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What are Pop sockets and are they worth it? (8 Examples Included)

What are Pop sockets and are they worth it? (8 Examples Included)

Pop sockets have become a popular accessory for smartphones in recent years due to their versatility and convenience. With a pop socket, you can take selfies more easily, giving you better control and stability.

While theres many types of phone grips available, a PopSocket is one of the most well known types and can really take your grip to the next level.

They add both convenience and personality to your iPhone, Android, or any mobile phone with a flat, untextured surface.

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Additionally, you can use it as a phone stand to watch videos, media, and even make video calls hands-free. Let’s dive into what PopSockets are and why it’s one of the most useful phone accessories.

What is a Pop Socket and what does it do?

Pro tip THE 5.1 channel soundbars are noticably better than 2.1 but cost more 1

What are Pop Sockets? PopSockets are plastic circle shaped accessories that are designed to be attached to the back of a phone or phone case using a sticky adhesive that comes with the product. They help to provide a superior grip that allows for easy texting and propping of the phone.

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They have a mount and a top circle that extends like an accordion to provide a more comfortable grip on a phone.

Benefits of a Pop Socket grip and kickstand

The top part acts as a swappable grip and allows for custom PopSocket designs that are swappable and let you further personalize and style the back of your phone.

PopSockets made from a mixture of hard plastic and silicon materials (Polycarbonate), the design allows the top button to expand and provide a secure holder for your device while also being wireless charging compatible.

PRO TIP Pop socket magsafe and other various types of popsockets
  • Some PopSocket products, like the PopMount, even allow you to connect your MagSafe PopSocket to a mounting system. (also works for regular Popsockets)
  • It also enables you to connect to one to attach the device to walls or other surfaces for hands-free use.

With their comfortable gripping design, PopSockets offer pocket convenience and make it easier to take selfies or watch videos on the go.

What is a Pop Socket used for?

You can take selfies more easily with a pop socket 2

What exactly is a Pop Socket used for? They not only provide a better grip on larger smartphones, but the grip allows you to take selfies more easily, and can be used as a kick stand to prop up the phone on it’s side for videos or games.

The Multi-Purpose Mount can be used to hang the phone on any vertical surface and the Pop Car Mount can be used for in-car phone use. PopSockets can also be used to manage wired earbuds.

PopSockets are reusable and can be repositioned or removed easily – even though they were created with the idea of being single use product.

Are PopSockets Still a Popular iPhone Accessory?

PopSockets, once a raging trend in the smartphone accessory world, have seen their waves of popularity. Initially hailed as a game-changer for providing a better grip on our ever-enlarging phones and doubling as a stand, they became almost synonymous with smartphone customization.

According to Statistica, we recently analysed paints a promising picture for PopSockets, projecting a more than 15% growth in sales over the next three years.

This anticipated increase is in tandem with the expected rise in smartphone users, which, according to Statistica, is set to range between 3.7 to 7.5 billion by 2025 (source). As the global smartphone user base expands, the demand for personalized accessories like PopSockets is poised to surge. Their unique combination of practicality and flair ensures they’re well-positioned to thrive in the burgeoning tech accessory landscape.

However, as with many trends, them being everywhere has somewhat waned in recent years. That said, while they might not be the “must-have” accessory they once were, they still maintain a loyal following and continue to be a functional and fashionable choice for many iPhone users.

Why PopSockets are bad?

Why popsockets are bad

While PopSockets offer many advantages for their price, there are also few disadvantages of them. For instance, When you attach a PopSocket, it can add bulk to your device, making it harder to fit into pockets or small bags. It’s also a bit thicker than other options, like the ohsnap iphone acessory, which is a more slim alternative to the PopSocket brand.

If you remove your PopSocket frequently, the adhesive used to attach the PopSocket can leave a residue on your device or case. Although PopSockets provide camera protection, they can be annoying when placing the phone on flat surfaces.

But experiencing these disadvantages varies based on usage habits. Some people find PopSockets to be an essential accessory for their device, while others may prefer not to use them.

Popsocket pictures (Examples)

Below are photo examples of Popsockets and examples of their different uses:

Using a PopSocket for mounting your Phone

Pop socket real example of mounting it an its benefits

In addition to being a stand and grip, Pop Sockets can also be used as a mount by connecting one to a Popmount. With a compatible Pop Socket mount, you can securely attach your device to a variety of surfaces, such as a car dashboard or a kitchen cabinet.

