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10 Best Phone Wrist straps and Lanyards for phone cases

10 Best Phone Wrist straps and Lanyards for phone cases

The best phone wrist straps and phone lanyards will be detachable, durable, and affordable. These phone accessories and straps can be bought as a solo accessory or along with a case.

There are many phone lanyard cases and phone cases with wrist straps, which you choose will depend on what style, and what type of strap your specific needs require. If you’re outdoors and running, then you’ll likely want a more secure lanyard or phone wrist strap.

If you’re indoors often and just need a phone wrist strap or lanyard to prevent your phone from falling, dropping, and breaking, then a less rugged, more stylish or modern strap is ideal. In this post I’ll cover the best wrist strap for a phone case.

Here’s the phone strap I personally use, but theres more options further down this post that I’ve tested:

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Best Phone Wrist Straps and Lanyards for a phone case

Below you’ll see the top phone wrist straps and lanyards that were tested on both iPhone and Android. Some have a case, some do not and this comes down to price and whether or not you’re looking to replace both and add a wrist strap/lanyard. We rated those that were both cost effective and fulfilled the wrist strap requirements of not detaching unintentionally.

1. Moxyo: Best Phone wristlet for iPhone, Android

Moxyo_ Best Phone wristlet for iPhone, Android (Wrist strap)

Moxyo is one of the most well-known brands when it comes to phone accessories, especially wrist straps for phone cases. Accordingly, they have created one of the best phone wrist straps on the market. The latest Moxyo wrist strap is very distinctive and comes in many colors, allowing you to choose which fits you the most.

The main advantage of a wrist strap like this is that it sticks to every smartphone and secures your phone from dangerous drops. Accordingly, Moxyo has a high-quality 360° swivel specially created to protect your phone. Thus, Moxyo is perfect to use when running, walking or traveling.

To sum up, the Moxyo wrist strap is one of the most durable wrist straps on the market. Thus, if you want a practical, efficient accessory to secure your Apple iPhone or smartphone during everyday tasks, this is one of the best solutions.

Runner up: OUTXE Phone Lanyard Neck – lasso strap

OUTXE has excellent fame when it comes to designing beautiful and straightforward phone accessories. Lately, OUTXE has developed a phone lanyard tether with a patch, which is compatible with every phone from 4 to 6.7 inches.

You can easily attach the reinforced metal clip to your backpack or belt and safely carry your phone. Moreover, you can connect the clip to the metal ring on the other side and wear it on your wrist. This makes OUTXE strap a superb Moxyo alternative for running, taking photos, and outdoor activities. 

On the flip side, for you to use the OUTXE lasso strap, you need to have an entire coverage case. Overall, this is an all-rounder strap that proves to be an equally safe, reliable alternative to Moxyo.  

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2. Moshi: Best iPhone 12 Pro & iPhone 12 Case with Wrist Strap 

Moshi_ Best iPhone 12 Pro & iPhone 12 Case with Wrist Strap

Moshi is a well-known brand for making phone cases. That’s why the Moshi phone case with wrist straps for iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 is a premium case. This product was created for those who need a wrist strap and a case with it.

This case allows you to create your own style as you can choose from different wrist straps to decorate it. Additionally, if you need to remove the wrist strap, you can easily do it by rotating it upwards.

This Moshi case is ideal for daily tasks, and you will find it efficient in securing your phone while taking photos, running, or working. The case itself is also weather resistance and compatible with wireless charging.

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In a few words, the Moshi case with the wrist straps is a top pick with numerous advanced features and comes at a reasonable price. Thus, if you want a premium case with a wrist strap, this is the best way to go.

Runner up: VNCASE (iPhone 12 Pro)

Although the Moshi case is a fantastic phone strap accessory, the VNCASE is perfect for the iPhone 12 Pro owners who need a case with a wrist strap and a ring holder. Additionally, this silicone phone case includes a 1.2mm enhanced camera and screen protection.

Thus, this case is unique as you can use its integrated ring holder for watching videos or taking photos. Moreover, the VNCASE case is also a great alternative to Moshi when it comes to outdoor activities, including a high-quality wrist strap. 

Considering the above, the VNCASE is a highly flexible phone case with unique characteristics. Thus, this is an excellent alternative to the Moshi case for those who want a safe phone case that includes a wrist strap and a ring holder.

3. Elago: Best Budget iPhone 11 Case with Wrist Strap/Lanyard 

Elago_ Best Budget iPhone 11 Case with Wrist Strap_Lanyard

When it comes to the protection of your phone, you need the best accessories. If you don’t want to spend a fortune on an iPhone 11, 12, or 14 case, then Elago is the answer.

This wrist strap for your phone case not only protects your device but also includes a function that allows you to carry it with you easily. 

You can effortlessly install this budget case to your phone with or without the wrist strap. It’s important to mention that you won’t face any problems with wireless charging as the Elago case is very slim and supports this feature.

