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Where to put a Popsocket on your Phone [Best Placements]

Where to put a Popsocket on your Phone [Best Placements]

The perfect Popsocket position can make all the difference when it comes to texting, propping up your phone to watch videos, protecting your back camera from scratches, and even taking better selfies… but, where you should place a pop socket and what position is the best is a common question.

With the right placement of a PopSocket, you can text easier, hold your phone for longer periods, and use it to pop up your phone to watch videos.

A properly positioned pop socket is the secret to making this happen. Your three options are the Lower Third Position, Middle of Phone, and the Double Pop Docket position – which we will cover in depth.

Important: You never want to position the pop socket at the top – there is no benefit.

Pop socket positions are different from Ring holder positions, see: PopSocket vs RingHolders: Pros and cons

Let’s take a look at where you can place a Popsocket on your phone, the pros and cons of each position, and which one is the absolute best based on your needs.

Key Takeaways

A informative graphic that shows which position is the best place to put a pop socket on a phone. It explains where you can put the pop socket exactly and what the best spot is.

Where should you put a pop socket on your phone?

  • Lower third area of the back of your phone is the best placement for pop sockets. It helps to support your hands when texting. It’s also the best for those that have small hands or a larger phone (like the iPhone Pro Max or Samsung Galaxy).
  • Middle back of phone is popular for texting on smaller phones. It also allows for a balanced horizontal position to watch videos easier and you can text just fine no matter the size of your hand (but, only if you have a smaller phone like the iPhone SE).
  • Double pop socket position (two on one phone) is the most stable and easy to hold – you get the benefit of easy texting, being able to watch videos, and will be difficult to drop. You can use two Pop socket minis to do this.

The winning spot to place this phone accessory? The Lower of portion of phone is the best for texting because easier to hold phone.

The disadvantage is you can’t use the phone horizontally for videos like the middle position and double pop socket placements allow for.

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Have two cases with different positions for video and the other for normal texting

If having one on iPad you can put it right under the apple logo, if you did it right you can see the whole log and pop socket.

What to know before placing a pop socket on your phone

What to know before placing a pop socket on your phone

Before choosing where you’ll put a pop socket on your phone, it’s important to know a few things:

  • If you have small or big hands: A lower third Popsocket position helps with texting
  • If you want to watch videos on your phone horizontally: Middle of phone Popsocket position allows you to prop your phone horizontally for watching youtube easier.
  • Size of Phone: if you have a big phone, then, having it on, the lower portion, allows you to reach the touch screen, keyboard, and text with ease.

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Different types of Pop Sockets have different placement options

There are multiple different pop sockets, most use a gel adhesive to make the phone accessory stick to the phone allowing you to hold it with safety.

However, Pop socket mini and Pop socket Grip Slide stretch allow for advanced positioning.

  • The slide stretch Pop socket doesn’t leave any residue to ruin your phone because it uses a non adhesive design (it just slides on with a strap).
  • The Popsocket mini allows for a double pop socket placement. This means you can use your phone on it’s side (ex. at a restaurant) to watch videos with friends on the go.

The PopGrip for MagSafe is a product has similar design, but the PopWallet+ for MagSafe is a slightly different accessory. There are also PopSocket mounts, grips, and different versions.

Alternatively, Phone ring holders have a slightly different design, but the same goal, the placement options are different.

Where to place a pop socket

What positions are available for placing a Popsocket? Placing a pop socket on a phone in the right spot is crucial.

You have three options and each place you can put your Popsocket has a benefit and a drawback related to texting, video watching, and stability holding the phone.

1. Lower third position: Pop Socket placement for small hands or big phones

Lower third position Pop Socket placement for small hands or big phones

This lower third position of phone can benefit those with smaller hands or larger phones. It allows you to comfortably text while not having to stretch your thumb and fumble & drop your phone.

It also makes it easier for both small and big handed people to use a phone one-handed, as it provides better control over larger screens.