This allows you to keep your device within reach and at the perfect angle for GPS navigation, video calls, or simply streaming content. The Pop Socket mount is easy to install and provides a sturdy hold for your device, freeing up your hands for other activities.

It doesn’t stop there – Mounting a phone on the wall has several benefits, including increased accessibility and hands-free use.

It also saves space, can charge the phone, provides a comfortable viewing angle, and helps keep the space organized.

Wall-mounting can also increase security by making it more difficult for the phone to be stolen or knocked over. Wall-mounted phones can be positioned at a convenient viewing angle for activities such as video calls, cooking, or following workout routines.

Pop socket as a kickstand

Popsocket kickstand example to watch videos easier

A Pop Socket can serve as a convenient kickstand for your device, allowing you to prop it up for hands-free viewing.

Simply stick the Pop Socket onto the back of your phone or tablet and you can enjoy watching videos, taking photos, or making video calls without having to hold your device.

The Pop Socket can be easily adjusted to the perfect angle, providing stability and comfort while using your device.

Pop Socket being used for texting easier

Popsocket as a phone holder tip and benefit

Pop Sockets are also designed to make texting and typing easier on your devices. The raised button provides a secure grip, reducing the risk of dropping your phone, and also acts as an extra support for your fingers while using the keyboard.

The Pop Socket also allows you to take photos with a single hand, freeing up the other hand to adjust your shot.

Benefits of a Pop Socket

Benefits of a PopSocket

The main benefit is that the PopSocket allows for an easier grip that phones don’t normally have due to the extendable portion.

However, there are many others that help mostly with utility and design:

1. Enables you to take selfies easier

You can take selfies more easily

Pop sockets have become an increasingly popular accessory for smartphones, and for good reason. One of the key benefits of using a pop socket is that it makes taking selfies much easier.

The pop socket serves as a handle for the phone, allowing for a more secure and comfortable grip.

This makes it easier to position the phone and take the perfect selfie.

he pop socket can also be used as a tripod or stand, which further helps in taking stable photos. Whether you’re taking a group shot, or just snapping a picture of yourself, a pop socket makes the task of taking selfies easier and more enjoyable.

2. A pop socket makes texting much easier

A popSocket makes texting much easier

With larger smartphones becoming the norm, texting can often become a struggle. The pop socket provides a solution other phone accessories simply don’t… and they do it in style with customizable designs.

Additionally, the pop socket can be mounted to a wall using an additional accessory, making it a great option for hands-free use.

Users have even been known to use pop sockets in the shower to text by mounting on the wall where there is no water, making it a truly versatile and useful accessory.

The pop socket’s grip also doubles as a kickstand, making it easier to watch videos or read content without having to hold your iPhone or Android.

By attaching a pop socket to the back of your phone, it provides an easier grip, allowing you to hold your phone securely while texting.

3. Take your Phone Grip to the next level

Take your Phone Grip to the next level

Tired of having your phone slip in your hands? Then you need to take your phone grip to the next level with a pop socket. With a pop socket on the back, you can significantly increase your grip on the phone and make texting a lot easier. In other words, it enables you to hold the phone with less effort.

If you have a larger phone, then it will be even more helpful since it’s harder to text with one hand without dropping it!

Not only that, but the popular phone accessory also offers other benefits, like being able to act as a kickstand (You just have to know where to put the PopSocket).

Just push down on the flat part of the pop socket and it will expand or collapse based on what position it is in – there’s no fuss or complicated instructions needed! So if you’re looking for an easy and reliable way to take your phone grip up a notch, then get yourself a pop socket.

4. Use it as a Phone stand to watch Youtube & Media

Use it as a Phone stand to watch Youtube Media

With a PopSocket, you will no longer have to worry about accidentally dropping your phone or holding your hand up to watching YouTube videos or media on streaming platforms.

PopSockets can be used as a phone stand to keep your phone slanted at an angle.

To get the best experience use two PopSockets by attaching them vertically on the back of your device. But if you have one at the back of your phone, make sure the PopSocket it attached at the center.

