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12 Best iPad Hand Holders & iPad Cases with a pencil holder

12 Best iPad Hand Holders & iPad Cases with a pencil holder

The Best iPad hand holders & iPad cases with a hand strap, pencil holder and a stand come in a number of different models with different protection and utility.

There are several different types of iPad Hand strap cases & handles to put on the back of your tablet. Some have straps without a case, while others actually attach and come built-in with a case and handle, and digital pencil holder.

Many of these can swivel and rotate 360 degrees to allow you to use your iPad when you’re leaning, walking, or using the iPad or tablet on your side. In this post, I’ll go over which of these iPad Hand holder straps will allow you to hold the tablet with one hand and with more security and comfort.

Pro tip iPad Hand grips

At a Glance – Best iPad/Tablet Hand Holders & Hand Strap Cases

Best iPad Hand holders & Cases with Handle Straps

The iPad hand holder straps listed in this post are the ones I’ve personally tested and found to bring a more comfortable tablet experience when using the iPad or tablet with one hand. 

At a Glance, here’s some of our top picks:

  1. Fintie: Best overall iPad Hand Strap Grip (iPad Pro, Air, Mini)
  2. Runner up: LoveHandle Tablet grip for iPads & Android Tablets
  3. Torchgrip – Tablet Hand grip for signing documents and portable use
  4. MieSherk 12.9: Top iPad Pro Hand Holder with Case (12.9”)
  5. Rantice: Top iPad Pro Case with Handle Strap Grip (11 inch)
  6. BREACAN: Best ipad case with hand strap, pencil holder and stand
  7. Sibeitu: Best iPAd Pro 12.9 case with a pencil holder and hand strap/grip

Which you choose depends on what you’re using it for: Work, school, remote learning, walking, commuting or using it anywhere in public. Some are iPad cases that hold a digital pencils in addition to a handle, strap and kickstand.

Best iPad Hand holders & Cases with Handle Straps

These straps allow you to latch onto the back of your iPad with your hand and not let the iPad Drop in many situations and work on iPad Pros (3rd gen, 4th gen), iPad 10.2 (7th gen, 8th gen), iPad airs (2nd, 3rd Gen, 4th gen.).

Some have cases, some have pencil holders, some even have kick stands to hold the tablet up. One thing they all have in common is a hand strap to grip the tablet!

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1. Fintie: Best overall iPad Hand Strap Grip (iPad Pro, Air, Mini).

ESamcore_ Best iPad mini case with hand strap (7.9”)

The Fintie is a Tablet & iPad hand strap holder for 7- to 11-inch tablets but it also works with the iPad Pro 12.9 inch! Extremely compatible amongst tablets.

This Tablet accessory may be one of the most simple, straight forward ways to hold your iPad with one hand. It adds a lightweight, grip strap to the back of your tablet for hand and arm support

An adhesive Velcro patch attaches to the back of the tablet. A separate, detachable padded hand strap attaches to this patch and is adjustable to fit any hand size. 

The padded hand strap can also serve as a tablet stand in either portrait or landscape mode. The iPad can feel heavy after a while but with the Fintie, you can hold the tablet more effortlessly and longer. 

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2. Runner up: LoveHandle Tablet grip for iPads & Android Tablets

LoveHandle Tablet grip for iPads & Android Tablets

A very inexpensive alternative tablet handle strap, the LoveHandle is a simple elastic strap with very strong 3M adhesive that attaches directly to a smartphone or tablet with glass back or silicone case.

Use it for one-handed operation or flip the phone to the back of your hand to free up your hand for picking up things.

The Love Handle provides a secure grip on your iPad and prevents it from slipping out of your hand.

he Love Handle is a small, portable accessory that can be easily attached and detached from your iPad, making it perfect for on-the-go use.

The Love Handle is an accessory that makes it easier to hold your iPad, especially when taking photos and videos. This product is designed to be easy and convenient to use, and can be flipped to the back of your hand when you need to free up your hand. This is especially useful when you’re gaming or reading on your iPad.