The wrist strap is a handy addition to your phone case. Likewise, with this Elago case, you can stop worrying about your phone’s drops, and losing it won’t be a problem anymore. Thus, it’s the perfect tool for taking photos or going on jogging.  

To summarize, Elago is a top-tier affordable case with a delicate design and a perfect budget choice for those of you who want a safe case with a wrist strap.

4. VRS: Best iPhone 11 Pro wrist strap & lanyard case

VRS_ Best iPhone 11 Pro wrist strap & lanyard case

If you are looking for something more enhanced than the Elago case, then the well-known VRS brand has created a premium case for you. The VRS case will fully protect your phone and, at the same time, includes a wrist strap for your convenience. 

This case is compatible with the iPhone 11 Pro and is made of carbon for preventing scratches. Moreover, the VRS case allows you to charge your phone wirelessly, even though it’s not the slimmest one. 

The additional wrist strap helps you carry your phone with you and allows you to use it in every outdoor activity. The brand promises that the case combined with the wrist strap will make you forget what a broken screen looks like. 

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Overall, the VRS case is one of the best choices on the market, specially created for those of you who need a high-quality, flexible accessory to secure your phone.

5. HC: Best Phone wristband for iPhone & Samsung phones

HC_ Best Phone wristband for iPhone & Samsung phones

If you are one of those people who love to go on outdoor activities and don’t know where to put your phone, then the HC has a great solution. The brand has created a premium wristband for phones that will be useful in your everyday life.

The HC wristband is perfect not only for running, jogging, or cycling but also for everyday chores in the house. The 360° rotation allows adjusting the angle and choosing the most convenient for each task. Moreover, HC is lightweight and easy to wear.

If you consider that all the phone’s buttons and the screen are easily accessible while wearing this wristband, this is an amazing product. Last but not least, HC is compatible with most smartphones from 4.0” to 6.5”.

Summing up, the HC wristband is a top-tier solution, which proves to be efficient for all kinds of daily activities.     

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6. Doormoon Leash: Best Phone leash for iPhone and Android

Doormoon Leash_ Best Phone leash for iPhone and Android

If you are looking for a highly stylish leash to hold your phone and at the same time to accompany their outfits, Doormoon has the answer. The brand has created one of the most modern and fashionable leashes on the market and offers it at a great price without compromising quality.

The Doormoon leash can be easily stuck to every phone. You can also adjust the leash length to fit your needs and wear it over your shoulder, wrist, or crossbody for your hands to be free. 

This leash is handy when you walk, shop, and travel. Additionally, another advantage is that it doesn’t affect wireless charging. In a few words, this leash is stylish and modern, perfect for your outdoor activities, and made of high-quality materials.

7. Doormoon Wrist: Best Phone wrist holder (Phone strap)

Doormoon Wrist_ Best Phone wrist holder (Phone strap)

Many of us prefer book-cases for our phones, so they give us the option to use our case as our wallet. So, if you are one of those, then Doormoon has created the ultimate wrist attached to a wallet pocket.   

You can stick this Doormoon wrist to any smartphone, and you will be able to carry with you your ID or a credit card. Both the pocket and the wrist are very stylish, which is also one reason why this accessory is extremely popular.

In a few words, the excellent quality wrist strap allows you to carry your phone safely. Thus, the Doormoon wrist holder is an ideal product for outdoor activities like running, jogging, or even shopping. 

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To sum up, this is a fashionable wrist with a wallet pocket. Thus, it is perfect for those who want a flexible accessory to secure their phone while giving it an elegant look.

8. VUP: Best Phone wristband for running

VUP_ Best Phone wristband for running

If your everyday life includes outdoor activities like running, cycling, or going to the gym, then VUP has created the best wristband for you. 

This wristband is made of high-quality materials and offers you a lightweight and soft wearing experience. The 360° rotation gives you the opportunity to adjust the right angle and make it suitable for you.

This VUP wristband is compatible with most smartphones from 4.0 to 6.7 inches, so you don’t need to worry if it’s going to match your phone. Moreover, like the HC wristband, all the phone’s buttons and the screen are easily accessible while using the wristband.

Overall, the VUP wristband is a specially designed accessory for outdoor activities. For this reason, it is perfect for those who need a reliable, robust wristband to use daily.

9. Gear Beast Cell Phone Lanyard: The Multi-Functional Neck Phone Holder with Card Pocket

Gear Beast is a brand that has garnered a lot of attention for its high-quality phone accessories, and their cell phone lanyard is no exception. This lanyard is not just about holding your phone; it also comes with a card pocket, making it a multi-functional accessory. Available in black, it’s a sleek and practical choice for anyone.

The lanyard is made from silicone, ensuring it’s both lightweight and durable. One of the standout features is its universal compatibility, fitting most smartphones on the market. The Gear Beast lanyard also scores high on comfort, designed to be worn around the neck without causing any irritation.

