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7 Best Stylus for Amazon Fire HD 8 & 10

7 Best Stylus for Amazon Fire HD 8 & 10

If you’re in search of the best Stylus pen for Amazon Fire HD tablet, then you’ll need to keep in mind that the Fire Hd 8 & 10 models do not have pressure sensitive stylus compatibility yet.

However, if you’re looking to draw, sketch and use basic drawing apps, then you can use one of the fire hd stylus pens in this post combined with a drawing app that provides the pressure sensitivity in the software.

In this post I’ll cover the pros, cons, capabilities, compatibility of the best amazon fire hd stylus pens available. I’ll also cover how we tested them and which works best for drawing and note taking.

At a glance – Best Stylus for Amazon fire Tablets (HD 8, 10, 8plus, 10 plus)

Below are our top picks for an Amazon fire tablet stylus for HD 8, 10, 8+, 10+. These also work on many other standard tablets and displays and provide both quality and affordability amongst artists and those who need a digital pen on the fire hd.

  1. Bargains Depot: Best Stylus Pen for Amazon Fire Tablet HD 8 & 10
  2. AICase: Best Fine Tip Stylus for Best Stylus for Fire HD 8 & 10
  3. MEKO: Best Capacitive Fire HD Stylus for drawing
  4. ORIbox: Best Amazon Fire Stylus for Writing and Note Taking
  5. Penyeah: Best Disc Tip Stylus for Amazon Fire HD Tablet 8 & 10

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Are there pressure sensitive Stylus for the Amazon Fire HD 8 & 10?

Are there pressure sensitive Stylus for the Amazon Fire HD 8 & 10_

You can use a stylus on the Fire HD tablets, however there is no pressure sensitive stylus for the Amazon Fire HD. Instead you’ll need to use software to create pressure sensitivity. 

There are ‘active’ stylus pens available for the fire HD listed in this post, but these digital pens do not offer true pressure sensitivity like the apple pencil, S Pen, or Microsoft surface pen does on their respective tablets for drawing.

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If you’re looking to create studio level artwork, you may want to consider a more expensive, premium tablet like the iPad Pro, Lenovo Yoga, Surface Pro or a Wacom tablet since they have even more pressure sensitivity.

1. Bargains Depot: Best Stylus Pen for Amazon Fire Tablet HD 8 & 10

Bargains Depot_ Best Stylus Pen for Amazon Fire Tablet HD 8 & 10

Although the Amazon Fire HD 8 & 10 aren’t compatible with active pens, the Bargains Depot latest pen feels like using a powerful, active stylus.

This stylus comes along with two different fiber tips. The one is 0.20” (5mm) for more accuracy and detailed work, and the other is 0.24” (6mm), which is perfect for browsing the web or playing games. 

The best thing about the Bargains Depot pen is that both tips are removable. When you use the stylus all day long, it’s logical to damage the fiber tip. That’s why, if you constantly use the pen for precision work, you will need to replace the tip at some point. 

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The stainless steel and the aluminum this stylus is made of gives the feeling of a real pen. That’s ideal for playing games, writing notes down, or even sketching and drawing. And don’t forget, it’s fashionable, lightweight, and easy to carry around. 

To sum up, Bargains Depot is created as a premium stylus and includes all the necessary features and a modern style.      

2. AICase: Best Fine Tip Stylus for Best Stylus for Fire HD 8 & 10

AICase_ Best Fine Tip Stylus for Best Stylus for Fire HD 8 & 10

If you are looking for the best stylus for design or sketch, this Alcase pen is the one for you. The AICase is a premium pen that includes all the essential characteristics someone might need. 

The 1.45mm fine tip makes this stylus very unique and precise. In fact, the AICase pen is simply amazing, as it provides an accurate and smooth experience due to its high precision and sensitivity. So, this stylus is perfect for those of you who are interested in designing and sketching. 

With the AICase pen, you will be able to fulfill any task in no time and with no struggle. This stylus can also last up to 10 hours of constant use. For all those reasons, this is an ideal choice for browsing the web, doing your homework, and design projects.

