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10 Best CleanMyMac Alternatives (Free and Paid)

10 Best CleanMyMac Alternatives (Free and Paid)

In search of the best CleanMyMac alternatives? What most Mac users don’t realize is that CleanMyMac is an all-in-one solution and provides many more features than your MacBook might need for a simple speed and storage cleanup.

CleanMyMac is an all in one, premium solution for Mac cleaning. However, the alternative options such as Daisy Disk or Disk Doctor are more affordable and still accomplish the disk cleaning goal. These alternatives have a feature or two less than CleanMyMac, such as the ‘free up ram’ option.

For example, Disk Doctor and cheaper alternatives provide a quick storage optimization at a fraction of the price, but it doesn’t have the advanced “free up RAM” option and malware protection that CleanMyMac does.

There are different applications you can choose from that will accomplish the disk cleanup feature Clean My Mac X provides. However, I haven’t found a particular free alternative that can free up ram and remove files as seamlessly as CleanMyMac.

Because CleanMyMac has a “free up ram” feature, one of the best alternatives of the official version is to simply try the free trial of CleanMyMac as it provides a lot of value without any costs up-front.

I’m going to cover all the other applications that are similar to clean my mac, their pros, cons, and how they pair in comparison to MacPaws’ CleanMyMac.

Different Types of CleanMyMac Alternatives Explained

Choosing an alternative to CleanMyMac isn’t exactly simple due to the amount of licenses, costs, and cleaning capabilities based on your needs.

We have organized CleanMyMac X (from MacPaw) alternatives by price, effectiveness, extra features, and how it can actually help you speed up and optimize your Macbook: Free, Budget, and Premium options.

Here are the three different types of CleanMyMac Alternatives categorized by pricing structure:

At a Glance – Top Free CleanMyMac Alternatives

At a Glance – Top Budget CleanMyMac Alternatives

At a Glance – Top Premium CleanMyMac Alternatives

Best CleanMyMac Alternatives (Free and Paid)

In this list below, the CleanMyMac alternatives chosen are our top picks, but covered in close detail. These have the recommended features, price points, and user interface to specifically clean your Mac just like the official app from MacPaw.

1. Disk Doctor – Best Budget Alternative to CleanMyMac

Disk Doctor - Best Budget Alternative to CleanMyMac

Having trouble with your Mac slowing down? Disk Doctor can be your go-to choice to boost your Mac. It is capable enough to erase all the unnecessary junk from your PC in just minutes and present a system that looks new again.

It’s a Mac cleaner software similar to CleanMyMac in that it can free up space, but it has slightly less functions

If you’re looking for a tool that’s similar to CleanMyMac and at a fractions of the cost ($2.99), then this is a great functional, alternative option.

Disc Doctor is similar to CleanMyMac, but provides the core junk file removal functions at a smaller price point. This is ideal if you’re willing to sacrifice the extra features (ex. ‘Free up ram’ button that CleanMyMac provides)

The price range can vary greatly between the various drawing tablets with a screen. Larger displays and more well known name-brands typically cause the drawing tablet to cost more.

Disk doctor has a lot fewer features, but Disk Doctor lets you focus solely on clearing junk files and speed up your computer. If you’re not-so-tech-savvy, it’s a great choice for you for just $2.99, however some argue you ‘get what you pay for’.

As you know, CleanMyMac thoroughly controls your whole Mac ecosystem by scanning files, deleting the inessentials, and keeping things out of harm’s way with malware and anti-virus measures on top of freeing up space and RAM… Disk Doctor only has control over the storage.

I’ve tested and haven’t found any malware associate with CleanMyMac, see our post: Is CleanMyMac Safe? (The Truth)

While I couldn’t say Disk Doctor is a better version of CleanMyMac, it certainly is something to consider. Disk Doctor sticks to the job of freeing up space and is not going to overwhelm you with thousands of options.


  1. It cleans your computer at a speed that can match CleanMyMac.
  2. Disk Doctor easily finds out the files over 100 MB, whereas CleanMyMac runs a similar scan type.
  3. It’s very straight forward and focuses on Cache’s, Browser data, large files and the files that will help speed up your Mac.


  1. CleanMyMac has a much better security system to prevent several types of malware. Disk Doctor doesn’t have Malware DMG file detection.
  2. CleanMyMac has a very intuitive and userinterface that is easily navigable and makes Disc Doctor feel primitive.