Now, place your phone on a flat surface, such as a table or desk, with the screen facing up. You can now watch YouTube videos, and other media, without having to hold your phone.

The PopSocket will keep your phone securely in place, allowing you to watch your content comfortably.

5. Mount your Phone to a Wall in seconds

Mount your Phone to a Wall in seconds

With a PopSocket multi-surface mount you can mount your phone to a wall or any other vertical surface. Next time you have to attend a video call, simply mount your phone for a hands-free experience.

Before mounting, clean the surface where you wish to mount your phone. You can soak a cotton ball with a few drops of rubbing alcohol and wipe the surface, allowing it to dry for a few seconds.

The adhesive on the PopSocket mount can be tough to take off if it touches your skin. Hence, carefully take off the protective sheet of the adhesive.

Finally, place the adhesive part on the cleaned surface and press for 10-15 seconds. To ensure a firm hold, leave it for 8 hours.

Now, you can place the PopSocket attached with your phone on the mount and select an angle which works the best for you.

6. Use it to wrap up wires, clothes, hats, and earphones

Use it to wrap up wires clothes hats and earphones

You can use PopSockets for wrapping up wires, clothes, hats, and earphones.

Start by attaching a PopSocket to the top of the back of your phone and another vertically opposite to it.

Now, wrap your earphone in a clock-wise or anti-clockwise direction around the PopSockets, making sure you are not tangling the wire. This’ll keep your earphone organized at one place.

You can also wrap wires around your PopSockets. After neatly wrapping  up the complete wire, secure it by pressing the cable down on the PopSockets. This will protect the wire from getting tangled and unraveled.

PopSockets can also be used for wrapping up your clothes and hats. You can start by folding clothing items like a scarf around the PopSockets into a compact and neat shape. Now, press down the PopSockets on the item to avoid untangling. You can also keep your hats by hanging it on your PopSocket.

Using your PopSockets you can keep your earphones tangle-free, and wires organized. You can also use this method to wrap up clothes and hats.

7. Customize & decorate your Phone

Customize decorate your Phone

PopSockets are a great to customize and decorate your phone to your liking. You can pick from many variants boasting the trendiest designs, memes, stickers, characters and more.

There are a plethora of patterns, colors and textures you can pick to match the color of your phone’s case. But you can take this experience to the next level by creating your personalized PopSockets.

Simply create a design, text, or art of your liking and send it to a retailer that offers custom PopSockets. Once the order is fulfilled, you’ll receive a customized PopSocket with your design.

By customizing and personalizing your PopSockets you can compliment your outfit, phone’s case and follow the trend.

8. Protect your Camera & Back of Phone

Protect your Camera Back of Phone

With PopSockets you can give extra protection to your camera and back of the phone.

PopSockets act as a camera bumper allowing you to raise the camera lens on your phone, and hence protect it from scratches when placed on a flat surface.

You can also protect the back of your phone with a PopSocket by using it as a barrier between it and any flat surface. This can help to prevent scratches and scuffs on the back of your phone.

PopSockets also provide a firm grip to hold your phone, preventing accidental drops that can damage your phone’s camera and back.

Should I get a PopSocket?

Should I get a PopSocket

A big yes as PopSockets make life easier in so many ways. Phones screens have become larger and more fragile, making it tough to hold them securely with just one hand. With a PopSocket you can get a secure and comfortable grip, which can help to prevent accidental drops and reduce the risk of damaging your phone.

You can use a PopSocket as a stand, which makes it easier to watch videos or take photos without having to hold your phone. If you have anxiety, PopSockets can be helpful by acting as a fidgeting tool, providing a way to release anxiety or stress while using your phone.

The best part is PopSockets come in a wide variety of designs and colors, allowing you to pick the one which matches your style.

Overall, a PopSocket is a valuable mobile phone accessory. It provides improved grip, better control, and a way to personalize your phone. You should totally get one.

Are Pop Sockets worth it?

Are PopSockets worth it

Whether PopSockets are worth an investment is a matter of personal opinion. But there are a few pointers which clearly indicate on the usability you get with a PopSocket.

You get the convenience of a firm grip on your phone, protecting it from accidental drops, camera scratches and one-hand use. Not only can you remove, reuse and customize a PopSocket but also use it as a phone stand to seamlessly watch media, release stress by using it as a fidget tool and more.

