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9 Best Stylus for Android Tablets & Phones (Drawing)

9 Best Stylus for Android Tablets & Phones (Drawing)

It can be challenging to understand what the best stylus or drawing on Android Tablets & smartphones. It’s common that the best stylus for Android is an active pen and usually comes with a premium model of the device you bought.

Whether you’re drawing or writing, it’s important to know the type of digital pen available to you and its pros and cons when searching for the best stylus for Android Tablets & Smartphone.

Most Stylus pens for Android that are third party pens are ‘capactive’ and do not have pressure sensitivity. These are good for basic drawing, but not for advanced apps.

You can also see which additional stylus work in the 7 Best Stylus for Photoshop & Adobe Illustrator – some are android compatible.

The pen that comes with your model Tablet will typically be ‘active’. For example the Samsung Galaxy S and Note models come with an S-Pen, whereas the Lenovo tablet models comes with the Lenovo Active Pen 2…

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I found that other third party pens available typically do not provide pressure sensitivity the way the native pens will for Android. In this post, I’ll be covering all aspects around the best stylus for android Tablets and phones, their pros and cons, and how to use them.

Best Stylus for Android Tablets & Smartphones – At a glance

Best Top Stylus for Drawing on Android

Here is my top picks for the Best Stylus for Android drawing based on Pressure sensitivity, tilt control, app compatibility and active/stylus type:

Androids tablets that are not big name brands are forced to use either a capacitive or a active stylus that is made by that specific name brand since there are not many active pen options for these types.

Can I use an Active stylus on a cheap Android tablet?

I’ve found that there are no external, third party, active stylus for the lesser known brand Android tablets for purchase online-unless they come packaged with the Tablet itself.

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So, if you’re using a cheap, no name brand Android tablet and want to perform pro-level art projects, then it might be time to upgrade your Tablet itself if there are no Active pens to choose from for your device.

Best Stylus for Android Tablets & Phones (Drawing)

If you are drawing or sketching, then you have two choices when choosing the best stylus for Android: An Active or Capacitive type pen. These have very different effects on drawing, writing and navigation and Android devices.

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Here is are difference between an active and capacitive stylus pen for Android devices:

  • ‘Active Stylus pen’ are typically more expensive, typically $50 or higher, and allows for pressure sensitivity capable of pro-level art.
  • ‘Capactive’ typically costs less, and don’t provide true pressure sensitivity to make thicker or thinner lines- this works great for most consumers who are just beginning to draw or need a tablet apparatus to write, take notes, and navigate the UI better.

It can be challenging to find the Best stylus for Android; especially those for drawing on android tablets and smartphones. I’ve researched and identified the Stylus pens that work best:

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1. Adonit Dash 3: Best Drawing Stylus for Android (Overall)

Adonit Dash 3 Best Drawing Stylus for Android (Overall)

The Adonit brand is a leader and popular choice in the Android tablet pen space. The Adonit Dash 3 is one of two Adonit models compatible with Android devices and is one of the most popular alternatives as an Android Stylus.

The Dash 3 will be a great choice for most because it will work for note-taking, annotations and basic drawing.

Battery: Most passive stylus pens do not have a battery but the Adonit Dash 3 does. The charge from the battery makes it register better on capacitive touchscreens. Charging only takes 45 minutes and you get 14 hours of straight work on a full charge.

The Dash 3 charges in a nonstandard way compared to other passive stylus pens.

The pen attaches magnetically to a recessed charging base, which then plugs into a USB port. This can sometimes be an issue if you lose the charging base. Also, users have reported that the pen has to be at just the right angle for charging to work.

Adonit proves to be the ideal choice for alternative pens for the big name brand devices.

Alternatively, see the 7 Ways you can draw on a Laptop

Adonit makes stylus that are certainly the best alternative to the Samsung ‘S-pens’ I’ve tested thus far for the Galaxy Tab/Phones and Note10/10+.

App Compatibility: Experts who used Medibang Artflow,, Notability and GoodNotes boast that the Dash 3 works very well with their apps. Since this pen does not have palm rejection, one user recommended Notability, which has built-in palm rejection, for note-taking.

If all you want is a digital tool for simple drawings and writing, the Adonit Dash 3 will do its job. 

