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7 Best Tablets for Reading Comics and Watching Anime

7 Best Tablets for Reading Comics and Watching Anime

Are you looking for a good tablet for reading comics and watching anime movies? Or maybe you are a big manga fan and want to find an affordable tablet with a big screen for reading.

No matter what the case, it’s important that you know the specs you need to watch anime on a tablet (or read manga).

If you want to store and watch your comics and anime movies, you’ll need a device with a large storage that has the power to stream anime on Netflix, anime offline and anime apps such as Kissanime or Crunchyroll.

Choosing between the Fire HD and Kindle Paperwhite? See which Is better for reading.

After extensive research, we have selected 7 tablets that are perfect for watching anime and reading manga. Our review highlights the pros and cons of each device in terms of screen, battery, performance, speakers, interface, and more.

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In this post I will uncover the pros and cons of each tablet, and explore the best tablets for comics, anime and manga on the market. I’ll also cover how we tested each tablet.

At a Glance – Our top picks

At a Glance Our top picks for tablets that you can read comics on

Below, you’ll find our top picks for the best tablets for comics, manga, and anime:

  1. Samsung Tablet A: Best Android tablet to read comics on
  2. Fire HD 10 Plus: Best Tablet for an anime or comic enthusiast
  3. iPad Pro 11-inch: Top tablet to read comics & watch anime
  4. HYjoy: Top budget Android tablet to watch or download comics & anime episodes on
  5. Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2: Best Tablet for watching anime movies & episodes
  6. Samsung Galaxy Tab S7: Basic tablet for watching CrunchyRoll and browsing the web
  7.  iPad 10.2: Best Manga &Comics Tablet (for reading)

Best Tablets to Read Comics, Manga, and Watch Anime

Best Tablets to Read Comics Manga and Watch Anime on

Below, the tablets chosen are our top picks, but covered in significantly great detail. These have the recommended processor, RAM. display, and design to read comics and watch anime on.

Be sure to consider the display and whether or not you need a regular tablet like the fire hd or an e-reader like the Kindle Paperwhite instead.

1. Samsung Tablet A: Best Android tablet to read comics on

1. Samsung Tablet A Best Android tablet to read comics on

Samsung has recently launched one of the most popular Android tablets out there, the Tablet A. This Samsung 10-inch tablet easily made it to the top of our list because it has everything a comic fan needs. For example, I’ve read countless Batman, superman, and detective comics on the samsung A.

Of course, the Tablet A is not the cheapest tablet on the market. But as a mid-range device with a great screen and solid performance, it fully justifies its price. Samsung makes some of the best displays on the market, and the Tab A’s 10.1-inch FHD (1080P) display is no exception.

With vivid colors and minimal borders, the Tablet A screen offers a much better movie streaming experience than an entry-level, budget tablet. Samsung has also included an octa-core CPU, 2 GB RAM and 32 GB of storage.

This hardware build is powerful enough for light multitasking and easily handles watching (and storing) anime and reading manga. Add to that the (dual) Atmos Dolby speakers and great battery (10 hours of autonomy ), and the Tablet A is the perfect all-rounder for watching anime.

2. Fire HD 10 Plus: Best Tablet for an anime or comic enthusiast

2. Fire HD 10 Plus Best Tablet for an anime or comic enthusiast

If you need a large screen for watching anime but the Samsung Tab A is beyond your budget, the Amazon Fire HD 10 is the device for you. In fact, the latest HD 10 costs less than $200 and has everything the average anime fan needs for watching videos and reading e-books.

Amazon delivers a large full HD display (1920 x 1200 resolution). The colors don’t have the same quality as the Tab A, but you can comfortably watch and read anime with it. In addition, the HD 10 proved to be the device with the best battery in this price range (up to 12 hours) in our test.

You’re likely choosing between the Fire HD and Kindle Paperwhite: See which Is better for reading.

The audio experience is also impressive considering the price. In fact, the speaker set (Dual Atmos Dolby) enables a realistic viewing experience. It’s not uncommon to use this to read graphic novels in addition to comics.

As for performance, Amazon has included 2 GB RAM and a reliable (but slower than the Tab A) octa-core CPU. Although this set cannot handle CPU -intensive apps, it is more than sufficient for watching anime movies and reading manga.

