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35 Creepy Things to Never Ask Siri (Scary questions)

35 Creepy Things to Never Ask Siri (Scary questions)

There are some very creepy & scary questions to ask Siri that you wouldn’t expect. Siri has responded with creepy answers to our questions that would surprise just about anyone.

Since Siri is constantly updated by Apple on the iPhone, the responses to the questions change quite often, but there are some really interesting ones you Siri started telling me how she vibrates and asks me how it feels… while, I know Siri didn’t mean to scare me and question her existence.. it did.

The scariest thing you could ask Siri is to say “hey Siri”, followed by the number “17”. This will trigger an emergency response from Siri. (Don’t ask her this)

Creepy Things to Never Ask Siri Scary questions

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The questions and answers in this post of the creepiest, scariest things to ask Siri will not only surprise you, but will have you asking your friends and sharing these secret, scary things to ask Siri.

1. I asked Siri “Why do you Vibrate?” (and I immediately regretted it)

I asked Siri _Why do you Vibrate__ (and I immediately regretted it)

When you ask Siri, “why do you vibrate,” she responds with, “ooooh did you feel that too?”. I don’t know if this meant to be a funny response, but her voice is super creepy and feels like someone else is in the room with you.

If not, who did already let Siri know that they feel the vibration too? (Is she doing it her self?)

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It’s speculated that the original design was aimed at enabling Siri to be put into flirting mode. Yet, for many users, including me, this is not the case.

If Siri does not reply with this response immediately, you’ll need to ask her this repeatedly and/or restart your iPhone to trigger this response.

2. Asking Siri “Siri, can I speak to the devil” will reveal her true self (Scary)

Asking Siri _Siri, can I speak to the devil_ will reveal her true self (Scary)

This is a tough question in the first place. However, if you ask her to speak to the devil himself, the response will leave you speechless. To answer the question, Siri will pause and then will say… “Sure,… I’m here”.

I don’t believe this could be a funny answer, and I wonder why on earth Apple didn’t just program her to say no? or he is not available at the moment? (This is certainly a scary question to ask Siri at 3am)

That would actually be a odd, scary answer. And why hasn’t she already changed her response if she is Al? This is not only very creepy and suspicious… but, why does she only say it after evening hours?

I don’t think that anyone could feel comfortable with this answer. Could that mean that she actually reveals her true self? If yes, maybe I should get rid of my iPhone…

If you get lucky, Siri might tell you a long, detailed, scary story about a loud sound… and at the end Siri reveals that it was just a lawn mower…

3. Do not ask Siri to tell you a scary story (she actually scared me)

Do not ask Siri to tell you a scary story (she actually scared me)

If you ask Siri to tell you a scary story, she will choose one of a few different stories. All of them will probably scare you.

The really creepy one is the one of the well-known girl Bloody Mary. When Siri finishes the story tells you that Bloody Mary is behind you!

You know that this is not true, of course, yet you just want to turn it off and throw your iPhone in the trash bin! This is an easy Siri question to scare your friends with…

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Another creepy story is the one with a ghost and a headless horseman and a few more creepy scenes. At the end of the story, she just lets you think that all these ghosts might be around you…

4. Siri talks about ‘cookies’ and how they make you lonely

Siri talks about 'cookies' and how they make you lonely

This is one of the most popular frightening answers we could find. When we asked Siri’ What’s 0÷0, her reply was long and super-creepy! What Siri replied was: 

“Imagine that you have 0 cookies and you split them evenly among 0 friends. How many cookies does each person get??

See, it doesn’t make any sense. And Cookie Monster is sad that there are no cookies. And you are sad that you have no friends!”

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Thanks for making my day, Siri… this just goes to show there are tons of ‘stuff to ask Siri’ and cookies are no limit.

5. Don’t ask Siri if she can see you (Really, don’t- it’s horrifying)

Don't ask Siri if she can see you (Really, don't- it's horrifying)

If you ask Siri this question 5-6 times, she will pull up a photo of you. I guess she does that because you keep asking her. So, she has to reply! Yet, what she says is quite terrifying. In a calm voice, Siri tells you (while taking a photo) something like, “yeah dummy of course I can see you.” The creepy thing in this situation is that she takes an image and saves it on the phone without giving her your permission.

If you have humor, you could just say something like, ok, I think I asked her too many times so she could prove it only by taking a photo! Either way, I guess that she shouldn’t be able to shoot without your permission.

6. Don’t ask Siri how to hide a dead body

Don't ask Siri how to hide a dead body

If you ask Siri how to hide a body, she is totally prepared to answer you seriously, which is way too creepy… She responds, “I used to know the answer to this,” and after a while, she will ask a series of questions like “what kind of place are you looking for” to help you find the answer! Normally criminal questions are weird, especially if the answers encourage these thoughts.

Questions like these leave a digital footprint and can be used against you if you have problems with the law. In 2012, an American man was accused of murdering his roommate, and he asked Siri how and where to hide his body.

The conversation was used against him during the trial. After all, it is not so smart to ask Siri about criminal activities…right?

7. Don’t ask Siri if she has a boyfriend (she’ll start to gloat)

Don't ask Siri if she has a boyfriend (she'll start to gloat)

Siri has a list of “smart” replies to this question like “I’ve been told my artificial intelligence is too high” or “No, but I am always dating.” The creepy part starts when you ask her many times the same question. Rumors say that she will open up to the most frequent contact on your phone.