Professional artists, though, will always have a high standard for stylus pens and will probably go with more expensive, active stylus pens or non-android tablets like the Surface Pro or iPad Pro with an Apple Pencil.

2. Cisirun: Best budget Active stylus pen for Android Tablets and Smartphones

Best Stylus for Drawing on Android Device

The CiSiRUN is a stylus pen that is very affordable. It is an ideal choice for those on a budget who need a stylus pen that can take notes and draw with different stroke thickness.

It’s considered an active pen due to its buttons, but I found it does not have the pressure sensitivity the stylus that come with their tablets have,

Design: The pen, when held, has a nice weight to it and feels just right with one’s natural hand movements. No apps or Bluetooth connection is needed. Just press the button on the side to turn the pen on and off.

Battery: The rechargeable battery goes to a full charge from zero in 60 minutes and can support up to 10 hours of continuous use and 30 days of standby time.

If you’re looking for an inexpensive, highly compatible stylus for basic drawing and notes on Android, then the Cisirun is for you.

The CiSiRUN pen offers flexibility with its fine copper tip on one end for those fine details you want when drawing while also having the option to use the mesh tip on the other end for larger and thicker strokes. The mesh tip can also be used just for scrolling or tapping the screen while gaming; it even works with the pen turned off! Remove the mesh tip and you will find the USB slot for charging.

Apps that work well with the CiSiRUN pen include drawing apps like Autodesk SketchBook, ArtFlow, Painter, Design, and Zen Brush.

This is a fully functional stylus pen that won’t break the bank. As long as you are okay with it not having palm rejection or pressure sensitivity, the CiSiRUN pen stylus for android will work well for most of your needs.

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3. Adonit Pro 4: Best Stylus for basic drawing on android (Capacitive)

Best Stylus for basic drawing on android (Capacitive)

If all you need is a stylus for is simple note taking, annotating, and basic drawing, then the Adonit Pro 4 is a practical and affordable choice. It is much cheaper than the Dash 3 and yet surprisingly, it looks even more elegant. 

Design: Made totally from aluminum, the Pro 4 is very light. The nib is housed by copper casing; the eraser end is copper as well. A streamlined pen clip with a sleek grooved hook easily slides the pen into any pocket. As it is a twist cap, it can be attached to either end: to protect the tip or on the other end so it is not misplaced

Features: The Pro 4 is a passive, non-Bluetooth pen. It works just like your fingers, minus the finger smudges. As this is a no-frills pen, it will not come with palm rejection, shortcut buttons, or tilt technology.

You also cannot make your strokes thin or thick because it lacks pressure sensitivity. However, because it does not run on battery, there is nothing to charge. It just works as soon as you put pen to screen.

For using a third party, alternate stylus on iPad, see our post: Zagg Pro vs Apple Pencil vs Adonit Note+ vs Adonit Pixel (Stylus Comparison)

A distinguishing feature of the Pro 4 is its disc tip. This conductive tip is smaller than that of other pen with similar features. As it is transparent, you can see exactly where you want to draw and it recognizes your strokes fairly accurately.

If you want a pen that just works and looks very elegant and you do not necessarily need a pen that changes stroke thickness with pressure, the Adonit Pro 4 is a great choice.

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4. EVACH: Best fine-tip stylus for Android tablets & Android SmartPhones (S-Pen Alternative)

Best fine-tip stylus for Android tablets & Android SmartPhones (S-Pen Alternative)

If you are the owner of a Samsung Galaxy Tab A from 2016 onwards, and you are looking for an alternative to the S Pen, the EVACH was designed specifically for this model as an alternative!

In fact, it even works with other Samsung models, like the newer S series. Just make sure you double check for compatibility with your model before purchasing.

Battery: The EVACH is a rechargeable pen that comes with a built-in lithium battery. It takes 60 minutes to get a full charge, which then gives 8 continuous hours of work. A smart saver feature shuts down the pen after 30 minutes of non-use. Charging is via a USB slot located at the mesh tip end. Just pull out the mesh tip to expose the USB slot.

Pen Tips: Two tips (a fine tip and a mesh tip) allow you flexibility. Use the fine tip when you need to write fine lines or when you are sketching and need to put in details that require thin lines.

The mesh tip is great for scrolling, highlighting sentences, underscoring, circling certain areas of a document, or shading in with broad strokes.