All in all, the Amazon Fire HD 10 is by far our favorite budget tablet for those who need a device for anime websites and watching anime online.

3. iPad Pro 11-inch: Top tablet to read comics & watch anime

3. iPad Pro 11 inch Top tablet to read comics watch anime

Are you looking for the ultimate anime mobile watching experience? If so, there’s simply no better choice than the latest iPad Pro. This 11-inch tablet needs no introduction. The Pro version of the iPad is an extremely powerful device that can handle just about anything you throw at it.

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In terms of performance, the iPad Pro is a pocket-sized beast. From simultaneous access to multiple anime sites to extreme multitasking and CPU -intensive apps like Photoshop, the 11-inch Pro is up to anything.

The display is another feature that puts the iPad Pro ahead of all other tablets on this list. With its fabulous Liquid Retina 11-inch display, the Pro offers a colorful and bright anime watching experience.

Finally, the four speakers and 10 hours of battery life also explain why this is the most expensive tablet on the list. In short, if budget is not an issue, you should definitely go for this exceptional Apple flagship.

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4. HYjoy: Top budget Android tablet to watch or download comics & anime episodes on

4. HYjoy Top budget Android tablet to watch or download comics anime episodes on

HYjoy is by far the most affordable tablet that can handle watching anime and reading manga. The device offers solid performance, 32 GB of storage, a HD display, and 6-8 hours of battery life. And all of this comes at a price of under $100.

The 9” screen offers HD (1200 x 800) quality. Although this is not the best display, our tests have shown that it is comfortable enough to watch anime videos and read manga e-books. The battery is enough to watch a movie or two without having to recharge it.

As for performance, the HYjoy has a quad-core processor and 2 GB RAM. This is a solid build for non-demanding applications and allows you to watch movies and videos on ad-free anime websites and platforms.

The comics and anime I’ve consumed on the HYjoy came in good even though I’m used to the higher resolution display the iPad provides.

For example, I enjoyed the characters, storyline, and overall experience of full metal alchemist on this tablet.

Finally, the dual speakers provide a distortion-free listening experience. We can safely say that the new HYjoy is a good choice for anime fans and light users like kids.

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5. Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2: Best Tablet for watching anime movies & episodes

5. Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 Best Tablet for watching anime movies episodes

Our next pick is more than just a tablet for watching anime movies or series. In fact, the Galaxy Note Pro is indeed a powerful device and the perfect choice for those who need a lightweight device with a large screen.

The 12.2-inch display works perfectly with the Samsung S Pen. Therefore, the Note Pro is perfect for anime artists who want to draw and watch anime characters with one device. Moreover, the octa-core CPU and 3 GB RAM form a reliable hardware that enables easy multitasking and handles mobile drawing apps like Sketchbook

See how the Amazon Fire HD Vs Samsung Tablet Models compare against each other.

The only drawback is the (rather outdated) design, as the Note Pro has noticeably thicker edges than the Samsung Tab A.

Add in the exceptional battery (up to 12 hours of multimedia) and the great 8 MP camera, and this is a great mid-range tablet for anime and manga fans.

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6. Samsung Galaxy Tab S7: Basic tablet for watching CrunchyRoll and browsing the web

6. Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Basic tablet for watching CrunchyRoll and browsing the web
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If you are an Apple fan but don’t want to spend a lot on the iPad Pro, you’ll love our next suggestion. The brand new iPad 10.2 has it all and has half the price of the Pro. In fact, the 10.2-inch Retina display is just fantastic. 

We really liked the colors and the True Tone technology offers a realistic anime watching experience.

In terms of performance, the Apple iPad has no issues with movie streaming, web browsing, and light to medium multitasking. Audio quality is more than satisfactory and there are no distortions.

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Finally, you can store as many anime movies, series and e-books as you want on the 256 GB storage space.

We think this device is the perfect alternative to the Tab S7. If you prefer iPadOS over Android, but do not want to go over your budget, the iPad 10.2 is the right tablet for you.

