking. Shows with numerous accolades were often indicative of superior storytelling, character development, and overall production value.

Authentic reviews from various online forums and social media platforms were studied, signifying trends in viewer preferences. All these factors, collectively, catered to a rank representation that was both analytical and viewer-opinion inclusive.

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Pros and Cons of Watching Shows on the Roku Channel

The Roku channel, with its abundant content and user-friendly interface, offers several advantages for viewers. Significant is the blend of free, live, and premium TV, making the Roku Channel a versatile option for a wide variety of viewers. The ease of setup and navigation, coupled with quality streaming, makes this streaming service highly appealing.

Nevertheless, there are a few shortcomings to note. Some users may find the linear programming of free live TV restrictive, lacking the flexibility that its competitors offer. Also, the vast majority of newer movies and shows are not available for free, leading viewers to subscribe to the premium content or rent them, impacting its affordability factor.

Moreover, amidst navigating the interface, you will run into sponsored content or ads, which could be distracting for some viewers. Finally, finding specific shows could be a bit tricky in the absence of a dedicated search function. However, on weighing the pros and cons, the Roku Channel still emerges as a solid contender in the streaming market, offering a variety of content fitting different viewing tastes and budgets.

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How to Stream Shows on Roku

The process of streaming shows on Roku is simple and user-friendly. For starters, Roku users need to install the Roku Channel on their devices. After that, it’s a simple process of logging in and navigating to the channel guide to select your preferred shows. One advantage of Roku is that it hosts hundreds of free and premium channels to ensure a versatile entertainment experience for everyone.

The key to streaming on Roku efficiently is to use the search function to find your favorite shows. You can type in the name of the show, or you can browse by category. Side note: keep in mind that the results will display both the free and premium options. If you intend to watch premium shows, make sure to have a valid subscription to the requisite streaming platform.

Inquisitive Roku users might want to create a personalized watch list. To do this, simply navigate to the My Feed section, search for the shows you want, and select the Follow button. This action makes sure that you are updated every time there are new episodes or seasons of your favorite shows.

If you’re new to Roku and need guidance, the post on how to set Roku up for installation will be helpful.

Analysis of User Reviews on Roku

Insights from user reviews show that Roku is highly esteemed for its user-friendly interface and extensive content library. Many users laud the diversity of shows available, covering virtually all genres from comedy and drama to horror and reality TV. Quality, both of content and streaming, is one aspect where Roku receives consistently good reviews.

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One recurrent theme in user reviews is Roku’s user-friendly interface, mirrored in how easy it is to search for shows and navigate the expansive library. Users also praise Roku’s compatibility with various platforms, making it easier to watch shows on different devices.

On the downside, there are occasional complaints about buffering issues, especially during peak internet usage hours. However, it’s important to note that this could be due to issues with the user’s internet provider rather than Roku itself. Some users also wish for more parental control settings, citing this as an improvement area for the platform.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Watch Shows on Roku

One commonly asked question is whether Roku requires a subscription. The answer is no; Roku itself is free. However, some channels and shows on the platform might require a subscription or rental fee. Keep in mind that free channels and those requiring a subscription will be clearly demarcated.

Another frequently asked question is about the availability of certain shows or channels on Roku. Roku hosts a broad range of channels, including many popular ones like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and Disney+. As for specific shows, it’s best to search for them directly on the Roku platform.

A third frequent query is about the internet requirements for Roku. On average, Roku recommends a minimum of 5.0 Mbps for HD streaming and 25.0 Mbps for 4K streaming. However, these figures may vary depending on the specific streaming platform and the number of devices using the internet simultaneously in your household.

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Streaming shows on Roku is a delightful experience, filled with enough variety to satisfy every unique taste. From the ease of streaming shows to the convenience of creating a personalized watch list, the platform thrives on making your viewing experience smooth and enjoyable.

The merit of Roku device lies in its simplicity, convenience, and the vast library of content it provides access to. However, it’s important to keep in mind that while Roku itself is free, streaming some of the shows might require a separate subscription. Lastly, while Roku enjoys rave reviews from its users, like other platforms, it still has room for improvisations, notably in areas like enhanced parental controls.

In essence, whether you’re a fan of drama, comedy or more niche genres, Roku offers a compact platform that aligns with your viewing interests. Rejoice in the world of Roku, where entertainment meets flexibility, and solicit an unmatched viewing experience.

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