While it works fine for some, there are users who have complained about lines being shaky or lags when you draw. I haven’t seen this to be true when I had this in my hands. Artists could get a bit frustrated with this if they are creating serious pro-level artwork and this occurs.

However, if you use the mesh tip more than the fine tip, this pen will still work for you.

5. MEKO: Best Android Stylus that works for drawing (fine tip)

Best Android Stylus that works for drawing (fine tip)

The MEKO 1.6mm is well known in the Android pen space. It has been getting a fair amount of positive feedback from users with several artists saying they have been using the MEKO stylus pen for their digital art.

Available in either black or white, this brushed aluminum stylish stylus works with most capacitive touch screens. The 1.6mm solid rubber tip is highly sensitive and responsive, making drawing strokes more precise and with little lag.

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Features: On the opposite end of the pen is a magnetic mesh tip. This can be used for broader strokes, for scrolling up and down, highlighting, and marking up documents. This mesh tip will continue to work with your device, even when the battery runs down.

Artist users say that while the pen point is not exactly on top of where the digital line should be, it is off by only a millimeter or less, which they find acceptable.

Design: The pen does not have pressure sensitivity so pressing down on the pen will not change the thickness of your stroke. It also does not have palm rejection; you may need to buy a palm glove. 

Battery: The MEKO pen is USB-chargeable. It takes 60 minutes to get to a full charge and gives 9 hours of continuous use. To save on battery, the pen shuts off after 30 minutes of inactivity. 

6. Digiroot Universal: Best budget Capacitive Stylus for android touchscreen tablets

Best budget Capacitive Stylus for android touchscreen tablets

Another inexpensive passive stylus pen is the Digiroot Universal which works with so many different brands of Android devices.

Design: The Digiroot Universal is said to be very responsive. It sports a disc tip on one end for finer and thinner lines. On the opposite end is a fiber tip that can also be used as a stylus.

Battery: The pen does not need a battery; it works straight out of the box and never has to be charged. A rubber comfort grip gives you a slip-free drawing experience. The shaft is made of aluminum so it is very lightweight in your hands.

In fact, it is inexpensive and so easy to use that many parents actually gave this pen to their children who would use these for their own drawings.

DigiRoot is very popular amongst the budget stylus for android choices available due to it’s design and capacitive capabilities.

App compatibility: Some apps that artists use with Digiroot Universal include ibisPaint X and Autodesk Sketchbook. It works well too for those doing vector illustration or just traditional drawing/painting.

Even at its budget price point, the Digiroot Universal pen gives even more value — it also comes with additional disc and fiber tips. 

7. S-Pen: Best Active Stylus with pressure sensitivity (Galaxy)

Best Active Stylus with pressure sensitivity (Galaxy)

The S Pen is a stylus that is made specifically for Samsung tablets. It works with touchscreen devices like the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 or Note 10.1 inch tablet (both Android devices). Additionally, it has pen nibs on it and can work with drawing apps and note taking apps on the tablet. 

S-Pen is good for drawing because it’s an Active Android Stylus Pen and is capable of Pro level art, unlike others I’ve listed.

I’ve personally tested and explored all the features of the S Pen and I found out how to use it, what it’s good for, and its benefits for drawing on the Android Devices.

Battery: The S Pen has 10 hours of battery life because it requires a bluetooth connection to communicate with the Samsung device, similar to the way the Apple Pencil communicates with the iPad.  

App Compatibility: When you are using the S Pen, there is a note taking app that is pre-installed on your device called “S Note”. The S Note app makes it easier for you to take notes and edit them on your device. You can create different notebooks like science class or math class, etc.

This pen is also compatible with other apps that are on the Android natively as well as the google play store. You can use the pen to draw, edit photos, and write.

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Design: The pen nibs come in a myriad of colors such as blue, black, and what looks to be off-white or silver. The color of the pen nibs are black, but look and draw wonderfully-fat better than a capacitive pen.

While the pens come with the Tablet itself, you can get a replacement on Amazon or Ebay if you lose it. I find it useful that this pen is highly compatible with Samsung Tablet native apps, because it makes it useful for handwritten notes and note-taking in addition to drawing.

The S-Pen is the best pressure sensitive Stylus for Android-Particularly for Samsung devices

Whats really cool is that the S-Pen for the Note models of Samsung actually allows you to click the pen to stop or pause videos and presentations. It can simply act as a longer arm or a pro-level drawing pen- it’s up to you!

