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Is CleanMyMac Safe? (The Truth) | Know this Before Downloading

Is CleanMyMac Safe? (The Truth) | Know this Before Downloading

Is Clean my Mac Safe? Installing any speed optimizer or cleaning software its common to see user reviews online with complaints or negative, exaggerated stories. CleanMyMac is a system cleaner developed by a company called MacPaw.

Yes, CleanMyMac is safe. It’s stamp of legitimacy is confirmed by Apple, as the product is Apple-notarized. This means that Apple has reviewed it by scanning its code and discovered that it has no malware or viruses embedded.

In fact, the product has a valid history of protecting Mac computers for about ten years. So, why do so many wonder if Clean my Mac can be trusted?

I personally have used CleanMyMac X for years and has worked wonders for speeding up and freeing up RAM on my MacBook Pro.

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Some users doubted the software (mostly from stories generated within communities online), but we tested the software hands on to see if this was true.

Paul Michael, Mediapeanut

I’m going to cover why CleanMyMac 3 & CleanMyMac X are safe softwares to use. I’ll also discuss the pros and cons of using CleanMyMac as a Mac Cleaner.

I’ll go over what you can do to ensure the CleanMyMac software is not bloatware, or ransomware as many anonymous sources might presume. I’ll also cover alternatives and what you can do to feel protected when using this application.

How Safe is Clean My Mac X?

In the past, CleanMyMac was so efficient at cleaning up junk files to optimize speed & storage… that a couple of users on a forum claimed that it deleted files that ‘MacBook experts’ considered necessary.

Not only was this problem reversible, but present day CleanMyMac X has improved upon this to completely prevent the issue.

Additionally an malware protection feature is built-in to the product as well as a “clean up RAM” feature for your Mac

There are users online that claim you don’t need anti-virus software for Mac OS, that it ‘fixes itself’, and that clean My Mac could slow the computer down.

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This accusation couldn’t be further from the truth according to our hands-on test of CleanMyMac.

There’s no reason to not provide extra protection and CleanMyMac does just that. Additionally, CleanMyMac has never interfered with my Mac’s built-in-security. 

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Is CleanMyMac Legit?

CleanMyMac is legitimate and has been declared safe by industry professionals such as Paul Michael from

The question of is CleanMyMac legit has also been confirmed by Apple in that there is an official version of it in the AppleStore.

However, many consumers will take advantage of additional benefits by grabbing it directly from MacPaw. Benefits may include free upgrades to major versions, additional device downloads and hefty discounts of their other products.

Primarily, it was built by a reputable tech company, MacPaw.

The company has been around in the tech industry for 11+ years now; hence, if its product were to be unsafe for computers, there would be serious backlash for its business by now.

Paul Michael
Is CleanMyMac Legit_

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CleanMyMac does nothing more or less to help clean your Mac computer in an attempt to make it run faster and rid Mac based devices of unnecessary files. They even have a sister product called Gemini that helps delete duplicates and is part of the Macpaw ecosystem.

Through the smart scan feature, this software rids your Mac computer of its junk files and unnecessary loads, slowing down your computer.

I personally use, and will continue to use Cleanmymac on my Macbook Pro. I have experienced absolutely no problems with the software causing issues to my computer.

Lastly, as far back as 2018, CleanMyMac recorded about 5 million users. This number has risen over time. If the software were not legit, the number of users wouldn’t reach anywhere near this amount… especially for such a sustained amount of time.

Does Apple recommend CleanMyMac?

Does Apple recommend CleanMyMac_

Apple confirms CleanMyMac to be safe. It is important to state here that CleanMyMac is not built or developed by Apple. However, the Mac cleaning tool is Apple-Notarized, as stated earlier.

Apple notarization is a process where Apple verifies the absence of malware in software meant for their products. At the final stage of building the software, the developers of the app sent it to Apple Notary Services, where the code of the software was scanned, and no malware was found in it.

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Various other organizations recognize and view CleanMyMac as a safe way to optimize the storage and speed of your Mac by performing cleanup tasks that most can’t figure out on their own, and doing so more efficiently than many other cleanup softwares.

Is CleanMyMac X a Scam?

Is CleanMyMac X a Scam_

CleanMyMac is not a scam and it doesn’t harm your computer in any way. It does not give you a virus or malware, nor is it made by a suspicious company. The Mac software has a very aesthetically pleasing user design and user experience; which makes it look like it will solve all your problems.

I get asked often if MacPaw is Safe or not? MacPaw is a legitimate company that has been around for 10+ years creating softwares such as CleanMyMac, Gemini, Gemini Photos, CleanMyDrive 2, and several others that were deemed safe for MacOS during our tests.

While it does a lot, it of course doesn’t solve every little issue you’re going to have.

It can help your computer clean up junk files and free up the RAM of your Mac computer. These actions imply that your Mac computer becomes faster and has more space for other activities.