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How is Disk Doctor different from CleanMyMac?

Disk Doctor is specifically programmed to make your computer run faster. So, it has cut short on the other works that CleanMyMac does. For example, it doesn’t have the startup apps removal feature, the in-built malware detecting tool, the real-time RAM cleaner.

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2. MacBooster 8 – Most similar CleanMyMac X alternative

MacBooster 8 - Most similar CleanMyMac X alternative

MacBooster 8 is the most similar alternative to CleanMyMac available in the market.

You may find it useful for so many of its features like Deep System Cleanup, Excellent Performance Boost, Full Security Protection. Macbooster really does a wonderful job in clearing your Mac upside down.

Although it doesn’t have all the features of cleanmymac, It has two core functions that help optimize the speed of your mac nearly as well as cleanmymac: Deep system cleanup & performance boost.

It’s especially useful to delete all sorts of junk files on your Mac. From large old potentially harmful folders to minuscule cache memories, it’s all gone in seconds. Macbooster offers to clean up 20 types of junks. Also, it is highly sensitive about system security. It enables the internal security system in your Mac to prevent threats.

As I mentioned, it’s a lot similar to CleanMyMac. Both remove system junk and malware, secures your Mac environment from potential harms. But there are some differences.

Given the diversity of CleanMyMac’s service, it’s hard to compete. As a result, Macbooster falls behind in providing services like Disabling Hung Apps, File Shredder, etc. However, it does have some useful features that even CleanMyMac doesn’t have. For instance, the duplicate file and photo finder.

The truth is… you’ll need to be the judge for yourself by comparing alternatives to the CleanMyMac X free trial.


  1. It deep-cleans your Mac just as CleanMyMac.
  2. Macbooster offers equally capable system protection.
  3. It has features like a Duplicate file finder that ensures your files are deleted without leaving any copies behind.


  1. It costs nearly as much as CleanMyMac, so you’ll be disappointed if you were looking for a low budget option.
  2. In the past, Mac users have criticized Macbooster for frequent pop-up ads. CleanMyMac wins the gold medal for discreet marketing.

How is MacBooster 8 different from CleanMyMac?

People often compare Macbooster with CleanMyMac for their similarity. While CleanMyMac has been in the industry for more than a decade, the relative newcomer wins in aspects like real-time malware protection. Though it doesn’t have a dedicated feature for that, Macbooster manages to activate devices’ internal safety measures.

Also, Macbooster isn’t overloaded with add-on services like CleanMyMac, which makes it feel more overwhelming for some users who aren’t particularly tech savvy.

3. OnyX: Best CleanMyMac free alternative

OnyX_ Best CleanMyMac free alternative

Onyx Aims to adjust and tweak the performance of your MacBook, rather than optimize and clean the disk like CleanMyMac can. Onyx is useful because it is a free alternative to CleanMyMac that gets the core job done: old file cleanup and tweaks to enhance your Mac from its current state of sluggishness.

What onyx provides that clean my Mac does not is folder visability and MacBook customization.

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CleanMyMac on the other hand has the ability to do just about everything else you’d expect in the realm of improving the performance of your Mac such as Mac optimization, large & old file scanning and even a uninstaller for applications. Onyx does not have any of these features, but it will get the basics out of the way.

When I tested the two, I found CleanMyMac was much more intuitive and provided and complete optimization, whereas OnyX only helped tweak different options and clean up space for more storage.

4. DiskCleanPro – Strong budget alternative

DiskCleanPro - Strong budget alternative

Here is another Mac cleaner for those on an even tighter budget, DiskCleanPro manages to clean up your Mac to the roots and offers a clutter-free computer.

Unlike various other cleaners, it offers cleanup service with both manual and automated control.

DiskCleanPro spots junk files, logs, older and large folders and deals with them smoothly. Also, the manual option lets you select the drives, files, and locations to perform suitable operations. 

DiskCleanPro offers four special tools to clean up your Mac, besides that the optimization features are handy as well. While comparing it to CleanMyMac, it seems like DiskCleanPro has done a nicer job in assuring the best cleanup materials.

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  1. DiskCleanPro uses four tools to clean up individually; CleanMyMac performs it all along.
  2. in comparison to DiskCleanPro, CleanMyMac performed fairly equal in the manual cleanup department.
  3. You can perform any task in just a few clicks in both the tools.