8. Wacom Bamboo tip: Best Wacom stylus for Android

Best Wacom stylus for Android

The Wacom Bamboo Tip belongs to the leading brand in the stylus market. It is a solid choice for those who take notes and do simple drawings or annotations. Without palm rejection or pressure sensitivity, professional artists, however, would normally go for more expensive active stylus pens. 

The first thing you notice about the Bamboo Tip is its beautiful steel blue color. The pen is slimmer than most pens, sports a bamboo tip, and has an elongated power button in the middle that you slide to power on/off. A smaller button, on the top end of the barrel, is supposed to be flicked up or down to optimize performance when you experience skipping or jagged lines when writing. Some users, however, said they did not notice any difference when that button was up or down.

The Bamboo Tip has a battery, much like the Adonit Dash 3. The extra charge from the battery is supposed to give the accuracy of a finer tip stylus without requiring Bluetooth connectivity; it also makes the pen work better than a pen with no battery.

Charging is via a USB slot which is accessible by flipping open the cover opposite the nib. A full charge can give about 20 hours of continuous use. Take note though: the charging slot is not a USB-C port. 

While slightly more expensive than other brands, loyal Wacom users who do not need the features of an active stylus pen will go for this.

9. Mixoo Pen: Popular Universal, Capacitive Android stylus that also works with iPad and Microsoft touchscreens

Popular Universal, Capacitive Android stylus that also works with iPad and Microsoft touchscreens

The Mix stylus Pen is a very popular universal, capacitive Android Stylus that doesn’t have a battery. It works very well for all Android tablets and has precision disc tip at the end of it. Compared to the fine-tip stylus for Android, the Disc tip allows for smooth navigation. 

A disc tip stylus like the Mixoo is a type of stylus with an aluminum body that features a round, disc-shaped end. 

Design: The design of this particular pen for Android makes it lightweight and durable-it can handle a decent amount of use with its disc tip nib. This stylus didn’t scratch my Android tablet (Samsung Note 10+) nor my Smartphone because the Disc tip is made out of what feels to be silicon. 

The Capacitive style stylus is compatible with most Android tablets and smartphones (other than Samsung devices). 

Battery: The Meko doesn’t have a battery, so it’s not considered a bluetooth stylus- it doesn’t require charging. It does, however, make good use for basic drawing apps, but not advanced ones since it’s pressure sensitivity is none existent. So, the tip choices on this stylus for Android works well for digital art and painting with apps like Sketchbook Pro or Krita. IT also has a mesh alternative tip. 

Overall, this stylus feels expensive, but its rather inexpensive and it has limited features since it’s capacitive. It’s the size of a standard pen, roughly 6 inches and actually has a heavy feel to it. It’s comparable to other cheap digital painting tools under $15 and is a step down from the S-pen and Android for advanced drawing, animation and graphic design due to the lack of pressure levels/bluetooth compatibility.

10. KIMCrown: Best Stylus for Taking notes on Android Phones and Tablets (school, class, work)

Best Stylus for Taking notes on Android Phones and Tablets (school, class, work)

The KIMCrown is actually a bit more valuable than a stylus like the Mixoo for Android, because it comes with 2 pens instead of one. It’s design is not one that you would typically see on the lower priced models since It actually has a fine point disc tip and magnetic caps which are very useful (the screw off caps are a pain from my experience!).

If you’re looking for a cheap android stylus to use with drawing and writing apps, math, lectures ,school or remote learning, then this pen is for you.

Like most capacitive, non-pressure sensitive pens, the KIMCrown is simply great for artists, students or work professionals who want to draw but don’t need anything fancy or advanced.

The Pen is accurate, and it has extra replacement tips that are easily found on Amazon by searching the product page of the actual stylus. This is something that many products don’t have, making them difficult to replace.

This is not similar to the pen that comes with most Samsung Galaxy Tab models and other high end tablets such as the Top tier Lenovo Yoga 2-in-1 touchscreens… but it still works really well with drawing programs. 

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The tip of this pen is very smooth and precise and appears to be made from plastic and silicon, I have had absolutely no issues drawing on my tablet while using this stylus as its universal, capacitive and doesn’t require a battery. .It did not come with a clip so you can’t attach this stylus to your shirt pocket like you can with the mixoo. 