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You shouldn’t worry about the connectivity as it easily connects with your device via Bluetooth by pressing its power button. Moreover, the back of the pen has an anti-lost magnetic cap that can be removed. If you do so, you will see a micro-USB port, which is the charging point. 

In a few words, the AICase is a great stylus, perfect for designers. For this reason, this is a top-tier choice for Fire HD owners. Moreover, if you need a pen for everyday use, then this stylus is ideal for that too.  

3. MEKO: Best Capacitive Fire HD Stylus for drawing

MEKO_ Best Capacitive Fire HD Stylus for drawing

MEKO has created the ultimate device when it comes to a modern design and, at the same time, easy-to-handle digital pencils. 

This pen has two different tips on both edges. The first one is a standard 0.24” (6mm) fiber tip, ideal for playing games or reading the news. On the other side, there is a clear disc that might seem a weird addition; however, it gives an accurate point on where your mark is. 

Likewise, the clear disc is perfect for drawing and taking notes. So, this is an excellent addition for tasks that demand precision. This stylus also allows you to remove both tips when you feel they are damaged, and in this way, the outcome will always be the one you imagined.

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While reviewing this pen, the aluminum design and the rubber grip made us feel like using a real pen. Summing up, the MEKO stylus is a fantastic, unique tool, ideal not only for designers and artists but also for students and kids.

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After testing for the Best stylus for Fire HD 8 & 10, we came to the conclusion this is one of our top picks due to it’s disc, precision, tip and overall durability/utility.

4. ORIbox: Best Amazon Fire Stylus for Writing and Note Taking

ORIbox_ Best Amazon Fire Stylus for Writing and Note Taking

ORIbox is a well-known brand in making supporting tools for electronic devices. Likewise, they have created a fantastic, fashionable stylus with all the essential features a stylus should include and more.

This stylus is unique as it includes two different tips: at the one end has a soft rubber tip, and at the other has a ballpoint pen. For this reason, this stylus could be characterized as a 2-in-1 device. In fact, ORIbox allows you to use the rubber tip for playing games on your tablet and the pen for taking notes on paper. 

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The tip is highly sensitive, and it follows your moves with no lags or gaps. The fact that this stylus also includes a real pen makes it exceptional and really useful. By purchasing the ORIbox, you don’t need to worry about carrying two pens (one digital and one traditional) all the time. 

Apart from all those features, the ORIbox stylus is also made of metal, is super slim, and has a modern and stylish design. Overall, this pen is ideal for those who seek a combination of a rubber tip and a real pen.   

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5. Penyeah: Best Disc Tip Stylus for Amazon Fire HD Tablet 8 & 10

Penyeah_ Best Disc Tip Stylus for Amazon Fire HD Tablet 8 & 10

The brand new Penyeah pen is the perfect choice for those of you looking for a premium, reliable pen. This stylus includes not only all the needed characteristics but much more to fulfill all your wishes. This could also work for kids looking to draw on a amazon fire tablet HD 8 & 10.

This Penyeah stylus doesn’t include one or two tips but a whole four of them. To be more precise, it has a 0.27” clear disc, a 0.27’ mesh fiber tip, a 0.2” rubber tip, and a 0.27” rubber tip. All of those tips are perfect for different tasks like drawing, sketching, or playing games. 

As if those tips weren’t enough to make this pen unique, it also includes a blank ink ballpoint pen. That’s why with this stylus, you can work on your tablet and take notes on actual paper at the same time. there are many other tasks you can perform on the Fire HD, learn what can you do with the Amazon Fire Tablet? (Fire HD).

The brand created this pen by using a high-quality copper material as they wanted to make it comfortable, solid, and durable. To sum up, this pen is one of the most premium choices for Fire HD tablets and ideal for both beginners and more experienced users.

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6. LIBERRWAY: Good, Cheap Amazon Fire Tablet Stylus Pen

LIBERRWAY_ Good, Cheap Amazon Fire Tablet Stylus Pen

If you are looking for an affordable, very reliable Stylus on the fire tablet, LIBERRWAY is exactly that. Who could disagree that having a budget pen that includes all the important features is a perfect situation?

Even though the LIBBERRWAY stylus has only one rubber tip, it’s very well-made and adequate for most daily tasks. In fact, this is a really accurate tip that allows you to quickly draw, sketch, browse the web or read the news. 

