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7 Best Phone Ring Holders for iPhone & Android (Wireless Charging)

7 Best Phone Ring Holders for iPhone & Android (Wireless Charging)

The Best Phone Ring holders for the iPhone, Samsung galaxy and other Smartphones are used to comfortably hold the cell phone in one hand more easily and comfortably.

…with a good, wireless charging capable phone ring holder-you’ll be able to reach the bottom of your phone and its touchscreen keyboard far more easily. A Phone ring also doubles as ‘kick stand’ for your phone.

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You’ll also be able to slide it on your Qi wireless charger pad without any worry that it won’t charge. In this post, I’m going to cover the best phone rings that work best with wireless charging since many do not have this feature.

We will also cover the best rings for cell phones since these have the same use as a ring holder

  1. eSamcore: Best Cheap Phone Finger Ring Holder that is Wireless Charging Capable
  2. iRing: Best Phone Ring with Wireless Charging Compatibility with a kickstand
  3. Pop Socket: Top Finger Ring Phone Holder alternative that is Wireless Charger Capable

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Best Phone Ring Holders with Wireless Charging Capability

The Best Phone Rings with wireless charging capability are made of ceramic and will lay on your phone as flat as possible. So the design is very important when choosing which phone rings work best. These will work for both iPhone and Android

You’ll also need to see the Coolest Pop Sockets with unique designs (custom)

Unlike the pop socket, the Phone finger Rings listed here have the added benefit of being able to hold your phone with one finger (on a pop socket, you need two and it’s harder to use with a larger phone. 

1. eSamcore: Best Cheap Phone Finger Ring Holder that is Wireless Charging Capable

eSamcore Best Cheap Phone Finger Ring Holder that is Wireless Charging Capable table info comparison benefits

As more and more people use their phones for many hours, eSamcore has created the perfect phone finger ring for constant use. If you are looking for a thin, lightweight, and modern-looking phone ring holder, then this is one of the best on the market.

This ring is created by high-quality ceramic material to allow wireless charging on any phone where the case also allows it. This means you don’t need to take the case or the ring off your phone when it charges. However, we should mention that wireless charge won’t work if you have a bulky metal case. 

To sum up, the eSamcore finger ring fulfills the necessary requirements a good, affordable phone ring should have; it has a pleasing design, sleek look, and I found it very convenient & comfortable in use. 

So, if you need a delicate ring holder that others won’t even notice due to it’s slim design, this is a great solution. 

2. iRing: Best Phone Ring with Wireless Charging Compatibility with a kickstand

iRing Best Phone Ring with Wireless Charging Compatibility with a kickstand

iRing is a big brand in making technological gadgets. So, it couldn’t lack in creating finger rings. The latest iRing provides you all the must-have features that will make your life easier. 

You can hold this ring with one finger and use the rest to utilize on any corner of the phones display. Moreover, you can rotate the ring 360° and flip it 180°.

For this reason, iRing is perfect for watching videos, making a voice call, or placing your phone somewhere to watch or read something.

It can also be used as a kickstand for your phone to watch videos or browse google.

During our hands-on review, iRing proved to be one of the most premium budget rings you will find on the market.

The iRing is was the most durable phone ring holder I tested that also had a sleek & modern appeal.

This iRing ring gets separated into two pieces; the base stays on the phone and the top, which you can easily disconnect from the base. Like in the PopSocket ring, this feature allows you to charge your phone wireless by taking off the top part of the ring.    

Due to all the features, it includes and the premium materials the brand used to build it, this ring is simply amazing for everyone that needs a phone ring for constant use and horizontal, hands-free, video scrolling.

3. Pop Socket: Top Finger Ring Phone Holder alternative that is Wireless Charger Capable

PopGrip alternative Best Phone Ring with Wireless Charging Compatibility with a kickstand pop socket

While the PopSocket isn’t your average finger ring, it serves a very similar purpose and works as a great alternative to a phone ring holder.

The PopSocket is a brand well-known for the designable and fashionable pop designs at their finger rings.

Accordingly, you can use this Pop Socket finger ring by using two fingers and efficiently scroll, play or chat. We found it very easy to use during our review, and we didn’t have any other struggles.

The PopSocket ring allows you to change the PopTop whenever you want. So, you can stay in fashion and alter its top according to your mood.