Its a capacitive stylus so when it comes to drawing on apps like the adobe suite, it will work..

The design of this pen resembles that of Wacomor S-pen stylus, the difference is that  which those stylus provide significantly better accuracy, precision, tilt control, and palm rejection. This pen doesn’t have any of those features, which is important when looking for the best drawing stylus for android devices and you plan to draw or write notes. 

The tip end of this pen is very smooth and precise and appears to be made from plastic and silicon, I have had absolutely no issues drawing on my tablet while using this stylus as its universal, capacitive and doesn’t require a battery-just don’t expect pen sensitivity levels to exist because those are tough to find on Android-thats why so many choose the native pen that comes with their name brand tablet.

How to choose a Stylus Pen for Android

How to choose a Stylus Pen for Android

Choosing a Stylus Pen for Android is easy, but it can be a bit daunting if you don’t know where to start. You’ll want to know whether your drawing and if you want to use a capacitive or active stylus. This is because active stylus work best with apps that support pressure sensitivity (like Krita, Autodesk Sketchbook, etc.). Capacitive stylus are the most basic because they work with apps that don’t require pressure sensitivity. 

Active stylus will only work with apps that support pressure sensitivity, but this leads to a stronger and heightened experience when drawing because you can see the lines getting thick as you press harder against the touchscreen.

How to choose a Stylus Pen for Android basic overview
Stylus TypeFunctionPressure sensitivityTilt technologyPalm RejectionShortcut Buttons
CapactiveBasic Drawing, note taking, and navigating the deviceNoneRarelyRarelyNone
Activeadvanced Drawing, Design, graphics, animation, 3d rendering, Note taking, and moreYesSometimesYesYes

Now that you know what type of stylus you need on the Android tablet for writing and drawing, you’ll want to consider what apps you’re using and what tip you need. You’ll want to look at features such as tilt control, eraser, Palm rejection, and compatibility with the apps you use. 

The best tip for your pen is the one that feels the most natural to you. For example, if you’re using a capacitive stylus, you may like a fine point or a medium point depending if you like thin lines or thicker ones. However you can’t use thicker or thinner lines without either an active stylus or software that enables pressure sensitivity. 

Active Android stylus work best with apps that support pressure sensitivity.

Stylus Tips & Nibs

stylus & nibs

For starters, when it comes to the tips for the stylus pen there is a slight difference between the three main types. A nib tip will work best, one like the Samsung’s S Pen is ideal and is one of the only Active stylus that worked flawless when I tested it on an Android tablet.

Do Android stylus pen nibs wear out?

Yes, Android stylus pen tips/nibs will wear out over time. The more pressure a tip/nib takes, the quicker it will wear out, but it takes longer than a standard, pencil on paper from my experience. If you like to write and sketch then a stylus with a good fine tip nib can be very helpful in digital painting as well as handwriting.

Very similar to any regular stylus, the stylus for android will wear out-Since stylus use nib to simulate the feeling of a pen on paper they’ll slowly deteriorate and start to fray. This will make the pen unusable. However, the nibs are quite cheap and you can buy them either separately or in packs-usually on Amazon. 

It’s smart to have multiple backups in case one breaks over time in the middle of drawing on your android with your stylus.  

For example, if your using Samsung, then the S-Pen is your best bet as its the best active stylus for pressure sensitivity and drawing. The Stylus Pen has become the standard for all most all digital device smartphones, tablets and computers. See our list of the Best Tablets for drawing that don’t need a computer

Are there Pressure sensitive Active Stylus for Android?

Best Active Stylus with pressure sensitivity (Galaxy)

Yes, The Stylus that will work with pressure sensitivity on Android is the active pen type. In the past, these types of pens were mainly used in conjunction with a pen tablet (like Wacom) and a computer (see How to Write on a Computer Screen with a Pen) However  this technology has transcended and evolved to work as active stylus for drawing on Android-based devices (And tablets in general). 

The best stylus for android will have pressure sensitivity and this is what to look for when picking one if you’re serious about drawing, digital art, graphic design, or animating.. These can be used on sensitive touchscreen displays such as those found on Android smartphones and tablets. It’s important to note that most of these work best with their respective tablet because of its compatibility.