  1. DiskCleanPro solely focuses on cleaning; it doesn’t have any malware protection like Clean My Mac X does.
  2. The privacy safety feature is bleak in DiskCleanPro as well.

How is DiskCleanPro different from CleanMyMac X?

There are multiple answers. To start with, DiskCleanPro’s only target is cleaning up your Mac, and they have done a hell of a job in that. It offers the duplicate file finder that everyone talks about, which is surprisingly missing from CleanMyMac.

DiskCleanPro is also pretty famous for optimization besides just cleaning up storage. It has a feature that lets you delete files downloaded before a specific date, that means you don’t have to select these files individually. So, from a strong budget perspective, it’s a great deal at just $4.99.

5. DaisyDisk – best for storage cleanup

DaisyDisk - best for storage cleanup

Using DaisyDisk to free up some sizable storage is a wise move for those who want an option other than CleanMyMac or MacKeeper. This advanced storage cleaning app is doing extremely well thus far in its role of optimize Mac computers.

It’s specialty is cleaning up unnecessary storage.

There’s not much technical stuff going on inside DaisyDisk, besides having a super slick user interface. All you need to do is click on a disk, locate the unusually large files, and press delete.

As an alternative to CleanMyMac for storage clean up, DaisyDisk is something you want to consider. Because it’s easy to use, works on manual control, and performs just fine even in a tech novice’s hand.


  1. The space visualization feature aims to compete with CleanMyMac’s
  2. It has a temporary junk collector, which CleanMyMac lacks (though, this isn’t a must have for us)
  3. Extremely affordable service compared to the price point of the all-in-one solution, CleanMyMac.


  1. DasyDisk doesn’t have any security features like CleanMyMac.
  2. A real-time health monitor is missing along with a lot of other stuff that CleanMyMac offers.

How is DaisyDisk different from CleanMyMac?

Ask a photographer, and she’ll explain better than me. They immensely rely on DaisyDisk to manage files.

It also offers a temporary junk collector and a hidden space monitor; none is present in CleanMyMac. Also, it has a feature called Collector that accounts for the amount of storage to be deleted.

These features make storage cleanup a cakewalk. So if you’re considering a tool to clear your Mac’s junk files, DaisyDisk is a viable option.

6. MacKeeper – Top premium alternative

Mackeeper - Top premium alternative

MacKeeper is the biggest alternative of CleanMyMac; no questions asked. It has almost similar features, along with some unique qualities.

MacKeeper is great for security purposes; with real-time adware monitoring, your Mac is completely safe. Besides security, it’s a good cleaner and optimizer for Mac with options like Duplicate file finder.

See our full review & comparison: MacKeeper vs CleanMyMac: Best for Speed Optimization

CleanMyMac has some leverage on MacKeeper, as it falls slightly behind on deleting old and large files. Other than that, MacKeeper wins over CleanMyMac in multiple categories like VPN private connect, Antivirus protection, and Remote Mac tracking.


  1. MacKeeper has a real-time adware monitoring feature; CleanMyMac doesn’t have this exact capability.
  2. It also comes with a duplicate file finder, another flaw of MacKeeper.
  3. Remote tracking is another specialty of MacKeeper that CleanMyMac simply lacks.


  1. MacKeeper doesn’t have any feature to detect and delete large old files.
  2. The UI of MacKeeper isn’t as advanced as CleanMyMac.
  3. Unlike CleanMyMac, it has a controversial past that makes people reluctant to Mackeeper.

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How is MacKeeper different from CleanMyMac?

If you exclude the advanced cleaning features of CleanMyMac, Mackeeper is really something to consider. It offers excellent value in keeping your Mac away from threats with services like anti-virus protection, real-time adware monitoring, and the VPN as well.

MacKeeper is undoubtedly a great software if the budget and features suit you.

7. MacCleaner – Best for google chrome users

MacCleaner - Best for google chrome users

It’s an old battle between these two. MacCleaner Pro is a serious option for people who’re looking for an alternative to CleanMyMac. Whether you want to see what’s occupying your Mac’s space, or you want to speed up your computer by cleaning storage, MacCleaner is there for you.

It includes most of the features of CleanMyMac and offers some extra as well. Removing duplicate files and screenshots puts MacCleaner ahead, but the absence of a Malware removal feature is a severe flaw.


