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Pop Socket Alternatives: 8 Best Phone Grips that work with Wireless Charging

Pop Socket Alternatives: 8 Best Phone Grips that work with Wireless Charging

It can be a challenge to find the Best Phone grips for iPhone, Samsung and other Android smartphones. Especially one that has wireless charging. A lot of these are good alternatives to pop sockets

There are different types of Phone grips & handles to choose from and I’ll be covering which have the most functionality, comfort and trendy feel to them.

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With a phone grip (aka phone hand holder), you’ll be able to stretch your thumb all the way to the bottom part of the screen without a problem and you won’t have to worry about accidentally dropping the phone.

Our Top 3 Picks (Quick Glance)

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The Phone grips in this post are compatible with all versions of iPhone, Android and any phone. Some require the absence of a bulky case for wireless charging. Important: The Phone grips we tested and reviewed in this post are also known as pop socket alternatives.

Best Phone Grips (Pop Socket alternatives)

Below is a list of the various types of grips for your phone to assist and function as a phone handle grip.

The Pop socket, GrabTab and Love handle are just a few of the best Phone holders for your hand whilst in your hand.

It’s important to determine whether these are MagSafe or not as well, which we have tested for. Certain phone grip straps and phone case handles can get in the way of magsafe capability.

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You’ll have to be careful to not get a phone grip that leaves sticky adhesive that can’t be removed. Let’s take a look at the best phone hand holder & grip straps with wireless charging for smartphones.

1. GrabTab: Best Phone Grip for wireless charging (iPhone & Android)

Grab Tab- Best Phone Grip for wireless charging (iPhone & Android)

The GrabTab is so simple to use and yet so versatile and inexpensive. It’s about the size of a credit card and the phone grip attaches to the back of your phone.

Making it nearly effortless to hold the phone in your hand and reach the bottom part of your screen while your running, walking or outside.

The middle section forms a “phone loop” which can be enlarged or made smaller to accommodate one or more fingers just by sliding it up and down. Even with just one finger in the loop, your phone is firmly held. No more fear of accidentally dropping the phone.

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It also converts into a tablet or phone stand that can be placed in portrait or landscape mode. Just slide the middle section all the way to the other end until it clicks in place. You can also see this Phone grip on Ebay.

For me, the wireless charging worked very well on my smartphone. The Wireless charging not working on a phone grip is an issue many face when using phone hand holders, phone loop and phone grip straps. For phone straps and lanyards specifically, see the 8 Best Phone Wrist straps and Lanyards.

One disadvantage is that the adhesive is not reusable, but for the low price point compared to the LoveHandle or pop socket, its value per cost can’t be beat.

Lastly, the GrabTab is available in different colors and prints to suit your style. The GrabTab was certainly the best iPhone hand holder & grip I’ve tested due to its minimalist design (I prefer this), functionality and price point.

2. LoveHandle: Best Back of Phone Grip Handle for iPhone and Android

LoveHandle Best Back of Phone Grip Handle for iPhone and Android

Among iPhone users, the LoveHandle is a popular choice because of its trendy, slim design. It is very slim when flat on the phone so it slips easily into pockets.

The LoveHandle uses a 3M adhesive which is very strong but easily removable, with no residue. This choice is also considered one of the best phone loops amongst online communities I’m a member of.

The Love handle fits perfect on the back of nearly all phone models because of its thing and flexible design. For example, taking selfies can be challenging sometimes because you need to hold the phone with one hand and carefully reach out to press the camera button…

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With the LoveHandle, the phone is firmly in your hand and allows one-hand operation without fear of dropping the phone accidentally.

Because the material is very slim, the LoveHandle did not interfere with wireless charging amongst any of my devices when tested. You can also find the love Handle grip on Ebay

The Love handle is one of the most popular phone holders for your hand to grip for either horizontally or vertical viewing. However unlike other phone holders for your hand-the Love handle can’t be used as a phone stand, which is a disadvantage for some.

This hand holder is durable as the type of plastic material its made from is soft yet strong when I had it in my hands and is the best phone grip strap with a handle I’ve used that has a minimal design and wireless charging capabilities.