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If you’re considering a cheap capacitive stylus, know that it won’t grant you the same level of pressure sensitivity on Android because capacitive pens don’t have active technology like an active stylus does. This would mean that you will get the basic, standard level of sensitivity (none), which is not quite the pressure sensitivity an artist is looking for.

What is a Stylus pen for Android and what are they capable of?

What is a Stylus pen for Android and what are they capable of_

A stylus pen for android is a type of input device typically found on Android touchscreen devices. It is designed to mimic the natural interaction you’d have if you were using your finger to draw or write on your screen.

A stylus pen is a small pen-like tool with a tactile, pressure-sensitive tip that’s used on electronic devices such as computers and smartphones. They are compatible with a variety of devices and are often used as an input device if they are an Active Stylus type. Although these active types can be expensive, there are many free alternatives such as free online drawing tools where you use your finger or a capacitive stylus which has less features, but works universally on most touchscreens.

Active vs Capacitive Stylus on Android

Active vs Capacitive Stylus on Android - comparison

For Android and touchscreen devices, An active pen is a stylus that has the ability to sense the amount of pressure applied with it on a tablet display. This is more commonly on tablets rather than smartphones. For Smartphones a Capacitive stylus Is typically the only compatible choice.

What is an Active stylus for Android?

For active pens, the pressure sensitivity is measured by how far down on the screen that the graphics appear through application of pressure. The greater the activeness, or pressure sensitivity, of an active pen, the more accurate and responsive it will be in graphical illustration on your tablet screen.

Active stylus Pens are typically used for advanced, in-depth drawing and digital art. While capacitive pens are used for drawing, writing and navigation as wells general use. The technology behind how the stylus pens for android and stylus pens in general have evolved through testing of natural grips and usage patterns (source).

What is a capacitive stylus for Android?

The capacitive pen is a writing aparatus that uses an electric current to register changes in elevation of the collector plate. Capactive stylus for android have no battery whatsoever. They work universally on all capacitive touchscreen displays. The pen can be used for drawing, sketching, or writing diagrams, it just won’t be as sensitive or precise as an active pen, like the Apple Pencil 2. S-Pen or the Lenovo Active Pen models.

Do stylus pens work on Android?

Do stylus pens work on Android_

Yes Stylus pens work well on Android. Like most tablets, the Android tablets have touchscreens that are capable of stylus input. You have a choice between capacitive or active stylus on Android touchscreens. In most cases, the more premium tablets will have an active pen that works to use pressure sensitivity to draw well on the tablet as it communicates with the tablet rather than using the technology a capacitive pen would.

A capacitive stylus can still draw great and both work well for writing, taking notes, remote learning and more on Android.

Do Capacitive stylus work on androids? Yes, they do-In spite of some pens being less pressure sensitive, these stylus work very well with most capacitive screens. That means that a stylus will work best on most Android tablets and smartphones, even if they don’t specifically advertise compatibility. A good example of this is the Samsung Galaxy Note series of phones and tablets as well as other similar models by different manufacturers.

Android Stylus App Compatibility for Drawing & Note-Taking

Android Stylus App Compatibility for Drawing & Note-Taking

What apps work well for Android stylus? The Draw Paint sketch app, infinite painter (nvidia), Sketchbook, Artflow and Krita all work on the Android. Which stylus you choose will depend on the level of art you nee.d If you need pressure sensitive artwork, then an active stylus is ideal. The Pens native to the brand tablet you have work best. A good example of this is the S-Pen from Samsung. The smaller the pen, the harder to control and precise you need to be.

For drawing and note taking apps-A good feature to have is palm rejection and pressure sensitivity. I also prefer a stylus with a magnetic tip as I find it easy to use on my tablet and it looks more aesthetically pleasing than most of other pens. There are a growing number of apps compatible with stylus in the Play store, and it is increasing day by day as the Android community is getting more and more knowledge about it. Here is a list of some app compatible with android stylus that you can use.

1. Draw & Paint Sketch (Free)

Draw & paint sketch app has been designed for taking notes in drawing or painting. It has different features like vertical and horizontal drawing, color on-off toggle, watercolor painting (with watercolor brush)

2. Infinite Painter (Free; but was previously Paid)

Infinite painter is a free drawing app for android enabled with brushes and canvas . It’s easy to use because you can have access to more than 40 different sets of brushes with 10 different textures. It has the ability to draw any variety of wonderful paintings using the brushes it offers. You can export your painting in tiff or jpeg format and share your masterpiece on Facebook, Instagram, twitter, etc..