Here’s how to place the lower third position properly:

  1. Before you attach the Popsocket, make sure your phone is clean and debris-free.
  2. Peel off the protective adhesive film carefully.
  3. Place your pop socket half an inch under the Apple Logo on the back of your iPhone and press for 10-15 seconds.
  4. If you’re using a Samsung or a different phone, put it on the lower third portion of the phone with space between the center and the bottom of the device.
  5. Check for ease of texting and thumb reach and hold the phone for a bit to ensure it is comfortable.

This position is significantly better than the top position of the phone, which I haven’t seen anybody use (ever).

This position is more ergonomic than the traditional way of holding the phone with the goal of putting less strain on the wrist and fingers. 

2. Middle of Phone: Best placement for Big hands or smaller phones.

Middle of Phone Best placement for Big hands or smaller phones. 1

The middle of the Back of your phone is the best for video viewing because it lets the phone lay on an angle angle to watch comfortably. It also provides stability when holding the phone up.

However it won’t be optimal when texting due to not providing a position low enough to bring your thumb to reach the touch screen keyboard.

1. Make sure your phone is clean and free of dust and debris before attaching the popsocket.

2. Peel off the protective adhesive film from the back of the Popsocket.

3. Place the Popsocket onto the middle portion of your phone’s backside, pressing down firmly for 10-15 seconds to make sure it sticks securely.

3. Double Pop Socket position: Most Balanced for videos and texting

Double Pop Socket position Most Balanced for videos and texting

Using a double pop socket position with one placed in the lower third and one in the upper third of the back of your phone has several advantages over lower thirds or middle of phone positions.

You can use two pop socket minis for this position (or just two pop sockets of standard size also work)

A double pop socket position offers more stability when holding your phone due to the improved grip. When texting or taking pictures, you will have more control over movements and won’t risk dropping your phone.

Using two smaller pop sockets – commonly called “pop socket minis” – is perfect for a double position as they are less bulky and slightly easier to maneuver into place than regular-sized pop sockets.

Which type of Phone & Phone cases can a Pop socket stick to?

Which type of Phone Phone cases can a Pop socket stick to

PopSockets can stick to your phone or phone case based on the type of surface. However, they are designed to work with a Phone case, not a naked Phone.

Note: The adhesive won’t stick well to iPhones without a case, particularly iPhone 11, 12, 13, 14 or Samsung Z3 flip phones. Cases made of leather, fabric or textile are not recommended. Leather cases will be damaged if you try to re-use or reposition the pop socket.

Pop Socket accessories have an adhesive sticky gel that will stick to the iPhone, SamSung Galaxy, and many other cell phones without a case (including flip phones, minimalist phones, and dumb phones).

Here are the following phone cases Pop sockets will stick to and work with:

Phone Case SurfacePop Socket compatible?
Smooth casesYes
Hard casesYes
Glass casingsYes
Waterproof casesNo
Textured casesNo
Soft casesNo

What is the best spot to place a PopSocket on your Phone?

What is the best spot to place a PopSocket on your Phone

Pop sockets should be placed in the lower third of your phone. When it comes to texting, it is the most helpful. The iPhone Pro Max or Samsung Galaxy should use a lower third position, especially for people with small hands or large phones.

Note: You can not comfortably watch videos horizontally with the lower third position. So keep this in mind if you’re a big youtube user.

Even if you have average sized hands, this is a good position… if you are very tall or have very large hands, then the middle position might work for you, but this even then, it is less optimal unless you need to watch videos often.

Will using a PopSocket on your Phone Ruin it or leave residue?

Will using a PopSocket on your Phone Ruin it or leave residue

A pop socket with a gel adhesive provides a secure hold onto the back of your phone without ruining it. However, when you try to remove it, it can leave behind a sticky residue that is difficult to get off.

This is because the adhesive is designed to be permanent in order to provide a good grip on surfaces like most phone cases.