The rubber tip is soft and scratch-resistant as LIBBERRWAY wants to protect both your tablet’s screen and the stylus itself. Because of those characteristics, this tip isn’t removable as you won’t need to change it.

This stylus has a modern design and is very lightweight. If you add that it has a clip at the one end, you can easily carry it everywhere. Plus, by clipping it into your pocket or a notebook, you will never miss it. 

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In a few words, this stylus is a great budget drawing pen for the amazon fire tablet. It might lack some precision but will easily cope with most daily tasks and help you with browsing, note-taking, etc.

7. Dinines: Good Budget Stylus for Amazon Fire HD Tablet 8 & 10 

Dinines_ Good Budget Stylus for Amazon Fire HD Tablet 8 & 10

If none of the pens above convinced you already, then this Denines stylus is going to do it. This pen is very premium and at the same time has a great price. It includes all the necessary features you are looking for.

The Dinines is similar to many others regarding its tips, as it includes two different tips. The first one is a fiber tip, perfect for scrolling or browsing the web. On the flip side, there is a 0.27” clear disc, which is ideal for drawing and sketching. 

The Denines stylus offers you the opportunity to replace both of the tips when you feel they are not working correctly. With the clear disc that this stylus includes,  you will be very accurate and precise when drawing or note-taking. 

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Finally, when it comes to its design, Denines is extremely elegant, built-in with an aluminum body and a barrel grip. For this reason, this is a very popular pen for those of you who frequently attend business meetings. If you’re in search of a good Fire hd 10 stylus, then the Dinines pen could be a good option for you.

Can you use a Stylus on the Amazon Fire HD Tablet?

Yes, you can use a stylus on the fire hd. Choose any capacitive or passive stylus that is Fire OS touchscreen compatible. With a stylus for the kindle fire HD, you can utilize any app that allows capacitive touch screens and most passive stylus work well for this. You’ll be able to draw, sketch, and take notes in drawing and note-taking fire OS apps.

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Does the Fire HD have Pressure sensitivity for drawing? 

The Amazon fire HD does not have ‘true’ pressure sensitivity, but apps like Artflow and Medibang use their software to control pressure sensitivity on the Fire HD. This software is what will allow for pressure sensitivity since the Fire HD does not have a dedicated stylus like the iPad, samsung, lenovo, and Microsoft tablets do.

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Even though the Amazon fire OS is based on android, it is not the exact same operating system and the stylus you would use on Android is slightly different since some of the tablets are capable of pressure sensitivity, like the Samsung Galaxy.

How to draw on the Amazon Fire HD 8 & 10?

You can start drawing or sketching on your device by utilizing a stylus pen, a tablet stand, and a drawing app such as Medibang paint or Artflow. You’ll be able to draw in apps and use tools for digital art such as layering, straight line guidance, different brush tools, eraser, custom fonts and sketching.

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What are the best drawing apps for the Amazon Fire tablet?


The Amazon Fire tablet has lower tech specs than some of the more powerful tablets such as the iPad Pro or Samsung Galaxy. This means that the drawing apps that are the best may be available on the Fire HD 8 and 10 models, but they will not run as smooth and without lag compared to the more powerful tablets. 

The Amazon Fire HD tablets have quite a few drawing apps available, even those that professional artists could use. The issue is that the Amazon Fire HD typically doesn’t support active stylus pens and only works with Capacitive Stylus. The result is that you cannot control how thick or thin your lines are by using pressure sensitivity the Fire HD.

However, some of the best drawing apps that are on iOS & Android tablets can be found on Fire HD. Here’s our list of the top drawing apps for Amazon fire tablets we tested:

  1. ArtFlow
  2. DoodleFire
  3. Medibang
  4. SketchBook
  5. Clip Studio Paint
  6. Autodesk sketchbook

If you are used to using a more powerful tablet, then the best drawing apps for the Fire HD may not run as quickly. Krita s not available on Fire Hd and is only available on Android based tablets.

If you’re using an android based tablet, then you will need a good stylus for android as these allow for advanced features the Fire HD doesn’t; such as pressure sensitivity, palm rejection, and blue tooth connectivity.