3. Sketchbook (Free)

Sketchbook is a interesting drawing app for android which has advanced features like layer support, color fill tool and other digital art focused tools. This app works well with both styli pen and fingers. It supports all types of digital stylus and works well on most Android Tablets.

4. ArtFlow (Paid)

ArtFlow is an awesome drawing app for better personalization and support for multiple styli. You can customize your ArtFlow with hundreds of fonts, texts and stickers right from your app drawer. If you want to use iCloud, ArtFlow supports it too.

5. Krita (Paid

Krita is a free graphics application that is compatible on Linux, Windows, Mac OS X and Android as well as other platforms such as iOS, BlackBerry OSX, etc.. It’s a very advanced digital painting application and it can be used for Art and design work. You can also sketch, design and write fancy letters on it. It also supports all types of Android Stylus.

6. PaintDroid Pro (Paid)

This is an amazing color picking app for Android which works well with any type of stylus or fingers. It has a feature of drawing perfect circles, square and freehand lines. Not only that, it also supports different sizes of brushes too. It includes all kinds of filters, images editor, pencils and more. PaintDroid Pro has a good interface and it is easy to use for beginner artists or those just looking to draw and experiment with a stylus on Android.

7. ArtRage Studio (Free)

Whether you’re using a capacitive stylus to draw on Android, or one of the better active stylus for android, then ArtRage Studio can be fun to experiment with. 

It’s an amazing painting app for android devices which comes with 3D and digital sculpting tools as well as paint and brush access.

It’s popular drawing, painting, and sketching app that uses the screen of your device to make creating art much more convenient. It has everything; it includes filters and easy-to-use tools that let you animate your drawings with a few swipes and taps. 

Artrage studio app for android also lets you create amazing portraits in a snap with its blending mode features.

8.Medibang Paint

Medibang paint is a drawing app on android for artists taking digital art and comic creation seriously. It allows the artist to draw and paint with all the creative freedom they would find in traditional art.

Medibang is Cross platform, friendly user interface, has a ton of advanced features for those doing anime. 

The app has a variety of realistic brushes, patterns, and textures that can be adjusted as necessary to suit the style or look you are trying to achieve. You can also select different blending modes and brush sizes so that you have complete control over your artwork’s appearance. I

It also has layer control, and comic panels comic book tools and a great platform for illustration.

Which is the best drawing app for Android Tablets?

Amongst this list, Artflow, Infinity painter, medibang and sketchbook pro are the best Drawing apps when using a stylus to draw on Android because they all utilize an active pen’s features such as pressure sensitivity, palm rejection, tilt sensitivity & tilt detection, a bluetooth connection that communicates with the Tablet for pro-level art projects.

This means that the apps will only follow your stylus movements, and not your hand movements, giving you a much more natural feel when drawing. If your using photoshop or illustrator and you plan on expanding your setup, you’ll want to check out the 7 Best Drawing Tablets for Photoshop & Illustrator.

Freehand drawing, Logo making, and Calligraphy on Android tablets

Freehand drawing, Logo making, and Calligraphy on Android tablets

If you don’t have a stylus then the sensible option is to use apps such as Autodesk sketchbook pro or graphire chart which are all finger friendly, and work similarly to the way Microsoft paint works on PC.

For graphic design, cartoons and general art on Android, there’s a few apps that are just excellent. These compare to apple iPad apps that can be used with the Apple Pencil stylus. However, I personally find the two comparable-it will depend on your preferred operating system. If you’re performing a lot of drawing, logo making, or calligraphy on an Android Smartphone like the Samsung Galaxy Tab or Note_, then you’ll likely want a large MicroSD Card. See the biggest MicroSD Cards available.

When you’re drawing freehand or creating logo’s the right stylus for you is an Active stylus since it has the pen pressure to make thick or thin lines based on the pressure.

Does the Samsung S-Pen work with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and Lightroom?

Does the Samsung S-Pen work with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and lightroom_

Yes the S-Pen will work on the Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and adobe lightroom. The versions of Adobe that work on these may or may not be limited compared to desktop versions but the stylus is an active pen and will provide pressure sensitivity to the apps that are compatible and allow it.