It’s ideal for kids, parents seniors or anyone else who is tired of holding the phone for extended periods of time. Just remember that if your phone has a glass back or you have a silicon case, attach the adapter first to the back before applying the LoveHandle grip!

3. Pop Socket: Best Budget iPhone Hand Grip

Pop Socket Best Budget Phone Holder for iPhone & Android

In terms of innovative iPhone and Android grips for the back of your phone, the Pop Socket is the most well known next to the love handle.

If you loved those watches with interchangeable colored straps, you will definitely find the aesthetic appeal of the PopSocket inviting and customizable.

The PopSockets is the most popular brand of hand holders because the top (called the PopTop) pops out and can be swapped with a PopTop with a different color or design.

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There are just so many to choose from – plain, printed, flowery, geometric, nature-themed, zen, funky, or just colorful bling. It is so much fun to mix and match PopTops! There is even a PopTop that opens up to reveal a mirror so you can check how you look anytime, anywhere!

The base of the PopSockets attaches to the phone while the swappable PopTops that come in fashionable, functional colors and designs attach to the base.

Pull the PopTop up to expand it as a hand grip or use it as a phone stand; push down to collapse it when you want to lay your phone down. Remove the PopTop for wireless charging; the base will not interfere with the charging.

 4. Mobi Handle: Best Overall Phone Grip to help hold your phone (iPhone & Android)

Mobi Handle_ Best Overall Phone Grip to help hold your phone (iPhone & Android)

Made of durable light zinc alloy metal as well as a scratch and corrosion-resistant coating, the Mobi Handle is a sleek, comfortable, and durable grip holder that evenly distributes the weight of your phone over 3 fingers, giving a natural and secure grip. 

This had the coolest, most advanced and unique design compared to the Pop Socket because it can double as as car phone mount/stand or phone stand.

It’s design is a bit more bulky and sturdy and is best for those looking for a firm support instead of a flimsy minimalist, cheap looking grip strap.

Compared to the Love handle, the Mobi handle is a phone holder for your hand that excels for heavy duty use. An iron plate covers the base, making it usable with magnetic phone mounts (like the Mobi Handle Magnetic Stand for cars and homes).

Note: Not many brands were found to (reliably) provide magsafe phone holders.

The magnetic mount lets you check your phone without having to hold it while driving; it also lets you work from your desk totally hands-free. 

Curves on the sides of the finger ring ensure a comfortable and secure grip on your phone. The joints that move the kickstand in and out has a very sturdy mechanism to hold your phone steady when placed on a flat surface.

The kickstand/finger ring design also incorporates two holes for wrist/neck straps or decorative charms.

The Mobi Handle also comes with a plate and screws for attaching to a leather or silicone case. It is slightly more expensive than other phone grips but you do get a phone grip with a light but very strong metal plus advanced features.

One thing to note though is that when using the Mobi Handle alone, you can use it as a kickstand in horizontal position only. But when attached to a magnetic mount, you can position it in either horizontal or vertical position.

5. Fitfort Ring: Best Samsung Galaxy Phone Hand Strap (ergonomic)

Fitfort Ring_ Best Samsung Galaxy Phone Hand Strap (works on most phones)

While most phone rings are made of metal, which can sometimes block wireless charging the Fitfort Ring is made of premium ceramic, a material that is conducive to wireless charging.

It attaches to your phone securely with a 3M adhesive tape and can support weight up to 10 pounds.

The Fitfort ring is popular because it can work with almost any type of phone, size of phone and has a versatile design that many desire in a phone ring grip. It’s ideal for most and has an advantage because the phone grip includes a 360 degree rotating functionality built into it’s design.

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This means you can spin the phone with the grip in-between your fingers. I found this very useful compared to it’s primary alternatives: the love handle and grabtab.

This ergonomic phone grip rotates 360 degrees for use in any orientation and an outer ring flips up so you can hold the phone with a finger inside the ring for a better phone grip.

That same ring acts as a phone stand when placed on a flat surface like your desk, a kitchen counter, or night table.

If your phone has ever slipped from your grasp, you will appreciate using the Fitfort Ring. This makes it one of the strongest phone holders for hands. With a finger looped through the ring, your phone will stay securely beside your hand, which is freed up to pick up or carry other stuff.

