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14 Coolest Pop Socket with Colors, Designs, and More

14 Coolest Pop Socket with Colors, Designs, and More

In search of the coolest pop sockets and pop grips? The first thing that you will notice when you see a cool pop sockets is that they have different colors, and designs. Many of these colorful pop sockets are not just for decorative purposes; they’re also very helpful.

These hand selected picks will make sure that you have a trendy, modern, pop grip on the back of your phone.

These colored Pop Sockets I’ve listed in this post allow us to enjoy our daily lives more because they’re so different and appealing to look at; it would be completely boring if everyone’s phone accessories (PopSocket) were exactly the same – no color or design – just black color pop socket caps everywhere. (though, those are cool too)

Coolest, Pop Socket with Colors, Designs

Not only are these pop sockets the coolest by popular vote of a poll we’ve taken from our fanbase… but when your PopSocket gets cracked or chipped you can simply replace it by simply taking it out of the case and swapping it with another PopSocket Top. Allowing you to increase your chances of holding on to that shiny new device for longer and getting the most out of your phone accessories.

1. Pop Grip SOG Multi-Tool: Top Coolest Pop Socket Design Overall

Pop Grip multi-tool bottle opener

If you are looking for a PopTop that brings utility, then you’re about to discover one of the best. This Pop Socket is not only useful for any adult, but it’s considered to be one of the coolest pop sockets in the world.

This is because this Pop-Grip is not only really stylish, but also includes an essential tool: A bottle opener. You can remove the tool easily from the PopTop and use it as a bottle opener or a box opener.  

So, there is nothing better than having your easy-accessed beer opener. That’s why this Pop Socket design is perfect for both men and women. Thus, the minimal design is suitable for every phone and adds an air of customization to your phone.

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This bottle opener feature makes the Pop Grip SOG Multi-tool one of the coolest pop socket tops due to its unique utility, design and bright color selection.

Runner up: Metallic Diamond

Runner up_ Metallic Diamond pop socket crisp cool

With its fashionable modern design, the latest Metallic Diamond pop socket allows you to transform the back of your phone into a statement of elegance. The black color of this design makes it simple enough, appropriate for women and men.

The Metallic Diamond pop comes in different colors and shapes and promises to trick anyone into thinking you have an actual diamond at the backside of your phone! Thus, this is the perfect solution for those who need an elegant pop socket to use daily at work.   

2. Watermellionaire: Coolest custom Pop Socket color & pattern (Lip balm attached

Watermellionaire Coolest custom Pop Socket color & pattern (Lip balm attached2 watermelon pop grip

When it comes to unique and girly pops, this PopTop is one of the most popular ones on the market. The colorful watermelon design gives life through color to the back of your phone.

If you wonder what makes this PopSocket special, except for its unique design, then the answer is the lip balm it includes.  

This is one of the only Pop Sockets I’ve seen that has lip balm; it does more than just have an aesthetic appeal.

You can easily use this lip balm by opening the swappable grip. For all these reasons, you can see that this PopTop is ideal for anyone who loves watermelon, especially girls that wear lip balm…. and don’t forget that this is an excellent solution as a gift for a beloved one.

Runner up: Pucker Up

Pucker Up lemon popgrip pop socket

As with the watermelon pop, this lemon PopTop is perfect If you desire to make your PopSocket more colorful and extremely vivid. With its vivid lemon design, the brand new Pucker Up makes a stand and promises to transform your phone! 

In a few words, this is an excellent alternative to the previous pop design, and it’s suitable for men, women, and kids that want a fashionable, colorful pop.

3. Baby Yoda: Best Pop Socket for star wars fans (colors and patterns)

Baby Yoda_ Best Pop Socket for star wars fans (colors and patterns)

With the baby Yoda design… you can swap your boring pop socket top with one of the best designs in the galaxy. What’s funnier than walking about with a little baby Yoda in your hand? I personally found this one to be the coolest overall when it came to customized pop socket designs.

A great conversation starter for both kids and adults alike. My favorite thing about this is how it’s a darker tone that isn’t too goofy and fairly professional-looking. This is one of the most popular pop-tops available I’ve came across.