While there are some cases where people have been able to get the adhesive off without any issue, this depends on the type surface that your phone cases made of and how firmly you may have applied the pop socket in its initial position.

Also, this sticky residue may not look aesthetically pleasing since it might take away from the overall appearance of your phone case.

To avoid this issue, it’s best to always put your pop socket on a phone case first and make sure you have the proper position that you want permanently before doing so.

This way if you need to remove the pop socket or change its position you will not be faced with sticky residues or other issues associated with adhesive removal. 

Reusing the pop socket after you already put it on your iPhone or Android

Reusing the pop socket after you already put it on your iPhone or Android

Though pop sockets are generally designed for single use only, if you want to give yourself the option of reusing one, it is possible. When a pop socket is removed from a surface, it leaves behind residue adhesive that allows for reattachment at ease. This residue can be found on most surfaces, including phone cases and tablets.

  • There are cases where you can get the adhesive off without any issue after the pop Socket is off the phone, but this depends on the type surface that your phone case is made of.

The easiest way to successfully reuse a pop socket is to take off the existing one soon after applying it in order to ensure that enough adhesive residue remains.

If you didn’t do this or just bought a new device and want to swap your pop socket over, then prying an edge up with something small like a flat head screwdriver and then pulling up the side can help keep more of the residual adhesion stuck on your phone. Alternatively, you can use dental floss and a credit card – this will keep most of the gel on. For more on this visit our post on how to reuse a pop socket.

Besides this traditional adhesive-backed design, magnetic versions do exist as well however they don’t offer as much stability as regular gel attachments since they don’t quite provide as strong as grip.

Although most pop sockets are made exclusively for single time use situations and should typically be thrown away after removing, there are methods of reattaching them, see our post 

Removing the pop socket after you place it

Removing the pop socket after you place it

No matter where you decide to place your Popsocket, it can be easily removed once you are done if you’re willing to put in the effort.

All Popsockets use a special gel adhesive that typically doesn’t leave behind a significant amount of residue or damage your device when removed properly.

So it’s important to handle them with care when removing. You can use a flat head screwdriver, an ID, business card, credit card, and even dental floss to remove it. You’ll need to pull and slide the pop socket away very carefully and slowly.

To see more on this, view our full tutorial on how to remove a pop socket.

How to use a PopSocket on your phone after it’s properly positioned

How to use a PopSocket on your phone after its properly positioned

From providing an ideal media stand to acting as a sturdy grip, PopSocket cell phone accessories offer numerous benefits that make owning one a must.

Whether taking a selfie, video chatting, or texting, PopSockets are the perfect solution for providing extra support and stability when utilizing your mobile device.

PopSockets come with a variety of uses and can be manipulated in many ways. It’s also important to note that using an iPhone or iPad hand holder also works instead of a pop socket, but mainly replaces the horizontal position.

Using it as a media stand gives you the option to watch videos hands-free by propping up the device on any flat surface

Video chats become easier to manage when using the PopSocket as your grip sturdiness is increased while keeping your hands free to type or gesture if needed. You can even wrap cords around them for neat storage.

The most common use of PopSockets is as a text and photo grip which makes taking snaps with one hand effortless without having to fear that valuable phone might slip away from your grasp at any moment.

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The cushioning prevents future scratches when layering it between your mobile device and any hard surfaces like tables making camera protection an added bonus feature.


In conclusion, the best places to put a PopSocket on your phone are at the top, bottom, and center of the back. The Lower third provides the most benefits for those who have big phones or have small because it allows you to text easier.

These positions will provide you with the most stability and support when using your device for texting, watching videos, taking selfies, and holding the phone easier in general.

Additionally, it is important to remember that PopSockets can be reused if removed and reused properly and with care. With these tips in mind, you can enjoy all of the benefits that come with having a PopSocket properly positioned on your phone using the lower third options.

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