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Years ago (2011), there was a period of time where you could pull up a few negative reviews online about CleanMyMac X & CleanMyMac 3; which I believe to be quite misleading considering the 10+ software upgrades since thrn.

Oftentimes, CleanMyMac is confused with MacKeeper and CCleaner; which have similar functions in which range from removing viruses, ads, and monitoring data breaches to data trackers and browsing history.

The questionable reviews we found were 6+ years old and highlighted old issues (aimlessly) with-in the software and CleanMyMac 3 has significantly improved since this time through software updates as the evolution of CleanMyMac X.

These old issues include CleanMyMac deleting certain files that people claimed they could not get back.

When I investigated these issues it turned out the person manually deleted the file or had done something on their end, not from Clean my mac.

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Will Clean my Mac delete files on my computer?

Will Clean my Mac delete files on my computer_

No, Clean my mac will not delete files you don’t command it to on your computer. There are some older cases of CleanMyMac deleting ‘necessary’ files in 2011 and the Software did not do this during our tests on a MacBook Pro M2.

New updates by MacPaw have helped solve for any confusion around this and this is known to be easily reversible. I know many who use CleanMyMac and not once have had this issue, including myself.

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CleanMyMac does nothing more than help optimize speed and storage on your MacBook or iMac and is in no way going to slow your computer down or remove any files without your knowing..

Can CleanMyMac Harm My Computer with malware?

Can CleanMyMac Harm My Computer with malware_

Is CleanMyMac Malware? No, CleanMyMac will not harm your computer with malware. You can rest knowing that your computer is safe from malware when you install the software. The software has been reviewed by Apple, and it has been declared free of any malware.

Not only does CleanMyMac not have any malware, but it scans and offers immediate removal. Myself, as well as my tech team has tested this software hands-on with absolutely no issue with malware.

Does CleanMyMac get rid of viruses and malware?

Does CleanMyMac get rid of viruses and malware_

CleanMyMac can help you get rid of viruses and malware through its Malware Removal feature. It scans your computer system and removes any malware found on the system.

In fact, CleanMyMac X actually has a malware detection feature that searches your system to for adware & spyware. If a CleanMyMac scan finds malware it will prompt you for removal of malicious, extra files (as well as useless files).

Much of what this software does is aimed at freeing up the junk files on your computer by smart-scanning where the files are located. The Clean Up feature allows it to flush out these junk files and clean them.

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One issue someone could theoretically have with CleanMyMac is to mistakenly deleting files a that you need. However, this is a reversible error, and updates to the software have seen anything related to this mistake or error corrected with ease.

Will CleanMyMac Speed up my computer?

Will CleanMyMac Speed up my computer_

The actions of the CleanMyMac software can help you speed up your computer. By cleaning your computer and deleting junk and unneeded files, your computer will have more space to run programs and store files.

CleanMyMac also frees up the RAM of your system. This implies that applications and programs slowing down your Mac computer will be stopped. This will also help you speed up your computer as the RAM will be free to run programs faster and seamlessly.

Here are ways CleanMyMac speeds up your computer:

  • Completely removes files that dragging to trash leaves behind.
CleanMy Mac safely frees up RAM
  • Deletes large, unused files & old, unneeded files.
CleanMyMac gets rid of large and old files
  • Cleans hard drive through cache, logs, hidden trash.
CleanMyMac optimization dashboard overview safety
  • Can remove browsing history for online & offline privacy.
How clean my Mac speeds up your computer

It can perform tasks with just one button. It’s possible to do all this yourself if you’re a tech wizard and have a few hours, but let’s face it… most want this done instantly (and safely)

How to use CleanMyMac Safely

Does CleanMyMac make my mac faster? Yes, it can speed up your laptop through the ‘free up ram’ feature, removing programs upon startup, and by uninstalling old files you may not had known were stored on your Mac.

Specifically, CleanMyMac safely disables CPU consuming tasks & applications Mac may be running in the background through a series of automations and maintenance scripts. I found this made my device more responsive when I did launch and app or run multiple softwares or browser tabs at once.

Keep in mind if you have a brand new mac and it’s running slow, you may want to run CleanMyMac X, contact Apple support, or bring back an older backup through the time machine app.

Here’s how to run CleanMyMac safely:

  1. Backup the current state of your Mac device using Time Machine or a similar app.
    Run CleanMyMac safely
  2. Download the CleanMyMac App via the Apple App store or through MacPaw directly.
    CleanMyMac X in the app store safe
  3. Launch CleanMyMac, and follow the prompts
    CleanMyMac Dashboard safely launched

  4. When uninstalling an app, do not manually check off the apps you need.
  5. Exit out of the application that CleanMyMac X recommends and prompts as you follow the on-screen instructions
  6. Finally, restart your MacBook Air or Pro and begin.

Is CleanMyMac necessary?

Is CleanMyMac necessary_

CleanMyMac is only necessary if you are looking for a one button fix to improve the speed and storage of your Mac. It is not required to keep your Mac running smoothly, but it can help considerably depending on what is slowing down your MacBook.