Below are a few factors to help you decide.

Cost vs. Value

Cost vs. Value

PopSockets are small mobile phone accessories which you can attach to the back of your phone or case. Although their costs vary depending on the design and retailer, you can find one between $5 to $15.

In terms of value, PopSockets provide you a firm grip to hold your phone protecting from accidental drops, and use it as a stand for a hands-free video watching experience.

You can use a wide range of PopSocket accessories like a mount to place your phone on a vertical surface like a wall, some PopSockets come with added features, such as a wallet or a stand for holding credit cards, further increasing their value.

Overall, the cost vs value of a PopSocket depends how you use it. But considering its extensive usability for a onetime payment, PopSockets show immense value for their costs.

For some people, the cost may seem high for what is essentially just a small adhesive accessory, while others may feel that the convenience and practicality provided by a PopSocket more than justifies the cost.

Durability and longevity

Durability and longevity

The durability and longevity of a PopSocket depends on many factors like the materials used to create the base, the adhesive strength, and the frequency and manner in which it is used.

Typically, PopSockets are produced with durable, flexible materials to withstand the hustle of regular use and handling. The adhesive also provides firm hold to most surfaces, but if you lose its stickiness, you can make it sticky again.

Although PopSockets aren’t made for extreme temperatures, they perform great with rough use. But over time use under excessive stress can damage PopSockets, regardless of quality.

Overall, if you carefully use a PopSocket, it can last for several months or longer and provide a durable and practical accessory for your phone.

Comparison with other phone accessories

Comparison with other phone accessories

PopSockets are one of the most popular phone accessories, that offer a convenient grip and act as a stand for your phone. You compare them with other phone accessories in the market, like a phone ring holder, which attaches to your phone using a ring that can swivel 360 degrees or a phone case with a built-in grip or stand which integrates a PopSocket directly into the case itself.

There are also phone wallets that offer a way to carry both your phone and your essentials in one convenient case. While these accessories provide great value, with PopSockets you can attach your phone to walls, use it as a fidget tool, and more.

Ultimately, the best accessory for you will depend on your personal preferences, needs, and lifestyle. PopSockets are a great option for those looking for a versatile, compact accessory which is easy to attach and remove.

Do Pop sockets really work?

Do Pop sockets really work

Yes, PopSockets do work as they are designed to do. They provide adhesive grips which you can attach to the back of a smartphone or tablet, allowing you to have a better grip on the device and prevent accidental drops. While taking photos or selfies, PopSockets provide a better grip on the device, and you can also use it as a stand for watching videos or browsing the web to avoid hand fatigue.

PopSockets are also helpful to store headphones or cables, as they can be wrapped around the grip when not in use, keeping them tidy and tangle-free.

Investing in a PopSocket can provide a lot of value over time, as they are durable and long-lasting, and can help to reduce the risk of damage to your device from accidental drops. They can also make using your phone or tablet more convenient, making it easier to perform tasks and enjoy media.

Other pop socket Products

Other PopSocket Products

There are many accessories in the market you can pair with your PopSocket to enhance its usability by many folds. Let’s discuss some PopSocket products you might consider:

  1. PopSocket with mount: A PopSocket mount can be attached to your dashboard, allowing you to secure your PopSocket while you drive, freeing up both hands to stay focused on the road.
  2. Diamond PopSocket: A diamond-accented PopSocket is a great way to add a touch of elegance to your smartphone. It operates in the same way as any other PopSocket, but the diamond-like accents make it a stylish option.
  3. PopSocket with smart wallet: You can securely hold your ID and credit cards inside a PopSocket with a smart wallet. It works great when attending concerts, parties, or outing with your friends and family.
  4. Mini PopSockets: Mini PopSockets are small versatile accessories for your phone. You can attach two or three of them on the back of your case in any pattern to neatly wrap your earphones, wires and clothes.
  5. Wood PopSocket: PopSockets with a wood grain pattern offer a playful way to bring a touch of rustic charm to your phone. They have an aesthetic appeal and are durable to withstand the daily wear and tear from regular usage.
  6. Aluminum PopSocket: These PopSockets are made from brushed aluminum and offer many color variations boasting an industrial aesthetic. They offer a durable design which can withstand daily use without showing signs of wear or scratching.
  7. Leather PopSocket: Leather PopSockets offer a soft touch and professional look to your phone. But these are also susceptible to scratches and wear, hence require more care.

