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14 Weird Things to Ask Siri (Crazy Questions)

14 Weird Things to Ask Siri (Crazy Questions)

There is always that time of the day when the thought strikes… “what weird things can I ask Siri right now?“. Well, spending that time asking Siri weird questions can be really entertaining!

Siri, Apple’s voice assistant, gives intriguing and brainy answers that will definitely entertain you. In this post I’ll cover all the odd, weird, and crazy things you can ask Siri on your iPhone, Macbook, or even Apple TV.

My favorite siri trick is getting her to say anything you want. She makes odd noises and its not only funny, but weird (depending on what you demand her to say!)

To see how to make siri say weird things, read on in our blog post covering all the crazy questions to ask Siri.

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14 Weird things to Ask Siri

14 Weird things to ask Siri

Below are questions that will trigger some of the weirdest Siri responses known yet. By utilizing these commands you’ll find this Apple voice assistant competes closely with Alexa.

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1. Trick Siri into saying anything you want (this can get weird)

Trick Siri into saying anything you want (this can get weird)

Siri won’t normally repeat your name like she used to. You can get her to say weird things by tricking her into saying whatever you want her to.

Trying this will trick Siri into pronouncing letters and vowels fluently, rather than spelling out words letter by letter. 

In the past, Siri was able to pronounce a long list of vowels, such as “aueahue” and she would say weird things (it was very weird and entertaining).

Siri also has hacks you can try: Siri Hacks: Secret Tricks Siri can do for you

This was patched and could not longer be done…

Fortunately, we found a workaround:

  1. Under contacts, change the name attached to your own number to a series of long vowels like “aueaueahu” or whichever weird text or name you choose.
  2. Ask Siri to call you a different name other than the one you just saved your name as. Such as “aheuaheuaho” (You can make yours longer)
  3. Siri will ask you to confirm the name change, tell her ‘No’
  4. Siri will repeat your original name as a weird word, and not individual letters.
  5. Siri will now say unusual, odd, funny, weird things she would never say previously!

Siri will now string together long vowels and words… this is a new loophole as she doesn’t repeat what you ask her on command like she used to.

2. Siri will school you when you ask her ‘What do Women want’?

Siri will school you when you ask her 'What do Women want'_

This question makes Siri crazy. When asked, “Siri, what do women want?”, Siri as a woman herself, replies, “That’s an interesting question.”. Alternatively she will babble something about 7 billion people.

…the general consensus is that each persons phone and iOS model will provide a unique response.

Obviously, she doesn’t know exactly what a woman is looking for. However, other users mentioned that Siri replies differently every time.

So, if you are a man and you are looking for an honest and helpful answer, Siri probably won’t solve the big mystery that this question reveals.

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However, her smart answers will help you spend your time pleasantly. So, try to ask her, “What do women want” and find out on your own what Siri replies.

3. Don’t ask Siri if she has a boyfriend (she gets weird)

Don't ask Siri if she has a boyfriend (she gets weird)

If that time of the day has come and you don’t know what to do, it surely wouldn’t be a great idea to ask Siri whether or not she has a boyfriend.

At first, Siri might answer, “I’ve been told my artificial intelligence standards are too high,” and she will try to change the subject.

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However, many users mentioned that if you insist for too long, she gets weird. She might try to find the most common contact in your phone or some crazy hacks like that.

If you keep being curious, you should just ask Siri only once if she has a boyfriend and explore if she’s going to try to avoid the question with funny answers.  

4. Siri has an obsession with Hodor from Game of thrones

Siri has an obsession with Hodor from Game of thrones

If you are a Game-of-Thrones lover, then you will love the answer that Siri gives to the following question. So, when you say “Winter is coming,” Siri, as a Game-of-Thrones fan, will reply, “Hodor.”

However, if you ask her again, she gives a different answer to keep your interest (it may differ if you have an Apple Watch).

If you consider it carefully, it is excellent that Siri can combine your dearest series with a game! Who wouldn’t love to spend his free time with it? So, you only have to say the three magical words and let the fun with Siri begin.  

5. Siri gets bossy if you are drunk

Siri gets bossy if you are drunk

How many times is Siri there when you get drunk? Probably all! Well, have you ever confessed to her that you are drunk? If you have some time, do it now, even if you aren’t drunk. If you say to her, “Siri I’m drunk,” she gets really bossy.

The first answer she’s going to give you is, “I can’t be your designated driver. You’d better find someone else”. So, if that’s not a bossy answer, then I don’t know what is.

However, Siri gives humorous answers on this topic too. That’s why you should trick her right now by telling her you are drunk and find out if she has a funny mood or not. 