Tech experts have argued that you could perform what CleanMyMac does manually, but only if you’re a tech expert who has hours to figure out each individual action it performs.

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However, the point of CleanMyMac is to clean up old files for you automatically, and significantly faster.

  • Mantainence: CleanMyMac is very useful for maintenance if you’re someone who uses your Mac moderately.
  • Speed optimization: If you are interested in ridding your Mac computer of malware, then CleanMyMac may be necessary for you.

If you don’t plan to grab a malware dedicated app, such as malwarebytes then you can use CleanMyMac’s Malware Removal option to scan, detect and remove malware for you.

How has CleanMyMac changed over its previous versions?

How has CleanMyMac changed over its previous versions_

CleanMyMac has not only added a several features, but its more recent models allows Malware scanning and benefits Mac users by providing a more all-in-one solution compared to its older versions of the software.

Clean my Mac is changed from the previous versions in that it is now a Mac OS cleaner with the capability to remove malware and monitor the sluggishness of your Mac device.

It’s application now even includes an update her on Installer as well as something called space lens which lets you dive deeper into files and storage. 

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What has changed most over the years that clean my Mac has become more reputable and has cut back any disadvantages older versions had presented. This includes the rumors of deleting unnecessary files and taking up space.

Is CleanMyMac Bad?

Is CleanMyMac Bad_

CleanMyMac is not bad or harmful to your MacBook Air, Pro or iMac computer. While many applications may have bugs and errors, CleanMyMac has actually improved their current versions significantly from previous years.

CleanMyMac may be one of the best cleaners available for MacBook. If you’re Macbook is sluggish CleanMyMac is good because it aims to optimize all unnecessary junk files, free up ram, and provide malware scans. This is the opposite of bad, if you ask any expert.

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Disadvantages of CleanMyMac

Disadvantages of CleanMyMac

The truth is that no software application is perfect and clean my Mac of course won’t provide a miracle cure for virus ridden computers, but does do a lot to protect against that and even remove malware.

The main concern with clean my Mac X is if it deletes unnecessary files and if it’s a legitimate software and not a scam. Clean my Mac is proven this is not the case and has done so with a “stamp of legitimacy”from Apple themselves.

Well many I hope that Apple recommends clean my Mac directly, the truth is is that Apple is very selective about what they recommend and a software pointing out the flaws is most likely not their top priority.

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Clean my Mac does take up a very small amount of space which some may consider a disadvantage but in the end it will ultimately delete unnecessary files improve privacy get rid of any malware.

One disadvantage is that you could argue that the malware scanner is not a strong as others or doesn’t work on other devices such as an iPhone.

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If you’re actually concerned about this you could get Malwarebytes or another malware software and run it on top of clean my Mac which I have done personally just because I already have both programs.

This most likely necessary and CleanMyMac for Mac, actually has a very in-depth malware scanner.


Why do I have a CleanMyMac ‘threat secured’ from Avast?

CleanMyMac has some scripts that may interact with some sensitive areas in your system. This interaction is usually flagged by Avast and any other computer antivirus. To prevent this from occurring, ensure to whitelist CleanMyMac on your computer system.

Does CleanMyMac give you viruses?

CleanMyMac does not give your computer system viruses. It is a cleaning tool for Mac computers, with the ability to clean junk files from the computer. Clean My Mac instead helps free up disk space (drive space), and can remove duplicate files.

Clean My Mac is not a malicious software and does not act as anything less than a Mac Cleaner app that allows Mac users maintenance tools to better perform speed-wise.

Is clean my Mac a antivirus

Yes clean my Mac X considers itself an antivirus software. It is one of the new features of the CleanMyMac X version. The reason why it’s considered an antivirus is because well, it provides buyers removal adware removal as well as privacy cleanups and a ‘shredder’ option to fully get rid of suspicious files. CleanMyMac X considers itself to be a competitor to Kaspersky, which is a very well known anti-virus software. 

Can CleanMyMac free up storage?

CleanMyMac frees up the storage of your Mac computer. With its clean up feature, it deletes junk and unneeded files from the computer storage. It also can free the RAM of the computer system. 

Clean my mac not responding

If clean my Mac is not working the fix options are as follows. You can either uninstall and then reinstall clean my Mac or or you can simply send a email or contact clean my Mac support. In many cases you may just need to update your Mac operating system which could be the culprit. The issue may lie outside of CleanMyMac.


Clean my Mac is safe and provides a massive benefit for those who want an automated solution to speeding up their MacBook or iMac computer that has slowed down. It does this through getting rid of system cache, broken data files, mail attachments, and other things you don’t have time to think about.

I’ve used CleanMyMac and have tested it next to many other apps. Not only is clean my Mac legit, but it’s safe to install and the legitimacy of CleanMyMac has been proven over the years with a solid company and a product that actually does what it says.

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