You can also use it to hold your phone still in one place and watch videos or read the news. 

Can it charge wirelessly?.

If you desire to charge your phone wirelessly, you don’t need to take the case or the PopSocket ring off. All you have to do is simply take the PopTop off and lay your phone on the charging pad

This ring is a top pick, and you will find it very helpful for your everyday needs. It sticks in every plastic case in no time and proves to be highly reliable. Thus, PopSocket is a great ring holder alternative for those who want a nice-looking, flexible tool to use for many months without any problems. 

4. WUO: Good Cheap, Wireless Cell Phone Ring Holder 

WUO Good Cheap, Wireless Cell Phone Ring Holder

If you want a phone finger ring that’s ultra-slim and doesn’t make your phone look bulky, then the WUO ring is the one. WUOJI has created this ring for those who need their phone to remain thin and lightweight. 

One of WUO’s main advantages is that you can use it with one or two fingers and work on the screen simultaneously. However, it’s important to mention that it doesn’t allow you to create a stand for your phone. Thus, this is an excellent option for those interested in the appearance of their phone.   

If you wonder whether or not this ring gives you the opportunity to charge your phone wirelessly, the answer is yes. The WUO ultra-thick ring couldn’t be an obstacle in that, mainly due to its extremely slim design. Although WUO sticks in every smartphone, in iPhones, it’s recommended to use a case to avoid scratching your phone.

In a few words, the WUO ring is an excellent choice for those who need a distinctive, beautiful ring that is easy to use for many hours.

5. FitFort: Best Thin Phone Ring Holder on back of Phone that has a stand (Allows Wireless Charging)

Phone ring Grip holder on back of phe_ Benefits and disadvantages vs pop socket

All the FitFort’s gadgets are developed to make our lives easier and more comfortable. Accordingly, this ring not only has these two crucial characteristics but also is thin and fashionable. 

This FitFort ring is very flexible as it rotates 360° and flips 180°. That’s why you can adjust precisely the angle you need to watch a video, play games, or read the news. It also has one of the most accessible grips, as you can use it with only one finger.

You won’t face any problem with wireless charging as this ring is made of ceramic materials, and it’s thin enough to support this feature. For wireless charging to be functional, you should stick the FitFort ring on a naked phone or, in cases, thinner than 1.6mm. 

Overall, FitFort created a finger ring perfect for those who need a discreet and thin ring to keep your phone slim and stylish and is certainly one of the best phone ring holders that can be used on a wireless charger since it doesn’t get in the way and is created wit this purpose in mind.

6. Allengel: Good Slim Finger Ring Holder for the back of Cell Phones (Magnetic)

Allengel_ Good Slim Finger Ring Holder for the back of Cell Phones

Allengel is another manufacturer that has been developing phone finger rings throughout the years. Their new ring is an excellent choice as it’s slim enough and will keep your phone in shape. 

This type of Magnetic phone ring was one of the best available when it came to reliability during our testing.

It’s also magnetic for those who plan to use it in a car or a magnetic charging stand, However it’s a bit unique compared to the Mobi magnetic phone ring holder since it doesn’t have a dedicated Magnetic stand to go with it, but is aimed to work with magnetic car mounts instead.

You can easily use it even with one finger and work with the rest for typing or playing games. Plus, you can adjust the angle you desire via the 360° rotation and the 180° flip. Thus, you can find the right corner to keep your phone still and watch videos or movies.

When it comes to wireless charging, the Allengel ring allows you to do it if only you keep the charging spot clear. If you manage to do that, you can apply this ring to every phone or case with no need for transparent film.

Summing up, the Allengel ring has all the necessary characteristics that make a ring efficient and helpful for anyone. At the same time, the brand managed to keep the ring’s design simple and extremely slim.

7. Mobi: Best Phone Ring Holder that works with Wireless Charging (Magnetic) 

Mobi Best Phone Ring Holder that works with Wireless Charging (Magnetic) chart

The Mobi is a very unique, advanced phone ring holder with magnetic phone charging capabilities. It’s extremely durable and appears to be able to hold up to 10kg of weight if properly attached.

The stand is sold separately, however I’d consider it worth the cost when it’s a device you use every night. Extremely convenient overall.