6. Phone Loops: Best iPhone Grip Straps/Phone hand strap with wireless charging (pop socket alternative)

Phone Loops Best iPhone Grip Straps_Phone hand strap with wireless charging (pop socket alternative)

Phone Loops are very inexpensive and simple to use but take note that they will only work if you use a case with your phone. This universal phone grip strap will work with practically any phone case.

It is so easy to attach. Just stick one end of the strap inside the phone case, thread the other end through the power or camera hole, adjust the looseness or tightness of the strap to your fingers, then stick the other end also inside the phone case. Once your phone is snugly in the case, the Phone Loops will be securely held in place.

When not in use, the Phone Loops stays flat against the case. When your fingers are inserted through the strap, you can talk on the phone hands-free, type with one hand, hold stuff in your hand (just twist the phone to the back of the hand), and lie down in any position without dropping the phone. 

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Unlike most other phone holders here, the Phone Loops do not have a kickstand feature. But the straps come in several fun colors and prints to suit your particular taste. The Phone loops is also one of the best phone hand grips to be used as a pop socket alternative.

7. WeeWooDay: Best Finger Strap Phone Holder for iPhone, Android, Samsung

WeeWooDay_ Best Finger Strap Phone Holder for iPhone, Android, Samsung

The WeeWooDay is a very stylish phone hand holder strap that comes in 6 different soft colors. If you have more than one phone, or if you have other family members, this is the best value for your money.

The WeeWooDay phone holder sticks to the back of the phone with a strong adhesive. When laid flat, it looks very slim and stylish and will have no problem sliding into a jeans pocket. This Phone grip works well for those with any size hand.

Those with small hands will find the WeeWoo highly beneficial regarding ergonomics and comfort.

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The 2-layer strap has two gold buttons: one on the top layer and a larger gold button on the first bottom layer, right above a thin, long slat. The topmost strap can slide up and down to create a finger loop. In that position, you can also use it as a phone stand but only in the horizontal position.

One possible issue: it may interfere with wireless charging since the phone does not lay flat on the wireless charger. Just like Phone Loops, the WeeWooDay does not have a kickstand feature.

8. Zeadio: Best Cheap Phone hand holder for Video Recording (iPhone & Android)

Zeadio Best Cheap Phone hand holder for Video Recording (iPhone & Android)

The Zeadio is in a category of its own on this list because it is a phone hand holder that is usually meant to hold a phone steady while filming videos or live streaming. Videographers, content creators, vloggers, or just about anyone who loves taking videos. Zeadio is a great accessory for filming those precious family moments

It has 3 parts. First is the hand holder which has a clamp that fits phones between 2.28 – 4.13 inches and rotates 360 degrees.

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The second part is a multi-use tripod which opens up as a 3-legged tabletop tripod for filming from a desk or viewing from different angles but when the tripod is folded up and attached to the clamp, it becomes a hand grip that you can point in any direction.

The third is a bluetooth remote with a wrist strap for convenient control of the camera buttons even from as far away as 30 feet.

The Zeadio helps keep video capture steady instead of those shaky videos you sometimes get when you hold the phone with your hand.

9. DaBuBu: Best Overall Pop Socket alternative

Best Pop socket alternative phone grip

This phone grip will stick to nearly all phones, tablets, and cases for smart phones and tablets.

Included in the package are 3 phone stand holders, in case one slips off. It does work well, but beware that for me, one of them actually broke after a short period of time, so I’m on my second one.

Easily foldable for storage, these phone grip holders are easy to open. In the middle, you will find a large hollow-out space that allows you to securely hold your phone. Also, they have a self-adhesive design that makes it easy to stick and peel.

What we liked:

  • You can make your phone look different with the interesting, unique designs this pop socket alternative provides.
  • These finger stand holders are made of durable plastic material that will not fade, are lightweight and convenient. 

Cons we found during our test: 

  • They stick well, but are hard to fold back down once opened… very aesthetically pleasing though
  • You can stick your finger into the part that raises up, but the top portion won’t stay on-it comes off and you have to snap it back together. 
  • The original pop socket proved to be the most reliable choice during our test, but this works as a strong alternative for a phone grip.

However, It is convenient to hold your phone securely and you can adjust the base for a viewing angle that suits you.