The Love Handle is a great accessory for anyone who wants to take crisp, one-handed photos and videos with their iPad – It is also a convenient way to hold your device while reading.

3. Torchgrip – Tablet Hand grip for signing documents and portable use

The Torch grip for iPad

The Torch Grip is a outstanding accessory for anyone who uses an iPad Pro or a tablet that needs to a portable way to hold the iPad. It’s the most unique way you can hold the iPad, yet very convenient.

This feature is particularly useful for video chatting or for businesses that require someone to sign documents conveniently – It’s far more efficient than the LoveHandle grip or the FinTie if you are using you’re iPad in a professional setting.

It’s a bit odd that the grip handle and the base are sold together, but not separately. However, it’s more likely that one would have a need to use one handle between two tablets than a use for two handles for one tablet.

Overall, the Torch Grip is a great addition to your iPad Pro, making it more comfortable and versatile.

4. MieSherk 12.9: Top iPad Pro Hand Holder with Case (12.9”)

MieSherk 12.9_ Top iPad Pro Hand Holder with Case (12.9”)

One of the best ways to protect your iPad Pro is by protecting it with a iPad case with a strap for your hand. This Triple military grade protective case has all the bells and whistles as well as additional unique features that are hard to find.

However, I found that over time, the adjustable hand strap started to lose its grip, making it less secure during prolonged use.

The MieSherk 12.9 is a full-body case with precise cutouts for all the ports plus a unique pen holder for the Apple Pencil 2.

Made of durable PC back and flexible TPU bumper, this case has been tested with an iPad Pro and dropped from a 5-foot height 26 times to test its shockproof feature. A new sponge technology inside dissipates heat efficiently.

For flexible viewing in portrait and landscape to suit your writing or drawing needs, the MieSherk 12.9 has a 360-degree rotating, foldable stand with a pop-out leg (with several angle options) and an adjustable hand strap as well. 

And to carry it around hands-free, the MieSherk 12.9 comes with a detachable shoulder strap that gives you hands-free portability during travels, hikes, and other outdoor activities.

5. Rantice: Top iPad Pro Case with Handle Strap Grip (11 inch)

MieSherk 12.9_ Top iPad Pro Hand Holder with Case (12.9”)

Just as sturdy as its previous models, the Rantice iPad Pro 11 Case also boasts military grade protection with a 3-layer shockproof protective case. This is a must-have for those seeking top-notch safety for their device.

The case provides 6-corner anti-drop protection, tested with a 15-foot drop, and has a 360-degree rotating kickstand that lets you play games, type, or watch videos in portrait or landscape mode with the iPad on a flat surface. 

The rotating stand also has a built-in hand strap that is adjustable to the size of your hand. Comfortably hold the iPad, with your right or left-hand.

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Got an Apple Pencil 2? No problem! The Rantice holds the Apple Pencil 2 firmly in place on the iPad’s side which is not just a magnetic holder but a wireless charger as well. 

Another plus is a detachable shoulder strap that gives you hands-free mobility while carrying the iPad safely and securely, whether you are simply walking to work or hiking up a mountain.

6. BREACAN: Best ipad case with hand strap, pencil holder and stand

BREACAN_ Best ipad case with hand strap, pencil holder and stand

It’s rare to see a all-in-one iPad case with handstrap and pencil holder, but the BRAECN is very popular because it satisfies this need. I really like the fact that this iPad Case has a stand built in for hands-free viewing of the Tablet.

After using it for a few weeks, I was particularly impressed with how the case held up during my daily commutes and frequent usage, showcasing its resilience and practicality.

While there are more and more cases being released that are rugged, bulky and help protect the iPad, the BRAECN has been tested and also allow you to store an apple pencil (and even allows for an over the shoulder strap if needed)

This case allows you to comfortably, securely, and easily hold your iPad while providing a case and pencil holder on the backside of the device. My favorite part is that has a adjustable and de-attachable strap.