The Mobi Doubles as a phone kick stand, which also allows for magnetic & wireless charging capabilities- I haven’t came across many that have this type of utility in regards to wireless charging specifically.

However, the downside is that to achieve the magnetic effect you’ll need a stand that supports this-so pairing the two mobi devices is ideal for those who want the functionality it’s capable of.

Update: The Mobi ring holder is no longer deemed useful for wireless charging and serves only as a magnetic phone ring holder.

The Mobi is a Extremely unique, premium phone ring with a magnetic charging stand capability, making it very convenient for charging.

The 3mm slim design makes your phone look exactly as it was without it, not bulkier or heavier. The Mobi ring provides 360° rotation and 180° flip, which is ideal for watching videos, browsing the web, or playing games while holding your phone in place.

The Mobi phone finger holder is one of the best due to it’s highly advanced technology with metal plates and curved finger ring support for comfort. Compared to the FitFort or PopSocket, the Mobi certainly is both unique and has more features since it’s magnetic

How to choose a Phone Finger Ring holder

How to choose a phone finger ring2-2

When choosing the best phone ring holder, you’ll want to consider which features you value most. The Phone rings typically have wireless charging capability because if you ever need to dock your phone on a wireless charger the plastic won’t get in the way of the charging signals. This is why it’s also important to consider a slim, sleek, light weight cell phone finger ring, instead of a bulky design. 

Features such as wireless charging, security, stability, design, weight and ability to stick to your phone are to be considered when choosing a phone ring holder. Some of these may be more expensive, but stick more closely and last much longer, while cheaper ones may be more built, less comfortable, and last half as long.

Another feature that is commonly overlooked, but highly beneficial to look for in a phone ring is that its capable of being a phone stand or kickstand so you can watch videos or look at news, stocks and other media without using your hand at all! 

Using your phone ring holder as a stand means you can put your cell phones down on a surface of your house in order to avoid damaging them from liquids, food, or even surface germs- so it’s ideal to consider choosing a phone ring holder that doubles as a kickstand when considering investing in a phone ring.

For those in search of a magnetic ring, you’ll want to consider something like the Sunwuun phone accessory. In this case you’ll need a magnetic mount as well.

Alternatively you have your option of choosing a wrist strap ring holder which is another popular choice as a frequently used phone accessory. These are simply straps on your wrist that are similar to a lanyard and are the most secure option out of all the holders. Here are the Best Phone Wrist straps for a phone case. At the moment this is less common in the US. but is popular in Asia where these strap accessories have gained popularity.

What is a Phone Finger Ring?

What is a Phone Finger Ring

A phone finger ring is also known as a phone ring holder or a phone ring grip. Historically its also known as a spigen style ring. Because of the way one model of the ring was designed by a company in korea.

The phone ring holder offers many different benefits. The design of this product is completely unique and it holds your cell phone securely-hovering over any flat surface for hands free usage. Most use this to view videos.

Additionally it also helps to reduce damages on your device from falling off surfaces like tables or counters.

Will a Phone Ring stick to a plastic phone case cover?

The Popular phone rings are designed to stick to a plastic phone case cover. They are also designed and built with an adhesive type backing that allows the phone ring to stick to silicon cases as well. The adhesive uses a type og glue that won’t damage or scratch your phone during removal.

How to remove a Phone ring

How to remove a Phone ring - Full step by step chart

To Remove a phone ring, you’ll want to take a toothpick, credit card type object, or a flat head screwdriver and slide it gently across the base of the phone ring where the cell phone case or phone material meets the phone finger ring. 

After a while of gently massaging into the crack you can wiggle the phone ring with increasing your strength. It’s best to move the phone ring back and forth while doing this.

Here’s in-depth steps to take for removing a phone ring:

  • Using a very flat object, such as a credit card, gently work the adhesive away from the phone ring and along the flat surface where the phone meets the ring.
  • Attempt to not focusing on any one area for an extended period of time and move the card along the entire edge evenly.
  • Allow time for the adhesive to soften and work its way free.
  • Wipe off excess adhesive to avoid damaging your case with any dried glue, and use your fingers or applicator cards to push off any stuck on pieces of adhesive.

Once removed, If there is extra adhesive stuck to your phone, then you can remove the glue by scratching it off with a toothpick so as to not damage your phone or phone case. 