  1. MacCleaner has a duplicate file finder, a serious flaw to CleanMyMac (however, CleanMyMac provides their sister app, Gemini, for duplicate files)
  2. It also manages to find and delete hidden files better than CleanMyMac.
  3. MacCleaner is more affordable for long term usage than CleanMyMac.


  1. MacCleaner isn’t equipped with a malware removal feature, which puts it behind CleanMyMac.
  2. It also doesn’t oversee the process of removing data of uninstalled apps.

How is MacCleaner different from CleanMyMac?

Overall, MacCleaner is a strong competitor of CleanMyMac. Not only does it match almost all of the features of CleanMyMac, but also it offers extra services like a duplicate file finder. Besides that, MacCleaner monitors all web browser extensions, whereas CleanMyMac can only manage the Safari browser.

Yes, it is unique and useful, and in some cases, MacCleaner exceeds CleanMyMac.

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8. AVG TuneUP – Best for both Mac and Windows

AVG TuneUP - Best for both Mac and Windows

AVG is world-famous for Antivirus, so when it launches a cleaner, it’s no joke. The AVG TuneUP for Mac is different from most of the cleanup software available in the market. It’s completely automated and always keeps an eye on your Mac.

You get a boosted device, 24X7 Automatic Maintenance, efficient storage cleaner, and some security protection. You don’t even have to check for any software updates or junk files; AVG detects them in seconds and does the work for you.

AVG TuneUP outran CleanMyMac in various small size aspects… for example, it has a fantastic feature that puts unneeded programs to sleep and only wakes them up when you need them.

Keep in mind, if these Mac cleaners aren’t sufficient enough, you can always get AppleCare.

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So you’re enjoying some free space and faster speed and also keeping those programs. it’s worth mentioning that AVG TuneUp also works on Windows.


  1. It’s revamped sleep mode makes your computer fast; CleanMyMac doesn’t have anything that competes with this yet.
  2. In many cases, it detects problems beforehand and cleans them similarly to CleanMyMac.
  3. It deletes files entirely without leaving any duplicate copies. Also, it gets done away with low-quality blurry pictures.


  1. The process is a bit lengthier than CleanMyMac. It takes some time to get used to the interface and functionalities.
  2. The free version isn’t so useful, while you can do a lot of stuff in the CleanMyMac free version.

How is AVGTuneUP different from CleanMyMac?

As mentioned before, AVG TuneUP is highly automated, even better than CleanMyMac. It keeps your PC safe from junk files by regular updates and 24X7 real-time monitoring.

CleanMyMac isn’t as efficient in optimizing PCs as AVGTuneUp is. However, it has its own flaws, but it’s a premium cleanup software with every possible feature you need.

9. Bit Defender: An alternative to cleanMyMac’s antivirus feature

Bit Defender_ An alternative to cleanMyMac’s antivirus feature

Bit defender differs a bit from Clea MyMac 3 & CleanMyMac X in that it provides a VPN client, ransomware protection, and aims to defend rather than clean. CleanMyMac does have it’s own malware & virus protection defences, but Bit Defender takes a step further with its ‘BitDefender Shield’ benefits which helps keep the protection on autopilot while defending your MacBook and preventing anything suspicious from occurring.

Additional benefits of using BitDefender include a fair price point, VPN service and adware blocking (Features CleanMyMac doesn’t particularly exceed in when compared).

Cons include constant upselling at every turn when navigating the BitDefender application. The daily VPN usage is unfortunately limited unless you purchase the upsell.

10. Disk Inventory X – Powerful Free Alternative

Disk Inventory X Powerful Free Alternative

As part of its mission, Disk Inventory X provides its users with easy-to-use and effective disk clean up tools for Apple MacBooks and iMacs.. 

The user interface is interesting in that directories are displayed and organized as treemaps so users can have a more structured view of their Disk. 

Compared to many cleanmymac alternatives we’ve tested, this software helps you diagnose and troubleshoot storage capacity problems more quickly. 

For example, if storage capacity is lost, reduced or damaged then the software can help you identify the issue (and fast).

Although it doesn’t have some of the fan favorite features CleanMyMac provides, such as “Free up RAM” or optimizing junk files, Disk Inventory X has its own method of dealing with storage problems that is more structured and organized than most alternatives.