Many Pop socket products are MagSafe, which allows iPhones to not only attach acessories, but connect magnetically to chargers and charge wirelessly while also using the product.

Pop socket alternatives

PopSocket alternatives

PopSockets are remarkable phone gripping accessories which provide immense value paired with lots of usability in the daily life. There are quite a few PopSocket alternative (phone grips) on the market:

  1. GrabTab: The GrabTab is an affordable, simple and versatile phone grip. It is about the size of a credit card and attaches to the back of your phone, making it easy to hold and access the bottom of the screen while on the move. The GrabTab also supports wireless charging and is available in different colors and prints.
  2. LoveHandle: The LoveHandle is a popular phone grip option among iPhone users because of its slim and trendy design. It is easily removable, thanks to its strong 3M adhesive, and sticks with most phone models because of its flexible design. It is made of durable plastic material and has wireless charging capabilities.
  3. Mobi Handle: The Mobi Handle is a phone grip holder made of durable light zinc alloy metal with a scratch and corrosion-resistant coating. It provides a natural and secure grip for your phone by dispersing its weight over three fingers. The Mobi Handle also comes with an iron plate for compatibility with magnetic phone mounts, allowing for hands-free use.
  4. Fitfort Ring: The Fitfort Ring is a popular phone ring grip made of premium ceramic material which does not block wireless charging. It attaches to the phone securely with 3M adhesive tape and can support up to 10 pounds. The ring is versatile, as it can work with any type of phone and has a 360-degree rotating functionality.

These are only a small sample of PopSocket alternatives, if you wish to know more, checkout our full guide on PopSocket alternatives. Not all alternative have the accordion button, instead some have a ring or another type of similar function.

Other smartphone accessories similar to the Popsocket often use a magnet that doesn’t have the same type of grip. Some also have a gel adhesive that is tougher to get off you’re phone than a PopSocket.


Where Do You Put a PopSocket?

Where do you put a Popsocket? If you’re looking for a place to put your PopSocket the lower third is ideal. This allows for easy access when you want to text or use your phone for general activities such as surfing the Internet.

If you have a smaller phone, this position is a perfect spot that can be especially helpful since it’s more accessible than placing a PopSocket PopGrip at the top or middle of the phone.

The horizontal position can helps those who want to use their PopSocket as a kickstand so that their phone lays horizontally and they can conveniently watch videos.

Can You Reuse a PopSocket?

Yes, pop sockets can be reused multiple times. They are designed to stick to the back of your phone or tablet and can be easily removed and repositioned as needed.

However, it is important to keep the adhesive surface clean and free of dust or debris to ensure a strong hold each time you use it. Although this smartphone accessory was originally designed for one time use, it’s well known users can use it multiple times without issues.

Over time, the adhesive may lose its stickiness, but this can be remedied by purchasing a replacement adhesive ring or by wetting the pop socket for 7-10 seconds. See our full guide on reusing pop sockets.

How to Remove PopSockets Top

Yes, you can remove a pop socket base as well as the top from your phone or case. Pop sockets have a removable grip top.

They also have a reusable adhesive (on the base) that allows them to stick to your phone or case and be removed and repositioned multiple times – but you might need to use a debit card, dental floss or flat head screw driver if you want to ensure keeping the adhesive on and not ruin your phone.

However, over time, the adhesive may lose its stickiness and may need to be replaced. To remove a pop socket, gently peel it away from your phone or case and store it for later use. If the adhesive is no longer sticky, you can purchase a replacement adhesive to reuse the pop socket.

Bottom line

PopSockets are a popular phone accessory that can be attached to the back of a phone using a sticky adhesive. They provide a better grip on larger smartphones, making it easier to take selfies and use the phone as a stand for watching videos.

They are also reusable and can be repositioned or removed easily via the pop socket base. Pop Sockets can be used to text more comfortably, decorate your phone, wrap up earphones, wires, and clothes.

They can also be mounted to a wall for hands-free use. The design of the top part of the PopSocket can be customized, adding a personal touch to the phone. For a onetime cost, PopSockets offer exceptional value making them a worthy investment.

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