4. Pop Socket Top (Minimilist Black): Best Pop Socket for iPhone

Pop Socket Top (Minimilist Black)_ Best Pop Socket for iPhone

Who said just a plain, matte style pop socket top isn’t cool? I found the minimalist approach to the pop socket design to be less distracting and providing an overall sleek, trendy, modern feel. However, I did notice that it can sometimes show fingerprints and smudges more prominently than other designs.

The standard black design also pairs well with most phone colors, phone cases, and outfits. Alternatively, there’s also the Plain pop socket in white, which works well with very light colored phones, so you don’t have conflicting aesthetics. 

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The structural build of this pop socket top is no different than any others that don’t have an accessory as a utility (ex. bottle opener or lip balm pop sockets shown in this list)

5. Black Sand Beach: Coolest, most unique Pop Socket design

Black Sand Beach_ Coolest, most unique Pop Socket design

This very realistic black sand beach is a fantastic piece of art for the back of your phone. Who wouldn’t love to have a beautiful design for the PopTop! Well, apart from that, Black Sand Beach has a relaxing effect at the same time.

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With this PopSocket design, you can attend a business meeting and be sure that no one would look at you strangely. This PopTop is very distinctive, and it can easily match every outfit. It’s ideal for men, women, and children that love the ocean! I found that the black sand beach was very popular when I was on vacation and saw a plethora of people, both old and young, using the black sand design.

This pop socket has no extra features, however the overall feel, and comfort of the pop socket remains the same- just with a different design.

6. Cat Nap: Cutest Pop Socket design for Kitty owners

Watermellionaire_ Coolest custom Pop Socket color & pattern (Lip balm attached.png What is a Pop Socket exactly_.png What is the best type of pop socket.png What is the point of a PopSocket.png What material do PopSockets not stick to (Phone cases & Phones).png Where are affordable places to get PopSockets_.png

If you aren’t sure whether you are a cat person or not, this PopSocket top will make you decide. This sleepy kitten is the cutest PopTop we could find on the market and will make your phone look really adorable.  This is without a doubt an extremely cute pop socket.

You could say that kids are the ones that love this beautiful and lovely design. However, adults love such designs too, which is why this pop socket became so popular. So, if you are a cat lover, don’t hesitate to add this adorable pop at the back of your phone!  

7. Disco Crystal: Most Pretty PopSocket design

Disco Crystal_ Most Pretty PopSocket design

The disco crystal is simply the best choice for something classic that is always going to be in fashion. The disco design is aesthetic and elegant. Thus, this is an excellent solution for those who want their phone to look elegant and not too fussy. 

This PopSocket design is very classy and can easily match your phone. So, if you are looking for a PopTop to level up your phone, then this is the one. It’s mostly for women and girls that want to add a touch of greatness on their phones. The prism of colors reflect as you turn and rotate the phone.. and since the pop socket is attached on the back, everyone can see.

It also works well for any guys or gals who are still living in the 70’s or just really like the sparkles-and want to add some bling to the back of their phone covers.

8. Pikachu: Best PopSocket for Pokemon fans

Pikachu_ Best PopSocket for Pokemon fans

This Pikachu design will make both you and your phone stand out. Who doesn’t love Pokemon and especially Pikachu? This little yellow boss will give your phone a funny tone. Plus, the colors this PopTop has will make the back of your phone really vivid. While I was a bulbasaur and charmander fan as a kid, this pop socket is still cool because it brings back the nostalgia of one of the most trending favorites of 1990’s and 2000’s for kids and young adults: Pokemon.

Overall, Pikachu is connected with our childhood. That’s why it’s a chance for us to travel in our past and the youngsters to love even more this small hero. And don’t forget, Pikachu is the most known and, at the same time, the cutest Pokemon of all! 

9. Moon Top: Coolest PopSocket PopGrip for both adults and kids

Moon Top_ Coolest PopSocket PopGrip for both adults and kids

With this minimal and outstanding moon PopTop, the back of your phone will automatically transform from tedious to interesting. This moon design is very distinctive, and even the most brutal judge would agree that it’s difficult not to love it.