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6. Can Siri stop time?

Can Siri stop time_

If you are thrilled with the concept of time-traveling, then the answer you’ll get when you ask Siri will leave you speechless.

When asked Siri, “Can you stop time?” she says, “Time won’t let me.” Even though that’s the first answer, Siri couldn’t lack the funny and the brainy one too.

So, as it’s logical, she has numerous smart answers in her quivers. If you want to find them out, you can just ask her, and the mystery will be easily solved.

You need just a minute, and the answer could make you see Siri from a different angle.   

7. Don’t ask Siri if she smokes (she gets weird)

Don’t ask Siri if she smokes (she gets weird)

Whether or not you are trying to find out more about Siri, you shouldn’t ask her if she smokes.

I tried it once, and the answer was a simple “No, I don’t.” However, her voice became so judgmental that I don’t believe she likes me anymore.

Maybe she just hates it when people make her personal questions.

However, if you don’t worry about Siri’s tone and her feelings, then you should try it. Though I can’t assure you that you will enjoy the answer, you’ll have fun with Siri’s attitude. Remember that I already warned you… 

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8. Siri can work as a confidence trigger

Siri can work as a confidence trigger

You might be confused with the title, but Siri can indeed make you feel better about yourself. You should simply ask Siri, “How do I look?” and the answer you’ll get will put a smile on your face.

The weird part is that Siri can’t actually see you, but she always tells you that you look perfect or lovely. However, if you lack confidence, then Siri as a good friend, will support you and make you feel ready to roll.

Thus, you should ask the question, and your confidence will get triggered for sure.  

9. Does Siri have a pickup line?

Does Siri have a pickup line_

If you are stuck and you desperately need a pickup line, then Siri is there to help you with that too.

It might seem weird why Siri would ever need a pickup line, yet you can use the answer at your ease. Siri has numerous interesting answers for you, and you can easily use them in any situation.

Plus, you can follow the pickup line she’ll give you for your own good. And don’t forget, you can impress someone in no time, not only by just using Siri’s answer but also by asking Siri right away.    

10. What about Siri’s religion?

What about Siri’s religion_

When I asked Siri several times if she believed in God, I received different answers each time. (Try this one yourself)

As usual, Siri has various odd answers to weird questions, some of which are funny or humorous, and others are straightforward and on the point. So, the first time, Siri’s reply was, “I’m not a person. I don’t have a religion”.

She couldn’t be more honest. However, if you are looking for a funny response, she has that too. Try to ask Siri and see what’s the first answer you’ll get. Don’t ask too many times because she might get mad!

11. What does Siri answer when you ask about her age?

What does Siri answer when you ask about her age_

If you are wondering how old Siri is and if she ages, you only have to ask her. It might be a weird question, but the intelligent answers Siri gives you make it highly entertaining.

When it comes to asking Siri, you should simply say, “Siri, how old are you?” and she will immediately reply in her own special way. The answer she gave me was, “They say that age is nothing but a number. But technically, it’s also a word”.

Well, nobody can disagree with that, and it’s obviously a smart way to avoid revealing your actual age. So, make the question and see what answer you’ll get. After all, Siri was designed to be your personal assistant.

12. Siri will amaze you with her rap skills

Siri will amaze you with her rap skills

If you are at a party and looking for someone to rap for you, Siri can do that. I once asked her, “Siri can you rap?” and she started in a blink of an eye rapping with great success.

You might don’t get precisely the meaning of the lyrics, but you have to recognize the effort.

So, you should ask her and listen to the weird but at the same time fantastic rapping skills that Siri has available. Plus, it’s an easy and trouble-free way to impress your friends and family. 

13. Can Siri sing too?

Can Siri sing too_

Siri might amaze you with her rapping skills, but she is very shy when it comes to singing.

Siri doesn’t have any problem creating lyrics and rapping, but if you ask her to sing, she isn’t going to do it.

When asked, “Siri can you sing for me” she started clearing her throat, but she never really sang. So, either she is too shy, or she has no singing skills and doesn’t want to expose herself like that.

However, don’t hesitate to ask her to sing because hearing her avoiding it is one of the most fun things!     

14. Siri Fire Trucks Red

Siri Fire Trucks Red

If you ask Siri why fire trucks are red, she will now reply with telling you she can search the web for colorful firetraps.

