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Siri Hacks: 13 Secret Tricks Siri can do for you

Siri Hacks: 13 Secret Tricks Siri can do for you

As far as Siri hacks go, there are so many secret tricks & tips Siri can do for you that you may not be aware of. Siri is full of hacks and useful tools for you to try. Whether you need someone to roll the dice, flip a coin, or translate a word, Apple’s assistant has your back. The only thing you need to do is ask the right questions.

I have researched extensively and compiled several numerous commands you can give Siri that most did not even know about.

Some Siri hacks we will discuss will include her making weird noises, turning certain device settings on and off as well as deleting alarms, getting sports scores, stock prices and settling disputes.

You can also make Siri make weird noise. See our post: 14 Weird Things to Ask Siri (Crazy Questions)

I found particularly useful to you Siri for different measurements, particularly when cooking.

For this reason, we have created the ultimate list of secret tricks that Siri can perform. In fact, our list will prove that Siri can be very useful and can do much more than one may expect.

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Without further ado, let us dive into all the top Siri hacks and secret tricks she can do for you. I will show you the coolest things Siri is capable of.

1. Funny Siri Hack: Get Siri to make moan & make weird noises

Funny Siri Hack Get Siri to make weird noises

Siri has many talents and a lot of knowledge, but you can also make her sound very weird. To get Siri to make weird noises, there are two methods.

The first, you can ask her to moan & make animal noises, which is very funny. This is especially fun if you make her bark or moan with the hack below.

All you have to do is say, “Hey Siri, what does X sound like? And she will give the performance of her life (X meaning insert your own animal, or derivative of a noise)

She can imitate countless animal voices, my favorite is the sheep.

Second, you can manually have Siri make the weird noises o moan any sound you name that can be spelled. Apart from animal voices, I’ve personally confirmed that you can also make Siri sound weird with a very simple trick.

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You can use the voice command “What’s my name” feature on your iPhone. So if you change your name to something excessive like “Ahahahahahahhaahahhaha” or relentless gibberish such as “Ahajujshdujlos”, she will actually try to pronounce your new name. Believe me, when we tried it, she made some weird and totally unexpected voices (I found it funny).

In a way, you can abuse the noise hack on your virtual assistant with such questions. But you’ll definitely love the creativity in control of having someone else say some thing in a robotic voice on the fly, wherever you are.

2. Siri shortcut hack: “Roll the Dice” or “Flip a quarter”

Siri shortcut hack Roll the Dice or Flip a quarter

Sometimes you can not decide between two things, or you want to play a game that requires a die and you do not have one. Siri, your trusty assistant, will do everything she can to satisfy you in the best possible way.

If you say to your AI assistant, “Hey Siri, roll the dice,” she will respond with a pair of numbers. Even if you ask her to roll a single die, she will respond with two numbers. This can go on forever if you want. So the next time you miss a dice, you do not have to worry because Siri is there to help you with that problem too.

Many people believe that sometimes it’s hard to choose between two things. Siri can also help you to choose between two things. You can say “Hey Siri, flip a coin” or ask “Hey Siri, heads or tails?”. She will answer either heads or tails.

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3. Secret Siri Hack: Control anything from the command center

Secret Siri Hack Control anything from the command center

Many users do not realize that Siri can actually control numerous things through your device’s command center if you ask her to. For example, you can ask Siri to turn on Night Shift, turn Bluetooth and Wi-Fi on or off, set your device to Airplane Mode, and more. 

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All you have to do is go to your device’s Control Center and activate the commands you want with Siri, instead of going to your device’s Control Center and searching.

You can also control your home with Siri if you set up one of your Apple devices in the Home app. After that, you can give commands like turning lights on/off or turning the heat on. Also, try asking Siri to turn off the downstairs lights or activate your security system.

4. Siri mods: Remove all your alarms from iPhone

Siri mods Remove all your alarms from iPhone

If you ask Siri to remove all your alarms, you do not have to do it one by one. So your virtual assistant can help you clear all your alarms at once. Many people have hundreds of alarms set. You can simply ask Siri to delete all of them at once! Isn’t that helpful?

You can also command Siri to set your alarms for you by asking her to set an alarm in X minutes. Apart from that, you can always ask Siri how many minutes or hours are left until the next alarm rings.

I think this Siri hack is one of the most helpful because honestly, I am an alarm clock freak and have numerous alarms set on my device. It saves me so much time during the day.

5. Siri hacks funny: Command Siri to tell you what Air planes are above you

Siri hacks funny Command Siri to tell you what Air planes are above you

We already knew that Siri has a myriad of information on almost any topic. But did you know you can ask Siri when you see a plane overhead? “Hey Siri, what planes are overhead?” and she’ll give you all the information about them?

It only takes a few seconds and she’ll respond with a detailed table on your screen that includes information about the airline, the flight number, the altitude of the plane, and even the coordinates. But that’s not all: Siri also informs you about the type of plane, the slant distance and even how far the plane is from you.

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I would rather say this is really funny and weird at the same time. All the information was accurate and I felt more like a spy. Next time you see something suspicious in the sky, just ask Siri what exactly it is, just to make sure it’s not something suspicious like a flying saucer.

6. Make Siri your personal assistant (Set appointments by voice)

Make Siri your personal assistant (Set appointments by voice)

Another clever hack of your AI assistant is that it helps you set appointments in your calendar for pretty much anything by voice. So instead of having to book meetings and appointments for work or even doctors by typing, you can just let Siri do it for you.

For example, you can say “Hey Siri, schedule an appointment with Jasmine at 7pm” or “book an appointment with Dr Mark on Monday at 10am”. The best part is that you can also reschedule an appointment or schedule it for another day. You can say, “Hey Siri, reschedule my meeting with Jasmine for next Thursday at the same time,” or “reschedule my 6pm meeting for 6:30pm.” Siri will make the changes for you.