The Braecn team also has great support and responded quickly when I had a question. This works best for construction workers and artists.

7. Sibeitu: Best iPAd Pro 12.9 case with a pencil holder and hand strap/grip

Sibeitu_ Best iPAd Pro 12.9 case with a pencil holder and hand strap_grip

The Sibietu iPad Pro case is made from a unique material and texture, providing a heavy-duty yet elegant design.

The case has an Apple Pencil holder on the inside that keeps your favorite tool close. This digital pencil holder can hold an Apple Pencil or similar stylus.

The hand design prevents any overreaching movements on the screen when in use and allows you to rest your hand when holding the iPad It also allows you to hold your pencil and work, walk and write on the tablet.

It comes with a screen protector film that keeps the display of your device safe from scratches.

It also features a soft rotating handle strap that helps prevent drops and provides extra security while carrying your tablet. The hand strap also helps secure the tablet for safe usage in outdoor, work, or public settings.

8. ZenRich: Best iPad Air Case with Hand strap (10.9”)

ZenRich Best iPad Air Case with Hand strap (10.9”)

Designed specifically for the 10.9-inch iPad Air 4th generation, the ZenRich case is an iPad Air hand holder & grip strap that is also shockproof. (very rare)

Made of flexible rubber-like silicone on the outer frame, two layers of hard reinforced inner shell, as well as four thick round corners, the ZenRich is a highly protective iPad case with precise cutouts for ports and buttons. 

The case is easy to hold, making it drop-proof but even if you do drop your iPad, the ZenRich’s full cover protection will keep it safe.

Like the previous cases we have covered, the ZenRich also has a 360-degree rotating kickstand as well as a hand strap. Insert your left or right hand into the adjustable strap and you can turn your iPad in any direction.

 Pull the kickstand out and you now have a tablet stand in either portrait or landscape orientation. The ZenRich likewise comes with a shoulder strap to hang your iPad around the neck or slung on the side. Here’s one more: there are other color options to suit your taste!

9. ESamcore: Best iPad mini case with hand strap (7.9”)

ESamcore_ Best iPad mini case with hand strap (7.9”)

This stylish, trendy case comes in blue and pink and was made for the 7.9 inch iPad Mini 4 and 5. The ESamcore comes with a built-in screen protector that you snap over the screen.

A hard shell inner lining and a flexible TPU exterior combine for full-body protection. The back sports a 360-degree rotating disc with a leather adjustable hand strap and a pull-out kickstand. Even if the buttons are covered by the case, they work perfectly when pressed. The fingerprint scanner also works even with the screen protector over it.

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There were a few things that users observed with the ESamcore. One, the case tended to discolor over time. 

Two, the screen protector generated static that would attract dust so it had to be taken apart and cleaned from time to time. Lastly, the leather strap does not have an adjustable feature; users with small hands found the opening a bit too large for their hands,

10. TFY: Best iPad Air Grip holder (11 inches or smaller)

TFY_ Best iPad Air Grip holder (11 inches or smaller)

A very inexpensive iPad Air grip is the TFY. It works for iPads that are 7.5 to 11 inches (Note: This won’t work with the 12.9-inch iPad Pro!).

The TFY is a double-layer elastic strap with strong metal brackets on both ends that attach to both ends of the iPad. 

The metal brackets are covered with a plastic coating so as not to scratch the iPad. Depending on the thickness of your iPad, especially if you are using a case with it, the jaws of these metal brackets can be pried open or squeezed to close tighter.

When you insert your hand inside the strap, the elastic grips the back of the hand, letting you hold the iPad easily without having to grip it. Because it is a double-layered strap, it has twice the strength of a single strap.

11. LapWorks: Best iPad hand Holder with a built in stand & pencil holder – iPad Pro 12.9 inch

ESamcore_ Best iPad mini case with hand strap (7.9”)

The Lapworks allows you to hold all generations of the 12.9-inch iPad Pro with just one hand (and its comfortable/prevents your hand and arm from being tired as you hold the tablet.