This moon PopTop is suitable for adults and children who love planets, stars, and anything else in the universe. However, that doesn’t mean that you won’t find this design amazing for your phone, even if you don’t know a lot about the space.  

10. Leopard of the Night: Most Popular Pop Socket design

How to use a Pop Socket

If you are looking for a minimal and distinctive design, this PopTop is the one for you. The leopard design it’s usually connected with the yellow color. However, this PopSocket is called Leopard of the Night as it’s totally black.

This total black look is perfect for everyone that wants a leopard design that, at the same time, isn’t too fancy. This PopTop is the most popular design, and if you consider it has a total black color, you can see it’s suitable for both men and women.     

11. PopSockets: Golden Prana

PopSockets_ Golden Prana

Golden Prana is an ideal choice for beautiful designs that promise to give a touch of taste to your phone. This golden prana PopTop has a unique design for people that look for something special and modern. 

Many would believe that this design is mainly for women, and they would probably be right. That’s the reason why this PopSocket is an excellent idea for a present to your wife, girlfriend, or your daughter. 

12. PopSockets PopGrip: Pandamonium

PopSockets PopGrip_ Pandamonium

If you are an animal lover and you really like pandas, this PopTop is designed especially for you. Many would agree that these little black and white animals are one of the cutest in the animal kingdom! Who wouldn’t love to have this lovely PopSocket on his/her phone?

So, this is an ultimately attractive choice for those who love Pandas! If you are one of those people, then this is the ideal PopTop for you.

13. Oinklettes: Cutest pop socket design top (cover)

Oinklettes_ Cutest pop socket design top (cover)

As an animal fan myself, I found this wireless charging capable design to be funny, interesting and fun, especially for kids, farm lovers, animal lovers,or anybody that just finds the word oink to be funny.

I found the structural capabilities of taking the top off and swapping from pig, to baby yoga, to the cat nap design from week to week satisfying and adds a nice change. It’s nice to get different types of tops for pop sockets for variety.

The Top of the oinklettes pop socket design is one of the coolest pop sockets I’ve seen yet because not only does it have many little piggy drawings sprinkled throughout the cap, but the tone of the background is very, very light pink; which is hard to tell from just looking at the photos. 

This cute pop socket design will work for anyone wearing pink or white to match with whatever outfit they please.This design brings a very cool spring&r summer vibe.

14. Micro Blossoms

Micro Blossoms - very cool type of pop grip

The Micro Blossoms pop socket swappable top is one of hte most popular pop sockets I’ve seen used in the city. If you look close you can see different colored flowers, dandelion and roses scattered throughout the design. This makes for a beautiful summer pop top design cover that is by far one of the coolest popsockets with flowers and a black background.

This is a great alternative to the golden prana or black sand beach as it brings a calming vibe. It’s also not overly colorful since the black background offsets the flowers.Being able to swap this design off and change between the bottle opener and lip gloss tops is really fun. 

This top brings a change as there’s no extra utility it brings; just a fly pop socket design.

15. PopSockets PopMount: Multi-Surface

If you’re someone who’s always on the move and needs a reliable spot for your phone, this PopMount is crafted just for you. Many of us can relate to the challenge of trying to keep our phones in a safe yet visible spot, especially when our hands are full. This mount is the answer to those daily dilemmas.

Imagine being in the midst of cooking and needing to peek at a recipe. With the Multi-Surface Mount, your phone can be securely attached to a nearby surface, ensuring you don’t miss a step. Or maybe you’re getting ready in the morning and want to watch a quick video. This mount keeps your phone steady and in sight.

So, for those who crave convenience and efficiency, this is the ultimate PopMount choice! If you resonate with these needs, then this PopMount is undoubtedly for you.

What is a Pop Socket exactly?

Pop Socket vs Phone ring_ Pop socket benefits and disadvantages

Pop-Sockets are small, plastic pieces that attach to your phone, tablet, or watch band. They are sold in a variety of shapes and colors. On one side of the plastic is a handle or grip. On the other side there is a perforated kickstand that can hold your device up at different angles for convenience while watching movies, reading books on your devices screen e.g., iBooks and Kindle e-readers), playing games, taking pictures with cameras on smartphones or tablets).