Finally, you can ask Siri each day what you are up to today by saying “Hey Siri, what’s on my calendar today?”. This type of command has proven to be very helpful with users.

7. Siri Easter egg: Have Siri convert measurements for you (cooking, weight, trivia)

Siri Easter egg Have Siri convert measurements for you (cooking, weight, trivia)

How many times have you wished you knew within seconds how many cups are two kilos of sugar or how many dollars are 200 euros? Siri can also help you convert all kinds of measurements.

All you have to do is ask her something like, “Hey Siri, how many centimetres is 150 millimetres?” and she will respond with the correct results. I wish I had known this trick back in the day when my hands were full of flour and I could not be sure how many cups to add when making a cake…

8. Cool Siri hack: Get Siri to Sing

Cool Siri hack Get Siri to Sing

Did you know that Siri is also an excellent singer? Well, you can get her to sing a song, but maybe her voice is not the best. Still, you can ask her to sing a song for you in a funny way. You can tell her, “Hey Siri, sing me a song”. She will sing you some classic and mostly child-friendly songs.

Sometimes she even refuses to sing for you, but if you insist, she will. You can ask her to sing a song in other languages like German, French or Spanish. She can also beatbox. You can ask her to give you a beat or beatbox for you, and her response is hilarious: “Here is something I have been practicing for a while. boat and cat and boat and cat and cat and boat.”

Or you can ask Siri to rap for you. She will start by saying, “Ok, I wrote this myself”. I definitely recommend you ask her to sing. She can be so amusing and funny when she tries to sing. This may be one of the most entertaining siri hacks amongst having her make odd noises.

9. Siri voice hacks: How to make Siri swear

Siri voice hacks How to make Siri swear

If you ask Siri to use swear words, she usually will not answer or explain that she does not swear. In fact, Siri is not programmed to swear under any circumstances. Some users claim that they have found a clever way to get Siri to say some swear words.

If you ask Siri to play a certain song that contains a swear word, she will repeat the title of the song to play it. This is probably the only way to get your personal assistant to say bad words.

Many users have asked Apple how they can make Siri not say these types of words at all, but there’s not much they can do because if a song officially contains a bad word, she’ll have to repeat the title before she can play the song.

10. Make Siri Translate a word

Make Siri Translate a word

This is actually a very cool feature of Siri. Your AI assistant can translate into five different languages. You can ask her, “Hey Siri, how do you say ___ in ___? She can translate a word in French, Italian, Mandarin, Spanish and German. SO , for example, you can say: Hey Siri, how do you say pineapple in German?

Siri will do the translation and you can see the text on your display. She will read the translated part out loud. You can also use the play button on your screen to play the translation again if you want.

When we tried this hack, we totally loved it because it’s an easy and quick way to translate words when you are in a hurry. We’re glad Apple added this Siri Hack into the iPhone and iOs devices.

11. Entertainment Hack: Ask Siri About Sports Events

Entertainment Hack Ask Siri About Sports Events

How awesome is the fact that Siri can keep you up to date on all the Sports events? I think it’s very cool. If you do not have time to watch your favorite team’s game, you do not have to worry because your personal assistant can keep you updated on the score. Or if the game is over and you want to check the score.

All you need to do is ask, “Hey Siri did the Yankees win?”, or “what is the current score?”. Siri will tell you the score. You can also ask Siri for information about a sporting event or team.

You can also get information about other entertainment events, such as what movies are playing in theaters near you or a summary of a movie. This is really a very helpful hack because it does not matter where you are, you can still ask your personal assistant to tell you what’s going on in your area, or for a game you can not attend, find out what the current score is.

12. Social Media Hack: Ask Siri to Post Anything on your Personal Social Media

Social Media Hack Ask Siri to Post Anything on your Personal Social Media

Siri has numerous talents, it seems. She can also help you create posts for your personal social media accounts. That’s just great, because sometimes you wish you had a little more time to post or upload a particularly exciting message.

You can ask Siri, “Hey Siri, post to Facebook/Instagram…” and you just tell her the message you want to upload. She will repeat the message, then you tap “post” and you are done.

This feature can help you type something quickly, or even if you can not type anything for some reason. It seems like Siri can help you with anything.

13. Schedule events & shows depending on your time zones.

Schedule events & shows depending on your time zones.

Did you know that you can use Siri to schedule events? Most Apple iPhone, Apple TV, and MacOS users aren’t aware that you can determine different time zones by simply asking siri.

For example siri an answer what time it is in Japan if your favorite show airs there and you are across the world at the time. Another example is if you work remotely, and your boss asks you to meet him at a different time zone because he’s traveling, then you can ask Siri what time it is in that location to make the meeting on time.

Scheduling events on your calendar is also possible, but the Siri tricks & gacks don’t stop there: you can set reminders set alarms, and even set countdown timers depending on your current situation.

Bottom line

There are several Siri hacks that you can perform that we’ve outlined and discussed in detail throughout this post. The most popular Siri hack I’ve found amongst users is the “make weird noises with siri” hack. This is the Siri trick I found that most iPhone users try first because it is highly entertaining and you can control the words that Siri says. 

the Best Siri Tricks include the social media hack allowing Siri to post using your apple device voice assistant on your Facebook or Instagram. This is an incredibly useful tool. When cooking, I found it helpful that you can use your Siri to measure different things such as a cup, oz, or even calculations.

Other Siri hacks we have discussed includes using device settings (on & off), in addition to getting scores of your favorite sports game. You can also retrieve the current stock price, and flip a coin.

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