What is a Phone Grip?

Best Phone grip hand holders

A Phone grip is also known as a “Phone hand holder” is a fairly inexpensive phone accessory that has the functionality of holding the phone with minimal effort by attaching the plastic or silicon to the back of your device using a non-reusable or reusable adhesive.

A PopSocket is a small, circular smartphone accessory that sticks to the back of your phone. It adds support to your grip while alleviating cramps in your fingers. Pop sockets are simple little things, but they can make a big difference in how you use your phone! They make it easy to view your screen while taking photos, texting or doing practically anything else with your device.

Phone grips have been around for a long time and were previously known to be found in retail stores and dollar stores. However, the quality never felt as well as a pop socket or love handle phone accessory. 

Many come in printed designs that look stylish, personalized, and even customizable on some types.

What Phone Grips work with Wireless charging?

What Phone Grips work with Wireless charging_

The types of phone grips that work with Wireless charging are typically more thin and work on different cases. The type of charging they are capable of is called Qi Charging and if your phone case isn’t too bulky most will work to charge at the same time the phone hand holder is on with ease.

Here are a few Phone grips that work with Wireless charging:

  • Love Handle
  • Pop Socket
  • Phone loop
  • GrabTab

When using a phone grip strap on the back of your phone make sure that you have it in a position that makes sense for charging- this can help your chances of enabling the wireless connection between the two devices (charger and phone).

It’s common for wireless connectivity to be an issue amongst various devices. For example my VIZIO subwoofer would not connect to its soundbar. It’s no different with Phone grips that are too thick-They simply can’t receive the signal. Thats why a thin, slim grip is useful for wireless charging on a phone holder like a pop socket or an alternative. Though, a phone grip won’t block bluetooth to a soundbar like a VIZIO or Samsung as I’ve tested this thoroughly.

Phone holders & Phone grips vs Phone loops: comparison

The Phone holder or phone grip are two in the same. The Phone loop however is a bit different because it is a material that is shaped in a half oval that you can put your fingers through to have a better grip on your device. 

It accomplishes the same task as a phone grip/phone hand holder, but does so with a lighter material that has a loop shape rather than a ball like shape (like the pop socket). The phone loop also allows for an opening you can use to charge your device. 

Phone Grip TypeMagnetic capabilityWireless Charging capabilityPhone stand CapabilityDesign Type
Phone GripNoYes, sometimesYesSturdy
Phone LoopNoYes, alwaysNoSlim
Phone RingYesYes, sometimesYesHeavy Duty

A Phone loop strap is ideal for those in search of a minimalist, less flashy design than the bulky, or collapsible model phone grips. A good phone grip strap will be both comfortable, but also provide reliability when it comes to a grip that doesn’t break or snap.

These phone accessories aren’t isn’t just for people that have small or large hands, its also ideal for those who have hands that are a bit arthritic and don’t bend as well as they used to because it supports the hand.. It’s also useful for people that wear gloves or are just nervous about using their phablet one handed.

Is a Phone grip really worth it?

Is a Phone grip really worth it_

Yes, There are many different grips to choose from so see which one is right for you based on functionality, design (vertical or horizontal placement), if it can double as a phone stand, and if it has a good price. 

Some of the benefits that come with having a grip include, but are not limited to:

  • Preventing your phone from breaking
  • Alleviating cold or sweaty hands from dropping the phone
  • Reducing accidents caused by falls when you run or walk with your phone in hand (when you own one)
  • Strap to your hand for grip comfort.

So, as long as you aren’t opposed to light adhesive on the back of your phone, have trouble getting wireless charging on your phones cases, and don’t mind carrying a very little bit of extra weight in form of an accessory then the answer is yes. 

There are many different grips to choose from so see which one is right for you based on functionality, design (vertical or horizontal placement), if it can double as a phone stand, and if it has a good price.

Phone Hand Holders & Phone grips: Benefits & Disadvantages

Phone Hand Holders & Phone grips_ Benefits & Disadvantages

A Phone grip can really help assist those who are holding their phone in the cold. It can also assist an older adult or those who might have trouble holding the phone.

The Know disadvantages is that it requires an adhesive on the back to be applied to the phone-this can cause a adhesive to be stuck your phone and can be frustrating. 