The “Photoshop Express” app is an alternative to the Photoshop app, but it lacks a lot of features that the standard Photoshop has. It is still, however, a great alternative for those looking to organize their photos and edit them with some basic effects. You can adjust exposure or contrast levels, remove red-eye, crop the image if appropriate, add captions and more.

The Adobe Creative cloud in general is ideal for those drawing, and the Android tablet & Stylus can benefit.

If you are definitely going to be using Photoshop on a regular basis at home or in school, it’s worth the investment to purchase a more expensive pen with pressure sensitivity and replaceable nibs that offer different textures.

Will basic capacitive stylus work on Lenovo Stylus?

Will basic capacitive stylus work on Lenovo Stylus_

Lenovo has a line of tablets that run Android and a capactive stylus will work on it. While, the Lenovo Active Pen 2 or Lenovo native stylus is most ideal as a stylus on these tablets; you can also choose a stylus create by a third party. For example, most pens in this post besides the S-Pen will work well on the Lenovo Tablets that run Android.

If you are looking for a great stylus that works on your Lenovo Android OS tablet, Capactive pens are the ones to go with. These stylus pens offer highly accurate and precise inputs and strokes so you can rest easy with the knowledge that every stroke is your work of art. Furthermore, these capacitive stylus work flawlessly on most tablets, in both landscape and portrait modes.

The best part is that their responsive design stays true to its original intent: they can be used over most surfaces including digital whiteboards or basic drawing and writing apps.

For example, the Lenovo Tab M10 and P11 Pro models run Android and can use a capactiive stylus.

How do Android Stylus compare to Apple Pencils?

How do Android Stylus compare to Apple Pencils_

The Apple Pencil has similar features to an active stylus for android being used for drawing: palm rejection, tilt technology, tap to pair, shortcut buttons, and the presence of a battery.

An Android stylus like the S-Pen or the Lenovo Active Pen or Lenovo Slim pens are very similar to the Apple Pencil, but there are a few differences.

Apple Pencil is different than an Android stylus because its compatible only with iPad and has shortcut buttons that are different than android. Otherwise the capabilities are about the same. The way it feels on a screen is slightly more smooth than the Galaxy and works really well the iOS drawing apps like Procreate.

We cover more on this in our post: Apple Pencil vs Stylus: What are the differences? We also compare the S-Pen in depth vs the Apple Pencil in that post.

The S-Pen for example, is a pressure sensitive stylus that was designed by Samsung for its Galaxy Note series of phones and tablets. The stylus has a rubberized tip that glides across the screens and offers more precision than the standard fingers touch. Pen-enabled apps also receive pressure sensitivity with this stylus since its an active pen, and not capacitive.

If you’re using a Mac, see our post: Is the MacBook Air Good for Programming? (The Truth)

The Apple Pencil is held in the same way as one would hold an Android Stylus… it’s not much different in that aspect.

In my opinion I found the Apple Pencil to allow for more control than the passive stylus pens such as the S-Pen or Lenovo Active Pen because it has a pen nib that can be changed via the drawing app your using.


Best Stylus for Android Devices. Capacitive and Active stylus work on Android devices. If using the Samsung then the S-Pen is the best stylus, however other name brands have their respective pens that are typically included. 

There are cheaper alternative android stylus that are capactive and these work well on all touchscreen devices. These stylus for android are good for drawing because they’re basic, but not ideal for pro level art. you can sketch on them, write, draw and take notes. This is the case for most touchscreen devices that run on Android.

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The best Stylus for Android is an active pen with pressure sensitivity, tilt technology, precision and accuracy that communicates with the Tablets via bluetooth. Good capactive pens on the other hand for android will have no pressure sensitivity (unless software changes this) and no tilt sensors

The best stylus for drawing on android are ideally active stylus pens, but if it is capacitive and works on Android as well as Windows tablets, then will work with any app that accepts handwriting/display input on Android.

When you are shopping for a stylus pen for your Android tablet you will want one with pressure sensitivity, tilt sensor and precision accuracy if you can find it.The price points are cheap for Android stylus pens compared to that of an iPad.

So Overall, the best stylus for android is the Samsung Galaxy Note S-Pen if your using Samsung, if not any active or capacitive stylus will works with most Android app and suits your drawing or note taking needs.

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