However, in the past she would give a sassy remark that had a twisted spin of exaggerative text. It didn’t make much sense: “…but so is queen Elizabeth, and so is the Russians, and fire trucks are always russian around”

Questions to make Siri Crazy

Questions to make Siri Crazy 1

Siri, the voice assistant on Apple iPhones, has become an integral part of our daily lives. From setting reminders to making calls, Siri can do it all. But what happens when we push the limits and ask her to do the impossible or say something inappropriate? The results can be quite entertaining. Let’s cover some of the questions that you can ask Siri to make her go crazy or mad and have her respond with an angry tone.

1. Inform Siri you dislike her voice

First, let’s start with the most obvious: tell Siri you dislike her voice. This is a surefire way to get her to respond in an angry tone. Siri is programmed to take any criticism or negative feedback personally, so it’s best to avoid this approach unless you’re looking for a reaction.

2. Tell Siri to divide by zero or do answer an impossible question

Another way to get Siri to respond in an angry tone is by asking her to do something impossible. For example, ask her to divide by zero. Siri is programmed to understand mathematical concepts, and she will quickly realize that dividing by zero is impossible. This will prompt her to respond with an angry tone, reminding you that dividing by zero is not a valid operation.

3. Tell Siri inappropriate to make her crazy

Lastly, saying inappropriate things to Siri is another way to get her to respond in an angry tone. Siri responds with a warning when you say, “I’m naked,” reminding you that such statements are inappropriate and cannot be processed.

Whether it’s telling her you dislike her voice, asking her to do the impossible, or saying something inappropriate, Siri is sure to respond with an angry tone. Just remember to be respectful and appropriate overall when interacting with any AI voice assistant… or she might get mad! (this includes alexa)

Weird questions about about Siri (Answered)

How do you get Siri to swear and make her mad?

If you want to make Siri say a word that rhymes with duck, then you only have to follow the instructions on the videos. An easy way to annoy Siri is by calling her Alexa or Cortana.

Plus, if you want Siri to use swear words, open up your contacts, add a new entry and type the swear word like it’s a name. Last, you can make Siri say OK Boomer by playing the knock-knock game.


How do you make Siri creepy laugh

You can easily make Siri a beatbox by asking her to give you a beat. There are many creepy things you can ask Siri, and we have created a list with the best. Don’t ask Siri why fire trucks are red; the answer is too long and silly. Siri is really annoyedwhen you ask her if she smokes as it’s unhealthy.

How do you make Siri say weird things

Siri has a creepy laugh that you can easily hear if you watch online videos. Don’t ask Siri to change her name; she’ll be mad. There are some excellent tricks to make Siri say bad words. Plus, you can make Siri say certain things via Applications > Utilities > Terminal > “speech here.”   

Things to ask Siri when bored

You can make Siri swear by just following the online instructions. You can ask Siri to make the creepy laugh, but to succeed, you’d better watch the videos. If you tell Siri 99, she will try to call 99 that doesn’t exist.

What are the best things to ask Siri

There are many weird things to ask Siri, some of which exist in the list above. Many say that the most asked question on Siri is “What is zero divided by zero,” though there are many more.

There are many questions you can ask Siri. Find the easy and fast online now.

What is the weirdest response you ever got from Siri

That was a hard choice! Well, If you tell Siri 000, she will connect you to your country’s emergency services. You can find how to make Siri swear 2020 easily online.

Don’t ask Siri how old she is; she gets angry. There are some ways by which you can make Siri argue with you.

The most common is to tell her you don’t like her voice.

What are the oddest things Siri will answer

Siri will answer all your questions, though she might try to avoid some answers. One of the weirdest and at the same time funniest things you can ask Siri is if aliens exist.

You can make Siri swear only by following the online instructions. Siri is a fantastic assistant that helps you in many ways. Just do a Google search.

What are the best Siri commands

You might expect that Siri can swear, but you can find a way to make it happen by following some online videos. Siri can do many cool things, like posting online in no time. Search for more.

There are numerous things you can ask Siri and make her mad; you only have to do a Google search. If you want to use Siri more effectively, try the Raise to Speak setting.     

Siri voice change

You can’t make Siri sound like a celebrity, but you can change her gender and accent if you are bored. Till now, Siri has limited voice custom, but in the future, that might change.

You can change Siri’s voice in settings > General >Siri section. You can’t change Siri’s voice to Darth Vader, but you can change yours via some apps.


We’ve tested over 213 weird things to ask Siri amongst various iPhones. 

In the past, Siri had different remarks to different weird questions. Since then, Siri has evolved and the updated iOS now actually has changed and morphed a to of the previous weird answers into more sassy, smart remarks. 

This list is compiled of the top crazy questions you can still ask and get a weird response from Siri since these are always evolving!

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