It’s an amazing all-in-one iPad hand holder to help ease wrist and hand discomfort when holding the tablet for long periods of time. It can also double has a iPad case with a stand. The difference is this is not a rugged case, but just the holder itself.

It attaches diagonally across the back of the iPad Pro, with rubber-tipped brackets that ensure there are no scratches on the iPad. A 360-degree swiveling hub, that allows portrait and landscape orientation while holding the iPad, also holds a neoprene hand strap that can be adjusted with a Velcro strap around your hand. 

The neoprene hand strap has a small pocket that allows you to drop in the cap of the original Apple Pencil so you do not lose it while charging the Pencil. You can drop in other acessories like your USB drive as well.

Compared to something like a iPad document camera stand, the GripZilla won’t hold your Tablet with the same secure grip since it still relies on your hands and arms to keep it secure. A Document camera stand will allow you to get a helicopter, above view whilst being hands-free and is rather used as an alternative for teachers.

The design of the Lapworks also accommodates wireless charging if you have the Apple Pencil 2 that goes with the latest versions of the iPad Pro. Press two buttons on the sides of the base holding the neoprene strap and out pops a tablet stand for hands-free use.

12. Ambison: Best iPad Hand Strap holder for tablets (10.2”)

Ambison Best iPad Holder Hand Strap for tablets 10.2

The Ambison probably has the most color combinations to choose from — eight single or two-toned colors! Compatible only with the 7th and 8th generation iPads (10.2 inches), this heavy-duty case comes in 3 layers: a soft silicon outer skin and a hard PC inner shell with non-slip lining for the back, as well as a hard plastic shell to cover the front of the iPad.

The back features a rotating disc that holds the Velcro hand strap that is adjustable to your hand size. You can rotate your iPad in any direction for portrait or landscape viewing. 

Want to put the iPad down on a table when you need both hands? Just slide out a kickstand found right under the hand strap. On the back is a slot also that can hold the Apple Pencil.

A tempered glass screen protector also comes with the Ambison, a must when it comes to protecting our iPads. Another bonus: the Ambison comes with a shoulder strap for those times when you need to be mobile while keeping you hands-free.

13. OtterBox Latch II: Best iPad mini case with hand strap

MieSherk 12.9_ Top iPad Pro Hand Holder with Case (12.9”)

For active people who love the outdoors or who work in heavy-duty industries such as construction, the OtterBox Latch II is the perfect accessory partner if you have an Otterbox Defender case. 

Made of polyurethane material, the Latch II has 4 synthetic rubber (hypalon) corner straps that grip your Defender case to give it added durability. A padded hand strap is attached to a rotating disc that allows iPad use in portrait or landscape mode.

A removable accessory bag also comes with the OtterBox Latch II. In it is a leg strap. Attach the iPad to your leg when you are in the gym, hiking, or, if you are in construction, when climbing ladders. There is also a neck strap that serves as a hands-free carrier. An S-biner attaches the iPad directly to a belt loop so it does not swing. Lastly, the accessory bag acts as a tablet stand when attached to the OtterBox Latch II.

What is the difference between an iPad hand holder, iPad hand strap, and iPad hand case?

What is the difference between an iPad hand holder, iPad hand strap, and iPad hand case_

These are all very similar tablet accessories, the only difference is that these may or may not have a case used for the tablet in addition to the grip strap. 

The difference between the iPAd hand holders, straps and cases are very minimal; however some do allow you to rotate the device more easily than others. For example, those made with a non-rotating grip will be less expensive, but more difficult to use when on your side, leaning, bending over, walking, running or jogging.

While subjective, experts often agree that besides a stylus for the iPad, the iPad hand strap holder is a must-have accessory for most tablet users. If you’re one who draws or creates digital art, the iPad hand holder could come in handy, especially if you’re using apps like procreate or creating animation on your iPad since the hand holder can help support your wrist as you draw.