In summary, the Gear Beast Cell Phone Lanyard offers a blend of functionality and comfort. It’s a versatile accessory that not only secures your phone but also provides a pocket for cards, making it a handy tool for daily life. If you’re looking for a reliable, comfortable, and multi-functional lanyard, Gear Beast is a top contender.

10. SHANSHUI Universal Phone Lanyard: The Versatile Neck Strap and Wrist Tether for All Smartphones

SHANSHUI is another brand that has made a name for itself in the phone accessories market. Their phone lanyard is a universal fit for all smartphones, provided they have a cover case. This makes it a versatile choice for users who may switch phones but want to keep the same reliable lanyard.

One of the most user-friendly features of this lanyard is the D-closure tether pad, which does not block the charging port. This means you can charge your phone without removing the lanyard, a convenience that many will appreciate. The lanyard is made of ultra-soft, high-density nylon, making it comfortable to wear around your neck or wrist.

To wrap it up, the SHANSHUI Phone Lanyard is a universal, easy-to-use, and comfortable accessory for your smartphone. Its thoughtful design ensures that it doesn’t interfere with charging or other functionalities of your phone. If you’re in the market for a lanyard that offers both convenience and comfort, SHANSHUI is a brand you should definitely consider.

What is a Phone lanyard?

What is a Phone lanyard

A phone lanyard is a strap that holds a mobile phone using a strap made out of a comfortable, yet durable material. The purpose of an android lanyard or iphone lanyard is to keep your phone and wallet from falling by connecting the lanyard strap around the neck.

Similar to a phone wrist strap, a phone lanyard keeps your phone from getting lost, falling or detaching from your body with you needing to hold it manually.

A phone lanyard is a piece of string or cord that is tied around your neck that attaches to your cell phone. It is used to carry the cell phone in a place where it would be difficult, or impossible, to bring the device around.

There are also Tablet lanyard and wrist straps for smaller sized tablets and iPads. For more on this, see: Best iPad Hand Holders & iPad Cases with a pencil holder

What is a Phone wrist strap?

What is a Phone wrist strap

A phone wrist strap is a device that holds a mobile phone to the side of the body, usually around the wrist. They are used in many different settings, including work and school scenarios as well as classtrips, vacations. 

You will usually use a phone wrist strap when you don’t want your phone to break or when you want to protect your phone from getting lost or stolen. This phone accessory is great if you are outside or running and don’t want to ruin your phone (this is especially true since mobile phones are the ‘most ubiqutious electronic product on the globe’ (source).

How to choose a phone lanyard & wrist strap for a phone case

How to choose a phone lanyard wrist strap for a phone case

When choosing a good, affordable smartphone lanyard or iphone wrist strap you’ll want to consider the price, the type of material used (rubber, cotton, leather), and whether you want to get the lanyard or wrist strap separate from your phone case. 

The best options include getting a phone lanyard cases and a wrist strap since these phone accessories are designed and built to work well with the phone. Different lanyards and wrist straps will be available based on your type of phone. For example a lanyard that works on a Samsung galaxy or google phone will likely also work on your iphone

What is the best phone lanyard

What is the best phone lanyard

The best phone lanyard will be durable, have a lightweight design. The best lanyards for smartphones will have a rugged or secure design and will also be detachable. These can attach to your phone and detach based on your preference.

How do I attach my wrist strap to my phone?

How do I attach my wrist strap to my phone

To attach a wrist strap to your phone you’ll first need to use the phone wrist strap’s attachment. This attachment can be either glued or attached to the phone, then connected to the wrist strap Next, you’ll slide the wrist strap loop into the hole and secure it as per the devices manufacturers instructions.

 It’s difficult to attach a phone wrist strap without a hole or attachment. Since there’s no location on most smartphones that allow for this.

Alternatively, you can use a phone case with a wrist strap which will have a small hole that will allow you to securely attach your wrist strap to the phone, tablet, or electronic device.

Wrist Straps vs Lanyards: My Personal Opinion

In my experience, wrist straps and lanyards are indispensable accessories for anyone who uses their phone on the go. They offer a simple yet effective way to secure your device, reducing the risk of accidental drops that could lead to costly repairs.

I personally lean towards wrist straps for their subtlety and ease of use. Lanyards are great for more active scenarios like hiking or touring, but for everyday use, a wrist strap is less intrusive and more comfortable. Both have their merits, and your choice should depend on your lifestyle and what you prefer most.


Phone wrist straps and lanyards for your phone case both accomplish the same goal, but they do so differently. The goal of a wrist strap on your phone case is to prevent you from losing your iPhone or android or breaking your smartphone if you were to drop it. Overall the best types of phone straps, wrist straps, and phone leashes will be durable  and attach to your wrist or neck. 

In this post we covered what a Phone lanyard is and how it is a neck strap that is attachable to your phone to prevent your phone from breaking. We also covered how the best phone lanyards and phone straps that connect to your wrist will typically also be able to detach.

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