One of the most popular uses for this gadget is as an alternative to the phone finger ring. Not to mention, the popsocket keeps your phone in front of you and handy so you can immediately answer calls.

A great way to wear pop-socket when exercising or jogging because it will provide a better grip than if you didn’t use one at all (obvious, but easy to overlook)

What is the point of a PopSocket

What is the point of a PopSocket

A Pop socket allows yo auto have a better grip on your phone, it can also allow yo auto more comfortably use your phone and work as a kickstand in addition to just a being phone holder accessory

Are Pop sockets still used?

Are Pop sockets still used today_

According to our poll, there’s are numerous any people using pop sockets on the back of their smartphones. There’s not many devices that have customizable flat pop tops like the pop socket does. Its really unique since it pops in and out allowing for a convenient, wirelessly chargeable, slim phone kickstand a grip holder.

If you have an old pop socket, then remember: you can always reuse your pop socket by removing and reactivating the sticky gel.

How to use a Pop Socket

How to use a Pop Socket

Pop sockets are small circular devices you put on the back of your phone case or on your phone. They come in a variety of different shapes and colors and they’re actually even good at holding your phone to something else, like a table, desk, or other furniture surface that the adhesive sticks to.

1 . Ensure you have the right pop socket

1 . Ensure you have the right pop socket step 1

First you need to buy one from the store or from The company has popsockets for all sorts of phones: iPhones, Samsungs, Displays by Google and more! It should be easy to find one with whatever type of case you have for your device as well.

2 . Place the pop socket in the correct spot

Step 2. Place the pop socket in the correct spot

The pop socket should be placed on the back of the phone case or on the back of the phone; particularly a bit lower than the center of the phone-this way you can view it horizontally and reach the touchscreen keyboard as well.

The lower third placement is known as the best spot to place a pop socket on the phone. This is also typically done by placing it right below where you’d place your finger during a typical grip.

3 . Attach it to your device

Step 3 Attach it to your device

The adhesive that is on the pop-socket will be able to attach to most surfaces, including glass and wood. It can even stand up against oils or hand sweat! But as a precaution, ensure that your device if clean before attempting to attach the pop-socket.

4. Use your pop socket anywhere

Step 4. Use your pop socket anywhere Where to use what benefits

Pop-sockets are great for holding your phone when you’re trying to use it on a plane, jogging, or any situation where more grip helps. Some even use a pop socket as a kickstand to view or stream a video horizontally (like when watching YouTube).

How to swap out Pop Socket Heads (Pop Grip Tops)

How can a pop socket or phone grip can help thumb pain from holding a phone_

Pop sockets are a product that I am very familiar with. I know how to swap out the pop socket top (or PopTop).

  1. First, you remove your old pop socket head from the device by pushing the pop top flat and rotating it 90 degrees. You can then pull it off.
  2. You’ll hear click, your pop socket is not ready to be swapped out
  3. Ensure that you remove it carefully so as not to damage the PopTop. In most cases, no damage will occur.

How to remove a Pop Socket Grip:

How can a pop socket or phone grip can help thumb pain from holding a phone_

If you’re not sure how to remove the pop socket, follow the instructions below:

  1. Insert a thin, flat tool (ex. flathead screw driver or tooth pick)into the back of the case where the pop grip meets the phone and begin pressing your finger and pushing down on your phone.
  2. Push in and and try to slide up gently, moving and working the flat tool.
  3. Pull out the other side and gently press down on it to separate from the frame of your phone’s case.
  4. As long as you keep both sides separated from each other in a gentle manner, they should not cause any damage to your phone.


Can you personalize or customize a pop socket and add your own design?

Can you personalize or customize a pop socket and add your own design_

Yes you can create your own pop socket depending on if you’re using a pop grip, an otter box and pop socket, a pop top standard or a pop wallet.