Some even consider experiting with nail polish remover or acetone, however I would advise against this if you care heavily about the design of your phone case as It’s only been tested on my silicon case with moderate success.

Are Ring Holders Better than PopSockets

Compared to a Pop Socket, a phone ring Holders are ideal for those running or moving around and have a hard surface below them. This is because the phone ring wraps around your finger; reducing the chance of the mobile smartphone falling out of your hand.

Both a phone ring and a Pop Socket are circular in design, but the phone ring uses a loop that requires one finger, while the Pop socket uses a knob-like design made out of plastic that allows you to hold it with two fingers or four fingers. It’s less secure than a phone ring, but provides an easier way to pick up your phone and put it down.

Between the two, the styles and design are very different, but both aim to solve the same problem: Holding the phone easier and more comfortably.

For more on this, view our full guide on Pop sockets vs Ring Holders where I discuss the advantages and disadvantages in a in-depth comparison for the iPhone and Android: Pop Socket vs Ring Holders: pros & cons comparison

FAQ – Phone Rings

How to remove phone ring holder from phone safely

There are many ways and guides online that promise to remove your phone ring easily. However, if you want to do it safely, you should go with toothpicks. Many people tried this method and mentioned that it’s straightforward and won’t harm your phone. With this method, you don’t need to worry about ruining an ID card or risk the back of your phone by using chemical liquids.

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How to make phone ring sticky again

Making your phone ring sticky again is easy. You only need a glass of warm water. First, you should clean the debris off the ring with your hands. Then, you put it in hot water and continue to clean it off by circular movements. 

Then, all you have to do is let it dry well, and then it’s going to be sticky again. Just be careful: It would be a bad idea to use a towel as it would leave debris again on the surface.  

Where is the proper place to put a phone ring holder on my phone

There isn’t a proper place to put your phone ring on your phone, and it all comes up to your personal preference. Most people prefer to place it at the center of the back. However, you can always try different spots until you find which is the most convenient for you.

If you’re using a pop socket, the best placement is in the lower third area.

Can I reuse the adhesive of a phone ring holder?

If you placed your phone ring incorrectly and you want to remove it, you can. However, no one can assure you that it’s going to be as sticky as it was before. That’s why it’s recommended to place it correctly the first time.  

Are phone rings removable?

If you want to remove your phone ring or you don’t need it anymore, of course, you can remove it. As mentioned before, there are several ways to remove it. However, it would be best if you chose the safest. And don’t forget, if you remove it, it’s never going to be as sticky as it was before.  

What can I do if my phone Ring won’t stick?

Making a phone ring sticky again isn’t something tricky. You can use a glass of hot water to clean it, leave it dry and then use it again. However, buying a new one is definitely a safer choice, as it will be much stickier than a reused one.   

How can I fix a loose phone ring holder on the back of the phone?

Fixing a loose phone ring holder isn’t a hard task. You should have the ring flat, take needle nose pliers, place one needle to the cylinder and the other at the top, and squeeze. The ring will be super tight again. If you aren’t sure how to do it, there are numerous video guides on Youtube for you to figure it out.    

Are Phone rings good for your hands?

Phone rings if used improperly can of course cause some sort of soreness to your hands or fingers. If you plan on using the finger ring cell phone holder for hours at a time, then it’s best to consider a pop socket or an open type of phone grip. See our post: 9 Best Phone Grips & Hand Holders (iPhone & Android)

Ergonomically, the phone ring works well for using the phone ring in short bursts of duration, however its still important to consider standard ergonomics for smartphones (source)


In this article, I’ve discussed the best phone rings that work with wireless charging. The design of the product is important in order to aid in its functionality. There are two main categories of phone rings: Wireless charging capable and non-wireless charging capable rings.

Phone rings that charge wirelessly are a very useful phone accessory because it really helps make it easier to hold and utilize an electronic device that we all know and love: the SmartPhone. 

The Best phone rings are the ones that have wireless charging capability and can both grip well, are slim, lightweight, and are comfortable on your finger. 

When choosing a good, cheap phone ring, it’s ideal to consider it’s benefits compared to a pop socket-which his that it’s more secure and holds the phone with a higher success the phone won’t break if it slips from your hand. 

It also allows you to only use one finger to hold the phone and can enable you to use the touchscreen keyboard of your iPhone or android device easier.

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