In most cases it doesn’t ruin your phone in any way shape or form, but can make it look unappealing if you don’t know how to choose the right phone grip.

The second disadvantage to these phone accessories that let you hold your phone easier is that they can interfere with your wireless charger or phone ports if you place them on a bulky case or if you place them in the wrong position. 

The correct position is shown in the photo of the previous sections; which is a upright (veritable) position and intuitive to use (unless you’re using a pop socket or circular knob design phone grip).

On the other hand, a benefit to the Phone grips are that you can use them when running or walking on concrete or hard surfaces where the most simple slip could break your phone. They also work well with a case on depending on the type you choose.

How to install a phone grip, Phone hand holder, or Phone loop

How to install a phone grip, Phone hand holder, or Phone loop

You can install a phone grip by applying adhesive to the back of the phone, then placing the phone on a flat surface and gently pressing it to ensure it’s in tact. Once the adhesive and phone grip is applied you’ll want to do a test over a soft surface such as a bed or couch.

Each phone grip type will have different procedures for applying the adhesive and positioning the phone. Some phone grips are better than others in different ways.

How to remove a Cell Phone Grip Holder (Smartphones)

How to remove a phone grip holder

You can remove a phone grip strap like the Pop socket or love handle put simply using a very thin object the width and durability of a credit card

Here’s how to remove a phone grip holder:

  1. Find an object the strength, width and durability of a credit card. If you can’t attain one, you can use any object or even the nails of your fingers
  2. Gently slide the object under the perimeter of the Grip holder, pop socket, or love handle
  3. You can use a paperclip or piece of paper to further slide under the gap that edges up while you begin to push the phone holder away from the phone.
  4. Once you’ve pulled the hand/grip holder, you can wash it appropriately and re-apply it with the necessary adhesive when needed again.

How to Re-use or re-apply the necessary adhesive of a phone grip


Will a phone grip scratch or ruin my phone?

If you’re worried that a phone grip like the Love Handle or pop socket will ruin your phone. While the plastic grips might seem to be comfortable, it is best to use something that will not scratch the phone. 

Perhaps you have a case on your phone or you would prefer a thinner, more flexible strap. With that in mind here it’s best to find a adhesive that clearly states it will not harm the phone. If you have a Samsung or iPhone you might be a bit more careful around using the adhesive, especially if you have an expensive case you’re using.

If you’re using a cheaper phone grip and it scratches your phone, then you’ll need to gently use a tooth pick or scrape the adhesive off and risk damage. 

I didn’t find any issues using a toothpick when I personally use it, but move forward with caution if you’re truly worried about the adhesive.

Can I Re-use a Phone grip, phone hand holder, or pop socket?

Yes, you can re-use a phone grip, pop socket, or love handle by simply running it through cold water for less than 2 seconds and then leaving it out to dry for no longer than 12 minutes. This is possible because these grips typically all use the same type of adhesive.

If you leave it out too long, then you won’t be able to re-use the adhesive and stick the grip on back to the rear of the phone to be used again. Keep in mind the grip can actually be re-used multiple times, but you’ll need to re-position it for attaching and not lose it.

The type of adhesive the Phone grips use is not the same as the type of adhesive used in the repair of cell phone boards. (source)

Bottom Line

When searching for the best phone grip with wireless charging capability as well as the best phone grip in general, it’s important to note that the design matters first. Some are more bulky than others and many are capable of wireless charging, but only on certain size, thin cases. 

There are various types and sizes of phone grips and the pop socket is a trending, popular choice, but the love handle is a more minimalist choice for those who don’t want a bulky tool on the back of their phone. It’s also useful as its wireless charging is possible when its attached.

The best phone grips discussed in this post work for the iPhone 11, 12, and newer models as well as the Samsung Galaxy; they allow people who have trouble holding their phones to use less grip strength while texting, opening an app, or playing games on their smartphone.

These phone handles also allows you to reach certain parts of the phone display for people who have smaller hands in combination with larger sized phones. 

The biggest benefits of using a phone grip is that you don’t have to hold on tight. It makes it easier for users who might have stiff fingers. The good phone grips typically costs less than $20 in most cases and are silicone or plastic design so they will not scratch your phone. 

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