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Tablet Grip Handles – Is it necessary?

Tablet Grip Handles - Is it necessary_

While this may seem obvious, the Tablet grip handle or iPad hand holder is only necessary if you’re in need of hand or wrist support and also want to protect the ipad from falling. 

So, if you want to minimize the chances of your iPad or tablet accidentally breaking or slipping out of the case, then a Tablet grip handle is necessary.

As well, if you have large hands or prefer to hold your iPad in a way that provides best grip then a Tablet grip handle is essential for you.In fact, with the growing popularity of tablet usage there are now very few tablets without tablet grips in mind as you purchase them

This is because it makes the tablet seem more like a book and easier to hold – it also makes it easier to grab and hold in your hand.

How to choose the right Grip/handle strap for the iPad to hold your iPad or Tablet in one hand.

How to choose the right Grip_handle strap for the iPad to hold your iPad or Tablet in one hand.

To choose the right grip or handle strap, you’ll need to understand grip and ergonomics as well as the type of material used to hold the tablet in the place. 

Some materials are stronger than others and certain types of hand holders will allow you to rotate the tablet 360 degrees as you move around the workplace, office or construction site (as an example).

How to choose the right grip/handle strap for the iPAd

The first thing you’ll need to decide is if you want a handle strap that can rotate 360 degrees around your hand, or if you will be using the tablet in one hand mainly.  If you are using it in just one hand then your needs will be different from someone who moves around with it and wants to run, jog or lean over a lot (like at work, especially constructions workers who need a tablet would use likely this)

The second thing to decide is if you want a handle/grip strap that is permanently fixed, or one that is versatile and allows you to remove the tablet and install into a mount in a vehicle or a charger/dock for the tablet.

The last thing to decide is the material from which the grip/handle strap will be made.  The metal handles come in either plastic and something very hard plastic (if its a case) The plastic handles come in either hard plastic or soft plastic from my personal experience.

Tablet grip ergonomics:

Tablet grip ergonomics_

By having support , your hand won’t need to compensate and move in unnecessary, uncomfortable positions when holding and using your tablet. In many cases this works best with iPAd Airs or iPad Pros because they have a larger display size and are expensive. 

The Tablet grip strap is strong enough to support the iPad in most situations because it uses adhesive glue to safely attach the accessory to the tablet. Allowing for maximum comfort during long periods of iPad usage. Ergonomics can help you hold the tablet in the correct position (source).

The best spot to place your iPad hand holder on the Tablet is in the center or more towards the bottom of the back of the Tablet; this way you can reach the bottom home button and the keyboard better. This is similar to how you’d use a phone or ring holder on a phone.

Grip Strap material:

Grip Strap material

The material of an iPad hand holder is typically a type of plastic. However, I found others made from PolyCarbonate. (like the Fintie universal or Breacn in this post) This is a very similar material to that many phone accessories use, such as the pop socket or phone finger ring holders.

The materials aren’t usually too thick unless you’re using a rugged case with a lot of protection. The main difference is that phone holders often have a coating on the back or side of the plastic, and this sometimes helps protect the device, but it’s mainly just for style. Also they’re often a bit heavier.

You can also find rubber and silicon materials for hand grips and mounts. These are less rigid than plastics and also more resistant to getting aesthetically damaged in the long run.

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Compatible Tablets (Tablet grip handles)

Compatible Tablets iPad hand grip straps

The iPad hand holders are compatible with most tablets between 7 -11 inches. I haven’t found a tablet that the Grip strap didn’t stick to. The Adhesive will work best on talbots with a plastic case or on uncovered tablets.

Some materials adhesive doesn’t work perfect on is silicon, but I found it still worked on my silicon case, it wasn’t as strong as pacing it directly on the iPad. If you’re concerned about this, then you may want to exchange your current silicon case for a plastic version.