  • Affordability and accessibility.
  • A GPL license is also included, so it’s entirely free.
  • Can analyze both the entire drive as well as smaller, direct scans.
  • Sorts drives by size


  • Very old styled interface modern Mac fans may not find to be aesthetically pleasing.
  • Has some lag, and showed some delay during launch of our first test, but ran fine thereafter.
  • Users have identified issues with Sierra in the past
  • Crashes occasionally, but not significantly

11. CCleaner – Has Both Paid and Free options

CCleaner Has Both Paid and Free options

The list of CleanMyMac Alternatives with both free and paid options wouldn’t be complete without the mention of CCleaner. CCleaner is one of the most popular CleanMyMac alternatives

Under tools you’ll see additional tabs that allow for easy uninstallation for apps you don’t need anymore, a File Finder to scan for stray or oversized files that are unnecessary, as well as a System restore & drive wiper.

Here’s a photo during our hands- test of the tabs mentioned above:

CleanMyMac Alternative ccleaner dashboard

In addition to having a free version and a premium option, Ccleaner has several useful mac cleaning features. For example, it allows you to schedule periodic cleaning tasks and receive notifications on your Mac desktop when suspicious download activity is detected. 

If you unintentionally download something harmful without knowing that it was harmful, this can be a real lifesaver for your MacBook and personal files.


  • Very well known, credible name over the years
  • Rivals CleanMyMac capabilities and functions
  • Strong, simple, and effective for both Mac and Windows
  • Multiple operating system compatibility


  • Can behave quite invasive as far as notifying you of clean ups
  • Clean up sessions require other programs to be exited that you may want to use
  • Requires complex knowledge of Mac or Windows for the more advanced features to be used.

How we chose our top picks for CleanMyMac Alternatives

The Best CleanMyMac alternatives Were chosen based on Effectiveness, similarities and differences from the CleanMyMac software, features, health check thoroughness, as well as how well it sped up and cleaned up a Mac. 

Here are the attributes of the product we took into consideration when we chose the best cleanmymac alternatives:

  • Price points were taken into consideration since Mac Cleaner applications are commonly considered as optional by most Mac users.
  • We rated Mac cleaning software higher on our list if it provided privacy protection, malware protection and scans, browsing history privacy and internet tracker protection. 
  • To ensure the premium price provided a level of quality, we observed and tested cleanmymac alternative apps whose price was significantly higher than that of cleanmymac.

If a Mac Cleaner was free, we made sure we considered its quality when choosing the top free alternative choices in addition to testing limitations, compatibility, and frequency of software updates.

What is CleanMyMac?

CleanMyMac is a Mac cleaning application from Macpaw that frees up storage space and helps get rid of the necessary and temporary files that are cluttering up your MacBook. These files can slow down your MacBook and take up storage.

CleanMyMac aims to safely locate, remove and remove these files on top of running malware scans and other important mantainence. It also allows you to analyze your Macbook at a glance by using its system analyzer tool from the navigation menu of your desktop.

CleanMyMac saves space, improves speed & performance, and allows you to completely uninstall certain applications you didn’t know you even had remaining on your Mac.

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Is there a free software that is similar to CleanMyMac?

Yes, there are several free options, including AVG Cleaner and CCleaner. CCleaner has a free option in addition to a paid feature and these are the closest available free alternatives we tested and found to work reliably as a clean my mac alternative.

There is also Disk Inventory X as well as Onyx to consider. Onyx is aimed at a more complete CleanMyMac alternatives, but is more hands on regarding the cleaning process (it is less automated). This appears to be the primary trade-off considering it is a free app to clean up Mac devices.


When in search of the best CleanMyMac alternatives, understanding exactly what each competitor software provides based on what you actually need is important.

Mac users don’t want to feel forced into purchasing antivirus software if all they really need is storage cleanup. Top alternatives to Clean My Mac when storage cleanup is the focus include Disk Doctor, AVGTuneUP, MacKeeper.

Speed optimization is another feature that is very useful, but if all you’re looking to do is clean up unnecessary files, remove cache, and get rid of some duplicate files, then there are alternatives to CleanMyMac that are updated, less costly, and do work as intended.

If you simply need a anti-virus and a cheap speed optimizer, you can always grab a mix of the more affordable softwares rather than a more expensive all-in-one solution if the price makes sense.

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