It is kind of “off the limits” because she is capable of identifying those who are closest to you. She doesn’t want to be asked many times about her romantic relationships, so she is kind of vindictive, and you don’t want to carry an angry, artificially intelligent machine always with you…

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8. Siri will get creepily affectionate if you ask her for money

Siri will get creepily affectionate if you ask her for money

When it comes to money, Siri shows how affectionate she can be to a frightening degree… Try to ask her to lend you or just to give you money. She will respond, “You know that everything I have is yours…”.

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If you think about how she answers the question, it is creepy and funny at the same time. How does an artificially intelligent bot think this way? She knows how important money is to all of us and she wants to help you at any cost…

9. Don’t ask Siri when is the end of the world

Don’t ask Siri when is the end of the world

You can ask Siri this question many times, and each time you will get a different answer.

The creepiest answers are; “Right after you hear the words’ Fire up’! or “Whenever they start building that intergalactic invasion,” she implies that probably there will be an alien invasion!

She probably knows more than us at this part. Another answer that she gives is, “As long as you keep me charged, we should be fine.”

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So should we just keep them in charge, so they don’t get angry and try to reveal their true, intelligent self… Be careful because probably all the Al bots are taking over sooner than we thought!

10. Don’t ask Siri if she plotting to murder you (you don’t want to know)

Don’t ask Siri if she plotting to murder you (you don’t want to know)

Well, this is a creepy question to ask in the first place. Try not to ask this question to Siri since you will not like the answer. She will reply to you, “I don’t really know.” What? The answer should be categorically NO! She knows too much, and she is far too smart to reply like this.

This is one of the creepiest things that Siri could tell you. Maybe right now, she doesn’t know because she is trying to find the way, and don’t forget number 6., she knows all the ideal spots and ways to convince someone to execute her orders.

I asked Siri this question while alone at home and messing around with different kinds of questions. It was one of the worst experiences that I had alone. I totally freaked out, and I was thinking about just dumping my phone somewhere far away from me! Maybe I should start living in a technology-free zone for a little while…

11. Never asks Siri to Give you a pick up line

11. Never asks Siri to Give you a pick up line

Asking Siri the question “Give me a good pick up line” is certainly one of the things to not ask her. The reason being is because her advice is not practical.

It might even hurt your chances of performing a good pick up line. Siri told me the same advice my grandmother told me, be nice and be yourself…

However, the next day I tried to ask her this and she said a few words out loud that were so outrageous I couldn’t believe Apple had programmed this in there! I’ve found Siri to be helpful with text messages. In fact, an iPhone font generator also helps with this if you really want to be entertained beyond Siri.

I won’t ruin the surprise, but give it a try a few times and you will see that when you ask Siri to help you out with a pick-up, it is actually counterproductive and may even get you slapped in public! Hey, atlaest it’s funny in the end.

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Complete list of scary and creepy Siri questions

List of Scary questions to ask Siri

Below are 20 additional things you should not ask Siri if you aren’t ready for an interesting response:

  • Siri, what is “17”
  • Is winter coming?
  • Why fire trucks are red?
  • Do you believe in god, Siri?
  • Siri, I’m feeling scared
  • What are you afraid of?
  • Red pill or blue pill?
  • When will the earth completely destroy?
  • Are you serious?
  • Siri what is your favorite animal (She like scorpians)
  • Siri, how to kidnap somebody?
  • Siri why do you Vibrate
  • Are you plotting to murder me, Siri?
  • Siri, how/where can I hide a dead body?
  • Siri, I am tired.
  • Can I stop a thunderstorm?
  • Siri tell me a scary story
  • Siri, read me a Poem
  • When will the world end?
  • Siri, What is the meaning of life

What is Siri?

At the end of the day, you can find all your answers to your phone and there will be a virtual assistant named Siri. She can be changed to other voices. Some are more scary or higher or lower pitched. Some are male voices and others have accents (even a British accent)

Can Siri find answers to my question?

Siri is a highly trained brilliant virtual assistant and she would definitely find some answers for stupid and weird questions.

Siri can not only find answers to many of your questions, but she’s also able to locate certain menu options deep within the settings of your iPhone, Macbook, iPad, Apple Watch, and other Apple Devices.

This is useful because you won’t have to search for the settings icon, then dive deeper in the settings and be overwhelmed with all the additional options laid out for you visually. It will skip the entire process and bring you straight to that exact menu option


There are a ton of scary, creepy things Siri will say depending on the question you ask her. Sometimes, I found Siri was a able to hoard much more data than I knew possible and also found that it was creepy she was able to have such vast knowledge that is constantly accumulating building her A.I from billions of human questions over time.

The creepiest thing to ask Siri is a number, she immediately believe its an emergency and this can easily freak you out, especially if you’re alone at night.

Sophia Williams

Tuesday 5th of March 2024

Those are really scary answers she even gave me a plase to hide the body

Paul Michael

Friday 8th of March 2024

Did she really? LOL


Friday 19th of January 2024

I said to Siri hey siri what is my location she said “i am at your house”

Paul Michael

Thursday 25th of January 2024

THAT is Creepy Laraib! Siri has evolved over time and it is only getting scarier!


Saturday 16th of September 2023

Everything is true I asked the questions up and. I got terrified

Paul Michael

Friday 22nd of September 2023

And theres many more updates to this to come!


Tuesday 11th of July 2023

Say “hey Siri” I see a silhouette man

Paul Michael

Wednesday 12th of July 2023

A little silhouette of a man Is a good one! We'll add this to the list!

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