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How to Cancel AppleCare+ (Get a Refund) | 2022 Life Hack

How to Cancel AppleCare+ (Get a Refund) | 2022 Life Hack

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Do you have an AppleCare subscription for your device and wish to cancel the subscription? Then worry no more, because you will get all the information you need in this article to cancel AppleCare and get a refund.

Moreover, you will also be able to know the type of subscription you are on and how to cancel it.

There are two primary ways of paying for the AppleCare subscription. You can either pay upfront, which helps you save about 20% of the subscription fee, or pay monthly. Both of these methods allow you to cancel your subscription whenever you want to.

AppleCare Plus is the most extensive and expensive of the three plans. This article will focus on the AppleCare+ subscription as it is the most popular of the three plans. 

You can cancel your AppleCare subscription plan through the following channels. 

  • iPhone: Use iPhone to cancel AppleCare
  • iTunes: Use the iTunes app to cancel Apple Care
  • Apple App store: Utilize the apple Care
  • Phone: Call apple at 800-275-2273 
  • Mail: You could mail in your request or fax it. (AppleCare Administration, P.O. Box 149125, Austin, TX 78714-9125, U.S.)

It is important to state that using an iPhone is the fastest and easier means of the channels mentioned above. By using the AppleCare hacks in this article you’ll be able to safely cancel your subscription with a refund potential without any confusion.

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How to cancel AppleCare monthly payment

How to cancel AppleCare monthly payment

You can cancel your AppleCare monthly payment at any moment and can be done by either using your iPhone, App store, iTunes, or calling Apple.

The steps involved in canceling the monthly payment are slightly different depending on the type of device you use. If you use an iOS device (iPhone or iPad), you can cancel the monthly subscription through your device’s settings app. Go to the Subscription option under your name and cancel the subscription.

There is a slight difference if you use a Mac device, as you will need to log in to your account to complete the subscription cancellation process. Go under the Manage Subscription option to finish up the cancellation process.

How to get a refund AppleCare monthly subscription

How to get a refund AppleCare monthly subscription

However, you should know that you will get a form of refund for unused services. This will only happen if you cancel the subscription before the end of the month or the subscription’s expiration. The refund also hinges on the fact that you have not received any services from the time you made your monthly payment.

The number of incidents that your subscription has covered determines if you get a refund. If you have had two repairs, then you can expect no refunds. This is because the AppleCare+ subscription covers only two repairs.

If, however, you have had a repair, the cost of the repair will be subtracted from your monthly payment to give the amount you will be refunded.

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How to cancel AppleCare paid in full with a refund (Apple Care hacks)

How to cancel AppleCare paid in full with a refund (Apple Care hacks)

You can also cancel an AppleCare Plan paid in full. You can do this in the same way that you canceled the monthly subscription plan. However, getting a refund, in this case, depends on a lot of factors including time of cancellation, the number of services and repairs done on the plan, and many more.

You get a full refund minus the cost of any repair made if you cancel the plan within 30 days of paying for the plan for starters. If the cancellation is made after 30 days, the amount to be refunded will be calculated based on the percentage value AppleCare plan payment left. Deductions made to this amount will include a cancellation fee, which is about 20% of the refunded amount, and the cost of any repairs made.

However, if you didn’t cancel the plan until after a year, you will get as much as half of what you paid in full if you have not had any service. If any repair has been made, it will be subtracted from the refund amount.

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Here’s how to cancel AppleCare with refund:

  • Using your iPhone, tap settings.
  • Next, tap your user name of the device
  • Locate the subscriptions option
  • On this screen, you’ll see your AppleCare plan displayed
  • Tap and confirm the ‘cancel’ button in order to end your monthly AppleCare subscription!

Ultimately, if you have had two repairs or services on the plan, you will not be entitled to any form of a refund, as the AppleCare+ plan entitles you to two service events.

How to cancel AppleCare using a MacBook or iMac:

  • Locate the Apple Appstore on your Macbook, which can be found under the main menu or by holding CMD + Enter and typing app store in the search bar.
  • Once logged in with your username, locate your Apple ID Account which will display your name at the bottom left hand corner of your screen
  • Next, click ‘view information’, this will bring up another separate screen.
  • Choose ‘Manage’ under the manage tab on the right of your screen.
  • Finally, adjust your AppleCare subscription and set it to ‘cancel’.
  • Click confirm.
  • Congratulations, you have cancelled AppleCare monthly/lifetime subscription from your MacBook/iMac

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What is AppleCare?