Durability of iPad Grip handles

Durability of iPad hand holder

The bulky, rugged cases certainly keep your iPad in tact and help secure it well.

The slim iPad attachment holders appears to get damaged more easily, and protect your iPad less. So there is a trade off. I actually found the softer materials held up just as well in most scenarios for me, but I didn’t use my iPad in a work scenario or outside where its more easily damaged.

My iPad hand holder that has a case and pencil holder has lasted 2 years so far without any adhesive issues.

Using a Tablet hand holder grip strap

Using a Tablet hand holder grip strap

Rotate, running, applying it in the right place. Getting the right kind if you’re on your side, how much it weighs, which type of iPad because some will require heavier grip straps.

You can rotate the iPad hand, by placing your hand in the tablet grip strap and using the tablet as you normally would. You’ll be able to use it on your side if you have a grip strap handle that allows for 360 degree rotation like some of the ones listed in this post previously. 

These don’t weigh too heavily so you’ll be able to support your iPad for long durations and hold it wherever you need (and when you need it). Some even have a iPad case with handstrap and pencil holder

Use your thumbs to support the bottom of the tablet while your fingers wrap around the sides. Make sure your grip is firm, but not so tight that you risk damaging the device.

A strap can also be helpful in preventing a tablet from being dropped. A hand strap attaches to the tablet and can be worn around the hand, making it easier to hold and providing an added layer of security. Some tablets also come with a built-in stand or cover that can be folded into a handle for a secure grip.

Is there a pop socket for the iPad?

Using a Tablet hand holder grip strap

Yes, you can use multiple pop sockets, but I found its easier and more cost effective to use a iPad hand straps for the iPad since these were specifically designed to be used to hold tablet, rather than a phone. 

The Pop Sockets are primarily built for phones, which means you may need more than one. 

While you can certainly do this, I don’t see why it’s necessary to purchase multiple pop sockets, when you can get one iPad grip strap for a third of the price.

Both options work well, but if you really like the design and cool swappable caps of the pop sockets (and price isn’t an issue), then it may work best for you. For more on pop sockets, see our post: Coolest Pop sockets with different colors and cool designs

How We Ranked and Chose the Best iPad Hand Holders & iPad Cases with a Pencil Holder

In our quest to identify the best iPad hand holders and cases equipped with pencil holders, we meticulously evaluated various products based on their functionality, design, durability, and user feedback. A pivotal factor was the holder’s versatility, assessing whether it provided comfort for prolonged use and if it catered to diverse hand sizes and grip styles. Additionally, for those that came with cases, the level of protection offered, ease of access to ports, and the case’s integration with the hand strap were also paramount.

Another crucial aspect was the inclusion of a pencil holder. Given the increasing reliance on the Apple Pencil for tasks like note-taking, drawing, and other professional work, a secure and easily accessible pencil holder became an essential feature. We also took into account the product’s adaptability to various iPad models and its ability to accommodate other functionalities like stands or rotating mechanisms. User reviews and feedback provided insights into real-world performance, durability, and overall satisfaction, ensuring our recommendations were grounded in genuine user experiences.


These are extremely useful for anyone using the Tablet in public. If your hand or arm is tired from holding the tablet, then the iPad Hand holders or a iPad case with a hand grip strap attached (handle), is ideal to solve for this.

 These work well for almost every size iPad, even the iPad mini has an iPad hand holder; even though it may not be necessary since its of smaller size- it still can help hold the tablet in palace with ease for those who use it for long periods of time. 

Many of these iPad grip holders and cases with hand straps are built from layers of plastic that provide great protection, keeping your device safe even if it falls out of your hands.

With a 360° rotation acting as a kickstand You can set your iPad or Tablet in the perfect position to do any activity, such as reading or browsing. I found this particularly useful when I was reading.

The iPad Strap holder for your hand is one of the most innovating, easy ways to safely, and comfortably use your iPAd- which you choose will depend on whether you want a 360 rotating grip, a pencil holder, or one with a case in addition to just the grip.

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