How to choose a Tablet for Reading Comics & Watching Anime (CrunchyRoll)

How to choose a Tablet for Reading Comics Watching Anime CrunchyRoll

Can you stream Crunchy Roll on a Tablet?

To answer this question briefly: absolutely. Crunchyroll has recently launched a premium app for both iOS and Android devices. All you have to do is download the app from Google Play (for Android) or the App Store (iPadOS, iOS) and sign up. Once you have done that, you are good to go. This is one of the easiest ways to watch your favorite anime characters from your tablet.

What Tablets have enough storage for downloading Anime?

It all depends on your personal needs and preferences. If you prefer to watch anime online, you can easily find the best anime movies on platforms like hbo max or netflix. However, if you prefer downloading anime to your tablet, you should choose a device with a large storage space.

We can safely say that you can download and store numerous anime movies and series with a tablet with 64 GB or more of storage. However, top tablets like the Samsung Tab S7 and iPad Pro have 256 GB. With such an internal memory, you can store more than 100 anime. So, if you consider yourself an anime collector, high-end tablets are your best bet.

What are the best Anime Websites for iPads?

Not all anime websites work perfectly on iPads. After some research, we concluded that the most responsive and comprehensive anime websites for iPads are: 

  1. Crunshyroll
  2. Amazon Anime
  3. 9anime
  4. Masterani
  5. Side Real

What Tablet size is best for watching anime & reading comics?

Although a 10-inch tablet can provide a comfortable experience, it is our belief that an 11-inch display (or larger) is best for watching anime. Of course, this depends on your personal preferences.

You can also view the 10 largest Android tablets that are 11 Inches or bigger if you’re looking for a large display to watch anime or read comics.

For example, if you want to watch movies in bed, you might opt for a lightweight tablet with a smaller display like the Fire HD 10. On the other hand, if you want the ultimate viewing experience, you should go for a premium tablet with a large display like the Samsung Tab S7 (12.4 inches).

Best Anime to Watch on a Tablet?

Best Anime to Watch on a Tablet

Can I watch Anime in sub or dub on a tablet?

Of course. Most modern tablets fully-support sub and dub anime. No matter if you prefer subbed anime (English subtitles) or a translated version of your favorite Japanese anime (dubbed anime), a good tablet and a platform like Netflix or Crunchyroll is all you need.  

Choosing a Tablet for Reading Manga

Lets go over how to choose a tablet for manga reading, since manga is a very specific hobby to use a tablet for.

What is the best Tablet to read Manga on?

During our testing, we found out that top-notch tablets like the iPad Pro and the Samsung Tab S7 are perfect for reading manga. Such devices have the best screens on the market in terms of brightness and colors. This is why the reading experience on an iPad Pro and the S7 is considered to be similar to reading a traditional book.

Alternatively, if reading manga is all you need, you should opt for a reliable e-reader like the Kindle Paperwhite.

Can you read Manga and comics on a Tablet?

Absolutely. Reading manga isn’t a CPU-intensive task. That said, most tablets out there can easily cope with PDFs and e-books of any kind.  For example, if you opt for an affordable tablet like the Fire HD 10, you won’t have any issues with reading manga. Of course, the same applies for more expensive devices such as the iPad Air. 

Is the Fire HD Tablet good for reading manga & comics?

Although the latest Amazon Fire tablets aren’t powerful enough for CPU-intensive apps like Photoshop,  they can easily handle tasks like reading manga. In fact, during our testing, we had no problems when it came to web surfing and document reading on the latest Fire HD 10. 

What Tablet size is best for reading Manga & comics?

To answer this question briefly, it depends on your needs and preferences. But we can safely say that any tablet that has a 10’’ screen (or larger) will be comfortable enough for reading manga. 

If you prefer reading on the bed, you can opt for a 10-11’’ tablet that will be more lightweight and portable. On the flip side, larger displays like the one of the Samsung Note Pro (12.2 inch) usually offer a better experience in terms of colors and clarity. 

Should I read the manga before watching the anime on a Tablet?

This comes down to your personal preferences. If you like reading books, you should first read the manga and then watch the anime. On the flip side, there are people who don’t enjoy reading. If that’s the case, you can skip reading the manga and go straight to watching the movie or series. 

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