What is AppleCare_

AppleCare is an extensive form of insurance for your Apple device, and covers accidents and gives you telephone support for the devices, amongst other things.

However, it is essential to discuss what an AppleCare plan is and the types that are available to understand what exactly your cancelling and what the refund capabilities are.

There are three types of AppleCare subscriptions, namely AppleCare, a limited warranty plan, AppleCare Protection Plan, an extension of the limited warranty plan, and AppleCare Plus. This can get confusing and these will be discussed further in-depth throughout this article.

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How to cancel AppleCare BestBuy

How to cancel AppleCare BestBuy

If you have gotten your AppleCare+ from a reseller such as BestBuy, you can also cancel the subscription. Go through the cancellation process, as explained above, using any of the channels provided. 

You can also expect a full refund if you have not had any service or repairs on the plan. However, you should cancel the plan only after 14 days and within 30 days of getting the plan. This is the only way you can get a full refund.

If the cancellation is made after 30 days, then a prorated refund amount will be sent to you when you cancel the AppleCare+ plan. 

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Can I get an iPhone AppleCare+ refund from Amazon?

Can I get an iPhone AppleCare+ refund from Amazon_

Ideally, you should get a refund from Amazon when you cancel your AppleCare+ subscription gotten from them. However, some people have been having issues with Amazon on the refunding of the AppleCare+ plan. On more than one occasion, customers have had to call on Apple support before an Amazon refund was given.aa

Therefore, it is safe to note that you can cancel the subscription for AppleCare gotten through Amazon. But you may not get a refund as early as possible. Hence, it is safest to get your AppleCare+ plan from Apple.

Can I transfer AppleCare?

Can I transfer AppleCare_

You can transfer your AppleCare plan to another person if you sell or gift your device. However, you will require the help of Apple Support to complete the transfer process. You will need to get the details for your AppleCare plan and the person you are transferring the plan to.

The details needed include the person’s name, address, phone number, and email address. You will submit these details to the Apple Support representatives with the details of your AppleCare+ plan. Apple will then handle the transfer process. A good start is to contact Apple Support to do this.

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Transferring monthly plans

Transferring monthly plans

It is also important to note that you cannot transfer the AppleCare+ plan if you are on a monthly payment. The reason for this is that the plan is attached to your Apple ID, and it cannot be transferred.

You should also know that some countries cannot transfer your AppleCare plan to another person. You may need your original sales receipt to allow this to occur.

FAQ section

Can I change my AppleCare subscription?

Yes, you can change your AppleCare subscription anytime to suit your current need. Whether you paid upfront or monthly, you are free to change your AppleCare subscription on either your iOS or Mac Device.

How Does AppleCare Work?

AppleCare is a form of insurance on your Apple device. It covers for faults emanating from the manufacturer to other accidental damage that may occur from your hands.

Can I add AppleCare at any time?

You can add AppleCare+ within 60 days of purchasing your Apple device in most countries. In some other countries, you will have to wait for as long as a year. However, you can add AppleCare at any time after the completion of these timelines.

How do I know if I have AppleCare?

You can check for your AppleCare plan on your Apple device. Go to the settings menu, and click on general. Select About, and you will find a tab named AppleCare Services. This tab will contain information regarding the details of your AppleCare plan.

Can you Cancel AppleCare?

Yes, you can cancel the AppleCare plan on your devices at any time you wish to.

How to cancel AppleCare Apple Watch

You can cancel AppleCare on Apple Watch by going to the settings menu and opening your Apple ID. Select the Subscription option and cancel the AppleCare plan.

Can I cancel AppleCare at any time?

Yes, you can cancel AppleCare at any time after payment and this can be done by using iTunes, iPhone, App Store, or Mac. If you wish to cancel without technology, let’s say, if you’re phone is broke and you don’t have a laptop, then you can mail in your request or borrow a friends phone and call the apple support line.


This post has covered exactly what is needed to be done to cancel your Apple Care with a refund.. There’s some little known AppleCare hacks available, which Apple has done a fair job at allowing you to do if you are particularly tech savvy. 

For those who are not, you’ll need to research the terms and agreement which we have done in this article. If you’re still in doubt, be sure to double check with Apple’s official site first to confirm the information is still accurate as insurance and apple care can change at any moment.