However, I found the ones custom made already (like the ones listed in this post) were very cool and created by real designers, but if you want something super custom there are certainly more options. You can use different colored designs and make your own by entering your design or logo on the popsocket website.

The Otterbox pop grip is very handy because it actually depresses inside the otter box to make for the same width of the phone. So it’s less bulky, yet you get the same protection as you would with an otter box case as you would with a regular phone, no case and a closed pop socket.

How much is a custom PopSocket

I found that the minimum cost of a custom pop socket, where you add your own logo, was $15. While this may vary and change over time, this feels very affordable considering the company has the print, design, and ship this to you. However, its s just a piece of plastic, so the opinions are subjective regarding price of the design capabilities itself.

There are other versions of the pop socket, which may cost more than just $15 USD, this includes the versions where a case is included. For example the otter box with pop socket case costs a minimum of $64 USD, while a pop socket custom wallet and custom top can be customized for a minimum of $30 USD. These prices may vary over time, but appeared to have stayed stable over the years for the most part.

Where are affordable places to get PopSockets?

Where are affordable places to get PopSockets_

You can get a pop socket in retail stores, but I found many places online where it is cheaper. I saw a pop socket in my local Walmart and dollar store but I havent been able to find them ever since. I saw knock offs of these, but they were the pop sockets that allow for custom designs.

Which is better to a pop socket, retail or online? It’s a tough question to answer and there are pros and cons to both of these options when it comes to buying these phone accessories online. It really depends on if you want to hold and see the pop socket in your hand. You’ll lack the ability to choose a custom design in stores as there appears to be more options online, naturally, since you have access to the entire World Wide Web.

Grabbing a pop socket or pop grip in a retail store has many advantages over online shopping: the products are in-store, so you can browse them before buying; product return policies are often more generous, especially for phone accessories like a pop socket; sales staff can offer professional advice about which product might be best-suited for your needs; and finally, retail stores offer a “buzz” that online shopping lacks.

How can a pop socket or phone grip can help thumb pain from holding a phone?

How can a pop socket or phone grip can help thumb pain from holding a phone_

A pop-socket can not only help you hold the phone easier, but it can enable your thumb to move more comfortably as you use the phone. The user can then extend their arm and keep his or her hand on the screen while still holding their phone in their other hand.

This is useful for running or jogging with a phone in your hand. This also helps prevent wrist strain when holding your device for a long period of time. The pop-socket is also a great way to give your fingers more support when holding the phone. The user can engage their thumb and use it to grip the phone securely while enjoying an uninterrupted screen experience.

Additionally, the pop-socket can be used on any smartphone, regardless of size… and while i haven’t came across any facts about ergonomics and phone accessories, the pop socket appears to help when I personally used it.

Make sure you have a good grip on your phone and find what works for you. If you feel like your thumb is in pain, make sure that you are not pushing too hard with your thumb and that you do not swing it side to side excessively when holding the device.

Are Pop sockets and phone rings the same thing?

Are Pop sockets and phone rings the same thing_

Pop sockets and phone rings have the same functionality, but vary slightly in terms of comfort, durability, and overall design.

While a pop socket is a plastic phone device that allows you to easily attach your smartphone or tablet, a phone ring is a bit different. They’re primarily designed to be used as a phone holder. stand or grip for your phone. Let’s have a more in depth look…

Pop sockets provide more customizable features because the head of the phone accessory can pop up and down, making it appear more slim. It also has customizable colors – something a phone ring holder or finger ring can’t provide and iPhone or Samsung user.

See our post: Pop Sockets vs Phone finger Rings: Pros & Cons

The Ring holder on the other hand is more secure and doesn’t pop off, instead it folds downward and allows for 360 rotation and access to the keyboard when you place it higher on the back of the phone.

Both Ring holders and pop sockets are attached to the back of phones with a thin layer of adhesive, making them easy to install.

Pop sockets can protect a device from falls, cracks, and other damage by providing an extra layer of protection without adding too much bulk. The problem with pop sockets is that they may not provide enough grip for heavier devices because of the lack of a ring design An alternative solution is the use of a phone ring which can provide added grip and support the weight of your phone

Are there different types of PopSockets

Are there different types of PopSockets

Yes, there’s pop grips and then there’s “Pop tops” pop sockets. One version is swappable, the other is not and is known as the classic PopGrip design. These are variations of each other and vary as the pop socket has evolved over time.