You can also get drawing apps such as Squid on your Kindle Fire, but it is not natively installed.  You’ll need to Jailbreak and sideload the Fire HD like you would a Firestick or Roku.

If you plan on reading more than you draw, then see our comparison between the Fire HD vs Kindle Paperwhite.

When sideloading drawing apps on the fire hd and getting the ones not available natively, you can use a stylus and it does work, but some users report there is no palm recognition. This means you’re hand will drag across the display canvas; causing the hand touch to be registered and drawing to be compromised as far as quality goes.

FAQ: Amazon Fire HD 8 & 10 Drawing, Writing, and Reading

Can the Fire HD 8 & 10 be used as a Drawing Tablet?

Can you draw on a Amazon Fire tablet? The answer is yes, you can. You can use a capacitive or active stylus and a drawing app like sketchbook mobile, Medibang Paint, ColorNote, Picasso, and Wacom’s sketching app. Most artist I know use Medibang paint on the fire hd due to its capabilities

Can you write on a Fire HD (Amazon Fire Tablet)?

You can write, take notes and draw on the Fire HD. You can write in note-taking apps and any other app on the FireOS App Store that you can draw on. The benefits to this design are that it supports a strokes, brushes and drawing tools to help students take notes in the classroom or write in a meeting for work.

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Do Active stylus pens work on the Amazon fire HD 8 & 10 tablets?

While active stylus’ may work on the fire Hd, they do not provide the true pressure sensitivity many of the other premium tablets provide. You can instead use an active pen on the fire hd and utilize software or in-app processes that allow you to draw thick or thin lines based on the pressure you provide. Passive stylus work well on the fire Hd tablet models. 

Its’ also good for reading and writing in PDF’s, editing documents and any other task you can accomplish with a touchscreen compatible app on the Fire OS.  You can write on pdfs with a stylus, making it easier and more efficient for fine lines and accurate marks on the tablet.

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Many people who have the fire Hd are not aware of the fact that writing on pdf’s is just a matter of tapping any part of the touchscreen with the stylus and then drawing a line or circle to show where you want to write. You can also navigate apps and use it like you would your finge and tap anywhere else in the page. So in essence, you’re writing the same way you would moving your cursor. This is what makes the Fire HD good for note taking.

Is the Kindle Fire HD a Capacitive touch screen?

A capacitive stylus is a device that is used to input digital data into an electronic device like a computer or tablet. It has no physical buttons and instead relies on capacitive touch sensors to detect the user’s input.

You can draw on a capacitive touchscreen with a stylus, but you need to use a special capacitive stylus. Most touchscreen devices have a special surface coating which allows them to recognize the touch of a human finger, but not that of most other objects.

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Some tablets and other devices with smaller screens may come with a physical stylus as an accessory in addition to the capacitive stylus. Unlike the surface pen and the surface pro 7, the Fire HD does not come with a stylus like this.

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A Kindle fire Stylus is typically referred to as any passive digital pen that can be instantly used the device.

However, the capacitive stylus also has limitations such as not being able to have the full pressure sensitivity without a bluetooth connection that many active/pressure sensitive stylus have.


When it comes to the best stylus pens for the amazon fire tablet; be sure to note that the ones that have a fine tip, disc tip, palm rejection and precise stroke technology work best for the Fire Hd 10, 8, 10 plus, 8 plus models. Some even allow you to switch from fire hd to paper.

So, if your looking to draw on the amazon fire tablet and want to use an active pen, then you can do so by following the tips in this guide on the pros, cons, and alternatives in this guide.

While Amazon Fire HD tablets are not compatible with bluetooth, pressure sensitive stylus like the apple pencil, S Pen, or Microsoft Surface Pen is capable of, it still allows you to draw quite well.

Also see our post on Fire Tablet Hacks for jailbreaking and rooting the Amazon tablets.

This is because of many drawing apps provides pressure sensitivity for thick or thin lines with-in their software instead of the stylus. If you want to go further, then simply invest in a tablet that makes use of pressure sensitive stylus like the apple pencil stylus or Microsoft Surface pen stylus.

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