They appear to be created with similar material as it’s previous model, with only slight variance in the newer models allowing you to customize and personalize your pop socket and allow for further utility; such as wireless charging.

There are also phone rings, which are not pop sockets, but a variation that allows for a more secure grip, but less function in regards to picking the phone up and dow since its closer attached to your one finger. =

Pop Socket TypeCustomizableWireless capabilityWallet functionSwappable
PopGrip ClassicNoNoNoNo
Pop socket MiniYesYesNoYes
PollipsYes, Lip BalmYesYesYes
Pop WalletPartiallyYesYesYEs
Pop Wallet w/ PopGripYesYesYesYes
Otter- + Pop SocketYesYesNoN/A

What is the best type of pop socket

What is the best type of pop socket

The Best type of pop socket is the type that allows for wireless charging. This is known as the more recent versions of the Pop Socket, the PopGrip (non-classic) model. The classic model pop grips provide lesser customization, lack of swapping the top out, and overall less durable. These classic models are still found by some retailers, but are not longer made according to Pop socket manufacturer.

The best pop socket would have the quality of being swappable, allows for customization, has an extra utility on the top (like bottle opener or lip balm) and has a strong adhesive A good pop socket can easily attach to your phone or device, it will not easily slip out of place and fall off. Furthermore, since the pop socket is made of silicone or flexible material it’s considered very durable by most.

So what makes a pop socket so special? A “swappable pop socket” is one that you can use on more than one device, and enjoy numerous pop socket benefits. For example, if you like to use the pop socket as a lip balm dispenser, you can buy a separate lip balm top like the one mentioned in this post.

What material do PopSockets not stick to (Phone cases & Phones)

What material do PopSockets not stick to (Phone cases & Phones)

The Pop Socket was able to stick to plastic, silicon, and most hard surfaces with its adhesive. The only material I found the Po socket not able to stick to was a phone case with a fuzzy, rug like material as its design. This is extremely rare and applying the pop socket to most materials are both simple and effective compared to most low cost, phone accessories.

Phone cases come in all different shapes and sizes, so it is important to know what type of design your phone case has before you buy a pop socket. I recommend looking at the back of the phone case first.

You’ll want a standard phone case that looks to be made out of plastic or a similar material for your best chance at the pop socket sticking. In most cases, the phone case will have a design that is perfect for attaching a pop socket.

How We Ranked and Chose the Coolest Pop Sockets

When it came to ranking and selecting the coolest pop sockets for this list, we didn’t just rely on our personal preferences. We took a systematic approach to ensure that our recommendations were objective and catered to a wide audience.

Firstly, we conducted a poll among our readers and fanbase, asking them about their favorite pop socket designs and features. This gave us a clear picture of what the majority of users prefer. Additionally, we considered the functionality of each pop socket, not just its aesthetic appeal.

After all, the best pop sockets are not only about looking good but also about being useful and enhancing the user experience.


Overall this, post has covered the most trendy, modern, aesthetically appealing pop sockets. This is because of the product quality, customizations, colors, and how long they last compared to other phone accessories.

The pop socket is a modern, trendy and aesthetically appealing phone accessory. These phone grips can be customized to make it even more appealing to stick to your phone; there are so many options on the market that you will find one which suits your preferences.

The phone accessory device is quite universal, as it can work with any mobile phone brands such as iPhone or Samsung Galaxy, android, and more. The pop socket is also one of the most flexible and portable phones holders amongst the long list available. This is because it can be folded (or ‘popped’ in) so you can carry it easily in your pocket.

It’s small enough to fit anywhere in your pockets without affecting its functionality. The lip balm model and bottle opener version are voted one of the coolest pop sockets around due to their utility and unique design. Overall, the Best type of pop socket is the type that allows for wireless charging, but it doesn’t hurt to adda cool design to your phone/phone case either.

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